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Writing 2 Module 4

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Present Perfect Progressive

1. Menyatakan kegiatan yang baru saja berhenti 2. Menyatakan kegiatan yang masih terus berlangsung 3. Menyatakan sesuatu yang dilakukan berulang selama kurun watu tertentu

Present Perfect Progressive

(positive) (negative) (Interrogative) S + have/has + been + Ving S + have/has + not + been + Ving Have/has + S + been + Ving

Present Perfect Progressive

For Since : Menyatakan kurun waktu tertentu : Menyatakan satu waktu saja

Process Description
Step by step Harus berurutan Jelaskan secara detail

Either or
Digunakan untuk menyatakan pilihan Ex: I will send either a card or call her Either the teacher or the students play football Either the students or the teacher plays football

Neither ... Nor

Menyatakan tidak keduanya Ex: I dont like neither Susan nor Jim Neither the teacher nor the students play football Neither the students nor the teacher plays football

Make a conversation
There is a situation You have to imagine that situation well Then, you can make a conversation between 2 persons on that situation

Question Forms
1. Yes/No question
Use auxiliaries or modals Simple present Present continuous Simple pas Past continuous Present perfect Future Modals

Question Forms
2. Wh question
What When Where Which Who Whom Whose Why

Sympathetic Letter
You can show your sympathy to others using letter Sympathy: happy, sad, sorry, etc. Usually the maximum length of this letter is 10 sentences