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Adding/Subtracting Integers in the Real World

-To understand how integers are applicable in real-world settings.
Vocabulary: income, gross income, net income, profit, loss, exPacing: National Standards State Standards


7.N.12, 7.N.13

pense, debt, cash flow 40minutes

Targeted Resources

1. Do Now (5 minutes)
What does the word income mean? Explain in your own words.

2. Activity: Cash Flow tables (20 minutes)

Discuss do now and what is meant by income. Complete the following example as a class: Ms. Spinosa has started a business baking cookies. She makes money by selling the cookies, but does she make a profit right away? What else needs to be considered? Lead class in a discussion about expenses, debts, etc.

Targeted Resources

Cash flow table - helps keep track of finances Show example of cash flow table for cookie baking example. Discuss gross income vs. net income. gross income - how much was earned in the first month of business? This does NOT account for any expenses paid. net income - how much was earned in the first month of business after expenses have been subtracted

After completing the cookie baking example show another example of a small business in which the students will calculate net and gross income. Discuss will happen after the first day/month of business. Will there be fewer expenses? What will be different?

3. Cash Flow Task Introduction (15 minutes)

Pass out task sheet/rubric explaining the cash flow task the students will be working on. Allow time to brainstorm/begin a rough draft of their cash flow table.

Targeted Resources

4. Homework
Complete a rough draft of your cash flow table. Allow 3-5 days for completion of the project.

Targeted Resources