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all magic (not Quikenings) [North America] (press L3)in game 5T61-HEP3-CRXY3 A5RF-4TA5-T9T30 ME5G-WMV4-B8FG8 ECAB-VFVC-8R73Y all skills

[North America] (press select) G10Q-08C4-DZD9G VACP-CN7E-12M1W R0RD-FMCG-8P41A all weapons [North America]

K33C-Y400-K44JT CQ93-A5P6-3G886 HJY4-5DYC-HAUCD J98Z-TZEJ-J80MF M5J8-1K0E-5T4YA 6GG6-YA57-A0HKV Infinite Health & MP ECRZ-GRK7-TPPRX CQ93-A5P6-3G886 7JBE-906M-885PQ 7VWZ-MWQ8-H6BZ2 HJY4-5DYC-HAUCD J98Z-TZEJ-J80MF M5J8-1K0E-5T4YA 6GG6-YA57-A0HKV My Own Custom Code [Europe]

(Press select)in game XZ6Z-KVQW-EDUA7 YT79-C2U2-FP2HZ BHT0-M5T2-7MK1G PAQR-6E93-QWRKM 0ZJW-QPMT-H1YVG EKKC-B5G0-EYD7F 9ZWW-20XR-4G9NE 9R8Z-7HET-QTY30 94DC-H943-NTF2C YKHX-T3U3-U1MP5 03AH-5PBC-9K2T7 In Battle Codes [Europe] master code [North America] Must be Activated 79W7-P6KZ-A8MP9 Infinite Health 18JJ-G98A-MK3Z3 CQ93-A5P6-3G886 7JBE-906M-885PQ 7VWZ-MWQ8-H6BZ2 M5J8-1K0E-5T4YA 6GG6-YA57-A0HKV Infinite MP 8JCU-14QU-D4R0K FCY8-QR01-UAYZC This is my first Custom made PS2 code, but I tested it and it works!! The code fills everyones MP and all 3 Mist bars, so you can summon everyone, use high level abilities and all that! The code is: T0Y7-HM46-TWY2C CQ93-A5P6-3G886 W30F-Q14X-6AGAA J98Z-TZEJ-J80MF M5J8-1K0E-5T4YA 6GG6-YA57-A0HKV