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2. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT Online Tourism Management System is a unique and specialised website (portal) on tour and travelling. It gives news, information, analysis, service news. The website is highly useful for the visitors or tourist. With hotels and tourist spots spread over the length and breadth of the country, the dissemination of the tourism news takes time and this is one step towards reducing the communication and time gap through this electronic medium. Any news, information, advertisements, displayed on this website reaches millions of potential customers only in India. 3. SOFTWAQRE/HARDWARE REQUIREMENT SOFTWARE:O.S. : - Windows family (98, 2000, XP) Front End Tool :-ASP.NET with C# (C#.Net) Back End Tool : - SQL Server 2005 HARDWARE:RAM :-512 MB Processor :-Intel Pentium IV HDD Space :- 80 GB (for better performance) Web Technology:-HTML, XML, JAVA Script

4. ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY AT WHICH THE APPLICATION IS DEVELOPED We are developing this project in .Net technology.

THE .NET STRATEGY:.Net is a software framework that includes everything required for developing software for web services. It integrates presentation technologies, computer technologies and data technologies on a single platform so as to enable users to develop internet applications as easily as they do want desktop systems .Microsoft took many of the best ideas in the industry , added their own creativity and innovations and produced a coherent systems solutions popularly known as Microsoft .NET. The .Net software solution strategy includes three approaches-

Microsoft .NET Platform

It includes following components 1. .NET infrastructure and tools 2. .NET user experience 3. .NET building blocks 4. .NET device software

Microsoft .NET Products & Services

It consist following1. Windows .NET 2. MSN.NET 3. Office.NET 4. Visual Studio.NET 5. Personal subscription services 6. bCentral for .NET

Third-party .NET Services

It will provide opportunities to a vast range of developers and users to produce corporate and vertical services using .NET platform.

The .NET Technology.NET technology is a third generation component model. This provides a new level of interoperability compared to COM technology.COM provides a standard binary mechanism for inter module communication. This mechanism is replaced by an intermediate language called Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) or simply IL in the .NET

technology. Various .NET language compilers enforce interoperability by compiling code into IL, which is automatically compiled with other IL module. An inherent characteristic of IL code is metadata. Metadata is data about data and describes its characteristics, including data types and locations .IL allows for true cross language integration .In addition to IL,.NET includes a host of other technologies and tools that will enable us develop and implement web based applications easily.


Initially we have seen the features like registration of users, accommodation, tour packages, convenience and other features in existing system of Tourism Department. According to various new feature of existing system, latest packages we investigate and gathered the information. With the help of gathered information we are working on different modules.

No. of Modules and Description

In this project we have divided our project in three modulesHOME:--About Us, Contact Us HERITAGE TOUR PACKAGES --Booking To retrieve the information of Hotels, Booking Status and tour packages related information for registered users. TOUR SPOTS About the location of various tourist spots. LOGIN --Admin Login, User Login

(and so on)

Data Flow Diagrams:1.

User Or Customer Tourism Management Process Database

Context Level DFD


Tourism Management Process User Or Customer

Registration Process


Ist Level DFD of Tourism Management Process

User Or Customer

Package Info Process

Travel Info Process

Hotel Reservation Process

Package Info

2nd Level DFD


user_login Entity Field user_id user_password Type Char Char Size 15 10 Constraints Primary Key Not Null

user_registration Entity Field user_name user_id user_pass address contact_no email_id Type Char Char Char Char Char Char Size 20 15 10 50 20 50 Constraints Foreign Key Not Null Not Null Null Not Null Null

hotel_booking Entity Field user_name checkin_date checkout_date hotel_name adults Children amount (..and so on..) 7. FUTURE SCOPE AND EXPANDIBILTY In future this project will be global for whole world user so that any foreign user can also work on this system.We will also use some concepts of AJAX technology in this project so that it will be more user friendly. Type Char Char Char Char Char Char Char Size 20 10 10 20 3 2 7 Constraints Primary key Not Null Not Null Not Null Not Null Null Not Null

As a future expandability option, email facility can be provided to registered user. Moreover, fortnightly e-newsletters can also be introduced. A discussion forum can also be planned to share the views of the visitors across the globe.

Some details about project and Company


2. Organisation Name:MARG Software Solutions SF-1, Asha Apartment-1 Behind Hindustan Times Hazaratganj Lucknow-226001 Phone No-0522-2207744


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