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PRESS RELEASE May 11, 2010

Mohave Community College Calls Colorado City Marshal On County Employee A Mohave County employee removing County property from the Mohave County Building in Colorado City today was contacted by Colorado City Marshal Jonathan Rowdy. Marshal Rowdy informed the employee that he was contacted by the Mohave County Community College and told that the employee was not allowed on MCC property. The building is owned by Mohave County and was on land leased from MCC. The lease was not renewed when FLDS/Centennial Park members complained to MCC. The building had been used by law enforcement in the area including Mohave County Sheriffs, Mohave County Attorneys Office and the Arizona Attorney General. Mohave County has acquired private land and awarded a contract to relocate the building. Supervisor Buster Johnson made the following statement. Amazing, they wont call law enforcement when the children are being molested. I am not surprised by the audacity of MCC employees in sending the Marshal on our employee who was retrieving Mohave County property from a Mohave County building. The coziness of the FLDS/Centennial Park and MCC was made very evident when MCC would not extend our lease. With the multitude of criminal offenses that have been filed against the FLDS and its members, by a wide variety of law enforcement agencies around the country, I am concerned about taxpayer dollars. Many have questioned me regarding the amount of money spent on the MCC campus in Colorado City in proportion to the other three cities. I have also been questioned as to the instructors who they claim make it uncomfortable for those outside the FLDS/Centennial Park groups to seek an education causing them to travel to St. George, Utah for their education. With the history of abuse of government dollars I am very concerned.