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Teaching Scheme Lect . 4 Prac t 0 Tota l 4

Credit Theor y Pra./T W Tota l Int. Asses s 30 Theory Sem End Mark s 70

Examination Scheme Practical/TW Int. Se Tota Assess m l . end 0 0 0 Gran d Total

Hr s 3

Tota l 100


Goals of the communication system deign, Optimum receive for Additive White Gaussian Noise, BER calculation, Orthogonal & orthonornal signals, Error performance for binary & M-ary systems, Nyqiust minimum Bandwidth, Shannon Hartley capacity theorem , Bandwidth efficiency plane, Modulation & coding for band-limited channels, Trellis coded modulation, Hard & soft decision, Synchronization, Allocation of communication resource, Multiple access communication systems & architecture, Access algorithms, Encryption & decryption.

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