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80% of the population says that the media stereotypes the LGBT Community.
The weekly listing magazine includes gay & lesbian events such as gay clubs and gay events. February is the historical month of the LGBT community and you can easily access the infomation about this event on the website.



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Even in contemporary society, people are still ignorant towards Gays

majority of people are The clear on the term LGBT. still not The brand new documentary on channel 4 intends to focus on this new term, but it is also trying to explore that even in contemporary society, people are still ignorant towards Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgenders.

You can also find more information about the brand new documentary. The Right to be Colourful on the website, you can also watch the making off of the documentary.

It is proven that people above the age rate of 30 years old are a bit ignorant towards the LGBT Community and also it depends regards the area wich the person lives or eventhough the culture that you were brought up by. The Right to be Colourful is a documentary where it explores the different perspectives towards the LGBT Community, and also discovers how the media represents LGBT people based on stereotypes.

1920 the word gay was used for the first time in reference to homosexuality

1994 All the countries stated that homosexuality was no longer an illness

2003 UK has repelead the act that said shall not promote the acceptability of homosexuality In 2000 became legal for gay people to participate in the military services in the UK

1950 the organisation for sexual equality formed in Sweeden, created the abreviation of LGBT

2005 Civil unions and partnership laws became into effect



Heterosexual? Transgender?

Gay people: Media Representations 25th May 10pm