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Regi Simpson INTL 3111 29 March 2012 Microtheme: Anthills of the Savannah Quiz In Rulers Against Writers, Writers

Against Rulers, Ayo Kehinde examines the strategies and techniques of representing the hope of the public sphere in postcolonial Nigerian fiction that Achebe uses throughout Anthills of the Savannah. Achebe talks about how the contemporary regime of the public sphere in Kangan (which is perceived to be Nigeria) is unfair. Kehinde sees the novel as suggesting reconceptualization of a new vision of social justice in the nation. He believes Achebe uses his fictional work in order to delve into political issues of post-independence Nigeria whose power hungry President rejects the public sphere in his domain. Kehinde believes Nigeria lacks a public sphere, with proof through the characters that refuse to disregard status. I agree with Kehindes analysis of Anthills of the Savannah. Achebe uses this novel to essentially discuss power issues which countries like Nigeria have faced, and continue to face. It is also clear that he believes power without a responsibility to be an abuse of power. The relationships in the novel are also not true and healthy relationships, because power has become such an intense desire even among friendships whose struggle for power ultimately leads to betrayal and distrust. Achebe uses the novel to explain how power can lead to a lack of a public sphere, and how the hunger for power must be left behind in order to have true success in a government, relationships, and so on. A healthy relationship should not involve the struggle for power, because power is