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Some effects that cause by radioactive substances

Radiation- the major effect is that can cause cancer in

human and other living things even in small dose. fast moving photon, electrons and alpha particles can crash into molecules and change the structure of them. cause sunburn-large dose over a short amount of time

Molecule vital to cell function may be broken down.

Acidic substances can be formed which would then

chemically attack cells and body organ. Normal chemical function in the body, such as digestion or respiration, could be effected.

as a result, living things are likely to become ill and die!!!

Effect of Ionizing Radiation On DNA

DNA is altered- the ability of the cells to carry on

normal cell function, therefore cells are likely to die. Damage of DNA lead to the production of defective cells and continue to divide and the damage is carried on perhaps even to other generations. Destroy the gene in reproductive cells and cause genetic defects that will eventually pass on to the offspring.

Increase the rate of lungs cancer when human breathe

in.(occur more in the countries where radon is common) Radioactive substances-Iodine will be absorbed by body and incorporated with bone, and hence, cause the bone cancer. - leftover Uranium dust may be due to chemical poisoning rather than radiation.