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mus t create a folt

neod for toilets

among the .. r
people. On e 01 the
biggest mistakes
bOlng made is
alluring people With
the subsidy component (Rs . 3000
per household lor a BPL family)
and sla rting con sl ructlon ot toit et s
Without con vincing them alJout ll
use . The commonest alibi gi ven
tor incomplet e tall ts I" th a t th
money given by the ') 0 'rnr ."
Isn' t sufficient 10 bwld <I U' I I
l oilet. Howev r , Iho
component was nevor m anI 10
meet the total cost at construcunq
a toil et. It was , in tact , meant to oo
gi ven 10 Ihe p eopl e as an
incenti ve lor choos in g 10 bUIld
toil et s in their hou ses .
Even if the toil ets ar e co mpletely
co nstructed their use has b en
lound to be much l os , du
mainly to the peopl es' habit 10
defeca te in open. Lack 01 'lough
water lor using toilet , use 0 1 faulty
toilet seats , faulty const ruction or
the toilets. absenco of proper
superstructure around the touet ,
etc . are oth er ma in reason s for
lesser use of toners.
Whi le th e sc ene l ook bleak
there are spa rks of hope which
keep i t Ill uminated In som
places, innovat ive approac h
have been adopt d by th 1 S
functi onarie to rn uv, t p opl
In atara Dis trict 01Maharl!' htr
Panchaya t Bull et ," Bo ' d
ca rrY'"9 da i l y do' 1 t o,l t
humour Wi th un avourv
phot ogr aphs 01 hall ru kl d rich
uga rcanc l a r rn r ,
usinossm nand oir I VIII
I; 10l) thr rr .,01,/,. 111 thl
h,v !JNI If/l ffff llVI Y
\ orrv ( , , I ' C , Hll' 10
'II i' ( 01 'I"
c. r. t i o n 11 ') f l J ,. I
' f) hay I ( f Ir I 11 I
I II ' I tr,
I . I
use" ng Census 2011

and fire wood or at best remain

Information , Educati on and
Communication (l EG) is the most
si gnif i cant as pe ct of t he
campaig n and unf ortu nately,
als o, ge nerally t he most
neglected as pect. IEC must
precede the lo ilet construction
_ 8. Chandrllshekhar, lAS
From f!t. De_0' CIt'.' Ednor
Union Mini!ttcr of Rur..1 ricvelopmcnt [airarn Ham esh l hl ' Sul.lhh
to Anita Bai Nar re in New De lhi. Du e to ''ll'r l'fforh, 1011ou t of 1.; 7 hnu 1'\ ill
he r in-law villaR' have toilet v, tt'heto Courtesy I he llindu)
user and not on the government
machinery. Government may get
toilets constructed in the
households but if the toilets are
not used by the people, they are
of no use . Hence, making TSC
succ ess luI is not about
construc ting toil ets , it's about
changi ng pe oples' habi t and
homes have cellphqnes, but not tolleta"
be locaUon was Kor ea
Development Institute (KDI)
in oul, t 08pital city of South
OF.8a. I conf erence room full
of Icia rom India and South
Korea , a short film was being
screened, telling a success story
of how a vill age was made open
defecataon f ree (ODF). Some'
laces among the Koreans looked
lit up in smile and surprise as they
aw men and women carrying
mugs in their hand and going to
tne helds 10 relieve themselves.
The film also showed the hard
el forts made by the government
otucers in making the village ODF
in course 01 time. Most of the
Indian faces carri ed a look 01
shame and some even frowne d
at the Indi an present er lor
exposing such a bleak and 'di rty'
side 01 our count ry. As part of the
Phase- III training programme l or
the IASjn July 2010, I was sitting
in that conlerence hall . and had
no different feeling than others.
All th e Indian off icers went
through a collective fee ling of
shame. Millions of women in our
rural India go through this feeling
every day. The fact IS,our country,
despite making rapid strides in
economic and techn ol ogi cal
development , remains country
of people who go out If1 the open
to defacate. One would easily see
a house with a Dlf ect-to- Home
(DTH) Di sc and a sparkling
motorcycle In front, but having no
toilel. Not th at this realisataon
h sn't da wned upon us or on
r 089 wh o mail er . The
emment pledged to make our
try free rom open defaca Ion
taueebed To 81 Sa itatao
pa'11n (TSC) In 1999 when
Can ral Rural Sanitaucn
(0 ramme was rest rue urad
C a upposed to be
(] n ven and people
hea 0 commonly
diaCMC to a If 0 ar
Job Profile & Responsibilities;
Deve lop speci fications, data sheets and necessary technical bid documents for
procurement of rotary equipment.
Technical rev iew of bids, expediting, shop inspection and coordination with vendors.
Installation, precommissloning checks and com missi oning of rotary equipment includi ng
vibration measurements, Installat ion of seals, troubleshooti ng etc.
Develop and man age necessary contracts .
Coordination with various agencies incl uding OEMs and Pr oject management consultant
for resolution of issues.
2. Position : Mechanical Project Planning Engineer
Discipline; Mechanical
Industry Exp erience & Sk il l set;
Experience on Project planning, moni toring and progress reporti ng of gr oon fiel d and brown
field large scale projects.
Experience on project planning packages like Primavera and MS Proj ects and should be
well versed with various Project MIS, S curves, project plans, critical pat hs, catch up plans,
cost estimates, cost control procedures etc for overall as well as di fferent phases of proj ecll
including Enqineermq, Procurement, construction and commissioning.
General awareness on the activity duration for various acnvmes, weighla ges, prog re
measurement / reporting etc. and should have some experience of project execution.
Well conversant with all the documentations related to the project, OISO guideli nes & olhor
statutory safoly requlrements/ quloehnes.
- Experience ofwori(l ng with major consultants for ha ndling medium and large scale pro) cts.
Job Profile & Respons i bilit i es:
Development/Revi ew ol proj ect proposals
Preparation of cost estimates and bUdgets
Development 01 Proj ect networks and bar charts using oltware tools like Prfmav raJ
Preparati on of project execution and expediting strategies
Monl1oring physical progress and regular progress updates using software tools
Review and preparation of crlIi cal paths, look ahead and catch up plans
of necassary MIS for m'anagement and ex ternal ag n j
Monitonng Fi nancial progress of the project and Cost control
3. Poaltion : M&chanical Design Engineer
Discipline; Mechanical
Industry Experlonce & Skill t:
Candidate hauld hav xperiencc on Pipi ng nd pr ur v
Awarene . of appllcable codes, standard ,me lIur y, qu
al ty requir nts during d Ign, procur m nt llnd con tru
Ex n ondo I ning pipin layout, tr I , pr
exchang . r d egn , mak Ir vi w detal Il'lllrl 'on dr
u In vanou moe I( I des n sottwar
E rne t
v ndof
Up r
a e
li mi t
30 years
33 years
) J J'
Experi ence in continuous
process industry like
petroleum refine ry,
petrochemicals, fertilizer
units, or in Consultancy
Services Company
executing large &
medium size proj ect& in
petroleum refinery,
petrochomicals or
fertilizer units .
Experi ence
4 years
7 years
Mechanical 15
Electrical 5
eM! 5
In ru 'j _1__
E '; 'I)
Full time graduates
In respect ive core
Engineering /
discipl ine.
Candidates must
secure minimum of
60% as ciggregata
of aUsemestc ll'i
(50% 10f'SC & ST)
ill qualifying
opportunity. beckons Experienced Professionals for bright car eer prospects at
pel (Government of India Enterprise) with a Navratna Status, and a Fortune 500 and
I: rbes2000 company, with an annualtu mover of l: 1,32,670 Cror es.
HP L's vest marketing network consists of 13 Zonal offices in major cities and 101 Regional
0lIIccs facilitated by a Supply &. Distribution Infrastructure comprising Terminals, Pipeline
networks, AviationService Stations, LPG Bottling Plants, Inland Relay Depot s &. Retail Oullets,
!;Obc andLPGDistributorships.
pel ;s expanding its business in the areas of Exploralion &. Productlon (E&P), distribution of
8A8d Natural Gas (CNG) & Piped Natural Gas (PNG), nonconventlonal energy-
Wiod Energyetc . throughits ownresources as well as through joint ventures.
L is having 2 refineries producing a wide variety of petrol eum fuels & special ties, one in
ba; (West-Coas! ) of 6.5 Million Metric Tonnes Per Annum (MMTPA) capacity and the other
nVi shJlkhapatnam. (East Coast) with a capacilyof8.3 MMTPA. The production faciliti es at both
umbai Vishakhapatnam refineries are upgraded 10 produce green fuels like unleaded
tiroIII &. Euro IYPetroland Euro II' Diesel. The lubricating Oils Refinery set up at Mumbai is
refinery In IndIaproducinq superior quality lube base oils .
fJPCL IS planning to augment its.refining capacity by revamping its existing refineries and by
u new grass root to become self-sufficient in refining capacity. To meet the
of these upcoming proj ects and to operate these Iacilitles. the existing proj ect team
augmented by recruit ing following engineers:
n nten ce
Ifbe llilde<l dvanUl
ahould h.all$l OlCipitll
and large 10pro cts
Job prom. &Reaponslbllltlea:
Assess Jobscope nd pr ro co t sbmates and function 15 II 1IO
Prop rtlllon of In lrumentlndox, data shools for all tlold on lrumont
Develop logic diagrams. hook-Up dl'llw ngs. Prep rauon of tnstrurn 'II cs blo ano tUbing
Prepofllllon of Instrument Layout and Installation drawing
Prop raUon of Metorial ke"o" for Instruments
Engineering of PLC & DCS for Plant Automation
Dovolop nd manoQo controcts
Study the project pions, Jobcontracts. field conditions and tho construct ion draWings
Monitor stte actlvltlos Including Installallon. commissioning & t ling or "'strumontaloon
ltoms. cable laying. loop checking OCSlPLC Instal ucn , logic chocks oic
of silo Quality assurance plans and Qu hty chocks as per QAP,
englncenng draWings. codes. standards and good eng ineering prscu s
Carry out job hazard analysis and ensure compliance to loty roqu irements
Coordinate with .agencles oxocutlng the jobs. project managemont consuila nts etc ano
resolve construction and project progress related issues it any
liaison with various external agandes connected to the JOb. Provide assurance lor
precommlselOnong lcommlsslonrng of constructed faci lities and lroubleshoohng or the samo
oncluding coordination with OEMs
Supervise Instrumentation maintenance Jobs including troubleshooti ng ot DeS. PLC etc
8 . Poaltlon : Project Process Engineer
DiscIpline : Chemical
Industry Experience &
Expe.rience on OFRs. BOEPs, process packages, P &lDs, des igning of plant layouts HIlLO\)
and nsk ana lysis. '
Hands on on . Process simulation software preferably HYSIS , process
spOClflC8l1onsof equlpment."ke columns, vessels. heat eXchangers. pumps, compressors.
measurtng and control tnstruments, heat-mass balance. piping. safety/ statutory
requrrernents otc . for largo projects .in a cont inuous industry like pet roleum refinery.
petrochemicals. fertilizer units. or on Ccnsultancy Services Company exocutlng large &
med ium slzo projects In petroleum refinery. petrochemicals or fertilizer unrts .
Expertence of project execution including making specifications, understanding Oa.ign
aspects, review offers. revlow technical drawings/documents. pre-comml'ontng en cl< .
commissioning ass istance. trouble shooting. coordlnallon with Iocen&o'" tc.
Well conversant with OISO guidelines & other statulory safety requlremen Wgui Ou\;no
Candidate should have experience of working with .naJor consunurus 10r hundnn mediulT\
and large scale projects.
Job Profile & Rellponlllbilltles:
Provide Inp ut s for pr aperation of draft PFRI OFR for now projecte. re view droll PfRlUFR
made by consulta nts for its fin al ization
Co-ordinate In preparation of various manag ement app rova l notes. licensor selection of a
project for preparation I re view of draft NIT, review of technica l offers. coordl nal'on WIth
consulta nt during licensor selection.
Provide assistance in activities for obtaining various statutory approvals of a proje ct. r6vle w
of draft PFDs. draft P&IDs. equipment and instrument datasheel lor nnal izal ion of BIISIC
Design Engineering Package. HAZOP st udi es . revIew of MR. pl ant 30. DCS gr ap hICS and
DCS FAr during detailad engineeri ng of project, etc.
Preparation of LPR for ca tal yst and chemice ls pr ocurement & MRR fo r vendor payment
Parti cl pate In Inlemall ext ern al saf ety audit of new projects, lie in point identification of
proj ect and its fi nalization
Co-ordi nat e during pre-commissioning of a ;lroJect for cnecking and ensur ng instal led
faciliti es as oer design spltcifi(:alions as well as during startup an ')',aranll,n If'. t rur' of
new units. etc.
Provi de assistance for precommiss;onlng i commiSSioning of coo tr 'cled '. "tla" nd
troubleshooting of the same Including coord,nahon With licensors
9. Position : Production Engineer
DiscIpline: Chemical I Potrochemlca'
Industry Experience & Sldll t:
Should have erl a pr ue-t, S engi, 'r, P "01 u "I" y
or fertilizer umL
Hands on expenence n ydrolrc;l1 ng. Catalytic '0
generation. Sulphur r vet)
Experience in han lin lant s artup and huldown. opor
compre SOf lowe I IJmOli tr ,u I ng 01 un'\ fJperatlon.
units kno edge about wn'rol system, and unders andlng of lh,. P&ID
Experience of handllnq a t am of technician and working hlfls
Job Profile & Responslbllltl s:
1 he job involve WOrking in throp. !lMI< as or crY t'ol p' "I (()r
supervi lOr In Pfocess plants I Oil move en &
Re spo nsible for safeoperation of plRnt
leada team of technician
Ha ndie plant tart upl hut downs and er' r' 'I'" f
TrOll to "
Jml:19IWJ!lliQ1llt..:' Candidate po 'OGE.r n
(Civil, Chem cal. C"lectt\cal. n rUlT'enta\lon
app y CandidlJte havmg comb, 'I f n d
Produc1ron etc are no e , to ;j ppl y
Apart from bov m n d tn u try E
be . don fol krMng COtTI
Dy a 'cCu to r f '
Act v ...68r 8nd
Coope' a VII T........"un''''
_"ld J' r '
:>',,,,, for
, tiuction, t !lOf1 01 piping, strudlUf I ,
cha" , heaters. rola!)' !lQU\pmentotc
o OOlng undorstand&ng spe fl loons, engIn nng
, qu Illy requiremenls dunng construction, recllon
equipment, pre commlssJoning checks, commissioning,
WIth OEMs I PMCs I conlracllng agenel ,contract and
liJIory ulrernents, work measurements and certtncation,
eot, safety I statutory requirements ere,
OISO guide Nnes& other stalUlory safety requlremontslguldellnos.
ave experience of working wIth major consultants for handling modium
are cost estimate, prepare functional sped1lcatlons
p ana, job contmcls, field conditions and tho construction drawings
analion. conslruct , fabricaUon, tostlng and erection of various mochanlcal
truetbn sequences, oreet/on schemes for heavy lifts
supetVlse constructlcn actlvlbes as per project plans
t. n 01 site Quality assurance plans and Quality checks as per CAP,
s, codes. standards "nd good engineering practices
. hllZ8rd analysi$ and ensure compliance 10 safety requIrements Coordinate
executing the jabs. projeet management consultants etc and resolve
and project related i.96ues if any
""oitb various external /internal agencies connected 10 the job
."=_Ie assistance for precommlssioning I commissioning of cons tructed faci lilJes and
of lhe sameIncfuding coordination wilh OEMs
R)on : E ctricaJ Engineer
ll!''tifli&.'liiJ;)'iEx....rJence & Sklll ..t:
ence In HT(upto 132 KW) and LT power distr ibut ion systems. substation equ ipment,
!"IT -r: motors. startup deVICes. "ke VFOs , auto transformers. relay settings and relay
GIS. uarthJng, Iighhng, area classiflcatlons, flameproof !lQulpments, stalutoryl
.sa l!!Yroqurements etc
ell versant wrtn relevanl electrical codes, 0 150 guidelines & other statutory safety
nee of pro}ect execuuo including making specifiC3tions, understandi ng design
aspects, revfew otfors, rovlew drawings/documonls. construCtion StiPOrvislon, pre
comrrnss l0mng checks. commissioning , trouble shooting, coordination with OEMs etc,
Exoerience in maintenance and trouble shoo ting of vari ous electrica l equipment will be an
added advantage
Candidate sho d have experience of working with major co nsultants for handl ing medium
and Illfge scale projects.
Job Profile & Respon5lbllltles:
Assess job scope. prepare cost estimate, prepar e functional speci ficat ion s
Designing of electrical system ror new projects
Preparation or spec fications for switchgears. cab es , mot ors , tran sformers , air cono mcners
Develop protectJon log;c and revi ew of drawings for newprojects
Load flow analysis relay co-ordinalion, t"ansle'l l analySISIn ETAP
PreDara n of Sing le Li ne diagrams of vaflOUSsubstat'ons
p & manage CO'ltracts at site
thep Oj8Ctplans, l oo cont "ac:s ,' cJ:l sa (j the :o,shlc ':>ndrawlngs
"-- <....... 'te act ( s oncIudlrl9' st a at ,ce ss 0 ng & t st 'Y,J n' e ectncal Equipment,

'e and SUpervISe co r struc. 0 - ae' I
preparaM n of site Qua ty as v as per CAP
drawI09s , codes. Sla dard a
C......,,""'t .....b h073fd ana 'ysIs and e'l
..,';th cnc es ex ..... an a c and
<t!I1dv.. oooslrucllon and prtlJecl
IJE'*"'CJn w'1h varIOUSext ern ai flrlten a ;;e
ass' tance ror precoMmss e g' '7lNl -"c'O" facilities and
lra ubtesJlOC(!ng of same Indue ngCO(; d aoo
maintenarn:e J "0 AJI eqUipment
CauseAnaIy e c.. .
Cooslructlol' Enc; '1
Ii scrutiny or tho application and resume) , wil l be called (or
raJ may oonslder oonducting wrillen lesll pmfi clency l est bal ls
part1cularposition. However, written l es.Vprofi ciency leal score WIll
ersonallntaMew(or the respectIVe POSition.
essmanl o( Technical knowledge li nd behaviour al competencies,
qualify lechnlca l and behavioural Inlerviow Individually. Success ful
, be required 10undergo pre-employment modlcal examination Ro(orence
maan final setecuon, which mayplaase be noted,
plciymenl will be based on the candldate's performance In the Personal Intervi ew
n ledge & behavioural competencies), being declared as Fit .by .HPCl
a of vacand es (or the position end SUbject to (ulfillmont of other eligibility cntana w.r.1
.I\ge. work experience, NOC. Relieving letter from previou s employer etc. as may be
es wlUbe placed in l he minimum of pay scale o( 29,100 - 54,SOO (or salary grade "B" end
:Iorsalary grade C . Besides basic pay and Industrial patt em of DA. other Include
hoUSIng accommodat ion (depending upon place o( posting) . Medical (acl/ltles. Gratuity.
ldeol Fund. Employees Pension Scheme. lFA etc. Performance Related Pay and otho r
" be applicable as per the grade and Corpc ratlon's rules . The CTC would be appx. lakh s for
B') and 11.10 lakhs (or Deputy Manager (SIG ' C' ) per annum. CTC may vary depending on the
s g.
s candidates may be consi dered for maximum of three Incraments over and above minimum starting
:YUngwi ll be nRefinery at Mumbai I Vishakhapatnamor in HQO, and services will
ibe transferable across country as requi red by the Corporation. These pos itions may Involv e worki ng In shift
Name in (ull
Date of birth
Gender :
Religion :
E-mail rD :
Educallan Qualification
Wane experience delails (Profile of :
Organisation & its nalure of business.
Positions held. Key performance
indicators & Key Job Responslbllitfes
(or posiljons held
Work Achievements I Accomplishments ' :
Contact deta ils I mail ing address :
Category (SC. ST. OBC-NC)
Any other information
Candidates matching above criteria w r.t Qual ifICation, Experience. age etc. can apply online through Online SUbmission of the application wi ll be allowed on the website from

S;r;EP1 Login 10www:/iindustanpeiroleum.comand click on Career Opportunities.
STEP2: Read all the instructionsgiven on the websi te.
STEP 3: FiUin the online form with anthe relevan t details .
STEP 4' Upload yourdetailed resume mention ing foll owi ng details.
STEP 5: Upload your passport size photograph.
STEP 6: ClickSUBMIT. Take a print of the application form and amx passport size photograph (same as the one
Whfch is uploaded in onl ine application (orm) and sign the form In the space provided for the same. Please
preserve a copy o( this form 10be produced during the selectlon process.
STEP 7 Various Intimations, Schlld ulesldales can be accessed through HPCL website. We can also be reached
Rlease mentioncorrectand act ive e-ma il lD I contact nos . for various communications.
il!.:dmtl,card (rn case of writte n lest) I Interview Call l etter shall besent by posVcourier/e-maiito the candidat e's
Ii g address and will also be available online for downloading. Duly signed Admit card (in case of written test ) I
1/1 e ew Cali lener with photograph affixed on il is required to be produced at the time of Test I Interview.
pel will (l ot be respons ible (or nondel ivery of emaiVcall lelter/admit card sent. duo to inval id I wrong
iflllil I wrong postal addresslpostal delays/loss in transit etc.
li1,dian Nationsl5 only need to apply.
Ape and Wane Experience as on 30th April, 2012.
2rid AC rlI11 far. by the shortest rout. i o all outatatlon candIdate s who have belIn .hortll.tlId for
R Int.rvlew will be re imbursed. provided the di stan ce travelled I. not l eas t han 30 kms. The
tlmt" will be r&qulred to fill In th e Travelling Allowance fonn (TA f onn) at the respective
iew centr. Ind.ubmlt proof for trav.' undertak. n.
...f;) C;;liifljjj,d.... are r'qu/rltd to apply In sa lary gr-e1e " B" or C" In lin. with eligibility criteria mentioned In
need to apply for one pol l tl on only with In Nlary grade "8" o r " C". Applications for
1tl00000ra.'ary gradllS fromsame I pp/lcantwlll not becorillder ed .
Pisatl IIy (PWD) candidates will be considered for selection against the identified POSts.
Iion5 should be full time regular coursels from AlCTE approved I UGC recognilOd
U ers y. The courses offered by Autonomous lostitutJons should be equivalent to the
approved I recognIzed byAssoclation of Indran UniversIties (AIU)lUGCJAICTE.
N cwe.etltly employed m Govemmenl Departments I PSU's I Autonomous Bodies need 10 apply
navelLJ produce NOC at the li me of interview. failing whIch th ca ndidat ure will
Wrttten Examln8tJon for the following posts orMi nisterial categories will be
Id on 22.04.2042 811 per programme given below. Duration of the examination
wi. be90 mlnut8ll.
110. Name of the pclIt Name of RRB
01 S1ellOQl'lPher I Junior Ahmedabad, Ajmer. Allahabad, BangaIoro,
StenogllP/ler (HIndI) Bhubaneshwar, Bhopal, Bilaspur. 2012. _
02 Slenographer I Junior Chandlgam. Chenoal. GclrakI1u, Jarrmu.. (Sunday)
81enographer (English Srinagar, Kolkata. MaIda, Mumbel, at
03 Stenographer (Gr.-III Muzaltarpur, Patna, Ranchi. 11.00 H,...
(English (Hindi). Secunderabad. Th1ruvananthapuraml
TheC811dldates are advised10 keepawatch on thei r cailletter/rejection letter,as
the caaemay be. Candidate may also visit the website of ntapectlve Railway
Recruitment Board 8lI per details glvon in para 15 of Centnllized Employment
Notice No. 0812010. Railway Recruitment Boards will not be responsible for y
delay or wron g delivery.
Dm.d: 11.03,2012
I I'l"I'riata pi.... 111. I printoal 01 IhI ri.. oppIicltio. aUlIniltldIIIlIPS fll/' Ita ear- Wrin.. E
POI/UT.2011. 11Iwlinollalhinr.
oj III w. I I tIlIdWlIIIbIID"loOlIC catllory. thl ca'tilclt. intIf ... muatspICily 1IlIt tIleandlN18 dHa IlIII*oot III
CRANY l AYfR.lCtionuciJMd".,IhI..,ilIll ' .....IIiDlll I. 08CIinCld'DltIllll ...........
II ... TN OBC Clrtitlcata COft1Ii",.... Ct.-yu.,.. 1:11_" ....bIIId 011 in;on 11/t!II fwI.ciaI.,..
20101' ud"'on.. . It.. DI.D4.2DII .
II CnldllII IIfYilg in /lUll Go-..t llfficn/NIIic SK1M incIIIInI .-...aI &...
FlnrdIIlnati lutlcmwi berequhd IIIproduao. .. IIIIjIdI Cer1l1lcat8' I,.., t!II ......,. 11t!II tiIN of i'IIerwiN
'.1IInlI w1i12IIw nol beconaWnd.
g) lntlllWllring lorIhI111"". 1111 ..tltylUdl .. IO<iwilglJaNl
I V.lnCwd/&.k PI.. 8DlIk wilhPhcrt...IIh/Photo.n..u.l CnoI!Cardlar -"'atioa.1I at..lII'Illidn
illn daubt. t!llCIlIlid.1IwlIlDlbullowMf..lnl.....
h) AnEJlllI'VDnIII cnidll.halDpraa.llIpyoll.. ..,.,.-l ..,drx:uaNlypraofol
rri lui , -u,kIIId (MItInlM...... ulCling I II tileINofI..... TN d indIfwncI ..... lhould
1Ubmi1. <aI1iticalI 1Jom. ClIII1lIbnI MhDrhy hi I"" SeIYir:II ' 12mondIllronllha dill
puaIIad NgirlratIon.
whD do. IIliIIy lilt IIiIII*tY ailInI ... whodo .-t pr-.a fhlrMy .-II tIw......... u ._
01 II doaar.mI rw,nd I. bellbritllld a adwiud mIlia1IOlif mtaniaarallInIr. '""""'-. all.
rot bei111l11tt1d lD.t1Indlhl ll'brVlow. 1IQlghllIrytriIht _NttNdtIw 1If __i1thl CorrrwWril\lll"'CIIIIdfarlnl .
j) TN cendid.lllIwiI ha.... 10 for;w .Ilhelr own 11_. H_.OUbII1ion . SCIST/PC canoidltn
,,",,0.r.11I1 amployId lhe inIInriIwwi! berairtDnadIIIand III SKDllkIaa ordNy m lohUl fn byI.
Ilion.! 111111 on productionofaoidancI 01 trlnl IISPII.I1.1 GonrtIIlII1t QiOoIinaI TNBantwill nil 1MrupansiIk fll/'
.ayInjury lIolIU, etc. 01IllYnmn. .
k) ClIIYwingin,,", fDlmwi. be.lfllqu., ilk.tion.
U Any ofIddraJl l-mIiI i dlot llltIIIIIIIiuticnwillOTblllI'lllrtainld.
m) Cllldidtln belcngllg to rIJllfYIdal. gory. IntWdingPhysicdy Chtllenged al...,. for1IIotidI norea<Yttio. hIra
'l1IID1;IIlCId.1lBIrMtD applyforVICllltlu ll1rnluntld lorGIII IIIIClIIOllI'Y. proridedltwy 11dlll 1l 1llll 'iIy ll itlll'ie
n) ofaoIeetad ISlubjt:! totheirbeinv doclnd rnediaIy fil ISpert!IIrequ....ts of"'" Sri ' Sudt
sppolltmllllwllllc bellJlilet 10thaSarvilllllldCOndue:t Ruin 01"" a.... c.n.tldllt8l ct8lI I. r .... AnanclaI ll..... Ic.lIGndfrr "nderfn anI.. IDr omlnl,u ",,,rW . , 3,...... Tlaa .1
ofth.FInon.'oIS.rvlwllold,,.,,.tlyl. t I.OO.GCOJ-,
0) UllIol Cal culsloll. mubil. phon... Pigil'l Dr anyother inl trumonll during lhoaaloelionplllClU. l lncllyprol1ibit-.t
pI InCia!' EngblInt""
q) Any ditputrlllngaut01this IlInrtllemonl l ht11 b. Iul: ject10Iheu11jrrislfic1ional cOll1J .l l:hwrlal
Il21I; F1lr inatructiona. '",0' to8ris ...
Oiltrict Magistr.l. I OiltriCl Magiatrll./CoDoctor 1Deputy Conmiuiorw I AlldiliDUI D"""Y COII'Itliu....., I
OopulyColltctor1hI Stipendi.ry MIll.irtrrlll Sub-Dirisioo M"istnlll hluuMaI1istrm1bllClltift M"IsttaI. I
Auiallnt ClHlIl'ISIIllllIl , Chiaf Pruult.,cy M.lrat. I Addilitnol Cilia! l't'ItI'-nq I 1
MallllU. ,. / R_Offiar ..t bakrwlila ronk01T.lIllld., ISlb o;"hlo..l lItf\ur 01tl,,, ....-.'hOI <_01. ...
hIa IIll'iy nOmllllyraidea
B. f .."'plallyCIIollaplllPCl
AutIlorludClrtilyhos Autllority wlI beM_lloanI duIv by !hi CenVlllor !hi SlatoGonrnrMaI ........... lrt
_..-.bat. out.I_IltIaI .... oh.. 1M f1lldal dIlI... ..
Eillibll candld. tII m IIqUirad 10Ijlp/y 'ON-UNE' lll11ytItrough 011'Iltnk'. WIIIJit. WDJgb,in IIld lID otlltl -.11l'IlC!II ot
. pp1icationwi lbe1CCIp1.bk. nlllwindtofollowl be' Dlnilg uquonco of" wtIia.ppIy oHte.
CllllfIdlIlS.,. rwquiIItf 111 htYt. 10(. 1apecilild In""on-lin. appIIctti.n fllllTl willa applying fOt Cnmon
Writt... Jlmlnltion(CWE) ItlrPOI/MT.condDctodinSopt / Nuw 2011byl8l'Sl. /I....., .. kapt.aift 100"cbationo' filii
IItI'IitmuI ptDcaJ. UndorIlD drtcmrllru:es,hIIaht sIrotId /01I10,...,.1!IIr..un.
.1 Crndldltll lII requlrod 10l lGon10.... O.nks wCIll. IIldef.t -ca,...,..' coMm loniWIlI.l lhollott Dll'l 01
. 1Iw1llnk'. WIlnit.I.lhllltht C.r-.ptgrwillop .
b) ClndilUW ' 11 rwquind 10 III Ibrou;lt IhI dot*' adnrtiur-.I by cJdIiov rill 1"fBIItJ ...
(HItIIlIJIVIiable balow R nI/IJnerrtef 1SIlO Jlreb8tleul'( Offlcen Zll Zlint i. !hi Crrem... _
IIlSUnIc:and!lllll'slli;lblllty belen lIplI/yil;ltlr t1IIl1idpost.
cl AppicantsIII rwqairadto lib. prfolDllt ofbltnt P""""I ChllIan1'IIiIblI ..1llAIr...,. witIIllis .riIic.tiDn.
dl 8IfDr'IIJlIIlying .n.... theClnlliialahu IIIfIlI'illha .pplicationf. /p" . dIIr1. " ...-.oIoIOIIlIcaldiUl...itb tlll
fiilld upP'YfI*lIllttIipt Chliln inIllY If In... (lyen... 8Ink's by_ of l8Ih aNy.... coIa:t .lIlidol '1
CO" 01 RauiptCh.lln fDlIIII.pp.licltioa fa I pIIr.QI dII,.. paiLPIIaI-.. tUt Iliafoillwing inllII'IIlIIlDn
hll .... comctly.nlmIIIar-hHnt! CodaNlIIl'IbIl 12lTIIIIIICtianlD l3Io.t.otdapooit .......unt.
lpplatl__1IIIIMwill lit"".-.III be.lib lad.,,11atioa !II l,.m,odill" _ .....
IIIrafu-'oraUn mrtllllla1dI ......,. for .IYadIIf Mtln.

.. 'W, ..... .... .....
Il lID
01.07.2011 .. only
ntG. .Olt. s
TOTAl IIllMBfll Of
I J!
24 & Illon 21 & IblIYI
24 ! Ibon 21 &lbo....
24 & abavI 21 &.lban
24 ! abon 21 ! Ibon
24 ! Ibo.... 21 &.Ibu....
iIln ra 01two 124 111ll!Ttt. ef lCtiotI.,.,ial fromt lU 01 joini ng
. lionI" Ill' YUllIfy rigftt ill . andilm lot bIing 1. 1rUniN.
III whorri aMa:iInlty IigI1 ill IN ardlr01lMli1 in(;orrr".,
Stptl " 101l.RilI'
inthlI llI18n_ wi be 22.50IlIIIb forG II C.11lI1ry..,

An 1 r I
AH,x latest passport srze
photograph duly attested
by a Gazetted Officer
Al1ix lat est pass pon size
phot oqraph duly attested
by a GaLelt ed Otf lCer
I pay
9. The crucl I dala 'or d
10. Original of the f ollowing
prOduced at ihe time o)f wri tten tesflln d tv
(a) Matrlculallon certl llcBte I MUnlc p hfy B r1J
(b) Marks sheet 0' the tld ucalion I qllal f bone ;:a\.Q (
(Non-creamy layer for OBC) appllcaI !hit ""'1-/... .........,.
'ty Y8lca f lIy hand icaPPed cerlifJcate showtng 40'% and above d,s
on appli cable.

0 , Discharge cerl lflcate in case of ex-serviceman

NOC In original from th . .
Gov ernment S . present employer I competent authortty In case 01
Note' . ervant Includ ing serving Armed Forces P rsonnel jf appUcabl
at IwCettrllf,cattev; should. not be sent with tho applicatIOn . Th 0 8hould be prodOOOd
n en es ,ntervlew.
11. Incompl eteli lleglbleJinel igible applications will be deemed Invalid and r ected wr#IouI
candi date. Only eligibl e cand idat es will be called for the written prOVidod aa
essed With postal stamp of Rs 5/. enclosed with rhe applicatIOn form
basic selection cnterion does not automatICally ennuc a pe;soo 10 be
13. Appl icat ion will be shorl lilled on tho ba81S at percentago 01marks obta ' d
lor essent ial qualification. In<) In thl) examination
14. The nU":lber is subject to change. Further. tho employer has tho rlghl a ca
or modify this notification without assigning any reason thereof. (lCQ
15. Canvassing in any for m shall disqualify tne candidate. No enqu iry Or corrospondence l be
entertained. ""
16. Written test will be objective type for 100 marks and the Syllabus will be of Matroculallon or
equivalent Examination standard. Candidates l or practicaVlIl terview will be 10 nmes the number
of vacancies In each category based on wril1en examination.
17. No TAiDA is adrmsai bte. Duration of the tost can be 02 1003 days or more. Cand ldatus
mako their own arrangement for lodglngIBoardlng durtng the wrottcn test I intorv,ow.
18. The dec ision of appoint ing authority regarding se:ection/rejection WIll be tmal
19. Th e recruitment process can be CancelledipostponedisUSpendedltorminated without
prior noli ce/ assigning any reasons at any stage. any
20. All can dida tes' inel parents are advised to refrain from contacting touts/agent s "any cand
is foun d be contacti ng any personnel of Stabon Workshop Mhow thr ough illegal
his candidature WIll be cancelled and will be handed over to police. '
Applicati on Form
Post applied for : .
Name of the candidate : .
Father's IHusband's Name : .
Dale of Birth : 1'---;::... I---;::;lIL...:
Co rrespondence address
Permanent Hom e add ress
Category (SC/ STlOBC/Gen/ESM)
Nationality : .
4 .
(i) Educational
Name of examl natl on Parcentage 01 markB oblalned Grad eIDl vl Bon
(ii) Experience: .
Cerllfied that the particutars ment ioned in Ihe application form are correct and true to Ihe best 01
my knowledge and belief. If found false at any st ago my service may be terrn.oaroo rnOUI
Date: SIgnature 01 the alljllocanl
App l iceti oro lor thl! po , of
Post applied for - ..
Name of Candidate: .
Signature of candidate : .
(For offic lel UBe only)
Your application is hereby acc epted
Index No ..
Wr ill en test (a) Dat e .
(c) Place .
Note :. Candidate to bring original ck .m nl
on the date of wntten examlnatlOr II
davp 1010311110141,Il 112
tna pr c rof rma (g ve
part) ay) to the Id I 05 ear
Offl I rB), Dlrectorate Genl!
I adl II, New Ihi-03 Within tw month )1 I
Will not be p (/TlIt ed to Withdraw thClr candidature
0 1
01 01
' 5 00 39 1CO/ plus Grade
Vacanel ea
01 01
0 1
Pay Oand n s 15600391COl with 4
Wash erm an
'8oot Ma ker
Reserved,SCScheduled Castes,STScheduled Tribes, OBC.
Indo-Tibetan Border Police
Abbreviation used : BABoth Arms aHect ed, OL'One Leg alfected (right or left), BLBoth Legs
auccted but not arms , OAOne Arm alf ected , BBli nd. LVlow Vision, HHHearlng Hand icapped.
3 Pay Scale
(a) Posts at senal No. 2(a) to 2 (c) Pay Band l Rs . 520020200+ Grade Pay Rs. 18001.
(ll) Posts at serial No. 2(d) Pay Band l Rs. 520020200 + Grade Pay Rs. 19001.
4. Age limit
(a) Posts at serial NO.2 (a) to 2 (d) 18 to 25 Years
5. Age rolaxations
(a) Government Servant Upto 35 years as per orcer/instrucuon issued by the Central
(b) Ex-servicemen- Service rend ered in Army, Navy and Air Force plus three years.
(c) Scheduled Casto and SCheduled Tr ibe-Five years for the vaca ncies reserved for the rospective
(d) Other Backward Class- Three years for the vacancies reserved tor this category.
(e) Physjcally nand lcapped- Ten yea rs (15 yoars for SC/S rand 13 years for OBC) for the
vacancies roserved for tms cat egory.
6. Posts men tioned above are SUbject to all India transfer liability and Field service liability rules .
7. Candidates to twd app lication al ong with a sell-addressee envelope with postal stamp of Rs
5/. properly sea led in an envelope to t he addreBB mentioned BgalnBt the pOBt applied for
t"rough ordinary post Reg ist er ed applications will not be accepted. Candidates are requested to
superscnnc tnc words ' APPLI CATI ON FOR THE POST OF--- "on the top of the envelope
while sending the application form . Separate appl ication is required for each post.
8. last date for receipt of application is 21 dayB from the date of puo ncanon of the adverlisement
In the Employment News and 28 days for those in Assam. Meghalaya , Arunachal Pradesh,
MI/Oram Manlpur, Nagaland, Tnpura. Sikk im, Ladakh Division of Jam mu & Kashmir State,
t.anau' and Spill Oist nc ts and Pany i Sub- Drvisron at Chamba District of Himachal Prade sh,
Andaman and Nlcobar Islands and Lakshadweep First date o! thrs advertisement in the
Employment News Will be aken 10account '0 calculating 21/28 daya If closing date is on falls
on hol Idays then next working day WI be ta en as closing date
educational quallficali on, and SUitab ility lor person wi th disa bili ty are as
,. .
S.No . Po st s
Ed ucat i ona l Quali fication & Ex pe rience
Cat egory of dl Bablllty
al Ba suitable for th e
(a) Labourer
Mal ,lculation or equ ivalent or Armed
Forces Personnel or Exservicemon in
tho appropriate trade arld grade III at
(b) Chowkidar Matr iculation or equivalent.
DeBl rabl e- should be conversa nt wit h
the dut ies of Chowkidar.
(c ) Washerman MatriCUlal10n or equ iva lent.
Desirable- should be conversan t wi th
washing duties well .
(d) Boot Maker Ma\riculation or equivalent
Des irabl e- should be conversan t with
canvas and leather repai r jobs and
replacement of equipment and Boots.
020 2012
30.04 2012
04.04 2012
04 ,2012
4. La t date of receipt 01ack,IlQ\j.tedgel'nent 51
far n !ng a III BH L Toruc:h.
Intervl_aubject to f I ng oU'Ier ""'"' and
In tho .event of !hew_etlan. B...t llCe will
Gr. IVwith 21ncremonll and Run r-up App
Gr. IV In 1I1e pay scete of , 11,700.2 ,0001. ce WI! be lr1I:ludied"'M!!lIIIl'I
HitlJUU , :
Applicant should hallo IOUnd hoalth. Botoro join ng lIOlected
havo to undergo medical examination by tho Campany'. Authottaed
OfIlc8r and the appointment will be sUbjflCllo meoUngthe _th
pnI acnbod by the Company. No ..1....Uon In health
Tho candidates aro advised In lhefr own interostle get themselv .11<>we<I.
oxamlnod by a competent Medical Olr,ccr before applying
advertisement. - 0
All E1lglblo candidatos shall be Invited tor on objodlvo typo Wrltlen Toat
conducted at Tlruc:hlr.pp.llI. Tho Quostlon paper will be Id:!J.naJaI i to \xl
. Tho caliiollora may be dl7oNnJoadod fr n

No "p8f11la Intlm.tion will be u nt to th. om
'I ..... by post.
' of Wntl,onTest marks. candidate. shall thon bo invllod for
orv n )110ratio of 1:3 10the number of vacancies
All eligible ExSorvicom did '
NTCINAC on con ow. who poaso:>&tho pass c:ort lfocatc of
be called (% of marks nol mandalDfy) In tho rolovant trade shall
l:lilW.llLUUllY.: .
Candidate. daslrous of lyI
hllp:J/c. ... Rpp ng sholl apply online altho wobsite:
A non rofundeblo foe of Ra 1251 .
Tho 100 can be id Is payable by the GCrlC/aVOBCcandl<lalea
pa In any or tho bra ch IS '
ower Jothl Ale No.30796261034 @ H n os a tate Ba,nkollndla, ,nlo
No.01363) In favour of Bharat H E. Kaitaaapurarn, Trichy-14 (codc
Tho triplicato challan for a cavy E1eetr1cals Limited. Tiruchlmppalli.
Ra.1251. can bo nt of ExaminatIOnand procosslng loa 01
rom tho wob5lte.
Tho Joumal No. givon by tho bonk
tho onllno Applicallon Form Th ch at fee needs 10be cntoroo In
copy only), needs to bo 'I copy whorovor applicable (BHEl
10BHEL along wilh other documents. tho Acknowl edgemont Slip and sent
No othe r mod p of paympnt le O
Choque etc. Is acceptable. ' .. emand Draft. Money Ordor. Postal Order,
Candidates belonging 10SCIST cat aries .
arn exempted from paying tho PhysJC8l1y Challenged
G.n' ra11n' l ructlon : ee,
1. of applications Will bo on-l lno only Ihrough our rocnntmoot
and no othor lorm of eppllcatlon \oIoili be
Acknowled' r SUbmission. candidates shall lake print out of tho
gement Slips to be sern to BHEL. .
2. cadndidatos shall send tho Acknowlodgomont Slips atonowith \no
en osures - '"1:lI ...
copy) for.llBving paid tho application 100 wh"'uva<
ptlBlT'Y laye<)
M!llllcaLClll1iflCato 'ssuod by tho Medical Boom l Pt'.yalcolly Challengod
CllIl<llllill cll OQly)
p isch arog and tra dg orofld cocy ceOificalos 0NY)
and ,minIng
(All Competitions - 6csl Apor entice and Runner uP
Apprentice) - If appli cable

3. Category such as aBC, SC, ST, and Physically Challengod should be
carefully filled up In the Application form, as this wili not be allowed to bu
changed at a lator Also the category once declarad. if found 10bo false
at any Jaler stage Will render the candidato liable for suitable actio n includi ng
lermlnallon and prosecution.
4. Employees of Gov!. Departmonts, Public Seelor Undertakings!
Autonomous Bodies must apply through Proper Channel or prod uce a
"NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE" at the lime of intervi ew.
5. Candid ates who have loft a PSU afte<availing Voluntary Retiremenl . il
select ed will be required to return the VRS compensation' received to the
PSU concerned.
6. No roquest for lransfer or change In placo of posting shall be ontertainod for
the first five years of service.
7. Any legal proceedi ngs in rospoct 01any mallor of claim or disputo arISing001
of this advertisoment and/a<an application In response therolo can be
instituted only in nruchll1lppalli and the Courts1Tribunalsl Forums al
Tiruchlrappalll only shall have sole and exduslve jurisdictiOn,
8. Candidates shoUld onsure that they fulfill tho essanli al eligibtlity critoria
prescribed for the post for y;nlch they have apptied If al any stage during
selection or after selection Il ls found that the candidate does nol fulfill the
eligibility conditions and the facts fumlshed/documents attached are nol
lXlrTlld and true, then the soledlonlappolntmonl of the candIdate can be
cancelled at any time without assigning any rnasons,
9. The Management reserves the right to reschedule I cancel I suspend I
terminate the recruitment process without assigning any reasons ilnd
the terms and conditions at any time during the process duo 10 eny
exlgel)CY. The decision 01the management will be final and no appeal will
be en(ertelnod.
10. Interim will not be il ttCnded to and any form 0: WIllbo.
disqualification and will render the candidates Inellglble tor solectlOTI.
11. SHEL does nollake responSibility of ettachlng the docUments or app! tlOO
foe sent separate ly aftor tho diwetch at tho original epplicalion form
12, Candidatas are advi sed 10 poBfI8" a valid e-mail 10, which' to be Bfl\erOO
In the on-Iina appliclltlon form. They are aIao adVlStldto nt\aln th' e I 10
active as any important intimation 10thom sholl be providod by BHfL
through fHT\llil.
13. Our recrui tment website (hltp:l/c:areef'l .bhtl.l n) will providen
details rogarding oloclion, hoW to apply. 9 . rucOO

submission of Acknowledgement Sh wrilt t

14. No correspondence WIll be en\8rtBlO4l(l from CIIOll
for written t or int ervieW
Important Oat..: -
1. eommoncemont ofOnline ubm 0 lClIWI
"2 CIoeh i\l ot'llnllna d _
3. Lasl dot of rtlCQ",t d I
at BHEL. Tlruch!
Ph ical cIlaI ed
vacancies tile Iowi arereserved
Clanc Operator
399 202 142 7 75JJ 108 8 8 7
# Candidates belonging \0 Ge I &aBC
minimum of 60% marks in nd should have obtained a
calogories should have obtainod a to SCIST
Desirable: Working Knowledge in Tamil. ma n N C and NAC.

The above 750 vacancies are rosorved as follows:-
tOn to Apply' at
tes /lall apply tor the
s s through online only
.Q3.2012 at 10 .00 ' Hrs
The website addres s fo;
registration is /I
r.lIov.ln.Thel ast dat e'
trat on 11"1/1 be 9th
4 (S. Online entry
the caM/date s
the columns in the
then click submit bullon
ld lake a pr int ot th ei r
lIppl ication.
hd idates shall apply tor the
posts through online onl y
09.04.2012 at 10 .00 Hrs.
w r S. Th e websit e address for
n Ille registrat ion is // Th e last date
mnne registration will be 23rd
rll, 2012 upto 24 Hrs. Online entry
oate i.e . 09-04-2012. the
should till up all the columns in the
applications. then cl ick submit butto n
and should ta ke a print of their
submitted appl ication. Candidates
should forward the printed application
on or before 30-04-2012 to th i s
ther entries of the above
f1 Isement will remain unallered.
(AanJita Aashml)
. Works Manage r/ Admin
davp 102011111328311112
EN 11120
University of
North Bengal
Office 01 the Registrar
P.O. N. B. U, Dist. Darjeellng
Applications in the prescribed format
are invited within 30.4.2012 f rom
Indian citizens for recruitment to the
undermentioned teaching subs tantive
A . Professor: Physics - 1 (S C).
Chemistry 2 (SC.ST), Mathematics
- 3 (SC, UR, S'I), History - 2 (SC,
UR), Economics - 1 (UR) , Poli ti cal
SCience - 1 (SC) , Cen tre for
Himalayan Studies - 1 (SC) ,
Computer Science & Appli ca tion - 1
(UR) . .
B. AS$ociate Professor: Physics -
(3 (ST, DBC-"" SC), Chemist ry - 2
T, SCI, Mathematics 1 (SC) ,
pgy - 1 (UR) , Computer Sc ience
tcetion 1 (SC), Economics 1
Political SCience- 2 (SC, URI,
y - 1 (UR). Sociology - 1
Gommerce - 2 ( S T . SC) , '
Q!mlent 1 (UR), Microbiology
.I.tant Professor: Phys ics
T. URI, Chemistry - 1 ( ST) ,
t ernalics - 3 (ST - I , SC2).
:::2 SC-2). Zoology' 2"(OBC
, Computer Sci ence &
- 2 (SC, URI. Benga li - 2
A , 1 (ST).
,UR), Commerce - 2
4 (STl, OBC A- 1,
il'1. Himalayan Studies
-Tectv'lology 2 (SC,
In'l)rmI3t1c:>n Sci ence
II tXieof
Ail e
1. Qualification :
Alleast second class post graduate degree in botany or agriculture with speQalizatloni1
Plant Breeding Genetics, Agronomy or Horticulture.
2. Experience:
At least 15 years In supervisory capacity InA9ricultural FIeld out of which atleasll0 )'ll8lS
supervi sory expe rien::e should be in thework relaling to production of qualityseeds.
3. Dellrable:
I) Ph. D. in Plant breeding or geneticsor agronomy or plant pathology.
(fi) Admi nistrative experience In management of agricultural farmsI SeedProduction.
(III) Good worldng knowledge of agricultural programmes and 8gro c1imalJc rondition in
different parts of the country.
4. Ago: Not exceeding 50 years as on 01. 01.2012
5. Pay Scale: 43,2Q0-66,OOO (IDA). Total emoluments at minimum of the basicpaywWdbe
98,500/- p.m (approx.) In Delhi. CTC per annumaroundt15 LaIdls (approx).
General Manager
One (General)
(Direct re'crultment)
Age Is relaxable by 5 yaars for the Internal candidates, persons employed in CentraVState GovtJPSU &
Institution. SC/ST/OBc/PH candidates will get age nelaxatlon as per the GOI instruclJons. candidates belongingto
Sc/ST/ OBC/PH etc. are also eligible to apply against general category and their candidatures will be considered.
Intorostod candidate. may send tholr appllcatlonsln the pnescri bed po rf orma which may be dDwnloaded from
NSC website
Application form duly filled in all respect along with attested copies of certificates and mark sheets in support
educational qualification(s}, age, experience(s), salary delails etc. may be sent in an envelope superscribing the name 01
the post on top of envelope which may reach the Daputy Gon oral Managor (P & A). National So ds
Umlted, Beej Bhavan, Pusa Complex, NewDel hl -110012 on or befone 2"" Apri l, 2012 along with a Demand
preferably trom Slate Bank of India of? 100/- ln favour of Nati onal Se d. Corporation Limited payabl.t hI.
Demand Draft should be prepared after the date of advertisement and should be valid for SIX months tram the dale 01
issue. However, SC/ST/PH candidates need not send the DO.
Candidates working In GovemmenVSeml GovemmenVPubli c Sector Undertakingsl Autonomous bodies IStalU\OIY
bodieslGovt Sadeties should send their appllcafion through propor channel or should enclos o NOC from the presenl
empl oyer. Computati on of oducatlonal qualification(s), agallmit and axporionco(s) will bo counted as on
The Co rporation shall not be relponslble for any poltal delays. Incomplete application will b nlj ct . l1lI
candidates apply ing In responle to this advertisement should satisfy themselv reg rdlng th Ir eligibility In ,
respect f or t he post. Candldat.s must ensure that application torm Is sent along with ncJosures & d Iy
co mpleted In all respect for tha abova post. In casa, larga numb ... ot applications ani tved for
post , Icrollning will be donll to li mit tho number of candidalel to tho e po .clllling hi h r qualification(l)
rel evan t experience(I). Mere fulfilment of qualification and xperl ncs will not entitle t pel1lOn to be _".....Ior
Interview. Canvasslng ln any form or bringing in any Influence will be treated as dlsqu nncallon. Co:parllt:llI
reservos the righl to change I.e Inccoase or decrease numbers of vaC<lncle or van crap the edv tin I
a) Applicants must ensura that their applications should re ch th e 0 puty Gen r I
Seedl Corporation Umlllld, BNI Bhavan, Pun Comple Nllw hi 110012on
applicatlonlrwcal edafterthelutd lewillnotbe te n d.
b) Before applying for tha post, the candid t a shou l d nau t
mentlonad In the Adv is. nt. In ca.., It Is \ected .t ny
fulfill the eligibility nerrna and lor h.. fum any IncorTeCtIfa.1ae
material fac ,hill her ndi u will nd n
Moraover, li n)' shortcomlng( I ill ar t
t rmln t.d.
No ' - Candl I
dal8d 18 J ry. 2012'
Th ltd of I I of
I t U nfcM11la'Uon/up1C1ete
PosItion Educational Q....Ilf1catlon(.)r Experience, Age, Pay sealeetc.
(Advertisement No. RECTI/2J12JNSC/2012)
NSC Is a Schedule '6' & Mini -I PSU which in the Df produdng and distnbufing highquaHly
cerllfi ed seeds all over India, lnvites applications from profesSIonally qualified candidates for thebelowmentioned ton
regular basis. The post Isavailable et Head Office, New Delhl :- . pas
EN :11100
) for. operalilg MillinAssam
4090711 4090125 4090730 4090744 4090756 4090758 4OQ()781 4090783 4090805 4090809 4090821 4090839
5090882 5090895 5090906 5090907 5090908 6090925 8090934 8090939

, t allng llli;v1ngroll
.....ADD I 0
1090028 1090036 , 1090048 1090065 1090067 1090072 1090073 1090111 1090118 2090347 20
20903B5 3090447 3090493 3090545 3090550 4090587 4090626 4090629 4090648 4090659 4090692 4090709 4090847 90359
Nota: 1. It should be noted by the candidates that merely calling for the V9I1ftcaUon of Original Certiflcates & Genuineness of candidature does not in arry way
onlllle for an empaneimenVappolntmentln Railways. 2. The additional candidates ana being called over &above the number or vacancies primarily 10avoid
shortfall Inthe panel due toobsenlism of selected candidates ete., if any. 3. Individual caJllelten; for Verification of certificates will be sent tothe qualified candidales
through post, 4. should Invarlabl.ybring all original certificates Insuppoct of their date of birth, qualification. caste (as per the speci fied proforma) etc.
while attending venficatlon. No further time will be given for submission of certlfocal.ell . 5. The CBe Certificates must havo the 'NON-GREAMY LAVER' clauae
proforma and should not be older than one year. e. Cendlda18s must ensure that their names. their fathers name, and other partlcula.'li In Ih8Ir
certificates must match with entries made In thalr application SCI,ST/OBC?Ondidal.ellmust also ensure the address mentioned in their caale
certificat_es must !OilyWIththe entries of permanent address made by them 10 their applicationfcrms. 7. lhe results will .bebased on the number of vaca/lCie$
the performance Inthe written examination and correctness DfInformation fumlshad In the appllcationlverificatlon. 8. While every care has been taken W;
preparing the above result, RRBlChennal reserves the right to rectJfyany Inadvertent error or typographical mistake.
ApplicalJons are invited for filling up the post of Director (Administration
& Finance) In the Council.
1. Director (Administration & Finance):
1. No. of Post 1 (Un-reserved); Pay Band: RS.15600-391 00 +7600(GP)
2. Melhpd of Recruitment: By transfer I transfer on deputation
3. Field ot Selectfon In case ot deputatlonlst:
"Officers of -the Central Govt. including All India Services and Grades 'A'
Services/State Governments/Autonomous Bodies/Publ ic Sector
Undertakings flnslitutes of Hotel ManagemenVFOOdcrafl Ins titutes.
- holding analogous posts or with 5 years' service in the posts In the Pay
Scale of RS.15600-39100 + Rs.6600(GP) respectively or equivalent and
possessing at feast 5 years' experience in personnel administration and
financial and accounts mailers, preferably relating to educational
(Period of deputation shall not ord inarily exceed four years)'
- Abmty to use Computer is an essential qualificati on.
General: (1) The Council reserves the right to short-list the applications,
till or not to fill any vacancy. (2) In the case of employee of CentraVState
Govts., Public Sector Undertaking/Central Autonomous Bodies only such
candidates should apply who are willing to come on Deputationltransfer
basis. (3) Applications Indicating the (a) Post Applied for; (b) Name; (c)
Age as on 2Q..4.2012 (d) Nationality(e) Whether SC/ST/OBC (f) Complete
Postal address (g) Qualification (h) (tabulated in chronological
order);(i) Present Post, Pay Scale & Pay; Ol Minimum pay expected; and
(k) Any other relevant information, must reach this Council on or before
20'" April ;2012. In the case of employees of Govt.lPSUs/Autonomous
Bodies, their application must be forwar ded through proper channel
accompanied with attested copi es of ACRs for the last 5 years. The
application should be addressed to Chief Executive Offi cer of the Council
on the above given address, subscribing on the envelop 'Application for
the post applied for post of Director(A&F)".
fiJiS:RlI"'l <t>1 'l C41"t:tI"'l
IAGovernmentof india EntwpriM)
75-C, Park KoIkala- 700 016
PhoM Nos. : 111 -33- 22211-61101-02 . 22,(9-61131132/34135
I Fax No. : 91-33-2249-7335/4996. We e : www_hlndpaperJn
""""" m (An 150-IlOO1 : 2000 Certlfied Company)
a Faa (i 18 to 25 yrs for Gen
18 to 30 yrs for SC candidat es.
fb) READ: (i) 18 to 27 yrs for Gen
cand idat es.
r ) 18 to 32 yrs for SC cand idat es.
3 The last date fo r receipt of
appllC8tion for the post of Civilian
Motor Driver (Ordinary Grade)
only Is extended upto 21 Apr 2012.
4. Rest there is no change.
davp 10602111/005811112
HPC with a salesturnoverof over Rs.963 crore & personnel strength of
requires foRewing posts for its Corporate Office at Kolkata & for
i nAssam.
of post : General Manager (Fin nca) for Corporate office, Kolkata
-dv;dndes: 1(one)
: RaA3.200 - 3% - 66,0001-
ji .CNlCWAUMBA(Finance) .
. Iea!It18 ars' postquatiticaliOn experience, out of which5
have been at higher management level
expo; ra to the contemporary and amerglng
PfliclIi::elliin rel ev ant dl5dpline.
Wri tten TesVTrade Tesl& Interview.
... . . .
Should have at least 2 years 8xperlenll8 of
driving heavy vehicles . Persons with additional
experience 01 drivingloperaUng earth moving
equ ipment wi ll be prelerred.
Distant vision ot616with each eye wtIhout glasseS.
Nellr Vision N-S with each aye wtth or without
gl asses . (VIsual evatuaucn Is for each eye
Co lour vision should be normal wi th as
determined by Ischlhera Charts .
Field 01visi on Each eye should have full field at
vi si on as determined by confrontation test.
tiI.ilI:!nB.;. Normal
Maximum 30 years as on 29.02.2012 (Relaxa ble
for SCIST/OBC}Ex-servlceman etc. as por Govt .
rules . .
(Ministry of Social Justice & of India)
e,""""'"'" . . .. . _ Date d : 19.01.2012
ReI. No. : AD 6810 -.
Audit OHicer as per details given below : . Age as on
' No of Pay tn Pay Band 01.01.l01l
51. Name of the post Cal egory + Grade Pa
, No.r1hern Region)
lid n the prwscnQe<j prolorma lor lIle POltl of Junior
Delh i and at various airports 01Northern Region In the
,,21..500 pJUllllllowances, Total number 01 posta likely 10
n)ylflne)and Ihe reservatlon l1tquirement la UR.22 SC-l
bli etlle.ria for the post Isas follows:_ ,.
E..entlal: 10th pass with valid drMng license
for the last 2 yeai'll for Heavy Duty Vehlcl..,
Shou ld be able to rectlty Slartlng troubl.. and
should have at least elementery knowledge 01
repa irs. Candidates poaae.alng the hlghet
quaWficatlon of 10+2 wll be given aullablet
welghtage. Oeelrlble.Knowledgl of local
ThfJ number of oosts may val)' and accordingly reservation will also change.
2. App licallon giv ing full particulars as per format available at website along with 3
recent passport size photographs out of which one pasted on tho top right ham!
comer of the application and duly attes ted by the Gazetted OffIcer and two In a
sma ll cov er attached with the application should reach to the office of General
Manager (HR), AIrports Auth ority of India, Reg Ional Hndquan.ra,
Northern Region, Operational OffIces, Gurg aon Road, NewOelhl110037 on
or before 16th AM!.. 2012 along wit h the Demand Draft drawn on any
Naltcmal ised Bank for R.-:"1001- (Rupees One hundred only) (non-refundabl e) In
fayQur of Airports AUlhorfty of Ind ia payable at DeIhl (SCIST candidates are
empted as per GoV1. policy). Airports Authority of India will not be responsible
:: any postal oolay. 3. Details are .avallable on Ihe AAJ official website and
RegI onal executive Dlrwdor. NR z
HCl (
Scale 0' Pol Y
&last Mid
Basc Pay
Organi l IOn
Percentage ('Yo)
with Divisio
ty ", e me0' you. 1"-
was o!lernd by lhIl Urwe
Post Grad uation
P.G. Diploma
.....ether HonaU
(Please Indicate ..' ,
Degree Course.)
14 Expene
: of
. (self certriiad coP/esci d)
cert ificates tobe en ose
'l1(SV20. ST18,
09C-54. uR-{17)
This advertisement may also be seen in CSIR-SERC website: "www.serc,res,jn" by clicking "Recruitment" from tho Home Page
EN 11105
at its
27/1038 B,
l ,llhe t I dn
Ilh 11((
Name ot applicant (In Bloc k lett rs) Affix recent pas sport
Father' slHusband' s Name
Nationality size ph otographs to
be attested by
(a) Dat e of birt h ad a ft -n'
(b) Age on closing da te Gazetl levI
(e) Advertisement No. of Nawspaper/Rolgar Samachar
Edn qualif icati on - _.. Univ ersit y/ Board
Sex' Male/F male
Address of correspond nee
Permanent address
Employmenl Reglslratlon No If ,my
Details of c rt,trcat ,mach (" C
qunhl,clIhon, Char If'( 'lit" ilt
C nil h vinO knowtodgrt 01 T
adv 11 ed t I ho cAndidates selectOO would h_ r .0 r .
. suuc urol an Iy is And would call ed 10 any altha roUawlng R&D areas
tlo Ign; lamiliarily wl lh computer raj Slructura l Conaele Englneer,'n & lIJat
programmIng ; use of software(s) [J R g . muoogy (b) SustaInable"
d c elrofilli ng/rehabilitationof Structures [d] C . and
an axpenmental lll chnique s for and Design &Software Develo mont [e) ompulalronal Structural Mechanicator Ana
applications & evaluation (I) Motal Strtcturo l.ina Tower. - ArnJlyais, doslQtl,t
Monitoring , Evaluation & Forensic analysis &E Structural Heatlh
INT Engineering and [l<J Interaction Problems ng nee OJ Earthqua.....
!AI Benefits under CQyncll Service:
01. These post s carry usual allowances I e Dearness Allowance (DA) HR ' -
02 GAovernment employees stationed in and as made (HRA), Transport Allowance (TA) etc. as admissible to the Centr
II scie nttsts are ehglble for professional Updat eAllowance .
03 In addT h . . .
I Ion 10t e emolumenls Indicated against each cal egory of posts, benefits such as reimbursement 01 i I
04 house bUildIngadvance are available as per rules 01CSIR-SERC. me<!ca expenses,leave travel concesSIOn, lXJnveyance """""""
cancloares under is governed by the New Defined Contribution Pension Scheme of Government ollndia as made appl
. I........, WIth effectfroml'
05. The numb er of vacancies indicaled against each cat egory is provisional and may vary at the lime of selection .
06. should ensure he/ she .possesses educationat' qualificationJ experience in the relevant area as required in the cat / t f .
app ylng, on lhe lasl date of receipt of onhne electroni cs application. egory pas, or which helsneIe
IB! Relaxations:
01. Relaxat ion in age limit upto 5 years may be allowed 10CounciU GovemmenVAulonomous Bodies! Public Sect .
with the.instruclions and orde! s issued by Ihe Govemment of India from time to time in this regard. or employees Incase of Scientist applicants in aOCDrdaIlCE
02. Relaxation in case of Exserv'cemen Will also be applicable as per provisions.
03. Candidate is requir ed to produce the category C?rtiflcate in the prescri bed formal signed by the specified authority at the time 01intervi ew.
04. Relaxation mthe upper age nrnlt of 5 year s applicable for the persons who had been domiciled in the Kashm' D' . . . .
to 31-12-1989 production of a certificate from the District Magislrate in the Kashmir Divison within ':"nod of 01.{)1-198O
other authority deslgnaled rn this behalf by the Government of J&K State to the effect that he/she had rd' '1 be! d . 'Ied ' th K h . Y.esided ORfromany
during the period from 01.Q1-1980t0 31. 12-1989. 0 rnany en ormci In e as mrrDIVlSIOrlOfSlaleofJ&K
os . Special Relaxati on: Upto the age of 40 years in the case of Widows, Divorced Women Judicially separafedfrom their husbands, who arenOlre-married
06. Rela xation In qual ifi cation and/or expenence may be permitted if sufficient number of candidates possessing the requisite qualification andlOl' e " .
likely to be available to fill up the posts . xpenence are_
06. The date for determining the age limlVexperience/qualifications shall be the closing date prescribed for receipt of online electronics aWkcnllons form
I.e. 23-04-2012.
rC) General conditlQns/lnformation
01. The above posts are temporary but likely tocontinue.
02., these posts carry usual allowances as admissibleunder theCentral Govemment rules. The total emolumentsat the minimum01the scale lor thepostsat ..
rollows',n cludrngHouseRentAilowance) as applicablefor thecity01Chenna!.
(a) In lhe Pay Band PB3
03, Applications from employees working in Govemment Departments, Public Sector Organizations and Govemment funded research agoncies will be considered onl y" forwarded
. Ihrough proper channel with aclear certificatethat theapplicant will berelievedwithin onemonth 01receipl of the appointment orders .
04. The period 01experience in a discipline/area of work, wherever prescribed, shall be counted after the date 01acquiringthe minimumprescribed educational qualifICatiOn presatJed
for that posts.
05. The quahficationsprescribedshould have been obtainedthroughrecognizedUniversities/Institutions.
06. Applying for the position advertised herein does nor by ilself automatically enlille an applicant to be called for tesUinterview. Applicall on rormshouldbe complete in all respeelS
Completed application means (i) all information sought duly filled in or provided (ill application form duly signed with dale wherever required /asked (iii ) all relevant documents
sought duly attesled by Gazettedofficer tobe enclosed. Since it is not possible to call all thecandidates for testlinlerview. applicationsWIllbe shortlistedfor thepurpose. Writtentest
will be conducted if deemed necessary, to lurther short- list thecandidales to be calledfor Interview. The decisionof Director, CSIRSERCshall be final inthisregard.
07. Higher initial pay can be consideredfor exceptionally meritoriouscandidates.
08. Outstation candidates called for inlerview will be paid to and tro single second class rail fare/ ordinary bus fare Irom the normal place of their residence 01' that declared 11 the
application or fromthe actual place of undertaking thejourney, in India, whichever is nearerto the place01theinterview, asper rules.
09. Candidates of Indianorigin settled abroad who are of proven merit as evidence bytheir qualification, researchwork and experience may be considered by the SelectionCommtleeIn
Absentia. ,
10. Canvassing inany formand/or bringinginany influence, political or otherwise, will be treated as adisqualificationfor the post.lnlerimenquirieswill not be attended10.
11. The decision of the Director CSIR-SERC in all matters relating to eligibility, acceptance or rejection of applications, mode of selection. conduct of tesVinlerview as per ' CSIR
Scienti st s Recruitment Rul es 2001 and not to fill up all or any of the posts will be final and binding on the candidates and no enquiry or correspondence will be enlertained rnthis
connection fromany individual or hislher agency.
12. Mere fulfillment of educational qualifications and experience does not entille a candidate to be called for interview.The duly consututed Screening Commillee will adopl ,Is own
criteria for short-lisling the candidates and only those candidates who, in the opinion of the Institule, suit the institutional requirements, will be called for interview. Thecandida
should therefore, mention in the application all the qualifications and experiences in the relevant area over and above the minimum prescnbed qualilicatJons, suppolted
documents . Completion of Ph.Ddegreewill bereckoned fromIhe dele of issue of provisional cortificate/ notification.
13. The Selection Commillee dependi ng upon lhe performance of the candidate may choose 10place the candidate in any of the Grade Pay withm the Pay Band subject 10meeting the
minimumeligibility criterion specified.
ill) HQW to applv:
01 . Candidates should apply !lJL1..iDe on or before 2304-2012, Hard copy of the online 'application duly signed along with recent passport size pholooraph. attested copy 01
matriculationlSSLC as prool of agel degree/provisional degree certificate copies of mark sheets for all the semesterslyears, SCIST/OBC certificate(s) work expenence cerut cates.
teslimonials etc. should besent in asealedcover super scribed "Application forth epest 01_Scientist_ " Ie" THEADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER, CSIRSTRUCTURAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH
CENTRE, CSIRCAMPUS.POSTBAGNO.8287, rrn, TARAMANI P.O., CHENNAI600113. onor befor. 30-114=2012.
433 (I) Sup PI ASC
Pin: 900400, C/o 56 APO
Applications are invited from aBC candidat es only, in pr escribed format as
per Appx for the post from Indian citi zen s, is decla red eli gible by the Govt of
India , Min of Defence :-
Name of Post
(a) Safalwala 01
Edn qualification 10th o r equlva le nl examinat Ion of recogni zed Univ er sit y/
Pay Band - As . 5200-20200 Grade Pay Rs. 1'100 per Month
Age - 18 to 28 Yrs (within 21 days of Its pUblicalron).
2 A recent passport size phQIQgraph du ly attosted with hall impreSSIon on
the photograph and half on the applicallon and reQlllsl te casle cortlflcate duly
5 ned by Ihe competent aUlhori ty be forwarded. AppllcalrDn not meehng lhe
9 I I ell a' reculv j alt"r 21 days of ,ts publlcatron w,lI not be
1191 )1Ity (U rI I a w
", 'r! II J Til' off,cP Will nol bEl re ponsiblfl for rpplyln 'uC.h, pplrc. trons
Irl' e j envelupe Wllh postal tam[1 of Ar,:>41 Ifly-ed lhor n
r IICJ ,'d lJ wrl /liP dIn nyl' h WIth PIN Cod
1,(.0(1 oulel <J<j, J to 0111 .pr Comm ,4'3 I (I) "I
) 1 II fllVI I
'II I''''
II B tw en 18 10 27 onal and o lher
il:'allons r qulred for dlrecl
UI men t : 12th pass from
Qgfil ad Board or eq u i v a l ent,
SSlng knowl dge of HlIldi and
Ii e (3) v ars experi enc e of
ma nlalnlng store account.
Notel : Oual ihcatron s are relaxa ble at
t e dlscretion of th e Ce nt r a l
Government In case of candidat es
th rse \ ell qual ifi ed .
8 Pl ace of work: Anywhere in
9. P-eri o d of Probati on: Two Years
10 . L ast date for recelpl of
appl ication : 15-05-2 012
The off ice will not be held responsible
for any postal delay.
The interested candidates may apply
for the post by submitting their
application i n sealed envelope
supersc ribing on it .. Applicati o n f or
t he Post of Ass ist ant S tor e
Keeper" Application not subscribed
on the envelope. " Appl ication for the
post of Assist ant Store Ke ep er" are
l i abl e to be rejected. These
appl i c at ions may be sent by
Regis tered Post to T he Regional
Direct o r , Cent r a l G r o u nd Water
Boa rd , North Western Himalayan
Regio n , 298-299, Sha s t r i Nagar ,
Ja mmu (J & K) Pin -180004, on a
pl ai n paper as per the Format o f
Appl icat ion given below . on or
befo r e c l osmg date for receipt o f
application i.e. 15. 05. 2012.
Appli c at io n received after the due
date and lime will not be acc ept ed
and are liable to be rejected. This
office is not responsible for any
postal delay. Canvassing III any form
will disqualify the candidate
(N.R. Bhagat )
A p plication for ths -Post of
A s s ist ant Store Keeper
1. Fu ll Name (Capital letters)
2. Fat her's Name
Dat e of Bi rt h
4. Educa tional , other Qualification &
Experi ence
5. Whether belongs to aBC or PH
(VH partially)
. Permanent address
7. Correspondence Address with
t elephone No.
8. Employment Exchange
Reglsf raf io n if any.
9. Whether willing to serve" Any
Yit1 re III Ind ia " (Yes/No)
L f of enclosures (Allesfed
6WPY of educational
1, . , cerlrfl c ate of Dale of
aIIQ Cil _ c rf,fu:ate.
AdYIrtIHmtnt No. 0412012
The central Council forReseerctl in Ayurvedlc SCiencea (CCRAS) is an autonomous body under the
of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unanl, Slddha &Homoeopethy(AYUSH), Ministry of Health & Famly-w.r..
Government of India. The Councllla an apax body In India for formulation, development and promotion of
In AyulVedJc system of medicine. The Council c:arrlea out Its 8CIlv/t/es and functlonl through !til Il8twof1,; of
31 InstituUons located all overIndia. The Headquarters ofthe Counclila lituated In DeIhl at tha eboYe addrese . The
Counclllnvltea appilcaUOI'1I fromaultable candidates for !til pertpheral Institute I.e. AyulVeda Central Rosoardl
Inatltu18locatedat Punjabi Bagh, Now Delhl :-
1. "'":,-ofthepoet; IItatfNu""'02(1C-01.ndOBCo01)
MaxlmumAge: JOyeal1laaon 1.1.2012 .
8caleofPay: PayBand-2, t'9,3QO.34,800+Grado Pay oft 4. 200
EducaUonaland other qualification.:
e...nUaI: (a) Matrlcoroqulvalent. , I
(b) Diploma In General Nuralng Mldwifllfy 'A' Grade recogn ised by the Nursing Council of India ORA pass in I
Nursing Cour1l81nAyurved8lSiddha conducted by Stete Govemmenlllns1ltuli on approved bythe Slate Govt. ,
(c) 01 year In wor1dng In a recognised hoapltel preferably In AyulVodaISlddha Hospital ORB.Sc.
Nursing from a recognised UniV8l'8lty/lnllitution recognised by the Nursing Council of India. .,
MaximumAu-: 25yearsaaon 1.1.2012 I
Scala of P.y: PB-1, t' 5,2QO.20,200+Grade Pay 2,400 .
Educational and otharqualltlcatlon.: .
EaaanUaI: Degree In Science or B. Pharma from a recognised University wtlh 01 year exper1ence in
LabomtoryTechnoiogy in a Laboratoryofarecog nised H08pl laVlnatitution.
ScIence a llKXlgnlMd Unlvelllity with DIploma In Medical Laborstory Technology of
rmmmum of ooeyear.duration from8 recognised Hospital/Institutionand02 years experience in a laborslofy or
8 recognised HospItalllnslltullon. I
Metric or equival ent wfth 05 years experience In leboratory technology In a laboratory of a reoog 'sed I
HospitaVlnstltutlon. I
Nota: 1ll candidates who Intendto apply for the post Ihould send their .ppllcation to the add,.... Qlven \
below :
(Inatlt uie), Ayurveda Central Reaurch llUlUtu , Road N0-6&, PunJab\ Bagh,
N_Delhl.11002 \
General CondlUona: \
1. The posts are temporary but likely to conti nue. The fresh appointees shall be goyemed by new 118ns.1on \
scheme. The candidates will be on Probation for two yearn and is transferable 'n II' \
under the Councirs lnstitutesJCen1reaIUnlta. \
2. Age relaxation ,wi ll be admlaalble tor SCiST/OBC/PHlpel1lOnsIn Govt. SeN\ce e. per Ce Iml GO'I\ . rulea In
force. Experfence would be detemllned as on thetaBt date of receipt of applications. \
3. Application form ca n be download edfromCOUnclr8Websi te c.ln. I
4. The appllcaUon for the above poBt(a) Isto be submitted from the date or advertisement The
applications receivodafter due datewil l not beconsidered u nyeircurns1aTlces; . .
5. Persons al rtl8dy In service must uIlmit their applications through proper chllOnef, While fOlW8rc!mg ,
applications of In servlce candidates, Head d the InstlMIons should certify !hat the are free from I
Administrative and VIgilance angle and fhat no vigilance proceedings are pendlllg or contamplaled.
Photocopies of ACRs dossier of the candldate(e) for,the last five years may also be forwarded along wlth
. . ,..... . I
application Insea...... COVI!InI.
6 The Institutewi ll hold a written teetfor each poet .
7: 5electlon will be baaed on theperformenceln wrttten test and InInterview. Only !hose candidates who qualify In
thewrltlBntestwlll becalledfor the Interv1ow. .' .
8. Lata appl\catiOtlSl incompleteappllca1lonal applicationwithoutatt88ted of academic qualilicalion. age,
and communl ty wtll summarll y be I1Ijected. d
9. Only SCIST cendldates calledfor Intarvlew wUJ be paid second dass fare by shortest routeon produdlon
documents. I
1a.Canvassingin any formwi ll be a disqualiflC8tiof). . ' ncellhe rec:ruitment for aIV y of lhe posta
11 The Director (Institute) , ACRI, NewDeIhl reserves the right to ca UC
.without assigning anyreuons. Dy DIrector I
EN 1/94 ---
vi . our eb ita
basis. Candidate should be B.E.
ElectricaVMechani cal with no less than
twenty years experience in I . Shipoing
ditio al qualification of M fro
at its Kochi office on deputation I contract
university I CA and e; Jeri nee in /
will be desirable. Last date
Lakshadweep Development Corporation
Ltd. proposes to fill up the post of
Lakshadweep Development Corporationltd.
(A Govt. of India Underta kl
27/1038 B,' Panampllly Nagar, Ernakulam, ':ochin-682 036
Tel:(0484)2323448, 2323458,2310987, F

Courses Offered:
1. B.Tech in Naval Archi t ect ure and Oce n Engineering.
2. M.Tech i n Naval Archit ect ure and Oc n Engineering.
3. M.Tech in Dredging and harbour Engrneerlng.
4. Research Programme leading to Ph.D degree.
, -=-- =- .r;N 1m
&?UI1?!f&W)&ji.lijj&.lJ/ Awd/#H)/?//?d/)/j41&?' ! W # j&
rr the
i A4 t
Not e -
:hls a
5 All
Di rce
t 1.\ r. n )1
orth Eastern Police
Urnsaw Umairn. MegtalaYi ' 793
Pro for ma
Quali! icat ion sIF penenc e
possessed by u e off icer
NOTE : For all the above posta, abi lity to ark on com
1. Eligibl e applica nts are to appl y In the Ii n f putera la a mus t. h In and send the same orm at to bo from t a
AG-l04 2nd floor Sour av Aba '\ G (Po rsonnel) -OMDC, 8 ml Group 01 eompaI'",e
cover should be ecto-u, Sail Lake City . Ko l kata-700091 bV I
o nam e of the po st app li ed 1
2_Self -att ested copi es of all tosti monlals I . or
will be subj ect to verif ication at th t' atre att ached wllh tho application Tho II st
C irne 0 mt crviow
3, Three recent passport size phot o ra h .
side should. be attnch ed with the c%ur) Signed by the candidates In lhe re
4. SubmiSSIOn 01 wrong documont slwllU I "
interview/appoi ntment at any timo ovenu of In.ormation may IcaOto cline lilt
5: Appl icont s work ing ,n Gov t./ PSU need to cr tho service.
01 Intervlo w, submit No Oblectlon Certi fiCato (NOG) t lh
6. Tho Company l escr ves tho right to acc .
7. Appli cant s will not have the cl aim of or rClccl any application .
6. The place of posting will be decid as /appolntment by merely submllling 0
9 Applications arc to reach the GM (Po Pf I e requirements of th Comp n
2 d FI A
I) - OMDC O' ,
n oor , Sou[av; basan, Sect or-II , ' lid Gr up ot C n
publ ication of the adv erti sement. Any appliedI' 1 CIty , Kol knt a- 10OO9 1 n or b I
and Will be li abl e lor ro/ec tlon Th Co' np rec IVO\J all 'r thu du date Will nVl
an y III t l.l
01 tho applicall on nt by any candldlllo no ( r spon Ible I ny d I . " " ....
, 0 The Company reser ves tho ri hI to r lax
to Iill the post(s)
11 Inturn al c nOid t s l ui li liln Ih rnqlll. 11f'
L N 01/1
ature 01 present employ men t i.e. Ad hoc or Temporary or Quasi-Permanen t or Perman
9 In case the present empl oymer.: IS hel d Of' deputation/contract bas is, please state>
a) The dale of imllal anoointment
b) Penc,d of appcmtment on deputation / contract
C) ame of the parent offic e/organi zahon tc : Ich you belong.
10. Additional det ails about present Employ'" 1\
Pl ease state whether worki ng under
a) Centra l Gov! .
b) State Gov! .
c) Training/Institutions recogni zed by State/Central Gov! .
d) Recognized Uni versities
e) Autonomous Organization/Public Sector Undert aki ng
11_Are you in Revised Scale of Pay? If yes , giv e the date from which the revision tookplace
also indicate the pre -revised sca le.
12. Tot al emo'urnents per month now drawn.
13. Additional information. IIany, which you v."oJld like to mention in support of your suila III
lh e post. Enclose a separate sheet. if the 0 .:e is Insuffi cient.
14. Whether belongs to SCIST/OBC,
15. Remarks
Date: . Signature of the candlCla
(I) II IS cerutleo that no vi gila nce cas e is pending/contempl ated against the applicant and heIi
clear from Vigilance ang le.
(II) Inlegrity of the applica nt Is certi fi ed.
(ill) It Is no minor/major penall y has uoen imposed upon tho officer durin g the kiSt 10
yearsi a list 0 maier/minor penatties Iitlposed ...pon the oHlcer during the last 10 years is en
nor uwun.
(IV) ACR dossier, orig :naVallested photocopies 01 the ACRs 01 the apphcant for the last 5Y rs
arc enclosed herewith
(v) I: is cert itiod that t' "l pa.ti cutars furnisnoo by the officer are correct. '
EN 1/'07 (Head ot the 0 partm
, Namo and Addr ess (In Block t.eners)
;> Date 01 O,rth (In Chrrsllan era)
3 Dahl of retilement under CentraVState GVl cr nment Rules
1,. Educational Quahl lcat ions :-
Whether Educational and othe r quahli cali ons roquue d for the pos t are sat; 1eo.
qualificall o
has been treated as equivalent to tho one prcscrrbed In the RUles , state the
lor the same)
Qualif ications I
Experrence required
Esse ntial (1) (2) (3) (4) II
6. Plea se stat e clearly whether i n the IIgt.t of entries ma de by you
requu ements ot the post.
7 Details of Employment. In chronological order. Enclos e a sepa ra e sheet duly authen
your signature, II the space below is insufhclent.
I Oll l c 8 Inall, Or gn, Post From To
hel d
ted area of work Prel erence wIll be given for the cand idat es
Sectol /Government
r as ,- 1-20 2 For canrndat es of resorv ed category. relaxat ions wIll be
s pot Governmenl direcuv es.
(-05 ): -UR, O' .SC- Ot ODC (non -creamy layer ) 0 1/Geo1ogy-S T-Cl ,OBC(non-
y l: 01 I Ervlronmenlal Engl necnng UR-Ol ,OBC (non-crcamy layer)iJlIProject s -
.OBC moo- creamy layer).OllMatoria:s - UR-01/ F,nanco UROl ,SC-Ol,OBC(non-
er)-OllPersonnel- OBC (non-creamy layer) OllMarketing -OBC (non-crn:uny layer)-
hty Cont rol UR-Ol (Scale: 16000'400-20800 I To be revised as 32900-3% - 58000) .
a'Hflc lion' For ' Ines' Degree in Mining Engineering from a rccogn'7ed
r ist Class MInes Manager ce rtmc ate 01competency from DGMS. For 'Geologi - Graduate
ce In Geo logy from a recogn ized Unlversltyfln stlt ute. For 'Env ironmental Engineering' -
9re PG oegree In Envlfonmental Engineering from a recogni zed Univer sity Iinstitute or
ree Geology WIth PG Diploma In Envir onmental Engineering. For 'Mechanical' - Degree In
ecnarocat Englneenng from a recognized Universit yfl nst ilul e. For 'Markel ing . MBA/PGDMI
PGPM (two years) recoqmzed Universityll nsl il ut e. For 'Materi als' - Degree In Mechanical
E g roeeringl Materials Management I MBA/ PGDM/PGPM (t wo years) Irom a reco qntzen
ct tynnst,tufe. For 'Projf1cts'- Degree In Mi ning/Me taliurgical/Mechanical Engineering from
reco gnized For ' Finance'- CA/ ICWA/MDA/ PGDM/ PGPM (two years)
r ance Irom a recogni zed University/l nstrtute.For Personnel- MSW/MBA/PGDM/PGPM (two
years-) In HRlMI\ (IRPM)/MA (Industrial Psychologyj trorn a recognized U,"versity/l nstrtutc. For
Quality Control'- Degree in Chemical engineenng from a recogni zed Unlvellj ity/ln st il ute.
Experience. 15 years In the related area 01 work . Preference will be given for the candidates
oossessinq experience In Public Sector/Goverromenl.
Age : 1,2year s as on 01-0 1-2012 . For candi dates ot reserved catugory, relaxation will be extended
as per Government ouecnves.
4. Manager (E-Q2) : Mines: SCO' ,OBC (non-creamy layer)-Ol . Envrronrnent at Engineer ing :
SC-01,ST-01. UR-Ol , Elec trical. UR-Ol , Finance UR-Ol , Informat ion Technology:
UR-O' . (Scale : 16000-400-208001 To be revised as 20600-3%-46500)
Qua lification- For 'Mines' . Degree In Mining Engineering from a recognized Univers ity/ Institute
with Mi res Manaser cert ificate of competency from DGMS. Fo: ' Environmental Engineering' -
Degree/ PG degroe in Env ironmental Engl noer ing from a reco\lnized University/l nstitute or
Degree in Geology With PG Drploma in Environmental Englneerl rlg. For Geology - Degr ee in
Geology from a recognizeo Unlversityllnstitute. For ' Elect rical' - Degree in Electri cal Engineering
rom a recognll.eO University nnstnute. For ' Finance' - CA or ICWA or MBA/ PGDMlPGPM (two
years),n FInance from a recognized Universltylt nst itute. For Information Technology' Engineering
Degree In Computer Science i Information Technology or MCA.
EXperience. 6 years In the related area of work . Preference will be given lor the candidates
e. penence 'ln Public Secto r/Government.
Age_,.,33 years as on 01 -01 2012. For cana idat es of reserved cat oqory . rel axations will be
extended as per Government directives.
5, DY, MANAGER (E-O') : Welfare: ST-Ol /0BC(noncreamy layer)-01 (Scal e: 8600-250-14600)/
To be revised as 16400-3%-40500) .
Ol:JALIFICATION: IMBM PGDM/ PGPM (two yeil's) in HR/MA(IRPM)I MA(lnduslri al
Psychology) from a recoqnlzod University ! lnst itute .
EXPERIENCE_3 years In the related 01work. Preference will be given for the candid ates
possessing expe rience in Public Sector I
AGE' 30 year s as on 01-01-2012 For cand iuat es of -cs ervod category, rol axatlons will be
extended as per Govemment directives.
e, PERSONAL STAFF OFFI CER (E-<J) : ST-01.(SCale: be revised as 12600-
3% 32500 )_
OOALIFICATION' Degroe In any di scipline from a rocog ll ilod Univorsity /l nstit ule , Work ing
knowledge of Computers. esp , In MSOftice Is must. Knowledge of work ing on Computers in
dl s uesuabre
XPERfENCE: No torlT'al expenence necessary to apply P, ef eronce will be gi ven tor the
,', possossmq oxperrence in Public Soctor/ Government
E 32 year as on 01 012012,
JNDI OFF ICER (E-o): UR/PH-Ol .(Scale 6S50 200-1 1350/ To be revisf!d as 126003%-
tJALlF'i CATON MA(Hlndr) from a recognlled Universlty/l nslItlJle Knowl edge at worki ng on
In Hindi ISdesllable.
RfSItC 0 to rmal expor,ence necussary 10 appl y Prulor once wi ll be gi ven for the
t Ing oxpmience In Publ ic Sector/ Gov ernment .
on 01:01 -2012. For cand idales of reservcU t ategory, Iclaxallons WIll be
rnm t Oirectlve
(E-o) P r onn I UH.Ol/SC 01, Informat ion Technology ST-Ol . (Scale :
t1 ,ryv. f)(J a 1;16003%32500)
F' I onn 'I . MSW or '.10AiPGDMIPGPM (two year s) HI HR or MA(II1PM)
n nl / cd Unlvur slty /In III11tn rOr Inl on""tlon Tochnology-
m c / l ochno logy or MCA
lJXjPlll10l'lCOI W 10 pply Profcrenr . Will DC Iv(m for Iho candi dates
.wr I O'Iern nonl
0 ' c n{,/od I 01 "

Date of Exa 5.07.2012

, .,
Signature .
Name .
Designati?n .
Date .
a r
:;::,..,..:, n , n t hwr r.: ...", oU;";Ance.
-_ _- v'"' .., . - _ - \
0 1
1 _.
tho application should shoY/ tho name of Ihe candldalo in full. his/her tat her' s
name (Husband's name in the case of a married women) Government servant
nationality, name Of the SchedUled Castes/Schedul ed Tribes in the case of
candidat es belonp - to such caste or triba, dat e of birth by the ChnSI;an Era
(both in figures anr Iords). educational Qualific ation and scocrmen signa ure
of the cand idate.
(b) Cert ified true copy of the particulars of service since 01-07-1998 attested by
the Head 01 Depa:l ment or Office In Which he/she is working at the li me 01
making the application should show the posts held along.with scale of pay
and the capacity r.e. substantive. officiating. permanent or temporary ;'1which
the post is held .
Note: The Staff Selection Commission may, if it considers necessary. call for the
Only attested photocopies (self attested by the candIdate/dUly attested by Gazetted
Officer) shoul d be submitted in support of claim for relaxat ion of age etc and no
document should be submitted in ori ginal.
5. Candidates are warned that if an application is incomplete or wrongly nueo in or 15
not accompanied with anyone of the documents menttoned under paragraph 4 above
the application is li able to be rej ected and no appeal against 1\5 rCleChon Will be
entert ained . . d . .. .. \ \ 0-
me m ' 5 ) not subml\\ e vlII.. I.. e app ic a I "
In case of specified valid reasons the docu "ould bo scm soon al\er \ho
t i "t r it s absence sn ,
wit hou t a reasonable oxpl ana Ion an cas e \hoy must roach \he ollico 0\ \hc
submissi on of tho apptlcauon and I .Y date 01 the rocci p\ 01 ap?licatlo<\ la\\If\\!
Commi ssion within 7 days from the c ?Slng
whi ch the appli cati on i s li abl e to be rejected . . . tamper
' h Id i n no cas e correc t or alter or otnerw rse
Can didates are warned that they s ou . d b them nor should they submit tampered
with any entry In the docume nts subrnitte y d. epancy be/ woen two or more such
docume nts. It there is any inacc uracy or any rscre may bo submitted separately.
docu ments, an explanati on regarding the drscrop asnc
es c/ar.ming age concession
. bl d hJ n the Deton ce ervrc
6. (i) A candi dato e w re I d d houJd pr oduce an attested copy 0/ a
under Rule 4 (iii ) (a) (It) of o7rector General Reset tlement . Ministry
certif1catEfin the form prescribed be ow ro; bl d while in the Dc/once Services. In
or Defence, to show that he/ she was . rsa e t or in a distUrbed area and released
operations dur ing hostilities with any foreign coun ry
as a consequence thereof. .
Form of cert ificate. to be produced by the . of
Certified that Rank No : .. : Ie Services. in operations durong nosnuncs
Unit.. was disabled In the D: and was released as a result of such
with a foreign country / In a disturbe
disab ility.
' Stri ke out whichever is not dor Security Force age
di bled while In the or d opy ot a certlhcate 1'1
(ii) A candidate b) C) should produce ao nnostc c . Force 0 show IMt
under Rule 4 (III) ( m Director General Border Sccun Yra' ons ou' ng 'nd
form prescribed belo-R n the Berder Sccuntv Force .n ope co ncreo'
he/she was disablod w I e I d as le 'easod as a conscnuen
Pakistan hostilities of 1971 an w
d by the candida\(' a
Form of certificate to be PrQ9QCP . 0"1 Unit IIIIC
. .. . Shro he Indo.Pokls an
Cert ifi ed that Rank No. .. . ... Force rnoperation dUring t
dsabled whil e In Border security ult of such dlsablitly
I I sed as a res
f 197 1 and was re ea .
o Signatur e .
Name .
Deslg natto
Da e
rrul1ica 0'1 ra a'dtng
oes not receIve any com f tee a 'Iat 0"
7 In case a candld
weeks befQ(e the :nH)' eVI nce '
d Sion Ca rtl ca '10 do<u _
or A mls Commission a Qfl " s P") so
at once contact the Fa ure to comp
h exafl' lnallOn
appli ed for I e I rT' 10 can IOc'a
candida e of a"y c adto rOC 'If' a
dlda 'es are "0: cr.t Ie,..
8 an x
Comr'l <; on lur a e u
Date of Advertisement: 07-04-2012
51 carefully go through tho NOtIC.:!. before filling In
dldate mu h oxamlnat lon . to see I . 0 be relaxed.
r papers related to t preSCribed ca n In no cas CENTRES GIVEN IN
10810n orm -The con OM AMONG THE E WiSHES TO
.... .. T I.C. .. eQUES V DIRECT THE CAN
THE CO ISSION MA and, date.
T IT OPTION. ha etN' '"9 C d
d ' 0 5 ow" rlcer'le
be II led Ir .. a 'ne r l)rlpi.l'1'f1er 'Of Ice M and
10 c Head 0, nl CIt t), c'ld 0' ap. I cat lock 0 12
I d '0; cl" com on, I e
.. )
I he Staff Sel ect ron Commiss ion will hold the Upper DIvision
pee .at Li mll ed Dopartmontal Compet itivo EXamtnDti on on 15.07-2012 at
OHAN-DI GARH AND RAIPUR i n aCcordanc e wi th the enc lose d rul es framed and
ICd In he Ga zettn of India by the Dep art ment of Personne l and Training vide
01 ca tion dated 11.05.1971 for making additions to the Sol ect Li st year 2003 of
IVISlon Grade of Contral Secretar iat Clerical Service .
c Centres and the dat e of the examination as mentioned above are liable to be
gco at tho disc retion of Commission. Candidates admitted to the examination
In or me d abou t the Time Table, Place and Date of Examinat ion through Admission
rt . ares in due Course.
rhcrc 1'.' ,11be around 500 vacancies for inclu sion in the selec t list year 2003 for the
lmn f.' r f "l . - f::.r ;u 11'l :-..: .::-- .:. "Ote" i..":.Q....,at ......;". ... / :U _ ... ... ... J . .... _ " lI mh :::. r n f
---""' ,. ,... - . . . _.",,, _ ._-- - .. ..... -_.... _ . .... ...... ..... .t.l '-Q. v ""." ........ . '1Ig _ . _._.
acancles is indi cati ve and may undergo cha nge any time before the declaration of (i)
resu l.
Reservation for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled 1ribes candidates and Physically
Handi capped ( Ort hopedi c ally Handicapped, He arin g Ha ndi capped and Visually
Handicapped on ly) candidates will be as pe r the vacancy posi ti on reported to the
CommiSSIon by Department of Personnel and Trai ni ng.
3 Ca ndidat es soe ki ng admission 10 the exa mination must apply to Ihe
OJrector (NR), Statt Selection Commission, Block NO.12, C. G.O. C omplex, Lodhl
"'d, New Delhif 10504 through their. cadre authori ti es . Appll call ons must be
submitted In thc presc ri bed form publish ed In tho Empl oyment
d 07-042012 The candidates ma y usc the format of the form publi shed
NewsfRozgarsamt hach ar in
i n A4 size paper or by downloading 0 sa me r, . . t h the Regional
. or e authoritios mus roac
4 The complete application form through ca BI k No 12 C G 0 Complex Lodhl
S I C rnmlsaion oc . ,. . . ,
Director (NR), Staff elect on o . ;, 2012 (5.00 P.M.) and from can didates
Road New Deihl 110504, on or before. 04 .0 '1 I d Lakshadweep by 11.05.2012
' d f A daman Nicobar s an s. C dld tes
resid ing abroad an rom n . dance with the Instructi ons to an I a
. a documents In accor ..11 not be
accompanied by necess ry ,. . d after the clos inq date WI
. d in the Annexure. Applications recoive coruarno I
considered. - . erned mus t sendlforward the application
Note I Cadre Authorities of the date. .
rnrm 10 the Commiss ion before the c f g t dl l'erent from the format pub lished In
Note-II Applications submitte d on any orma .
with out any furth er correspondence.
hI/ be rejected sumrnan y h R glonal
trns advert isement , s a . . should be addressed to tee .
5 All communications in respect of No. 12, C.G.O. Complex, Lodhl
Director (NR) , Staff selectlO
the following oarttcutars>
Road, New Delhi -11 0504 an s ou
,. ..) L NUMBE R OR
,Ill .... )
[IV) AMI- 0 I . 5S AS GIV EN IN APPLICATION. attended to. In al l
(v) POSTAL ADORE: , .. t hese par t ic ul ar s Wi ll no bet. candidates should
not g iving th 5 s xarrnoa Ion. d
Co mmu ni c a t i on . missio n concerning I with the words an
correspondence w.rth.the Com en velopes and DEPARTMENTAL
ar bty supersc r i be ther r DI VI SI O N G RA DE L1MI
fig u r es, IVE EXAMINATION, 20 12" . Under Secretary (P&
CLOSING DATE: . 0-4 .05.2012
The paper on Noting. Draltl
candi dales ,I knowledgo 0 1 0
and, ,n genoml, their abih' )' I
CandlOates aro reqUIred 10
procedure and conOuct of B
Book of Olders '5sueo by rne
purpose 01 the Union and R ltSl?
by Govern,.,enl lhereon lrom I
SUbject Maximum Ti me for Gen eral
Time forVH
Marks Candidat es Cand idate.

(Objective Type) 200 Markl (10 .00AM to

(10.00 AMto
(A)Gen"eral Awareness 12.00 Noon)
12.40 PM)
(100 Questions)
2 hours
2 hours
(8) Comprehension and
40 minutes
writing ability of English
(100 Questions)
Paper- I!
C200 PM to
(200 PMto
(Conventional Type) 100 Marks
Noti ng, Drall ing & Office
4.00 PM) 4.40 PM)
Procedu re
2 hours 2 hours and
40 mInutes
- - - -
Paper- I will be 01 "Obj ective-Multi pl e-Choi co-l ype' who rens Paper -II Will bC
descriptive type .
C. The syllabus tor the examina ion will be as shown In Ihe Schodulo
Note-l :-Candidates are all owod the option to answer I'aper II on Noting , DraillOO a d
Office Proc odure oll her in English or HindI.
Note.2 :The option wrll be for a compleln paper and '101 tor (1,ff("el'
samo paper
Not e. 3.-Candldates deSirous of exercIsing Iho Opt,O' 0 an:..wor thO atores!! d pa I
In Hindi fOeva nagrr) or In r ngll h should ' nd,cate c'nady n (;olumn r, ( c ppllCS
l orm otherwIse, ,t would b'l presumed .' hey 0 "r1 an WCI It !'np r In rnll'
Note-4:- Op Ion onc!) QxerCI cd hall I r 3 a II r rr'l J/" t for nil rall ,n co'u
6 of I e appl lca Ion arm hall ord' "anly hn ,ntertalr or:l
Note-5:.0 ueslIon paper In respoct of f'a 1 A 01 Paper I
bath In Engl ish and Hindi
e-6 r a cred' for Paper -II NIII b IVel' ' 0' an n
han c ono opled by th 8 d'd I"
Not 7 (I) For V, u lIy
provldod ,
rvvl.lClfl f
nanon or I tiP
'I o1b yrntlnf 1\ii'l. f1j,l rIl11m
ppr !l n 1
t pr 81 t!On
Any nit pt on I pari f th candIu I "
any moon s would di qualify h' mlhol tor 6t I on 10hi fh ' C, tJ ur
(9) After the oxominotlon, tho candidales Will Ion to Ihc cxnmln uon
order ot mor il as di sclosed by tho ngglegal be arrangod by tho Commil. on in -
ad " th e marks tinally ad d ''''0
n In at ardor as mony candidatos ali a I war 0 10each cano dat
In tho I re oune by the Com ' 0
oxam natlon shall be rocommended to " mig on to bo QUalt1ico
Ihe Upper Divis ion Grodo of CSCS u rt,nchuslon the Select Usl vcar 2003 fo
P 'd pot 0 roqulred numbor r
rovt od that the candidates bolonging to Schedulod
may , to the oxl ent of Ihe numbor of vacancie Ca tcs 0' the Scheduled Trlbos
Schedul od Tribos by tho Commi ssion by a Scheduled Ca e&/
these candidatos for seloction to tho service d, 10tho Iitnos8 ot
Provided Ihot lho condldates bolonging to I d
who have been rocommended by the Com 0 Cast es or the SChOdulod Trobo'
standard referred to in thi s sub rule shall to tho
reserved for the Scheduled Castes an'd S h d t
o adj usted against the vacanclo
C e u ed Tribes
Note: Cand idates should clearly u d I "
quelilyin.g.examlnalion. The
DIVision Grade ?t the results to the examinal ion ISenttrely wilhin Ihe competence
a Government to decide.. No will . therelore. havo any claim for inclusion In
select list on the baSISof hls/her performance in this examination as a matte I
nght . r 0
(10) The lorm and manner of commun ication of the rcsuu of the examination to iMIVIO
cand idates shall be decided by tho Cornrnlssicn in its discretion and the Commissuat
will not enter into correspondence with Ihom regard ing the resun. Ion
( 11) ;luccel!.sjQJhe rightto solecuon !!nle5..l he_l<ad! e autholll

having.!Q9.8rQ.\!LlJililher_conduct is suitab leJ!!..all @J;pey!lm
' Provided that the decision as to whether a particular candidate recommonded lor
selection by the Commission is not sui table shall be taken in consultation with the
Department of Personnel and training .
(12) A candidate, wh? after applying for ad.mission to the examination or after appeanng
at It resi gns Irom hlslh er appointment In the Cent ral Secretariat Clerical Service
ot herwi se quits the Service or serv ices hislher connection it, or whose services
are terminated by hlslh or Department or who is appo int ed 10 an ex-cadre post or to
lien in Lower Division Grade of the Cen tral Sec retariat Clerical Service will not be
eli gible for appoi ntment on the basis of result of this examination.
This however, does not apply to a Lower Division Clerk who has boon appointed on
deputation to an eX'cadre post wi th the approval of the Competent Authority.
12-A. The Examination shall be cond ucteq accordi ng to the following plan:
Wr ilten examination carrying a maximum 01 300 mar ks in the subject as shown In
Para 2 below. There will be negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answQl in
Paper -I of Written Examination .
Part1 1
Evaluation of record of service of such of the candidates who attain at the wrillen
examinati on, minimum standard as may be fixed by the Commi ssion in their dlscrel ion,
carrying a maximum of 100 marks. '
B. The subject of the wrilten examinat ion i n Part I, the maximum marks ajlotted to each
paper and the time allowed will be as lollows:-
'rom e
I t II I will be
prof Ih Not co issuod by the Commission
r Iho c ndld 105 belonging 10 Ihc SChoi:lulod CBSIO'R
n.g into cc unl tn c vacancy posilion roported to
ng I1r
I , h duloC1 Tribe m ons any of tho Cnstosffrlbos spocifiod
sscrOfl unQer Afl cIa 341 -342 of Iho Constilulion from tlmo 10 limo".
a. on shall Iso be , made for tho Physically Handicapped
y cllG'apped, Hoanng Hnnd,cllppod and Visually Handicapped)
In IJon wUl be conducl.ed by Ihe Stll lf Solection Commission in tho
sc lbod In Ihe Appondl X 10 thi s Rules.
. iIT11'nlsBlon in Its discretion, may chang e the date on which and th I
I tho. oxarninatlo will be held . e p ace at
.conditions 01 ellglbillty:-Any perroanent , ogular t
. t d Ith L , or emporary regularly
ppom 0 person 0 e Div ision Grade .f the Central Socreta;iat Cl erical
OJVICO, who cruclal dato tho loll!' .ng conditions sh II b n Ib
appoar 01 tho exaounation. a e e Ig Ie 10
(i) Crucial Date:- 01-072003
(i l Length of Service:-HeJShe should have on the crucial dale thaI is on 01-07.
noGt less than 5 year s approved and cont inuous Service in
e ower IVISlon rade of Ihe Central Secrelariat Clerical Service, counted
from the date of the candidate's appoi ntment in the said grade.
Provided Ihat if he/she had been appointe d to the Lower Divi sion Cler k I th
Ce Iral s.ecretariat Clarical ..,. _, _ r- . _ _ . ,. , _
- " - :.0.. -_ HIt: ::::'=11 Ut Q VUlflpctttl Ve t:':)I(anll n a uo tl
',:':,,;udlng Limited Departmental Competitive Examinallon, the result of such
examination should have been announced no t less than 5 years before th e
crucial date and should have rendered not less than 4 year s approved
and contmuous service In the Grade from the dat e of the candidate's appointment
in the said grade.
Nole (1): The limit 015 years of approved and con ll nuous serv ice will also apply i1the
total rcckonable service of a candidate is partly as a Lowe r Division Clerk and partly,
as Upper Division Clerk in the Central Secretariat Cler ical Service, coun ted from the
date 01 tho candidate's appointment in the said grade.
Note (2): Lower Division Clerks, who are on deputation to ex-cadre posts with the
approval of the compelent authority will be el igible to be admitted to the examination
if otherwise eligible. This however, does not apply to a Lower Division Clerk who has
been appointed to an ex-cadre post or to another servi ce on "transf er" and does not
have a lien in the Lower Division Grade of the Central Secr etar iat Clerical Service.
(iii) Age: - Candidales should not be more than 50 years of age on 01-07 -2003
(a) The upper age limi t prescribed above wi ll be further relaxable:-
(i) Upto max imum of five years if a candi date belongs to a Scheduled Cast es or a
Scheduled Tribes;
(i i) Upto a maximum 01three years (eight year s for SC/ST) in case of Defence Service
Personnel disabled in operation during hostilities with any loreign country or in a
disturbed area a'nd released as a consequenc e thereof ;
(ii i) Upto a max imum 01three years (ei ght year s for SC/ST) in case of Border security
Force personnel disabled in operation dur ing the Indo Pakistan hostilitie!i of 1971
and released as a consequence ther eof ;
(iv) Skill Test on computers :: Unless e),empted from the Monthly/Quarterly
Typewriting Test held by Stall Selection Commissionfor the of confirmation
in the Lower Division Grade, he/she sho uld have passed thiS test on or before the
dato 01 notification of Ihe examinat ion .
(5) The decision of the Commiss ion as to the etigibility or otherwise of a cand idate lor
admission to the examination shall be final.
(6) No candidale will be admmed to the examination unless he/she holds a certificate
01 admission from the Commission.
(7) candidate who il or has been declared by the Commission to be guilty of:-
<i) Obtaining for his/her candida ture by any means, or
(I i) Impersonating, or
(iiI ) Procuring impersonation by any per son, or .
(I Submitt ing labricated documents or docu ments which have been tamp erod wi th,
or "'hl ch are incor rect or false or suppressing material
'v) Maki ng sl at e men t s y ,
,nf ormatiOn. or I on with hislher
Resorting 0 any other irregular or Improper means In connec I
d da uro 10 the examinauon. or
n aH me ans In the examination hall, or
he examlna lo r hall or .
c; udl'lg ooscene language or pornog raphi c ma ter In
, obl lc pho es/CO lula;
er cornrr cncemc'l 0' l he examination
\, 01 ot I be deemed 0 have been
Yes. 0

6 ( ) Ar YOU B perman nt, regl ar 0< reg
t mporary Lower OM C .r' c
ecre anat Clerical ServlCc.
(I) The name of thc Cao ro to wh ch yOl; be ')Og
(b) II hE! answer to (a) above 18 'Yell ' .
(/ .) Date of conf"mat'()<l in tne Her
lJTV Grace I ;)e"Tlaner. 1
(II) Dal e of appointment as Lower D C
temporary. ler'", If yo t a::>pc< 1$
(IiI) Rank and the year o! the exa naliorl a;lpOln'ea 0'1 ba _. CI
Grade ExaminatIon. s 'oJ' e-l<
9 WhhlCh. dale have you been continuously employed as a J , "s or;
erx In I e Centra l !;ecretanat e lencal Service
10. (a) Are you olding an ex-cadre post?
(a) li the answer to (a) above is 'Yes'.
(I I The deputation to the ox-cadre post has t e aporova
ot tho competent authonly
(i. ) Arc you holding ex-caoro post on deputation bas s
or on traoster baSts"
(iii) Do you con inue 10 hold lien on post at Lower D'VIsion.
Clork in the Central Secretariat Clerical Service .
11 . (a) Have yov passed the Monthl y/Quarterly Typewriting :
Test held by Staff Selection Commission for
Confi;-nation in the post of lower Division Clerk?
(b) If the answer to (a) above is ' Yes' please ind/care
The dal e of Typewriting test and your Roll umber
(c) It the answ er to (a) above is 'No' men have you oeen
Exempted from passing the Typewri ting Test?
( Please quote the number ar.:! dal e of tho order under
Which you were grantod exemption from passing
Tho Typewri ting Test).
1t. (a) Have you over been debarred or disqualifiod by any
Publ ic Serv ice Commisstc n/lnstitute of Secretariat
Traini ng & Management/Subordinate Service
Commission/Staff Selection Commission for any of the
Examination/se lection?
(b) II the answer to (a) above is ' Yes' givo d!ltails of the case.
12. Give a list of documents attached to Ihe appl ication form
(Please see paragraph 4, 5 & 6 of the Annoxure to Notice) .
I hereby declare that :- , ., m lere and cor rect to the best
(a) All statemonts made in this application are true, co P
of my knowledge and belief. d d para 4 of the to
Tho Original corti/icate roquirod to bo submutc VI h
d by rne WI 'h t /5 app",Il' ,
(0) .. It t d copy has been attac e
Candidates of which a es 0 d ced or> dcm nc
aro in my pcsseseron and thc same wl il be pro u
. ' Signature
T I phone umbor - --
ummanly re/octCO.
' The uns igned application will bo
rike out portion not applicable
. may put loh and thumb H
PLI candidatos unable to s,gn ENT OR OFFICE' WHiCH
Cortlfled that :-
11 T e inlormah n \;l'v n Dy hr S
" h e '1' '1 (' nhod
appliCD" on av
carr ctcd.
, I n v nf. d f m I
hi lOCO 12-
f dl'
wnrt '1 lib, tWill h
pr ion, ( omblnlJd wtlh dllu
SI :ll/Shri mtl! I/Kumari
AffixSinged Passport
SlzeAHix Signed Passport Size
(5 cms x 7 cms approx)
photograph paragraph
4 (i) (ii) of instructions to
candidates contained in
Signaturo of the candi date
in black ball point pen
nd full postal address of
a nt/Offlco in wh ich you
ry!Dilpa:tm .
. ,t at the tIme of applytng
tt ( )
Noting Qraftl ng and Offlce Procedure
Th pap r on Noting, Draft ing and Office Proceduro will bo dosigned to test tho
candldarcs.' kn owledgo of offi ce procedure in tho Secretarial and Attached Off ices
nd. in genoral, their ability to write and understand notes and drafts.
Candidates arc required to st udy the Manual of Officc Procodure and the Rul AS of
procedure and conduct of Buslness in the Lok Sabha and tho RaJya Sabha, Hand
Book of orders Issued by the Ministry 01Home Affairs regarding use of Hindi for oHicial
purpose at tho Union and Roservatlon Policy for SC/STs in servi ces and orders issued
by Government thereon from ti me to timo.
OPENING OATE: 07.04.2012
CLOSING DATE: 04.05.2012
,AND fN LAKSHADWEEP: 11.05.20 12
arne .n full (In Block t.eners)
(Satya Prakash)
Under sec retary C.I(1)
EN 115t
The Stal! Selecllon Commission conducted Ski ll Tc st(OESTIWord Proc Sing) of th
candidates declared quaiified for Interview lor posts and had opled for the po I 01
CSS/AS811. in Combined Graduate Lovel Exam ..20 11
2. A total of 1619 cand idates woro pt'ovlalonally declared QlJllltf d lor Mod II &
Module-III of Computer Prohcioncy Test on the baSISof result of Module I DE TIWOfd
Processing on 20.1.2011.
3 Following is the lilt of 21 additional c.ndld t s d lar d quail ad provl lon,f1y
Module-II &Module-III 01Compuler ProfICiency "T t on Ih ba lor ult Module
I _ DEsTIWord Processing applying th arTM cui off r ". d l a,l r lind r
davp 32204/1110115/1112
11Ii: Combined Graduate Level Examination, 2011-Declaratlon
of result of first module of CPT (DEST) for calling
additional candidates for Module-II &Module -11/
Total No. of candidates qualified to appear In Paper-II 46081 (42131+13286-9336)
Total No. 01candidates qualil ied to appear in Paper-Il l 33407
(Note: In addition t o the number 01 UR candidat es shown In above table, 1938
OBC , 575 SC and 125 ST candidates are pro vi sionall y qualifying at standards
fixed for UR category subject to meeting age limit)
List III : Candidates declared qual ified 10 appear in Paper-II AG II/ (Post codes C)
(Note. In addition to the number of UR candidat es shown In above table, 8264
OBC, 1402 SC and 448 ST candidates are provisionall y qualifying at standards
fixed for UR category SUbject to meeting age limit )
List - \I' Candidates declared qualified to appear in Paper II AG '"(Post codes B) -
Vacancies 206 70 320 192 6 10 731 1327
Cut olf marks 80.00 76.00 90.00 SO.OO 70.00 50.00 100.00 100.00
Candidates 3235 1016 3934 1005 490 114 5 3487 13286
Vacancies 280 108 429 109 23 23 14 1032 1649
Cut olf marks 86.00 84.00 94.00 SO.OO 76.00 SO.OO 50.00 t05 .00 -
Candidates 6902 2631 16056 4483 1089 32t 456 10193 42131
No va cancies reported by Fe,. these candidates are qualifying at UR
standards. (Note: In addition to t he number of UR candidates shown In above
table. 4957 OBC,1719 SC and 628 ST candidates are provisionally qualifying at
standards lixed for UR category subject to meeting age limit)
3. There are 9336 ca ndida tes common between List -I and II. As per scheme of the
examination . for the post of AlB/O candidates have to appear in Pape.r-ll and for
post Code G. candida tes have to appear in Paper-Ill . Hence. No. of candidates qual ified
to appear In the Paper- II/Paper -1I1is as below:
Vacancies 320 t40 366 215 49 671 1497
Cut oH marks 66.00 6"1. 50 73.00 SO.OO 50.00 88.00 88.00 88.00 -
Candidates 8048 3386 11866 874 1052 12" 20" 8149 33407
Stenographer Gr. ' C' Limited Departmenta' Competitive
ll saJ Examination, 2010 - Declaratio n of Final result for CSSS cadre.
d lh Stenographers Or 'C' Limited Departmental
The Srall Select,on CommiSSion has f e ak ng additions to ;ne select hsl for Or. 'C' of
Compe llove 2010 on 04 0 .2 1 or m ,
!/"Ie 101 109 services/c adres .- . .
Cen ral Secretallat Stenographers Service Grade C. .
aphers Cadre 01 tndian Foreign Service (8) Grade-II: ' .
FOI'c911 Headquarters Stenographers Service C.
) R;l ay Board Seerelallal Stenograpllers SerVIceGrage d
) j C IlI>5lOn of IndIa Stenographers Service 'C"
'v e Comm SSlon Stenographers has' already been declared or.
...-...r. of IFSB AFHO and . 0 t
2. T I ..__ wIlhheld for want o! vacanCIes n recetp
27.C9.2ft 1. . r pect of CSSS has deeded the result 01 42 candidates
"""'''''''',1<.'''"''''........ ' f CSSS cadre. e S G de 'C' of 2010. The category-we
t e Sell)(. list o' eoo ra
Oalll .
Strike out portion not applicable . 'Tel pone N ... .. .. . ..
Not.1: Forwarding Authority rna at h
applica tion lorm and allO put t e ppotograph 01the candldale pUleO.on Ih9
application l orm witho ut def--.lng t" - r "ho
hall on tha photograph and hall on ..._
...... ,.., P tograph. ".,.
Application received without tlie. a Iormal
by lorwarq!ng authOrity In ad<IUoO 10h.... (phOIo11c
.the application being ' Iij!le<l
..... , e :ahemWill be .ummarlly
NOt.2: The complete appJJc:atlon lo rm 01 the candidate which wlll be lorw
th e Department to the Comml. slon .lter the clos' ng date must ace arded bj
Dep.rtment. oertiftca te that ..",. was submitted to the the
Canilldate on or before the closing date . However. no application after a I by.tIIe
l rom the cloll ng .dale will be accepted under any circumltancea. ortntght
C bin d R rut Confdl. 1/1 Section
om e ec tment for Aast t . Grade In (General/Technical and Accountant Cadres) in the Fel, 2012.
' . ofthe result for appearing in Paper-II /Paper-III.
Combined Recruitment lor Asslt . Grad e III In (General fTechnical and A . .
Cadres) In FCI, 2012 wa s held on 05.02.2012 at various centres all over thccountant 4. above .sald lists are subject to the recommen ded
Against 780949 registered candidat es 500179 did t I II e country. candidates lulfilling all the eligibility conditions prescribed for the respective post in the
examination. Following are the det ail s 01 In this Not ice 01 Examlnallon and also subject to vanlication of their identity With
to Paper-Ill Paper III in the Co mbined Rec ruitment for ( to photographs. handwnllngs. etc . on the application forms.
and Accountant Cadres) in the FCI 2012 nlcal admisslon cert ittcatea.etc. The candidature of the candltlates are habl e to be cancelled
2. Categorywise details of candid ' t . by respective Regional Directors/Deputy Directors in case cand idates are found not
List _I: Candidates declared cut off ':fPII d
l 1
e a"s,(upnder: fUlfilling eligibility conditions or any other genuine reasons. including but no: limited 10
or 0 ) 0 appear In aper- . ost codes A and! resort ing to unlalr means.
5. Roll Number. category, name. etc. 01 the candidate s. as shown in the result. have
been taken from their OMR answer scripts . Il ls important tor the candidates belonging
to reserved category for whom certain percentage of vacancies is reserved as per the
poli cy of the Govemment . to note that some of them may have been decl ared eligible
for the Paper-ll lP aper-1I 1Examination for the specill c categqry mentioned in the result.
II is. therel ore. in the interest 01the candi dates concern ed fo contact immediately the
respective Regional Offices of the Commission in all such cases where they do net
belong to the categories shown against their roll numbers. Candidates whose name
and Roll No. do not match should also bring such mi smatch to the notice 01concBmed
Regional Offices for detailed examination.Candidates meeting the cut off for a particular
post have been consid ered l or those posts base d on the Options exe rcised by themin
their application l orm. J
6. Candidates may note that as per notice of the exami nation and instructions given In
the answer sheets. they were requir ed to code/write their particulars correclly and sign
answer sheets. Such answer sheets which are without signal ure/LTI and where
particulars such as name. roll number, ticket number and Test Formnumber have been
written and/or coded incorrectly. have been rejected/awarded ZERO marks .
7. Qualil ied eligible candidat es who do not receive the AdmIssi on ticket for Paper- III
Paper-Ill of the sai d Examination within 2 or 3 days before the commencement of the
said exami nation shoul d immediately contact the respective Regional Office of the
Commission .
8. Candidates who have qualified in Papsr-l of above examlnallon are thus eligible for
appearing in Paper-II/Paper-1I1 of the said Examination which is scheduled to be he1d
on 15.4.2012.
9. Representations receIved from candidates about Incorrect questions and thei r
answer In the questlon papers used by the Commission In this examination
been carefully eX8'!'lned and marks moderated sui tably.
10. The result is also available on SSC's website - Marks of quaillied
and non-qualif ied candidates will be made available on the Commission's websito
..,didll II,. not
Surwvor P&-I Rs. 5200-22200/.
+ GP.,q. 21lt1J/.
Dlplorn:a/Cort1flcate In SuNl!yin. from reCOln,..d In I MIOn.
Two"""11 In Su.-Wort
Sitnm! """""mla -., .
1. WOflcln, In Govt./Se mi Govt. offl(e' / I ulo nomou.
Sector unaertlklnl .hould IPPIyIhrou, h proper cIllnMl
2. Il1owonce .hln Id rnlnibleI . per rut s
3. Exper1encerellQbl e bythe <ompelontIUlho'ity.If SUItI
4. The fu/tlnmonl of ed uCltlonlndOlhe,qUllillallOnUlone "_on, tho
candldotn lo be called for inlervtew/wrltten lello, Ih ars.
S. The crudli dot. lor delermln'ne I,. WIll be clo. n clote of
6. Application. received Ifterthe e.plryofll,t d.IP w,lInot ont"UInPd
7. Relaution tor Govt. employee. Ind Sl:m Clnd clot.. ";" '0
yell1 in GO\lt . luide/one.w, nbPI' n
S. Clndldatnmly.Ubmnlhe/,apPlkl"ononpllinpol>Or lntheloUow,n f mol
alolll- wilh two P"'pOr1 sizephotolrlph. duly.n st.... by Il tt pd offoc I
lionS Wllh copies 01 CNl iflc.t.. ,n .uppOrt of th"" 'S . qUlh'k .t"'"
SC/ST,.tc I
9 It milYboo note d Ih.t Ippliullon. must be , bm ned ,n th 10ml' P h,h
r to
rejected .
10. Thes.evaandeia,.sub;ecttornanl .itan.,.d"u
Clnd idil!es may submil the ir lopli alton. on pll,n piper rn the follow'"l prof
eMn, ace, educational 'Iuallllarllon etc ., ICComponle<! "'lin In 'd (0 04
certtflcates, passport lire photo duty attest e, cern at c;:ontlrmlna 1 \\ tu h
c.ase may be from the appropnate lu'honty. comC)' \ InIn, 'CN\d
be sent SOasto rtacll the Oy. Ol,eetor (PI li, ' 8' ,1\ floor II,. lila.
DtItlI l100231ItMtbv 16.04.2012. Pl\QfOllMA c.orn""",,,,,.. \P
AppUc&tlonior t ne post ol ._-::-_ _ _=_
., )
An"ted by Cli . 1
offle ,
Hame \In bled< leners):
Filther's/'s name:
Dille of birth:
Oel'lNlltnl Addrtn:
Posul addnou:
Educaliornr/ qua/iralion:
Pnofl!sslono' qUlur.callon:
ClleiOrv 10 whIch a arndldat. befonll 5C/5Tffn c/CI. I h. , n,.lpd COPt 01 I ,
caste certfflcale).
9. Experience: Ioyf'd
10. Name &Address of the p'....nt employPr.Hemp .
11. Arryother6nformationw h theClndldar'Swou1d ll k tof u,n 'sh
trul 10 1M of my knowfedlP _ brl,rf

conce. e to ., n Of In lI,ttl'
led/distorted any mal.nal rn rrn
concea tI: trKtJon my (a"rlidaw"
Of' , tr So!' wrt ut Inv Iurtt rwt , d (0
lummolrfytf' t .. rJO" /'tIt r
bythpd"",. 01 hecornpe P
l r.
" u
SUltabll ty
for with
1. of hJh8
be(ttl ( __ ed
ag.:t n P.-tQUfJld
w ro Cia

( '1
f) f pI
r1IH r
MInimum Educetl ona'
Quali fic ation
03 (Three) years Diploma in
Mechanical Engineering
from a r nisad Institution
- - -
03 (Three) years Diploma In
Telecommunicalion I El ectncal 1
EIedrorics IlnsNnen1ation Engtneerng
from a rec oqmsed tnsutuuon
03 (Three) years Diploma In CII/II
from a recognised lnsutution
Same as cat no. 20 of CEN 01/2012
18 33
18 - 33
18 - 33
Same as cal. no. 47 of CEN 01/2012
(.. on)
1nJ201 2
as s wn ow.
51. Postal Address Des ignat ion 5C 5T OBC UR Tolal Group
01. The Commanding Officer Cook 01
Air Force Staticn Chimney
\ -'
Hills. Chikkabanawara Posl
EN 1/93
c.. , , "'y
C ur
SC/ST/OBC/UR - ct ed uled C le/Scl'PO ,111 Ottu,
2 Eli gibil it y
(a) Age limit 181025 year: (as on e last It 01 r ceipt of eopncanon I e '\0 A
STiOBC apply,nQtor unreserved post s IS not fl' It"'d to any ag " 'axal' '''''
(b) Educll lI n I q IIflc non fo, cook
( I) SSl C Pa sed
(II) MInimum months experience HI he trac
(:ti) seare of P",y:
Pay Band- Rs. 5200 20200/ WIth G',ade Pa R' (,
3. Probation: Sel ted candidates ill be ke, I "I robat "I
candidates incluelrng women can ap",y to 56 SI I Pf- a . p, r t mil I j /I 1r '" (h rr
duly supported with the followrng docum"nt. I ' .. 10' v' (I 10 ( If
56 SUAF, Chlkkabanawar . Post. 8 n 10,. r
(i) pno tocooy 01dille 01bl thoqun h
autnon v, If applicable.
(il) AIJP rceuoo ou y Iyped In En " h Nl lh r
(III) ,>1-11" rr , . ed 'we op WIth s amp of I-l
rt.locale a cook til "
Southern Ai r omrnand, IAF
Di rect Recruitment of Grou p 'C' Civilian post in IAF
Applications are Invited from eligibl e Indian CIII;' eo:, tor the under mentlor.ell post lor e ptOi'" '
i n Indian Air Force at 58 Si gnal Unit. un uar Headquar ters southern Alf Com and
Thiruvananlhapuram. Eligible candidates may apo" " .1 ,e presc ri bed formal '0 lhe 'Ial a rp
ho bel
" ,
01 SC
16 4
ROSO 23 8
, tj'Jf '
Name of
No. of V.c.ncl M.dl-
th e RRB
. cal
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Gorlkhpur ROSO 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 B1
Gor. khpur
i) Passed 10+2 from
recogni zed Boardl
Uni versity
II) Diploma In Sanitary
Ins pector from any of
l he recognized
In ti rt
Safalwalas 4900- Pri mary 20 10"Unreserved
1300 05-SC
Junior Research
Engineer Gr-1I1 Civil
Sanitary 5910-
Inspector s
Gr ade
__J _ _ ----.J
2) In page no 53 (first page of CEN) Date of exam i.e. 09-09-2012 and in page 66, in first line of para 17 of general instructi ons scheduled date of exam is modified as under
Date of Exam: 09-09-2012 Junior Engineers & Junior Research Engi neers and 16-09-2012 f or Sr. Section Engi neer s & Sect ionResear c h Engineers.
3) The last date fo r submissio n of applications is extended up to 2.4-04-2012 (17.30 .hrs.) For candi dates resi ding in Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesn,
Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, Lahaul & Spili districts and Pangi sub-division of Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, Andaman, N,cobar and
Lakshwadeep islands an d for candidates residing abroad, the closing date for receipt of applications by posts will be 09-052012 upto 17 .30 hrs .
4) In page 63 Para 1.08 of general instructions closing date may be read as 24-04-2013 in place of 09-04-2013.
5) In the general instructions
(i) In para 3.06 (a t pa ge no.64) "Item no. 5(a)" to be replaced with "item no. 6(a)"
(ii) In para 4.04 (a t pa ge no.64) "I tem no. 9" to be replaced with "i tem no. 11 of Annexure - 1"
(iii) In para 5.04 (at page no.64) replace "Passport size ' with "3.5 cm x 3.5 cm siz e"
(iv) In para 9 (at page no.65) replace "paras 2.03 & 3.02' wi th "paras 2.03 & 3.01-
Other terms & condi tions remain unchanged.
Note : This was also published in all National News Pa pers i.e ., The Times of Ind ia, The Hindu &Hindustan (Hindi) on 25.03.20 12 . Chairpersons,
Railway Recrui ment Board!>
Ferozepur Cantonment Board
Employment No tice
Ferozepur Cantonment Board invites applicat ions frorn eligible candidates for Ihe recnntrnent of
Safaiwalas & Sanitary Inspectors. Applicat ion complete in all respect s should reach to the office
of the Cann. Board Ferozepur. 83 Jhoke Road, Ferozepur Cann on or before 31.05'.2012.
S.No. Name of the Pay Scale Minimum Educational No. of Post s Reservation
post ' Quali fications t o be filled status
, anon IOrm5lI,s,1 our offlcaal website
de a..s c. ap" c Ch,el Executive Officer
(J V Singh)
o ANITARY INSPECTOR CANTO t omous/,iatutory lorAlI body under the Ministry
n ment Board. Feroz epur 's an au on " d b CFSR1937
S of Ihe Board are gollom y .
el e veroment of India and em oyee 18-25 y .r 6' on 01 07201 2 Age
age lImff for General Catog<l' y cand,dat es :;" be (SC aBC) ..... ,11 be appucablo as per
or different careoones of SUItable cand ates cai egory should ubm proof duly
ovt of India. The per son belon ging to reserve
the comoe ent aulho(lty
a e for SC/ST
xabl" tOf aBC od I but a ' (cI1, on dl
r eel can arso appl{ 10" unreserv po
''II t. 00 IOf Ie B h Cerl ,hcaf& SSlJed bl compel en aut ,r I
Co rt ( ) will not De accep ad

on he uooe' n'l()lled pw10

on '{ appl y ...A b a Gaz" I'd 0 pr 0
ceorUficalle 09 31 I
appeanr ,I V ".t", I II
tJfl a : 10 r&f1C1 "
i U'
The wntten examination for the under mentioned posts will be held on 22.Q4-2012 as per programmegiven
20(j.l 2012
III as
Affix latest pa ssport S4ZE
pholograpn y
attested bf a Gaze eel
Off ice r
Scale of pay
and basic pay
r u ito (JA1 _
IN: oIlldUClltloMl certIf Incl
,f fl'l nd two aml addrfJ ,eIop IlHe7J1d
10 r Qh IJIllOn fi ll u rt rl , R non, P 900374 C/o 56 APO
w,lI b e wpt..-, tly hand.
3. Appllc tk;n not Mild "n<.ampleto, un 9' ,
without lie tlill copi 01r8CjUl ho cert iflcalOs/documon , noI lfl pr CfbItd
reCOIvod Aftor th la t dalll are liable to be rlllec100 Th4I c alell a
I, n rojoctf/d With valid juatlllCJltlon 'II be II'ltlCllatoo at the "(jOlIO 01thf; Nt r e
not nt rtaln Ilny claim aftor sucn rejechon. The management no! be
rlK:elpVnon roceipt 01 applicatIOn due to postat
4. Dato And hme, venu'e of written tosVprllctica l te st and Iflterv
(0) Dot 01 Wr ll en toat 07 May 2012 at 1000 hr8 (Monday)
(b) Dato 01 Practical test 08 May 2012 at 1000 hr (TuesdaYI
(c) Dato of Interview It June 2012 at 1000 tv (
(d) PlaceNenue of test Stalton Hoadquearters, Rancho.
5. Candidates should bring their orlglflal conll li' ..atesldoc umenl Sat he ltme
which he/she will be debarred from rscruurn eot test
6. No separate call letters of written tesVlIlt erview WIll be issued
7. No TAIDA will be paid lor appearing in the tesV,nterv,oVl..
Formal for Application
Name 01 Post : CSBO Gde II
Name in Full (BlOCk letters) :
Father's !Husband's Name (Block tert ers) .
Sex :
Nat ionality :
Rel igion/Caste :
Date of Birth :
Educational Qualif ication :
(a) Academic (b) Technical (c) Any othe rs
(Photocopy of certi ficat es along with caste certificat e duly \ ttested :0 be
Experience, if any :
Compl ete pos tal addr ess for corr espondence with Pin code :
Permanent Home address with Pin code:
Contact no. (Tele phone with STD Cod e) :
Detail s of encl osures:
Continued on page21
8 Nature of present empl oyment i.e. Ad hoc or Temporary or Ouasi-Perrnanent or Pemanent
9. In cas e the present employment is held on deputation/contract basis, please state.-
a) The dat e of ini tial appoi ntment
b) Per iod of appointment on deputation! contract
c at
Nama of Post Name of RRB Exam Dat e Date of I. sueof I
os. duplic at e calilelttrs
Ahmedabad. Ajme r.
--l Allahabad, Bangalore,
I Bhopal: Bilaspur,
Chandigarh, Chennar ,
_ _ --l Gorakhpu
..j Jammu Sri nagar, Kolkata . 22-04-2012
_ _ ..j Maida, Mumbai, Muzaffarpur,
Patna, Ranchi ,
-J Secunderabad.
Government of India, Ministry of Railways
Developmell1 CommiSSIoner
EN 1/114
Qual il ical ionslE xperience
pos sessed by Ihe officer
Government of Indi a
Ministry of Commerce .
OHice 01 the
'dminlstrative Building, Duvvada Vl sakhapatnam 530046 A.P. (INDIA)
Ph: 08912587382 Fax : 08912587352 E mall : i nl
ject Fling up the post of Dy. Development Commi ss ion er In the Office of
IDll-vo'lopm cnl Commtssroner . Vl sakhapat nam Special Economic Zone,
hapatnam on deputation baSIS
I mod,fIcallcn to trus Ofhce Adverti sement published in the Employment
Ion 25 February - 2 March 20 12, Comgendum IS hereby issued with
e to the scale 01 pay for the POSI 0 1 Dy. Development Commissioner and
I 1I,Iycntena (under method 0 1 recruurnent) as per CPC Scales as per
a Is gIven below-
e ot the Post : Dy Development CommiSSioner
Sand Plus Grade Pay : 1560039100+Grade Pay 01 Rs. 6600/ (pre-
Scal e t 0000325 -15200).
'Of recruitment : Deput at ion. o niccrs under lhe Central/State Gov! . (,)
alogeu , posts on regu",r baSIS: or (II) With 5 years regular service In
01 Rs 8000.13500/ - (pre- revised) or equivate nt or, (III) With 8 years
r ces In post s in Ihe scale of Rs 6500-10500/ - (pre -rev,sed) or
Po sessmq 3 years e"peflence ,n Fore,gn Trade 01 Industnal
ted cand,dates may pl ease l ake a note 01 Ihe same and 10 submi t
.;lIre h within 45 days on publication 01this Corngendum In Ihe
Aes't of the contenl s1cond,hons attached WIth the previou s
t. rema in the same
Blo-Data Proforma
1. Name and Address in Block Leit ers :
2. Date 01 Birth (In Christian era) .
3. Dat e 01 retirement under Government Rules :
4. Educatronat Oualificati ons .'
5. Educational and ot her qu al if icat ion s required for the post ar e sal isfied. (II any
quant calion has been treat ed as equivalent to the one pr esc ribed in the Rul es , slate the authority
for the same)
Qualotrcall ons I
Experi ence requ ired
EssentIal (1) (2) (3) (4)
Desir"d (1 ), (2)
6. Please state clearly wh ether In the light of enlries made by you above, you meet the
requirements 01 lhe post.
o .greo rn Agricultural Engllleenng from a recognized University or equivalent
o yea rs experience In collectlun/compi lation/analysis 01 data in resp ect of Agr icultur el
try /Wastelands DevelopmenVWatershed DevelopmenVRural Development Programmes.
{T Oepartme ntal Offlcers In the l eeder category who are in the direc lline of promotion will not
be elig'ble for conslde.ration l or appointment on deputa tion. Similarly, deputationists shall not be
eli gi ble for considaratlon for appointme nt by promot ion) .
st be fulfolled for
h Bhutan. India.
Arnlnlmum tenyears01
and/or raseat0 experfence

field. The applicants wllh
experienceof worldng In dlsastsr
sectorwill be givenpreference.
rs of professional I
A minimum of five yearch experience in a
teaching and / publication. on
reputed organ . k . ,-'s assessment and
natural hazard ns
mitigation .

and/or elCPOl1ence In a repuled
O<ganlzatJon witil proven records 01 posI.
doctoral r&8e8rchand/or PUblicallonsonna1ura/
hazard ri sk analysis. assessment and
A mlnlmum of fiVO years or proI'esslonal /
teaching and / or research experience In a
reputed organlzaUon with publications on
natural hazard k analysi s. assessment and
Aminimumor tenyearsor profess1<lrl<Meaching
and/or research experience In a reputed
organlzation with proven records of post.
doctoral rese and/or publicationson na\urnl
hazard risk anal ysi s. a'sessment and
A minimum 01 five years of llro1es&\ona\ I
teeching and I or ","""rch 0Jq>Q""""" In a
tad organlzaUon with publlcatlons ""
hazard risk analysis, 8551lS&1l\etl\ and
Exper1ance rs of experience of working as
A minimum reputedorganization. Graduate
Address wlt/l
I ..
roiling AutllOf ty a' <#T
Date: . hu tile Cadre con ned by I/'IlI 0l1lO h a
To be certrtiedUl rtlCularalurnta lOd .10<10
IIled 11181 the plI umen a,a
Co(! fol \oWlnOdoc
0fI1oe The C\811raOCll ooaalllf nO< of D"I'''' Y
1 VIO lance COOlldeO!llIl RapOfII not t>ek>w r Ad rt an
2' up-to-date ' e by .n peIla
3' Integ"ty mlflOf or majOf
4 A tatQ(llllllt'
Consistently good academic record wi th post
graduate degree IN Hydrology, Meleorology.
Atmospheric Science. AQr1aJ!tural SCience or
any relateddisciplines.
Admlnlstratlve 0IIlcer
Post QuaJltlcaUon
The follOWIng IlO8ItJon. 01 WIdGenerw ServIce St8II are 8VlIIJabie In the SAAAC0iaMler
Cenl1ll. NewOeIhllorimmediateI'lIC:Nlment : ._--....
The qUll/llicetions andGXperienoo Pf'8Ia1bed lor the /lOI1I are:
HYdro-U t.oroJogIcaI Ol...tar Olvtalon
1: Head PhD on hYdro-mlltllorologlcel disasters.
In the contoxt or SouthAsIa. with a
ilOlll ilradua t e degree In- Hydroio
Mel8oroJogy. Almospherlc Sclence. AgricutturaJ
Sdence or anyrelateddIsclpnnes.
1. Adminlslnltive 01Tlcer
2. Specialist
PhD on Information Technology ineer1ngl
1. Head MenagamenUComputor Sdence a Poal
Communication Engineering wi t Sc:lence I
Grad uation Degree In any branch 0
Specialist Consistently good acadenvc5elamoIogy. Goo-
1. graduate degree In GeoI keogye'no!neertng or any
Technical or Earthqua
related dlscfpllnes.
Knowledge Management OIvlaJon I Knowledge
Biological and othe r Manmade O......OJoMlon
Geological DINstar OM. lon . record with post
1 Head PhD on any biological or other man made
. disasters. especially In the context of South
Asi a with a post . graduation degr8ll In
Envi ronmental Sc ionce. Chamical or
Environmental engineering or any ralated
dlsdp nne.
2 Specialist Conslstently good academic I'llCOrd post
. graduate degraa In Environmental Science,
Chernlcal or Envlronmental EnglooOOng or any
related dladpllnll.
Essentlal :-
(i) Matric or its
equivalent from
recogni zed
(i l) Proficiency
of handling
PBX Board .
Deslrabl e:-
Fluency in
Engl ish/Hindi
18- 25 PB-1
Yrs ' (As . 5200. 2020 0
+ Grad e Pay As.
Gde-II )
Vae Category Age limit Pay Ban d and Qualilication
Released Earmarked tor reet Grade Pay
EN 1/125
Recruitment Notice: Recruitment of
CiVili an Switch Board Operator, Grade-II
Station HQ Dehu Road . Pune-900483
Station Comma nder Dehu Road inv ites applications from Indian Citizens for
the Post desc ribed below:- .
. . ill be closing date 01 recei pt of Note: Crucial date 01 determining age w t
appl ications. . . ITcation shou ld app ly on the fon:n
2 El igible candidates having requlsne qua 1.1 I educational certificate Incl
iven bel ow along with atteste:<J envelopes duly
rks Sheet Experience Cert II any an h wi thi n days Irom date 01
e stamp 01 Rs. 5/- so as to reac
at', xed postag ddress given above. d without
publ ica tion .of c':mec\ly. ill egi bl e.
3. attested. without attested received alter the

not in prescribed lormat :earesponsible l or late reeelpV

ocu . d The managemen WI
date will be rejecte . . 'on due to postal del ays . . t rview is as under:.
non-receipt 01 appllcatJ e of wr itt en/practical test and) ete of Practical test:
4. Date . time and venu 15 May 20 12 at hrs (bM a 2012 at 0900hrs.
(a) Date of wntten tes t. () Date of Interview: 17 ay
15 May 2012 at 1200 hrs C HO Oehu Road .
elvenue of tesV Station . ed
call wi ll the tesVinterview.
7:No TAIDA will be ot A
Il C-:,:a.:.:, t1_o_n -:::::;-i
t CSBO Gde II AHix latest pass port
Name of pos
'date (Block letters): size phot ograph duly
Namhe Name : atte sted by a Gaz etted
Fat er s . Off icer
Date of Birth. L: ----
SIlX .
Nallonality :
Religion/Caste :
(a) Academic :
(bl Technical : ed to be enclosed)
(e) Any other : rtlficates duly ane st
nrnnv 01 all ce
denee .
Exper once. If delress lor corr espon .
....ele posta a
Com", I enclosures :
Deta a
p"'- ..... , . ....Q ...
!J1H1 from p. 20 to which you b8IonO.
. . d) Government
present ......,..._, Organllali on.
1l\:)OUt under . cl Autonomoua 00'< pl""" and
(IV rnment . Wfl\Ctl tn. reviSIOn ,
1.8 tna de II Irom
'iT'll ultaD lllt lOf
rt 01 your .
--100 In . uppa
II \0 " ........
(h Go
Nature of
Annexure II
Scale ot pay
and bas ic pay
To From Po st
he ld
Of li ce/Inalitution I
Organlaat lon
Dated :
For Office ua. onl y DocumentalCertlf l cate to b l ur nl ah by Ih Emp lOy IH
Off i ce/ Forw ardi ng Au thority
1 Certified that the partICular furnished by are corr
quahficalions and expenenco menttOOed in Ant xur
2. It i certlfoed that thero is no v'l/ i1ane dl pl. ry ca
against hlmlhar.
3. His Integnty I C{'rtrttod
4 DetaIls of MIIJorIMIOOr P.natty (MMP) "lip< 0
stampo_oO by Com t 1 Aut Ity
5 ThA uplo-dJl e CR Dos lBf/llt ted Phol o 1111 r r I (, 1'
I andos J herewIth
6 Glld rlJ Clear nee
7 D 811 01 Co Jrt C. II ""V
Blo-Oata Prolorma
1. Post applied l or :
2. Name and address in Block Letters:
3. Father's Name :
4. Date of retirement under CentraVStat e Govemment Rules
5. (I) Educational Qualif ications :-
(ii) Technical Qual ification :.
6. Whether Educational and other quali fications reqUired for Ihe poSI ale 5B\lslied. (II any
qualificat ion has been treated as equivalent to the one prescribed in the rules. slate the
authori ty for the same)
Qual lf lcall ons / Qua lifi ca ti ons/ Experience
Experience requi red possessed by the ortlcer
Essential (1) (2)
Desirable (1)
7. Please state clearly whether in the lig ht of entries ma de by you above. you meel the
requirements of the post.
8. Details of Emplo yment. in chronological order. Enclose a separate sheet duly aUl henticaled
by your signature. if the spa ce below is insufficient
EN 1/108
the professional bodies/ and (iv) IIny othol Inlormation (Noto Fll c & 8
separate sheet II the space is in,ufflclenl)
Si gnature 01 th Candid te
Address & T I. No.
Desirable: Knowledge of Platemaking.
The candidates with aloresaid exporlence are also required to qual ify a Trade Test
6. Last date of receipt of application: 60 days from the date of issue.
9. Nat ure of present employment i.e. ad hoc or temporary or Quasi-Permanent or Permsnent
10. Additional details about present employment please state whether working under:
a) Central Govemment
b) State Govemment
c) Autonomous Organizations
d) Government Undertakings
e) Universities
11. Are you in revised scale of pay? If yes. give Ihe date from whIch the revision took plsce and
also indi cate the pre-revised scale .
12. Tot al emoluments per month now drawn:
13. Additional information, if any. which you would like to menlion in support of yoU! SUitability lor
the post. Enclose a separate sheet. if the space Is insuffiCient:
14. Whether belongs to SC/ST/OBC :
15. Aemarks, if any :
16. Please state clearly whet her you wish to apply tor appointment on depu lation or absorptlOO
(Photocopies of Educational & Techn ical Oualifications and xpenenco must be allachedl
Place: Signature 01Ihe
Governm nt of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Ec nomic All Ira
Sub aet. F N w D Ihl
E J '1 Iliing up Ih pool of Offset Machineman Gr.1I In th MinI try 01 Fonanc
conom c AffAirs on doputation/absorption basi s G. I
Applic l ions In th .
po t 01 011 e pr cubed protorma, OS per lI,e Annexurell are '"Vlt Irom I giblu
set Machlneman Grade-n In the Mln,stry 01 Finane 0 pa rtm nt of lIOf1tt
u ti ba . "'t
2. III rp on sis. The particulars regarding tho posl are glv n in AnnoXlJrfo .1
for th: requested that applications of uUglbl e candidat es, a are deslrou of be"g
c post and who con bo rofleved Immediately on sofllClion may be forwarded alo r
and up-to-dnre C.R. dossiers . Vigilance and Integnty Cortlh: with
E errs gnod. so a to reach him within a period 01 60 days of publication of this Ad !Q lIl4
at";; NewalAozgar Samachar . will not be alloY/od to Withdraw tholr
Inte it ato . AppllClitlons rocolvec Without Ih up-to -dat e Oossrars. Vigilance Cloara '!Jrfo
gr y cortillcato will not be entertained . 0C<0 llIl!J
(Neolarn VOIr
Under Secretary to tho GOIII 01 I aj
, 1ld13
Mini stry / Department : Ministry of Finance. DfJpart mont 01 Economic Affairs. Annexur&-!
.ot the Post & Classification : Off set Machineman Gr ade -tl , General Cenlral S6
roup C Non.Gazelled. rvreu.
3. Scale 0' Pay : As. 4500. 7000(Pre.rovlsed) PBl . AS.52oo202oo + 2800 Grad" Pay.
4. Method of RecrUitment : Deputation/absorption,
5. Eligibility Condition s:
OoputalLon/abaorptlon : (I) From persons holdi ng analogous post s In other Governfll6nl
_ artment!: or Government Press ; D6ll_
(ii) With five years regular sorv;c;' ;;; graou. ii"",'f
PBl . As.5200.20200+24oo(Grade pay) - - " ' - _.
(Iii) With thirteen xears regular service in the grade in tho pay scale 01 As. 305O4590(
PBl . As. 5200.20200+ 1900 (Grede pey) and \/lSfld.
Eaaentlal : 1. Matriculation or Its equivalent.
2. Diploma in printlng(Offset) with three years practical experi ence tor operating slngl" alld
colour offset Mach ines or Certificate 0' successf ul completion of apprenticeship the
Printing Machine Tr ade under the Appren tices Act , 1961 (52 of 1961) with si x years eXp(>n $e1
the Olf set Printing Machine operating single and double colou r. enceIII

possessed by the officer
In case the present employment is held on deputation/contract basis. please state :-
(a) The dale of initial appointment
(b) Period of appointment on dep utation/contract
(c) Name of the parenl olfice/o rganizall on to which you belong
Additional details about present employment. ,
Please state whether working under (indicate the name of your employer against the relevant
coIumrl j
aJ centr,lI Government.
Slate GOIIarnment
AU1OIlOrTlOUS OrgaOlzatioo
roment Undertaking
.01<1<'" ,":.1:" whether yooare WOrking In the same Depart men t and are In lhe feeder grade or
of Pay ? If yes give the dale from wnlCh Ihe reVISIOn took place and
fH OYI ad scale
monlh now drawn - 100 In support 01 your su tablill y lor the
,1k1diib1lil1dtDfl1nal:lOn, a wnt/', you would like to " ..
ode nformatoon WI h regard to (I) additiona l academIC
rna'I pro' ... A O'\Ier and above pre<;<;rlt>aO In
O'f'cNlotl&lOfJoaJ ra and ( I) WO.. e:f..._....
'II ( '>'" Er,G0 8 eparate sh" t ,' Ihe pacf>'
ayfT1{lnl baS
r:. ..rv1,ljA'ft
Qualifications/Experi enc e
Essential : (1) (2) (3)
Desired : (1) (2)
6. Please state d early whether in the li ght of entries made by you abov e. you meet the requiremenl
of the post
7. of Employment. in chrono logICal order. Enclose a separate she et duly aut henticat ed by
your signature. if the space below is insufficient
1. Name and Address (in Block Lellers) :
2. Date of Birth (in Christian era) :
3. Date of retirement under Cen traVState Government Aules
4. Educational Qualifications
5. Whether Educational and other qua lificat ions required for the post are satisfied. (If any qualification
has been treated as equi valent to the one prescribed in the Aules . state the aUlhority for the
8. Nature of present employment I.e. Ad-hOC or Temporary or QuasiPermanent or Permanent
Office/Institution Posl From . To Scale of Pay Nalure of duties
held and Basi c Pay (In detail )
rl nt Sir I, New Delhl-110001
1Q Admn.I(VOI.II)
(Group 'A') Gn lied (P S
nal.ron d utallon (I cludln ay cale PB4, Ra. 37,400
g Short-Term Contract) b ala In
t III,/p ono post 01 Iho Pllnclpal IIS&M G I .
P R 8700/. by lransf r on de ut . u marg In tha pay scare
rc s Porsonn I Depulation/Ae.e::,nJatlon (Including ShortTorm
h p v d undol .. ....oymenl '" aCCOrdonco with
III I Gov mments!s I II .
, All Sport. M nnli; Hlmal;:' Atal Blharl Vejpallnstitulo of
1 In. Ullnrk shi ; Jllwahar Lal Nehr noerlng Instllute. Darleeling ; Nohru
"m", High Allltude WOllare School. 01 Mountalneollng. Pahalgam.
JOg n 'OQOUs sts In tlla parent cadrolDe
rv years r ular seNlco In Ihe grade renrrtmenl on Aegular bll sls. or
Ih P Y 8ond3. As 15600.39100 plus appointment ther eto on rogular

C)epartment; and ay s. 7600 or equivalent In lho parOnl

s'"S I g Ihe following edUcational qualifications and expe"
...raclllatlOn In any discipline from a rec niz . . lence.
fil) en years experience ot conductln ed UniversIty.
adventure sports . g and snow ski. moulalneering trekking and othor
Arm Forces. Depulation/Ae.employment .
Armed Forces Personnel 01 the rank 01 Lieuienant
:be trans'.err d to reserve wilhin a period ot one ear due 10 retire or who are to
'qUllllflcatlon shall also be considered. Such oer so Y d haVing the requisite exper ience and
. . . .. .. . . ns would be given deputallon term
OIcn tney 8'e uue lor releas e trom the Armoo - . .. " . __ ... _.. __. . '- _ S the dal e
ployment. r orces; IlIttltroUtt., u n:' 1 1I1e1)' uo ::-; j (' .
NOe : Absorption can be affected only in the cas e of Off '
3. The penod of deputation (inclUding short term the Govemments.
short term contract) In another ex-cadre post held udlng of .depulation (incl uding
seme 01 some other organization/department of th C ately preced Ing thiS appointment in lhe
exceed 'ive years . The maximum age limit for a eI tentral Govemme.nt shall ordinaril y not to
contraCI) shall not be exceeding 56 years as 0 ,n by deput at.,on (InclUding short-term
4. The neputalion will be govemed In accordanc: of rece'pt of ,appl ication(s).
dated 17.06.2010. e s OM No. 61812oo9Estt. (Pay II)
5. It is requested lhat names of suitabl e oHicers who are eli . . .
be recommended to this Ministry within six weeks of its U;I'.ble WIlling and can be spared may
with '.cllowing documents and part iculars in the IcaftlOn ,n the News along
(I) Photocopies of complete and -d . pro orma (Annexure A ):-
oHicer not below the rank of aette CR dOSSiers for the last five years att ested by an
(") r ary.
penalties Imposed. if any upon the off icer during the last 10
A certificate to the effect that no major/mi nor penalty has been imposed upon hirnlhe d . th
said period. r unng e
(iii) Cadre clearance
(iv) Vigilance Clearance
(v) Integrity certificate
(Vi) Details of Court Cases
6. Applications not received through proper channel or received after the last date or incomplete in
respect such as those not accompanied by the above mentioned documents will be liable to'
7. The inall respects may be forwarded to the Under Secretary (Admn .) (Shri
B.N. Prasad). Ministry of TOUrism. Transport Bhawan, 1, Parliament Street . Nllw Delhi l 10001.
(B.N. Pra sad)
Undor Sec retary to the Gover nment 01 Indi a
Proforma of application lor the post of Pr incipal In the IIS&M Gulmarg on deputation
basi s.
EN 1/14
rncorrw 1. ,.
1001Ow"'ll on ro
Age rel axation
5 (Five)Yoars
Upto 40 (Forty) yoars IOf General Candidates
Upto 45 (Forty live) years lor SCIST Candidates r
6 lhs contlnu ous sorvlCe are allowedage relaXll lOll
alICe Server 'C. 15
Tax Assrstant "C" 5
For Ex-Serviceman
01, UOC
p ,
SI.No_ Category
01 SCIST candidatos
02 For Gov! . Servant s with 03
years continuous service
I Disabilities 01 PH person J
SI.No. I Code 1 Post One'l OA-One Arm) , VH (low VISion)
51. No. Poat "C" 3
Employment Noti fication
Government 01 India
Ministry of Defence
Indian Ordnance Facto ri es
Rille Fact ory, l ahapore
Wesl Bengal, Pln-743144
Employment Noll ce No. ORDFYS/RFU07(STOREKEEPERV11_12JESTII2
Direct Recruitment to the Poat 01 Slore Keeper
Aifl e Factory Ishapore, PO: IShapore-NawabganJ. Disl: 24 Pgs (North), Pin-743144 (West Bengal) a Defence
Install ation under Ordnance Faclory Board, Kolka'a, Ministry of Dolenco Production, Govt . of India is going to up
posts of Stor e Keeper in Group c category (UA-03, SC-Ol and ST-01) lhrough direct recruitment.
' Online' Applicat ions are invited from the Indian Citizens only lor filling up the posts within 21 (Twenty one) cUya
from tho dat e 01publica tion 01 this advertisement in lhe Employment News / Hozgar Samachar.
Specification for the 01 Store Keeper -
Educational and other qualifications requlred:-
Essential-l 0 + 2.
Desirable - Basic knowledga 01 Computer application having -0" level cartificate as per Departmant o( Electronics
Accreditation Committee Cortil lcate(OOEACC).
Age : Not exceeding 27 years. . I ppf lJOnS within 21
Note. The crucial dat e for determining the ago limit shall be the clos'".g dale for receipt 0 a lCa r Samachar for
(Twenty One) days from the dat e 0' publication of this advertIsement In Employment NewsIAozga
all candidates Irrespacti ve of lheir areas.
Scale of Pay Pay Band-1 Rs. 5200-20200 and Grade Pay Rs. 1900/ -
Applicabl e Ag e Relaxallon . tlon in lhe upper age ',," ItSwill be given 10the candidates tor
As per Government Orders/l nstrucnons, follOWing retaca I lion in tha upper age limit be gIVen to a candidaIe
the post where it is It i,s clarified that lhe ago re axe
if the st I r his cat ISavailable.
Departm'lflt. Wesl Beng,,1 R Group No.of Po t
01 SK I Store Keeper IOH (Ol- eg, F clory Board, Kolkat.
IIcation ref er wobslte of Ordnanc a
I nt and onli ne app , I )
For detail advert seme .. F ct Ishapore (www.r1I.n c. n
(www,ol bl ndla. gov.l n) or Alli le a cry
dav p 10201111/315211112
"'II-TASk Stall
3 I
CII . , hOUkl P .en 'a I
T1>0 wing and of Income Tax. Hqr r .r 30..G4 2Il12
a 14 KoIl'..\lI - '7llQ069 on ()( lorm nd for ott r r
Room,,0. . 1111 applr calton IT
1 IVV', I 0181n,ng t lee '
Fo r dO 4O
" 0<
ring f hOU
II days do
EN 115
Sig nature of the candidato
Punjab Rem9te Sensing
Ludhiana-141004 . =
(A Government .of Punjab 'Enterprise)
(Emai l :
Applications are invited Irom Ind ian Nat iona ls for following posts
Scientist SC ( Ur ban Mapping) : 2 Nos. A 54 00 Grade Pay &
(In t he Pay sca le of AS. 15600-39 100 plus s.
allowances as applicable)
Accounts Off icer : 1 No. Ar 7600 Grade Pa y &
(I n the Pa y scale at As. 15600 39 1C? 0 plus
allowan ces as ap pl icable) on application can be
Qual ifica tio ns and other or ll' ohiana through emalV
obtained Irom the oHlte 01 the Di rect h ' 0 and Dralt Irom nationalized
post on payment 01 As. lOOOI - throug a eb
- at Ludhiana . In case
sched uled bank In l avour 01Director , P d' . P 'Yen""'" 01 As. 1001-should
. ed h h post an ad mona - ... . I
application obtain I roug . his to fiJI a not to lil/ all or parua
be added in DO. PASC reserve Ihe fig
above 'posts, , . '1 our website com
For more details please VISI EN 1/56
rn 30011
til r I II' 08111 24sall9o
I g I ' rn I
II I th r Wllh lin 1O<j I'\(j'lI n NlI llona ls in th
Illy"" c 00 OfflO COpiesof Certif lcales

I unr lrorn lho 11ISI r lit Ihe abo vll addr 8 '
I , Publi hEl(l III lh Ernpl dll l
of tho weok duri ng
lor 10 K r Y1'T19rt l News .
ne (R rYOd I
Iy 0 f), or (On Or PhYSically HlIndlclI
bally or 40 l UAffoct d) or OA (On A PI>ed UMer
y B 0 rrnAff oCled)]
.n"",_.... _10 Ih 1, 5'200 - 20200 Gp 24001_ I
II PO I under COntral GOVI f P u 01her allowancos as
on (ll) P ssed 121h I ' rom time 10 lime.
t 01 c ass 01 10.2 sy stom! Hlghlll' S
I IC te COur eCondary
n : Two S "n Mllterral Mnnagemenl.
y ars xperr ence In sioro k '
2 ya , as on last dalo 0 1recei 101 eepII.1g 'or aCCOuntancy.
' 1 (3 n '01 Calegory, 15 Y ar s fa, (R&laxalion 01 10
P . lory since POSI reserved for PH) Category and 13 Years for
robalton: Two Years .
PI .
C 01 Work Presenliy at CQAE (EFS) .
ser anywhere in India. ' Vl sakhapalnam and liable to
S I ion Process: Through int ervlewl l est C I " .
dar and IJme of Interview will be tssueo b CQ ' a I lelters rndrCallng place,
No TAIDA IS admissible lor allending th y . I (EFS) to elig ible candidat os
o In erv, ewllest
r rna
lor Appllcallon .
" (to be IlIled In BLOCK LETTERS
AppllcallOn for the Post 01 Senior Store Keeper )
No . & dale ._. __. . . _.. __ . . __. r<P;:a::s::le=-=a-r-ec-en-t:--"
0, passport size sell-
The Chief Qual il y Assurance Oll icer signed
Ch ief Qual ity Assurance Establi shment (EFS) photograph
Nalronal Highway. 5
Visakhapatnam . 530018
1. Name In full :
2 Falher 's Name:
3. Present Address (Wi th name 0 1 near est pol r station):
4. Permanent Address (With name 01 nearest POlice stati on) '
5. Nallonality: .
6. Daleol Bi rth (Enclose altested copy of 101h standard or equivalent
certi fIcate Indicating OOB) :
Educational Qualilication (Enclose attested copies): .
Expe"ence (Enctoss prOOI):
Proof of Disability (Enclose relevant certificat es) :
Oec l ar allon
I solemnly declare that !he inf ormation given in this appl ication is true, complet e
and co rrect to the bust 01 my knowledge and beli ef. In the event 01 any
information being found l al se or incorrect or ineli gi bi lity being detected bel ore
or alter the wrilten tesllinterview, my candidature will stand cancell ed & my
cl ai m for the recruitment will stand forfeited.
davp 10203l11/00n/ l l12
A. tarn
Jayaars ---- -1
re): ME-3

:"unft 01SlMl ... ......... . Dat..

Medlc.I 0I 1nc1ol Umled(IlAJL) - a Mohonotna Public _ EnI8rp_Ilnd!he IIoodlng -..ulngcornpony In ltdo
0_ - lllO........
dlotogy) : ME-5 1 Iiii;l O..IIfIceIIon Mel b...w.c. .. on 01-0:/-2012 _ ...on 01-02-2012
). ""'-nt dIodpino ord mJnmum2 (two) )'MI'I uxporlence an..r OM. 43 yuors
_ DMIn-.m<loclpnfi8 - - ' -- 1-
I Co'D): I PG Degrell/DNB . _ __. _ _ 40 YUOI'I
I .m.trtence In Of and minimum061.") YllOra 40
PG ..... corealterPOuea....nNB. '._ , - -
Of Anuot_ ord rnnlmumo:ilIllrM) y&OI'I ---
M!lIlS co", oller PG DegreelONll.
Md Heo!Ih I MDIn P,..errttveWSocioI 'Med"*'8
MB8B ord - yeara expe!1once ollerPODegree. _
ond HooJIh I MD In Prvvonttveond Social "...,idilO
Sp8ciaJist (RodIOlogy): ME-31 PGDocnwDN Y8Ol1I 8lljl8IIonce anor PO Dogroo .
... ---- . . -. .- - . ner dildplnu Bodrr**nLm 03 (throe) yooraOXperionco . - - 38 yoata
OIfocor In Ro<Iolclilv ond mirWrun ----
. ME-31 PO
S _. ..:... ftlter dIoclpine andm1nmum03Cline) yeln-""'<e
oif';;', (Surgery) : ME-2 dl&clpl lne and minimum 0' (oney;';;,poSi'I- --.-
- -8. - . .
__ --- - Jayoano
S, . Medical OHlce, (Orth .__
. _ __ ' . . _ allBodlca) : PG CegrealONB In ,elevent discipline and minimum 0' (one) yea' post ._.-_.- I'
quallllcadon oxporlonce. . 35 yoaro
Medicine):ME-31 PO Oeore&'DNB InroIevanI............ andmklImum03(111108) a--'-- ._-- - - - !
7. " - - . - ,--.....--- Jayeln I
sr. MocIcaJ 0IfiC,;,( PuIITlOnaJy PG ,
_ __ ME2:.. _ _ . _ discipline and minimum 01 (one) year poot 35 y....... I
e. I - -----;;;:;-- I
' Sr. Medical Otllcer (ENT): ME-2 PG Dogrea/DNB In relevant discipline and minimum 01 (one) yea, post --- - . "'I
quaJllJcadonexperience. 35
Medical Officer :ME-l MBBS lrom a UnivoraltynnotitlJla rocognlzod by Mel with minimum0' (one) - - .. j
yaa, exper ience In recognized Medical Caliega/HaapltaVlnatitutian . 30 y....... 05 I
be from a Unlversltyllnstltute recognized by Medical Council of India - - ------ - - - . _- . -- -
website wwwegilardlnlgage,qUallficatlon,otherellglbllltycrlterla, relaxation, reservation, procedure for applying please visit Company's
.sa .co, n at at the link "Careers with SAIL
Last date 01 receiving application Is 2G-()4-2012.
Registered Office: Ispat Bhawan, Lodi Road, New Delhi 110 003
AfPLJCATJON IS -07..:05.2012 AT 5.00 PM
'((he Provisional Result of sea>nd stage written examination fOf the posts
CA Clm& Goods Guard (cat No. 3 &4) held on
.2Oj 2 against Centralized Employmenl NotifICation No. 02/2010 with
dela1Is are pubished and available on the Notice Board and website
UUflBl'lasJlUr (
t YllriflGatIon of the provislol!ally successful candidates will be
from 23.04.2012 to 25.04.2012 at North West Institute CCM
,.Building) , near SECRSA Stadium, Station Road. B.llaspur
indIvidUal cal l 1etlers to the respective candidates .1n1mati'1g
date and lime of docu ment verification are being dlllPB
post separately. . . the
Beware of the unscrupulous persons who may mISguide
lIhdidatrB$ With false pn:ll1'ses atgetting them selected forthe job on Illegal
f'IlO\lilmer1t process in the RRB exam is My (X)IT1lUlllf1Ze
is ba&8dpurely on the merit of candidal8S. CHAIRMAH
EN 1f79


U Ad vt. No .312Q.1l
liT Kanpur. an tnstuute of national Importance. has been In lhe fa'efronl (,1 enqmeennq & tacnnotoqy educalion ar<l
research & devetcpment The Institute derwes strength from Its phil osophy. v-ston and values thai has led 10 acneverre
of acadernrc excellence and prornouon of hIgh order technological research The tnstuure IS looking for sunaote In "
Nalionals for appomtrnent on regular I deputation I contract baSISfor 5 years (likely 10be confirrned SUbiect 10notewott
perlormance) on the follOWingpas IS
I .

Name of the pos t(s ) Group Pay Scal e (s)

01 Deputy Regrslrar __ A 01 PB3 Rs 15600-39100 w,thGP Rs 7600
02 JunIOr Technocal Su rintendents B +fB.2RS
03-:::l JunoorTechnlcian C 01.: _ PB' Rs 5200 20200w,thGP Rs 2000
'-1 Tala I 01 03+0;. I PH ca ndi dates
o f APpc;;ntments. Forthe poslol Deputy RegIstrar on or si andard dcput3110n terms lor all other
poSISon regular nasrs/ deputatron/ contract baSISfor 5 years (likely 10be cor -rrned. sub/eel 10noteworthy perlarm.1ocel
The Instuute follows reservation norms as pc<GOI rul es
Age For Group-A POSI(51 No 01) preferably below 55 years . Grnup-B Pu.1 (51 No 02) 2510 40 years and Group , C
Pas I (51 No 03) 1B 10 35 years Relaxatron m age would be Jdm,ss,ble . per Centra: Government RuleS RC9ul.,
empsovees of IIrs WhOare educauonarty qualified and otherwise eligible c; I be consrdered for the IccrUitmenl up :0 iii
maximum of 50 years 01 age
Note. For regular ernptovees of liT Kanpurwlth excellent service record . approonate retaxanon may be conSidered
The and experiencelorthCabove poSi"f as per ser-;aln-uml>cr arc as under
0; I Essentia l. Master's Degree with-at k!aSI 5-5%-01 the marks-or ;ls-cqWVdK.' ;- grade of 'B"In tne lice seven pollll
ak>nQwrlt,- (3) 5 year 's of aormrustratrve exceneoce as Assistant Registrar rl HI an CQUlvdlenl oost OR (b ) NIII( l I(
Iexpenence as ASSIstant Professor In Ihe AGP or Rs 6000 aoo above. With exper-ence In cducauonat .1drTWnlslrilhon OR
I (c ) Comparable expe r-ence In a researcn establishment and/ .or other msntuhons at edUCAtion
IDesi rable Candidates should have leadership quahhcs and rCQUlSlte eXp(:IIena, "' une 0' mar" lol\(JWKlO ar as
1Accounting. AudIting and FinanCial procedures, OR Adm,mslrahvc maners luudlng I.egal HeClUllnll'nl l. t rn
l OR Academe maners such as, conduct of examu13t1ons, maintenance >.i nl r 01schollu hIP!. tJ
l etc OR Malellals Management. ProcuremenV dl..trloutlQn of matenal '. r" port proceourl" 3ccounhllg st
I vc n' lca i tOn etc PraetK:a1 expcncnc.:e 01USIng relevant wttwarcs U'l related ' '- 'S Ises!.Cnhal
1EssenllalM Sc 18 Tcc.h-iEJE appropn;ie flp.1d OR BSc n appro ,;IC' ,"!Id With02 ycar r e.t r.en(
OR 03 years dlplorno In Engmeenng c;ubJect With three rei 'vanl e..-pencnce OR III WIth yca's r ,,"v nl
l expenencc In the pre reVIsed pay scak: of Rs 4500 7000 ofa,f11Putcr apphc... ItOIlS
DeSir abl e Cand.aates should have al teast 03 year...cJt:per nc;p. 10one morp of ttw fOI 109afe t .,
electncal czrcutlsJ power system! pow-er electronlcsJ mcac;ure:nenlSJ 10 'Hm 'ntahon CD ttOI e. r
seml.condue.tor deVices OR Speceahzabon and In Metft ra f'y I f t
MICtosCOPy Good communtCdhOn 'Us Will be an addUd .,dV8nt or ' 'SPf or ) (0
'electroniCS eQUlprnents (II) Etpenence 01 wor\long WIth Vaw 1mI e fOf {(lU 0
t.!y _
03 E s/--;;t;aJ e c n a (opnale f ld OF<()Iploma .n f-ngulf! fI of O)'*; du'af,l
OJ earse<PI"oeroCR I':nowlr>dQ<' of ('mpu r appll<:ahan
y bt r ooidal' 'S Ciuk'j t alle;t t 01 ycar f t
Deslra P. lI'r 0'1 repal ' arld flyIng remote r 1m .. "'<I contro
,'a OJan(;'app caltG"S (Ill) Inven ory m;l a I dfld
r ra _. IV'! 'Nor'" np-sJ r.:'a e In a ' "'Od H Y
ce Of::> . .. ._
- I fo ,."cantJeO III "ofr I1t f
Pre t "d ( 39P. I'm of R ' I pt
r.t I '2 foe n 13 .ond I or if
'.... a d dale tll ,f ('" me'" T :.or
rNWW 11k I
lOlcot f ' '.I'
t Aim ci the rxog
Sa ng. t u e
(BIRD), Luckrnw,
Ictfered loi Uy .
interna\lonal status.
IBa oans .
by Bar\k&
I arc Eastern
01 I r01l1 a d
ectlr101 gy
kWln, &, CoI'n pillll , Lodtl l Road
p ...... Delhi 10003
hon 0112 3&;Ml3I, F..,. : 011.243&31137
ELIT, KO'lkata centre
I I ron and Information Soclet y of the Department of
Inl ormatlon "''''i atry of CommunicatiOns &
II Gov a p<emoe, IT EduoallOO & Training Ill8tllUlion 01
the IImrnent o/Ind In the formal 8Ild non formal HCIO,. The objectIVe01
I tI\uI '- to carry 04Jl H RMOIHoe Development acwitles in tile
ar a of Information , Elect ronics and Communications Technology (IECT)
Ihrr,ugh Ita vlrloua c nt r.s in the OOtJot ry, aper t from Consultancy and
/el Illd aellv"IM In Indill IlIId abroad . Ttl<; l".lJlUl41 fa presently enoaged in
Implemenlallon of naliQnlll le /et sr.h&mes for Educahon 1\ Training in
ComPlJt s, BIo lnfQfmlllica, Comput&f Ha'd wIlre ITES. BPO Embedded
yal eml , VLSI Dll l l gn, IAu/llmedla and A'II'mat",n other
progr ammel . '
Th6In titute he 15centres 1r' ....t6'1el AI/AM, Agartate , Au'angab8d,
C lleut, Chandlgam, Channai, OllnglDlo:, Impt\lJl, llanaga', y' 'JII<ata ,
Kohlmo, ShHloog, Sr1tl4gar/Jemmu, Telpur/GuwehalJ, IlIId RegooruJl 0tI1G'i8
at Puddukottal and Pe!na ClItenng 10 the nr;OOa 01 Education 1\ Training
ConaullBncy and related aChvlties, In the er&a of IECT. There is
network of about 900 Institutes In the p, r/al& sector ar.:r.ret:lrted lor OOEACC
'0', 'A' , 'B' & 'C' level compute' courses and DOEACC CHM'O' a,od'A' \e',e1
har dware cou raea.
NIELl T, Kolkala (f orm.rl y DOEACC cent r.a from U.1 2.200 2 and
Raglonsl Computer Centre, Calc utta , prlo, 10 that ) Centre was esIabIostoed
In 1976 primarily to encourage, promote and dlllaemlnate i<nowIedgOiI 00 all
aapecta of IT, design & Improve standards end to p(ovlde consultancy support
in lIOftware, hardwa re and corTvnunicatlOO technologies. In December 2002,
the Centra has been merged with NIELIT (formerly DOEACC SoCiety) , 11
leading Institute dedicated in generating quall!'/ manpower in the field 01
Inl ormation, Electronics IlIId Communication Technologies (IECT) , bolh IormaI
& Nonformal Sectors.
The NIELlT, Kolkata Centre, has p1ay&<! .a pioneering role in sp<ea0on<;l
computer literacy and IT culture by virtue 01 Its being in the IT f.e\tj !':>r thr&<;
decades. With the tast changing sceoaoo, the Cenlle has adaptoo 10
latest technologies and ski lls to relBin its position among the top IT traJr'Wlg
and solution providers in the reglOtl . The Centre oHers excellent prol e$ aional
environment The Center's alumni are placed aD over the world , may be
holding important positions in Blue Chip companies as well as Government
bodies. The vision is to make the Centre globally viSible Centre for IT
The post of Director for NIELlT, Kol kata centre, in the scale of Pay of PB 4;
f 37400 67000 with Grade Pay 01 f (prer evis ed scale 18400-
22400 ) would fall vacant on 01.12.2012. Accordinql y, appl ications are 'fWrteO
for filling up this post.
Meth od of Racrultmenl: Direct Aecruil mentlTransfer (abso rpuoo)
A. Direct Rac:rultJnent:
Educational qualification and ex per i ence:
Ph.D. (Engi neering/SCience) with 10 years experience :
M.TAChJM.E. in the area of Information, Elect ronics & Cornmunica tlOfls
Technologyl Elec trical/ Mechanical/Production/I ndustr ial Design etc. : or
equivalent qualif ication with 15 years exper ience ,
B.E./B .Tech./B .Sc. Engg. in the area of Information, Electronics,
Communications Technology/ElectricallMechanical/Productiol"lI ndustrial
DlIlI lgn ete.; or equivalent with 20 years expenence.
15. Tranlfer (absorption):
In case of recruitment by Transfer (absorption):
OtIicers of Central/Sla te Govt ./PSUs/Autonomous Bodies holding analogOuS
post on regular basi s:
OR .
Having 5 years' regular service in the pre' revised scale 01 pay 01 15400
450-20000 (PB-4; with Grade Pay 01 8900 / )
posse ssing the qualifications prescribed for Direct Recru itment .
Age LImit: Below 50 years for Direct Aecru ltment (Aelaxation as per the
Govemment of India Rules) and 56 years for tran sfer (Absorption). The age
will be as on the last date of receipt of applications.
The Director shall be :
I) Head of the Cent re responsible for planning, management and running of
the Contre under the overall guidance of Executive Director.
Ii) Shall be the Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Centre;
III) As Head of the Centre, shall be responsible for providing dynamic
leadership on all technical, administrative and financial functions, and
iv) He/She is expected to fully exploi t the potential ot delivery mechanlSlTl of
Institute to ensure generation of qualily human resources in the aree of
IECT. . ,
v) Shall be responsible for Traini ng, Quality Evaluation. Skdl Certification,
Development of leaming material , Coordination end impIemon18lion ot p,ojects,
updation of Syllabi , development and updating the admission! registration,
delivery & Examination I certilicatlon process etc .
Ho w t o Apply:
Candi dat es meeting the above eligibility requirements may send their
applica tions complete in all respects in the prescribed format (Annexur el)
duly typed, along witlrattesled copies of cert ificates rllIating to quallt iesl ,
relevant experleoce, date of birth, caste etc . by the last date p,esc nbed for
receipt of applications in an envelope superscribed as ApplicatiOn lor lhq
post 01 Direct or, NIELlT, Kol kala Centre and addressed to: Th Reglatrar.
National Inlmut. of Elac:tronlca and Inlor matl on Tachnology (NIELIT),
Elactr on lcs Nlk.tan. 6, eGO Comple", New Delhi 110003.
Persons working In GovernmenVPSUslautonornous organlzatlOOs mal s
their application through proper C nnel along WIthphotocopo 0 ' up-tod te
ACA dossiers lor the 1../ 5 yoa,s duly an ated by "" oll oc ,nol below the
rank 01 Under Secr etary or eqUlvlll nt nnd Vigil ncAldOSClphnary c! ",,,.><;,,
Applications roceived directly WIthout th ,eqUlred docu I uld no!
Lut dale for r _ ' pt of Ippllc l onl WI In 45 day 01
this adverti ement in the Empl oyment N w
1. Appl ications which are not on conformity WIth th r
the advertisement are hable to , oj t
2. Only shol11i ted candidate I be call ed lOt Ifll
reqUlremenllll laid dOwn If'I th Ad rtl In ror nol q
be called for ,ntorv_
3 The experionce aa mentioned bOv u1d I
quelil k:l l lon(I ). The 1'l<;U t' I.... 10/ rh
to I ny of th Cenlr of NI LIT
4. For lI pplicallon for m th cllndidat In, www.nlal ll.ln, www.n
No.of PoIta
No.of POl tl
I(/nlI tur of Candidate
N 1/48
Affix' recent
si ze photograph
Nature of dutl
: Yoa!No
Working knowledge in Brushl ess 01
electric drives and its control
Dulrab'. Qualllicallon
Working Knowledge in design of IC 01
Engine sub system
Working Knowledge In design of IC 01
Engine sub systems
Working Knowledge In design of IC 01
Engine sub systems
Working knOWledge in MATLAB.! 01
simulation software/other
similar software.
Working knowle<lge in Finit e Element 01
Analysis. 30 Mod81ing Software pro
eferably ProE, general purpose
finite element analysis softwa're
preferably ANSYS, Nastran, Nisa
and Cosmos.
Working Knowledge in design and 01
development of hydraulic compon-
ents/control systems for vehicle
awl ications.
First class M.E./ M.Tech
First cl ass M.EIM.Tech
(Power Electronics and
Drives for Elect rioal
irsl Cia M ElM Tech
(Machine Design)
Firs t Class M.E.lM.Tech
(Machine Dynamics)
Fi rst Class M.EIM.Tec'"
Firs t Class M.EIM.Tech
First Class M.EM.Tech
Electrical &
Eng ineering
Electrical &
Qualification College Unl var s ltyl obt ai ned
Emoluments for SRF
A SlIpend of Rs. 18000/ per month (Consolidated) , HAA and Medical facilities shall be admissibl e as per rules .
Age limit: Max imum ot 28 yea rs for JRF and 32 years for SRF of age as on 15 April 2012 . (The age is relaxabl e by 5
years for SC/ST candidates and by 3 years for OBC candidates)
Applications filled in own hand writing' in white A4 sheet from eligible candidates (as per given format ) should reach
'Dorector, Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE), Avad i, Chennai 600054' within 16
'days 'rom the date of this advertisement. Aff ix a recent passport size photograph in the space marked on the top right
comer of the application. In case a ca ndidat e wishes to be considered for different SRF posts , separate application
form is to be submitted.
Send a crossed Indian Postal Order (or) Demand Dralt for Rs. 50/. drawn in favour of Director, CVRDE, Avadi
Channai. 600054, along with applica tion . Candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC are exempted from the payment.
flMfO\I l&r,hdenvelope should De superscribed with
APPlication for (JAF/SAF) : - . .
Sl. NO.of the Post : .
Gandidates working in Gov1JPublic Sect or UndertakingS/Autonomous Bodies apply through proper channel.
Candidates will be required to produce certificates/ testi monials in original at the lime of Interview. Those haVing
qualified UGCICSIRINET/GATE examinat ion shall be prsterred. . .. ,
_ AppficatlOn forms which are incomplete, illegi ble, not as per gIVen format or received alter the stipulated time are hable
to De rejected. . . .
I "'1.Y pleaSe be noted that offer of fellowships does not confer on Fel lows any right for In DADO. Moreover,
!he Feliowsh P may also be terminated at any stage by Director, CVRDE without assigning any reason .
Hole ' 001 the shortlisted candidates will be sent furth er Inti mation through email for attending the Interview: .
".'C';I:I'''-:'':''':o Application for Aesearch Fellows-eVRDE. Chenna' Adv1. No....-
, (Please fill in block fetters onl y in own hand writing) Aef.No.
for which applied & SI.No ..
1 Name of fellowship (JRF/SRF)
Name in full
3. Fsther's Name
Dale of Birth & Age as on 1510412012
No iOQIllily
Reservation Category (Gen/SC/ST/OBC)
Address lor communication :
TelephOne ' -- . .. . . (A) (M)
&mai Id . N . Dt AmI. .
[){j ta of Po tal Ord erlOema nd Dr alt : . o. .
f I Qualification (10+2 onwards M Markl
c dr 01 f)rol lor I In
Ir 1I 1111 01 I ur'l (j 10
d by I'JABA D. tProgr rnme
IOn Umv (Jly (IGNOU) h
. . vlng an
rcial El nk, and r pell rl Mn tFaol itate
I. , J.pp cat ';"ts - .. C 8
-::X.. I"rWY"art E'l"lIf'jer.t;.e sc.'S"',
GBG 1 ... -:, ... f
eppilcabll'< a N' S;leC I6':l

Euentiat 10'_ io" te be II
In th e applici Ion I rm In t e
fOllo wl nll or!l: I I
(Form be downloaoe.: lrom

. Name of e a C8""r. '" '"I 2... '
l eit e,s); 2 arr,e 01Fa e"
3 . Date 01 Din!' . ( "<atcoa 'y 5
Category !G SC/S-IOElC( C ,-
6 Genoer ( a 91Fema a)' 7 ;>er-n;; -
nent 8. Correspondoo:.e
Address : 9. Conta:: telepl'ore
numoer. .f any; O. Ccnt acr 'a.
rumber if any: 11. Conracr E-ma
address. if any; 12 . De:a. s of
Demand Dr atl: (I ) DO Nu'-'oe ,
(iI) Dale ot issue (il/) Value ... Rupees
(rv) Bank on "'awn.
13. Academoc record: For each 0'
the lollowlng exam,natlOns: (il Serllor
ConUnued on palle 28
( 0 trom Ir h r du I and 10 I '
o I) 0 I I 4 n- rvce candidates sponsored
. u 0 aseat , 10 : Is are ear-marked for J & K Sial
gton ubjoct to ' vailability and eligibility. e
t In any dl cipline with minimum 50% aggregate man<s from a
Ity (45% for reservo category).
Up 10 25 years as on 1 JUly2012 (30 yrs. for in-service candidates)
nON PROCESS: Candidales will be shortlisted based on their academic
ermanca followed Group DIscussIon and Porsonallnterview to be oonducted
IRO. Lucknow. We/ghtage will be given to women candidates and candidates who
stud ed up 10Class X in rural areas.
TO APPLY: Application Form and Prospectus can be downloaded from
and completed application along with Demand Draft of Rs. 500/.
(In favour of BIRD, Lucknow) must be sent to Tho Director, BIRD, Sector-H, LOA
Colony. Kanpur Road, Lucknow - 226012 (U.P.), so as to reach him on or before
27 Apri!--2012.
Contact: 05222421181. 2421119, 24211 42 pgdrbblrd@gmall .com. blrd@bsnl.ln
No. 8141251201Q..F( C)
'A' Wing. Shastr i Bhavan, New Deihl
Sub: Filling up of the post of Di rector (General Central Serv ice . Group ' A' . Gazetted. Non-
MlnlsteriaU 'PB-4 (Rs . 37400- 67000) with GP Rs. 8700/J corresponding to the prtr!vised scale of
pay at As . 14300400-18300 in Nanonal Film Archive of India. Pune under Mini stry 01 Informat ion
and Broadcasting .
The post of Director (Group A. Ga zell edJ In the Pay SaOO-4(As. 37400-67000) With GP Rs. 87f?O/-
responding to the pre-revised sca le ot pay 01 Rs . 14300-400-18300 in the Nat ional Film
, ndill . Pune by deputat io n (including short -term cont ract) /Promo tl on . Th e eli gi bi li t y
itlons for appointment 10 the po st are gi ven in the Annexure-I .
he pay and allowances of the oHicer sel ec ted will be regulated in accordance WIth the Departmde;:
I d T
. 'ng' s 0 M No 2129/9t-Esll (Pay- II) daled 05th January, 1994. as amen
e anne an ralnt ." .
e at mo . t (Annu ure-II) may b8 forwarded In
Ap..p1astlons 01 eligible ottlcers In the. proscribed pro orma
lGale to this Ministry along the tollowlng docume:
n oHlcer not below the rank of an Under
CJoplesat ACRs tor the last five years duly attest y a
Secretary or equivalent.
'Y ilance clearance certificate. . I as imposed on the officer dur ing the last
to the effect that no minor/maJor pena ty w
.0 years.
'Integrity Cerlillcate: and
re clearance r&-II may be sent to this Ministry addressed
ications rn the prescribed. at Annexu slln R.Na . 556. 'A' Wing. Shaatri Shavan,
tPl' (Films). Ministry of Information and ofihlS adVertisement In the Employment
within 45 d.y. from the date of pu lCa allowed to withdraw their candidature subse -
"" .e<swn(i volunteer for the poSI ,,:,"1 not bepl I tor the post shall not exceed 56 years as
. m age limit at the candidates ap y ng
max,mu XURE I
date of receipt of apphcallons. ANNE -
A hive of Irtdl., pune.
DIrector, N.tlon.1 Film rc 'A' Gazelled. Non-Ministerial. .
General Central ServICe. Group 'th GP Rs 8700/- corresponding
Pay 8aOO-4 (Rs . 37400-67000) W; Rs 14300-400-18300
to the pte-revised scale 01 .
Nallona' Film Archive of India. cont racl )/PromotlOf1; 5.
Doput8tlOf1 (Incl udi ng shortterm .
01pay 01 As. or equivalent In Ihe parent anc
Note 1: The Departmental Deputy Direclor-cum-Cu'lllor and Aegional Of leers on tile
Pay Band3 at As.15600-39 00 and Grade Pay 01 As. 6600 wilh ten years' regu'a'
service shall also be considered along with depotauomsts and In case anyone of:n ...
is selec1edtor appointment to the post. the same shall be deemed tohave been "'190 by
promotion .
Note 2.- Period at deputation (ISTC) includlllg period of ceputaton (ISTC) III another
ex-cadre post held Immediately preceding tms appointment in the same 0 ' some other
organ isation/department bf the Central Government shall ord,nanly not
years . The maximum age limit lor apI/OIntment by (IS C) no. be
exceeding 56 years as on the closing date of receiot of apolrcahons.
Note 3: For the purpose of appointment on deputation basis. tne service r ered on
regular basis by an otticer prior to 1.1. 2006/ the date from wh en the rev-se pay
structure based on the 6th Central Pay Comrntssrcn recornrnendations has been
extended shall be deemed to be servi ce rendered In the COfresponding grade pay/pay
scale based on the recommendations at the Pay CommIssion except ....'flere
of more than one pre rev,sed scats 01pay mto one grade WllIl
there hae been
merglll'/ cal and where this beneht will extend only for the post(s,
a common gra a pay pay s e, t ado 1'111 ut any
lor which that grade pay/pay scale is the normal replacomen or
upgradation. E . s I lows '
I Educat
""'ol Qualifications and xpsnsnce a .
(b); Possess ng
ESSENTIAL: gnlzed University or 9QurvalMlI
(I) Bachalor's Degree trom wllh ",Im Study' as oneof tile sulJteClSOf
(i1) Diploma In Mass Commu t rap/lylF,lmOlfsctlOn as ono of tIlo subj .
Diploma In Films WIth Clnemlna :Inlstrauon, establishment and tludO&l worl<
(1/1) Five years oxperience a
DESIRABLE: h' n' earchlwork oxpo(l9l1Ce In areas relal
Flvo years experience In teac ,n", res
or mass communication. bl I the dlserehon of Union Public Sem e
Nole 1 : Qualifications are writlOg, in Cll e 01 cando I s "
eommlsslon. for reasons to be reoot
l!tied , x bI al l scr II()floIltle
2 The qualtflcallon(5) regardong I II:" (ded '" wrtt I U" 0'
"'" Publoc ServlcOeommllSlOf1. lor fOaSOO$nd Schedul Tr . nal any lag 01
" ....ed led Cast a H I urn r 01
candidates belonglno to "'" 0 u ,on IS01 til 011 moll lhat u n
the Union Public 5erViCt9 comm's I ' sr not r 9 y to
sel oct mun,t1OS S885010 I , u
candodatM from the e com eservod lor tIlem ,
be avallablo to lUI up 1M posts r I Ih toP n the 0' nlz lion Til D'r8C
n post 01 DlrllClor s 101 I r
Job requirements : I Ible for Ploper.nd Hoc' I managem ut lit
tha Hoed 0' D,opertment III ra: ltIClude acqui non p' rv t and prtn nell
National F,lmArchIve of 100 annal and hnllnc I man rlllallng IOU
l II m all ad'"lnl lrallvo. ,n I II' Appr I t
arc . I ' gatlll ino the eou t 0'
Ho Is 11180 r sport51ble or ' ,1m study groups In 0011 un'
locturesl slImltl8f1l lor mtlll 911
tlonal sol ups

' Pa<.o;>otl '.

(a) Central Govemment, (b) Stote Govemment. (c) Autonomous Organisation. (d) Go
some Deportment and sre in the foodor grftd
feedar foodo
.redgraScode'le of Ps'''' If yes give Iho dote from which the rovision took pluc 81
Ara you In eVIl> 1 ' ,
also indicate tho pre-revised scole.
Total emoluments por month nowdrawn . : . l>il 1
Additional inlormatlon, If any, which you would like to m nll on 'n support 01 your wtll .ty Of
the post. .
Enclose a separate sheet, If the space Is InsulflC.oot
Please state whether you are applying for deput ation (ISTC) /Pr omot lQn
Whether belongs to SClST?
Ramartts .
davp 22202/1110187/1112
S afure 01 the Candldat
Addr s
R idenc
(CountllfS9led by Head 01 DepattrnenVOlhc )
Certlfted thaI Ihe partlcwr lumllhed by the CMdo!JIlt
eoorda and are correct No diaclpllnaryMglanc C4 I
r . t hirT\hIeI' No mejor/minot penalty he ompo 8d on t
integrity Cadre c:lllerance I sIlO twKlIWIth
Note ' P ease do not enclose coc-os 0 certificates / ma s .
. Onginal certrncs tos / marks cards Will be vsnneo only alter select ion .
.1 1
of Selenc In Ilea appllcafion for II c. Summ r
In Science and En In"ring for SC/ST Studen" _2012
Permanent Address (with PIN code)
Postal Address
Telephone No . (with STo code)
Mobil e No. :
E- mail 10
Ca teg ory (tick (-") SC [
I ST [ ]
Physically han dicapped (tick (,,/) Yes [
1 No [
Course of study (tick (,,/)
First year M Sc. Third Year BElB.TectI
duri ng(20"-'2) [ 1 during 2011-12 [
Branch/Sp ecializati on of study
Name & Address of the College
(with PIN code)
Ed ucational quali f ications :
% marks obta l nad
Ran kJs i l an y Cours e of st udy Disclpli ne l b ranch
I-J exc l udl nlll ang u.!9!!.!L__
-- -----_. - - -_.- -----_.- - _.- - ---- - --- -
t . 12th St d.
-_._ ...._..
-.- --- - _.._----
.- .. ---- .._._-_.-
.. __ ..
.. . 0._.
. . .. -
2. B.Sc.

. ..- - - .-. - -_.. - f- - . -- ._.- -- -- . .-- . -_0- . --
r!- - - - - ... . -_. - - - - - -- - -- --
_. _..__.
.. _._.- . -_.-
- -
I Year
II Year
Prelerence 01the Dapartm ent for Project work
I ! I
(please refer www.iisc.emet.ln for list of Departments)
1 2
I Q aliflcatl ons 01 parants : (Please tick whichever is applicable)
! Primary/ Miodle School ! High School! SSLC! Graduate! Post-graduale
Mother ; Not studied / Primary! Middle School! High School! SSLC! Graduate!
I f Parents Rs (In the event of selection proal to be produced) Income a . ..
Parents Domicile
L __ C--==l C. ____]
Semi Urpan Rural Urban
Signaturc of the Applicant Date
earns With this application.
SCIENCE 14;;8Gt4jtU'g.lgMI
IISc . Summer Fellowship in
Sci enc e and Engi nee ri ng lor SCiST sl ude nts _
ELIGIBILITY: SC/ST stud ents tudy ng I your M.Sc In Scionco dlllciplinoa (Blolog'1C8I, Ptry8lcaJ. nd
Mathemalical SCience s) or lil yeur B.E lB.Toch or equivalent degroo, during the acad mic ye r 2011.12.
IISc . will evolve u suil ablo criter a 'or aeloct mg the candid ates for the progr amme.
FINANCIAL SUPPORT : IISC. will provldo :
Travelling allowanco oquivalont to II Claas train l aro from Collogo I roaidonco to IISC. and back .
Froo boarding and lodging (on sharing basis) at IISC.
t Followship of As.S,OOOI. and a book grant 01As.1500/ .
FEATURES OF TI1E PROGRAMME : Soloct od candl dal os will work With ona of the IISCFacult y members and
loorn vur lous l ochn lquos used In rosoarch lor II por iod of ano mont h during May-June 2012.
Last dato for submission of hllad In applicati on lorm Is 20th April 2012 .
OODli cal/on lOIlIl,1 can bo downloadod Irom: hhp:JJwww.Ilac:.ernet.lnlal .. (Thoro is '$Ion for
fho opplical/ononlino)
The duly. filled In application form, can be subml hed to the fOllowing address, by lIUporscrib1ngthe envelope al>
"liSe. Summer Fellowship In SCience and Engineering lor SCIST Sludenta. 2012":
Asalaunt Reglatrar (ACOOdemlc )
fndl an Inatltute 01Science, Bangalore 560 012.

EN 104
UGC NET exam with JRF/ DBT JAF
(BETIBINC)/lCMR NET (b) Roll No.1
Seat No.; 16. Decl aration: I declare
that the inl ormation furnished above
is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge and bel ief, and that no
rotated information is concealed. II
any di screpa ncy is observed at any
stage , NIPGA will be to cancel
my cand idature/ sel ecti on.; 17. Two
photographs ; 18 . Si gnat ur e of
candidate; 19. Date: 20. Place ;
EN 1111 1
To Scale ay D'
From Ba.slc Pay '"
p & f7)
pilcaliotls complete in all respects , accompanied by a recent passpo rt
photograph and attested copies of certifICates and test imonials, proot of
e etc , should reach the Repertory Chief, NSD Repertory Compan y,
Bcihawalpur House, Bhagwandas Road, Nevi Delhi110001 on or
bore 2.5 .2012. .
he new session will commence f rom 2012. Persons alread y
employed should route their appl ications through properchannet. No TAIDA
willbe paidfOfattending the audition I interview. However, SCI STcandidates
WIll be paid lind class rai lway fare by the shortest route from thei r place of
residence to New Delhi and back , on production of railway I bus recei pt.
pplicatjons on pia n paper from THEATRE
f Artistes Grade Aand Bin the Repertory
on a consolidated salary slabof Rs.30,OOO
fje r monl h respectively.
" initially for one year, which may be
ofTrve years on the basis of perbdic assessmenl.
00 Of a recognized Theatre Training Institute OR 5
Ing in acting & eminence in lhe field for
A' aoP 2years post-training experience In acUng for
partbpating in major roles, in 15 important productions for
e 'A' and 10important productions for Artistes Grade 'B'in
f Or any other Indi an language.
Deieoey In Hindi language &speech .
rable Qualifications :
E petience of direction of plays and or stage cra ft wor1l .
of (a) Dance, mu sic and allied arts . (b) Acting theories and
las.(c) Regional languages and di alect s.
faronrAwill Ita n;lIft n tJ., "I
...,...................,..", .rr _... ::rrr-....... -.avu. ,vv v, ",",U.
Continued from page 27
Secondary (10+2) or aq ulvala nt ,
(II) Bachelor"s level degre e or
equivalent , and (iii) Master's level
degree or equivalent; please give the
lollowing information : (a) Name of
Examination (b) Subject s
(c) University or Board (d) Year
(e) Division or class obtained and
(I) Aggregate percentage obta ined ;
14. M. Sc. dissertation title and/or
rosearch publlcations, if any; 15. (a)
Year and month of qualifying the CSIRI
Headquarters Goa Naval Area
. Vasco-da-Gama
Cancellation of Vacanci es
The following Group 'C' Non-Gazett ed vacancies advert ised by Headquarters,
Goa Naval Area . Vasco-daGama, Goa at Page No. 28 of the Employment
News 0713 Aug 2010 are hereby cancell ed:-
51. 51. No. 01 Advertisement Po at (Vaca nci es)
SI 4 Peo n (0 1 vacancy)
(a) SI '1O Lascar (05 Vacancies)
SI:11 Ward Sahayika (Ayah) (01 vacancy)
(d) SI 13 Safaiwala (04 vacancies)
S" 14 Mali (02 vacancies)
(e) I. Fireman Gd.1I (01 vacancy)
i l ) SI. 15 Medical Attendant (01 vacancy)
(11) SI. 16 (Gautom S. Negi)
Chief Staff Officer (LA&P)
EN 1/129
_.. or I8fTlPOfll .... - please stete
ION """' ,
IS n6Id 01:' UV"'-
davp 10701111/ 010911112
ANNEXUREII Conllnued Irom page 27

Name and Address in block I.etters : .
. nd ge (in Ch Era) .
Dote of BIrth a a entra VSlate GOV!. Rules :
Date of retirement .under C : . t are satisfied. (il any
Educa\lOO81 other qualifications reqUifed for in the rutes, state the
tner Educal looa a ivalent to the one presen
,qua .cation has been tr eated as equ . sassed by the officer
:a for the same.) ed Oualil lCatiooSl Expenence pas
tionslExperience requrr
1 2. 3 ou meet the require.
2 3 . "hby you above. y
1 . . the light of enlnes rnaoe
.......... wnemer Ir1 . (1M) 01 Annexure-I. Please
ir.wl PI DIe under l.(a)(l) 01 (n) or
wt\&!her e11g1 uthel1tlcated
. separate &heel, duly a
()IlOIOg.caJ order. EncJose a
E" d rNf TlEllCli In ctJr belOW IS lOSufflCien . 01 P Nature 01
Proaent address Wi th Pin
"""" Number
Year of
ed copy 01Cer1ifrcates)
Exam B
Ponnan.", with P n Cod N -_Stale
_____"_umbe _ r : _
10. ;:; Oo --=- -Y- OU-k- n- OW-8-W1- 'm- m-ing' --: S- ta-te-- - -
(Stat o YES I NO) (&- 1:":;:;:- .
11 E .................. for lascar (00) . _- -
. ducatlonal OuailfiCllllQ . ' I'lanl f ,reman Ind T
(In Chronological ord ns : opue only)
(Attach attested 'rom minimum standard)
Exem Passed
Year 01
Socured Marks! In,titutlon
Total marl<&
t 2.
Technical Ouamicatlona
(Attach attast
Number 01 PoSb
(sub!ltCt to variation)
01 01 01 00 03
s!Ondard PlI
13. Experience If any (please attach proof) :
Incl uding 13 vacancies for PwOS (04-QH. - ,
I d C te S1 _ Scheduled Tnbe. UR - Unr eserved,
(Fe t'lOrlHuS
Tho crucial dato for determining the r
applications Irom candidates. age 1mIt shall bo the closing date .Ior the recolpt of
Ap Iicar ..... - .
. p . IOnon the given proforma with attested copies 01certitlc8tesll ";timo-
mats.In support of a94'l ' educat ional qualifications, technical experience. coste
certl hcate, caste volidl ty certificate (wherever applicable) etc. alongwilh two (02) recent pass.
port size photographs (full name be written on beck side ot photogmphs) and two (02) It
addressed stamp (Rs. 61) envelopes 23 X 1I ems size addrl>Ssed 10 'The Advertiser P:'\
Bo x .No. 2258, KalbacMv l Poat Omce , Mumbal- 400 002" should reach Within 15 da-is trom
the Ilrst date of publicatIOnoladvertJsement and 25 days in respect 01appl;cationsroc..lved by
from ca.ndldates residi ng In North East rogions (Assam. f'IIoghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh,
Mlzoram. Tripura, Slkklm and Andman Nikobar, Lakshc1eep and Kawaralhy islands.).
Age .relaxation upto 05 (live) years l or SC/ST and 03(three) years 'or OBC candidates.
Appli cants claiming age relaxation attach att ested copy of Coste CertJlical a from the
appropriate authorit ies.
In case 01 OBC, the Caste certificate, interallia must specify that the candidate does not
belong to 'creamy lay!!r' and are require to produce claiming OBC as per format
contained in G.!. Deptt , 01 Pers & Trg. OM 36033128194Esll (Res) dated 02 Jul 1997at tho
time of Interview. '
Vacancies are also reserved for ExServicemen within the total vacancies lor SC/ST/OBC
and 10% in Group c posts. Ex Sorvlceman candidate should 'orward undertaking as per
GOIIDOP&T OMl36034129lEsllfSct dated 03 Apr 1991.
Number 01 vlIC.Inclos are . ubject to change at the discretio n or Competent Authority
without Intimation and wi thout 8Isl gnlng any reasons thereof. I t time dur ing the
eeurae 01 recrultmenl
The persons with Disability who want to avail benefit 01 reservation and age relaxatronhavo
to submit Disability certificate iasued by the Compotont authority in the formst givon In
Annoxuro-I 01GOIlOOP&T oM 360351312004Estt.(Res} dated 29 Doc 2005. Age relexatlon
upto 10 (Ten) yoars for ' PH' candidates, holding oppropriAte DISAbility certil icate issued by the
Compel ent Authority.
El igible candida tes working In Cenl ral Gov.!lrnmenVState Government must their
applications through proper channol and have \0 produce ' No ObJection certi ficat e fromhis
present employer at tho time of Interview.
No relaxation in age limit wUI be provided unless the catogory IS not I led appropriately at the
relevan t oolumn In the application loon
10. ApplicationS must be sent by ordinary post only. . .
11. The envelope contain ing the appl lcetion should be cloarly suporscripted 10 BOLD capital. ':h
the name of the post applied lor and roservl\tion category vIZ SC/ST10 BClUR a applloe 0
as follows ;-
12. Separate applicat ion Is to be sont tor post. Only s ;'1' t
Carldldature In respect of multiple appllcal lo
In on pos I8C
notice 10 such candidatOS. re lid ""vel
13. ApplicatIonS without full details in a given specimen. 02 t I a% r ured
grephS, signature. attested certiflcat" and thOse nol con0 1
t shall not be r08po<lSlble for poStlll detay/lOl S
14, The dopartmen lh6 right 01 CAncell ing tM csootdSIUrO 01 any
15 The Department reserves . hiding any mat nal InlormatlQrl. mISt lI'leaurnlNlltJr1
Indulging in af'f/ ma1practlcar.e. candldat w'l i bl to be cl <rad l rom
canva Ing for candidature . Allsuch aA""'" mllY allO '" t
InlltioOS 8nd 8 Clml
Nl l
11'''''''''''' 'V.
as well 8S futuro exam t" m 1Qrla<l " , CIllteoertlflc81e '-:111
ndid 101 to u'e tI1at ca
16 Resorved catogory ca a vemment 01 100I On n. r
the Oa18tto pu ishOd by thO Go CAl v alid Iy C IICS\ to con
candida be reQUllad 10 produce I C c8"I by
'losa of ce t" status 1\ may be ed lor v
cand 8t be lorwll rded 10 Cast ScM y
.....' iOOSr ad iFl r
17. If t e delrtrnfl"t to t If I
conv"n n or of carY.lidll ca ad lot' "'.tflOllW"I"' ....... _I'nl...
rnay r. IflGt the n pr
b8 of 10 belie Q
uc;ceaatuI .., clOeI 001
1 " C8/ldid.1 I
8 .
7 .
164 ' 325
19 35
02 10
02 03
02 03
09 11
02 Og
24 88
02 00
03 03
00 01
00 01
Ag e limit - 1810 35 years '
Pay Sca le Rs. 5200-20200 with Grade Pay
Rs.l800/- (PS -I)
(a ) Matric ulattOfl or equivalenl l rom
a recognized Board/Ins tit ution
(b) Must be physically fit and capabl e of
performing strenuous du ties and must
have passed the test spe ci fied in Note
below .
Test as to physical fitness etc. referred to
above shall be as under :.
(I) (ii) (III) (iv) (v)
Age limit - 18 to 25 years Pay SCale -
As . 5200- 20200 with Grade Pay Rs . 1900/
(PS _ I) (Relaxable for Government
servants uplO 35 years) .
Age limit - 18 to 35 years
Pay Scale Rs. 5200-20200 with Grade Pay
Rs . 1800/ (PS - I)
Age LJmlt - 18 to 35 years
Pay Scale Rs. 5200-20200 with Grade Pay
Rs . 18001 (PS - I)
Group 'C'
Non -
Group 'C'
Group 'C'
Group 'C'
Gazett ed
p1D7 11 10 t 11 12
lin,60 t
Awl BtiOOJ a In t l or bl I
j)rorrl<ll1Qn be is In Na iOOaJ I
$ocl I und r t.1. try ot W r
N 5ll tl Y ual 8
FINANCE Oi:'FICER - One po st
Pll,y Band : PB3 R . 16600 9100 pi grad pay 6600
Off r under Ih C\lflt raJ C1Vl J I lEI GovL/Pubhc OCIOr Ur\d
Gov rnm oV SlIltutor/ IAutonomou organIZatIOnal Soc
) Hol d ng aoelOQOlJl po t Or tho P<>lIt In the Pay B':lCl YPB 3
100 whh GrftcJe Pay of A 66001 ' R .15600_
OR .
(2) with 5 :/9ar. of r gul r "VICe In he Pal BaM PB-2,
mel Pay R 540(J/. . 9300,34000 with
(3) with 6 r tlCe In e Pay Barn; PI
P"y As. 4800/. Rs 8300'34600
(4) with 7 yoars serv.ce In tho pa" Band' PB
pay RsA600/. , ,2 Rs !I'-QO34bOQ With Gr8de
Possossl ng a degroe from a recogn;led UC\lver < t d
administration, Finance, Accounts Aud r, Budget n:::aner<:'\t 10
NOTE : Dopartmental Sect icn Off icer w lh 7 yeo-s regu ar r,(, ", ;1<l ':
Band of Rs.930034800 rn PB2 WIlh Grace Pay P- P'ly
tor the post of Finance OffICer In case a departmental carKhda'e e
the samo shall be deemed o have been IIIled by prr.;!no lOr, -
Period of deputation Including perIOd 01 ceputauo-, <'l (""",.<;>j'e
held Immediately precedi ng thiS aPOOIO ment In Ihe same 0<
organolahonl department ai, the Central Govt ,he norma V t;(, for o rlO),
and shall not exceed five years .
The maximum age limit shall not be exceeding 56 years In case of deputatlOOo$
as on the dOSing date prescnbed for receipt 01 appllCattOrlS
NOTE: :he crucial date 01 determining the 8g6 Iim.t shanbe the elostng date
tor receipt of appticauon Irom candidates In India (and not the ck.s OllIe
pres?nbERl for those .I. n Assam,-,Meghalaya. Arunachal Prades h. Ml'!olam
Manlpur,Nagaland, Tnpura, Sikkim, Laddakh dIvision 01Jammu and Kash r
State, Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh , Andaman and Nrcotlar
Islands and Lakshadweep) .
The Finance Officer shall assist the Direc10r in the prepara on of the
of the Institute. He shall be responsible for the control of Its finance. preparauon
of balance sheet, for proper maintenance of accounts and eUllil et c Tne
Finance Officer shall adv ise the Director on all financaa/ matters
1. Appointment on deputation will be on Foreign Service terms lor a PE':nod at
3 years . The pay ot off icers selected for deputa tion will be regulate d Ir
accordance with the provisions contained in DOPT a .M. No. 610612009
Estt (Pay-II) dated 17.6.2010.
2. Screening Committee can exercise discreuon regarding ' ul nlrnent
experience criteria in the specified pay band and equivalence 01 pay baoc
3. In cas e of candidates already employed, the forwarding au honty snou d
certify that the particular s furni shed by the otticer are correct and tha n<.
disciplinary or vi gil ance case is pending or cont emplated agam t he ollCB'
Up-t o-dat a Annua l Confi denl ial Report dossiers of the aponcants shoul d also
be sent when requested by the National Instit ute of Hydrology No Penall
Cert ificate for last 10 years may also be sent along with apphcstlOO l orm 11
may also be confirmed that in the event of select ion lor the appointment, e
officer concemed will be relieved of his dut ies as and when requested The
integrity of the ollicer should also be certified.
4. Cand idates already emplo yed in GovernmenV Semi-Govt .l Autonomous
Bodiesl Society should apply through proper channel. Applrcalions not
forwarded through proper channel will nol be considered.
5. If the number ' of candidates are too large, considering the number at
vacancies to be lilled for a particular post , fhe Instllu1e reserve the nghl to
short-list the candidates to be called for interview bas ed on the ell grblll y
criteria decided by the Screening Committee.
6. Applications in the prescribed format in dupli cal e along With attested CQpI9S
of certil icates, marks sheets and testimoni als should reach Senior
Administrative Officer, National Institut e of Hydrology. Jal VII/yan Bh w n,
Roorkee-247667, (Uttrakhand) betore the closi np dal e. The clOSing date lor
receiving applicalions will be 60 days from the dat e of pubhcalion 01 the
advertisement in the Employmenl News.
7. The candidates called for intarvrcw Will be paid TA as p r Instr tutes Rules
8. Recent passport size photograph should be pasted on th lor .hl hlln
corner at the application.
9. Applications, which are not camp/lite .n all r sp cts. 8 1 hatJ4.
Post applied for (2) Full nan a ( Block I Il, ./
.. .. (3) Father' s/Husband's Name ( 4) (, I) Oat, <I I
...... . .. _ (b) Age _... . ... on-closmq dol 01 applicanon) .y
... Month Day " ) (5) Mant al st tu - (til Pom,
Address - _....... (7) Addr ess l or communi II" D t I
Educational Ouaunceuons ( li llJll School /Matll c onw rd I (9) Il t II I)f
protessronat courae Itrninlng etc. (10) 0 t.1 o x " t C. nd I r I",
Employment including d putanon ( If any) IndtC8l1n thl> c I 01P Y nd
pay and details of present post and pay ( att ell 1>'001) (11) Wit l h I I
to SC/ST/OBC/Phy .cally handICapped ( Att ach c rtoflc t "' pr''I r ",m
(12) whether pr pared to IV ny wh ( IIllndl (14) me full t1 ,
at throa ro1or098 whO ar not r eted to thfJcand t nd 0 hom I I ,
could be mlId r <dIng c ndKlat xp " nd ';Ult l>IIty lor I
(15) L. t of ndo ur
Cortlfled thal eU.,tolmAh
knowledge and I f ( TRIK (
EN 1/116
9th &10th May 2012
26th &27th April 2012
'Doputy Secretary (EXAM)
009/10 & 059110 TGT Social ScIence (Male)
010110 & 060/10 TGT Sociel ScIence (Female)
credit eqUIvalent research publi shed
work of high academic standard.
fo r Depul ati o n -
(a) Officers of Government/Semi
Government Offices having the
reqursne qualofications.
Pe r iod of deput ation . I year ,
extendable upto 3 year:; .
2. Dir ector (J ournal, p ublicati on &
Libra ry) - 1 post (UR) (on
Deputat10n/Dlrect Recruitment)
Pay Band PB3 Rs 1560039100
Gra e Pay Rs 7600
Limit . V' ar
E en l al ed uc ati on qualification
f or D r t R crurtment .
A fj rr e r HI Ir,r V or
I ii IV r
A to L 009/10 & 059110 TGT Social Science (Male) 3rd & 4th April 2012
010/10 & 060110 TGT Social Science (Female)
M t o.R
TGT (Ur du) & LT 312 L.T. Urdu (Female)
(Urdu) 015110&065110 TGT Urdu (Male)
016/10 & 066110 TGT Urdu (Female)
S to Z &All Visually 009/10 & 059/10 TGT Social Science (Male)
can dldat o of TGT 010/10 & 060110 TGT Social Science (Female)
(Social Sc i ence)
310 L.T. Urdu (Male)
29,04.2012 (SUNDAY)
(10:3OAM to 01:30PM)
oa.04.2012 (SUNDAY)
(10:30AM to 01:30PM)
(lind SATURDAy)
(10: 30AM to 01:30PM)
The examinati on of all visually Handicapped candidates of all afor..ald post codn will be conducted on 12.05.2012
Irreapeetlve ofthelr name. . .
Rema ining content of the examination schedule shall rernam the same.
Due to general election of MCD to be held on 15.04.2012, the examination Schedule published by the DSSSB on 04.02.2012 is
hereby modified part iall y as followi ng:
Dat e of Exam Name of Candi dates Post Post name Date of Issuance of
starti ng with Code duplicate admit card
81 habets From 10:00AM to 5:00 PM
DIP/ 1780/2011-12
tndian Council of
Government of India
Ar chaeological Survey of -India
Office of the Super intending Archaeologlll
R d A barl GuwahaU- 781001 Assam
GuwlhaU Circle, G.N.B. 0.0, m 'Ied fo' recruilfTlellll I e 101
pplicalions in \he p,escClbed lo nnal pe,sons as per d"talls g"llI'
Foreman (Works) from und <S' ned wllhl n 15 day. Icom \he
bel ow which shoul d be reac "" 0
date of publication of this advert lsemenl
1 Name of the POll: Fo, eman (Wo,ks)
. 1 P al Group 'C ( onGazetted)
2. C1Itl'lJory 0 . Rs 5200.20200/-+ Gfade Pa; .!POOI
J . of .,.y. . No (Reserve<! fo' aBC)
4. Number 01 vaunlcy: Essential. (a) MatClcul t n or
&. Mi ni mum Educalona rvlsion 0' I bOOr MU m,no' con ,"el S
equ,valent (b) Expe"ence In age hm,t , I x.bla as pe' lhe oro 01
6 Ag" limit : 16-25 years
Gov! . 0' Indi a 'r bm l ime 10 lima ar
7 P rloll 01 Pro ballon: 2 10 811""d the on!arvr "' IOlhe
. )N TNOA wlil be ,m ss' E ,.
Nole: a o . I be hli lld . up 0,111 r ,n Hindi 0' ,n n....
b) The appllcalton mus t be reg I" r n 811y ol lh/l EmpI ym" nl Ex,ch.Blf\(/'tS
c) CandkJale's 9 U pOlI8d Wltli ,lie 18dcop< of W
d) ar':ct dale of bHth Ie ph
the qua I I <PDrl 11" t
e) The s I slgned r&Cen
light l op corne' of appliCll llOll. lUI
I) Incompl ete appI icat wi I
be made ," Ihl regard S-'ll4t<11181''''Wlll
ppli c lion fo' Ih po I of

liT Kha, gpur IOVll4 app!ocahon Itom Ind n N oonala 10' I
nv I lo lill I.... bcklog re e", v c..nc_ for Sc
Cl.SCheduled Tflbes (ST) rod Ottllrr Backwarll C',o ... (DB
JunIor TeChniCIan. 11 POSts Ie a. T. 7 and OBC . 1)
Pay Oand : t 52'00 'O?OO! P8 1) WI'II Grade Pay I 20001.
howanee. a allr
Qv.lillQtion & .per
Phy a I G 01o<Jy,t
ORU Ioma Engl
WI( men IUJn... e,
Comp I nl Aulho"l 01 r .PCCl,v
Wllh ehtclll I p c, h, ahon
auMbl. F 'pell ell c.e an d ... nO't'lleage In c;OfT\Qute r appllc ai io n
efecltonl C lOStl umenf. e. 'T a nt nance and nandhng o f
' OphlSl lc t d InSlrum nt'
Junior Laboralory A....l.on\ 8p<n1 f J and ST.
Pay Blno: I 52002 02001 (PB 11 w C'ace rat ' ;;orJO. and O'"ler
allowances a. admlSl<blc
QualiflcMion&Experianu Bachelo< (10- 2-3pa1L1;<n .. C
PhYla I GeoloQy & GeophysJC.I!Matnema a I Boo $rAn"" or P.Q
OROopfoma'n Eng'nee " ng ol thr"" yea' s d<J' all()n '" apPlop,,,,,,, t"""
OeslTabIe: E:xperoenc.e and It1 CQrr ()o.Aef applocaI,on _
It1Slrumenls. fepa ..,ng&"'-aneearc hanclklg 01"'P"WIllC3lelllll$ll
3 JunlorA.lislanl . 500sla ISC 1. ST J and aBCI .1)
Pay Band' I 5200 202001 (Pa.l ) wi G' ace Pay I 2000J afl(J 04he1
allowancel as adm.sslble
QUlhl,cation & Experience. Gfaduale n any <l'$opbne nO -2 .j Pallern)
Computer key depreSSIOn'PCed eourva",nl 10 '0 V/PM .... nowIedge o. S
Wo,d . MS Excel etc eXpOSule10OllocePf(IC<:du'e I'ke malftl e"ance or F s
NOling. DraftIng etc aceeSS<on1l31

Upper age Iim,1 '5 3!l years 10' SCiST ana 33 years 101 OBCa
cancioates The retaxauon 01 age to' Persons WIt h O'sabd' hes PWO)
IS as per Govl 01IndIa Rules
2 Candldales should submll lhe_ SCJSTIOBCSIOosaolhly CertJoca'e by
Competent Authonly InIhe p'escllbed lormai alO<'lg WI\Illhe applocal oon lorm
,n sUPPOr1 oftheJreta lm
3 Persons employed an Gov ern men t ! Sel'Tll Ofgan
Autonomous Bodtes should SLlbm11 thel' apphc.auon s thf ou9 proper Cl'\annel
Degree as refe rred above shou'd have bee n awardea. b.., a l ecog:"Zec
UnIVerSity , Ins titute
!l Mere ehglbllity w,n nol vesl any ngnt on any can(Male 10' be '"ll Cd;le<: to,
mterv.ew The deOSlon 01 the tns hlule 10 a1l maners W in De fmat 0
correspondence Will be entertained tr om the can o.cates anconOf;C" h
the process or selechon I interview Can..asslOg In any ma nner wou enlall
d,squali'ocalton or Ihe candldalure
6 Expenence prescnbed may be rela.ed ,n the case 01 .,.cePt
mef ,lOtlQus candtdales
The Inshl ute reserves lhe nghl l o call only the reQUl s,le numbe, 01cand ales
for Inle rvlew dNer Shof1hsl109 With 'elerence fo Ihe candKj ate' s QuallfiCa(lOn
sUltablhty eKpenence. erc
8 apphcallons or applicatIOns wl ln ou l arteSlea cop Sol:;er. hcal S
or receIVed after Ihe lasl dale are Irable 10be , eleel""
9 An '1dispute With regard (0 the selecltOn' recrul lme,,1 proce ss VI- De 5ut>.ec:
10Courts J Tnounais haVi ng IUflscJ rChon over Kotkata
10 InteromenOUIIIllSw,1I not be enter1a,,,eo
11 Toand -',o ra,l la,e by Ihe shot1esl route be,ng I""led 10seco""
Will be paid to all the candtdaleS(0 alt end Interv,ew
possessIng reQUiSite Quahfw:atlon &; eroenence ma'f suom I lhelr
applrcahon to "Assistanl Regi sltar. EIII. IndIan Insl, tute 01 Technology
721302 India" soas 10 redcl")11o'belo,e Appl ZOo2012
K ragpu r F can be do...... nloaded from Insttl lJle weDs Ie
P<escnbed ApphcaltOn 01TT1
undellhe Irnk NolI leacnlO9pOS,(lOns
o.g- ., Dlpao.n.,
.............. ............................................... ......................... ...............................
....... ..................................
.......... ..
Application Form
No, NAPSlHRlHRMI0112012
: .
. ........ ............................................................................................................
: &. ..
: ... , "", Vear .... 1 "" , Monthl .... 1 o.y.
: .
: _ .
: SClSTIOllCIEx-5erviceman : ..
: V,. No c=:=::J
................................................. ..
: .................................................................................................................... .........................
It Ihe rAnl ral Oovemr nl PF l TC LledQi
lutly. HouolngIto . II PI' r.-".. wi! bot Port 01 u,,;
I lIMo U"", 01 1ec.t1On.
PI< do.. Ralvau. 1 re by the "- rouIII
without enaoour...,.. bIe 10 bot rejedod
0,. eIlllblilyai", nol IUIomotJcoolty on I 10 be 0Illed for
Na",", Alomlc: "'- lion. Nlroro. 1icMevw, Ihe _ If'I 1_ 10 bot lrInIIerrad 10_
on our woobllll : _
(pm1w1KJ/y l)pewrttten) to bot .... .. PI< the Ionnal provided In t!llI __rUMmenl only.
/, ..... liz. ohould be II!IXlId on !he _ P'OYIded for In Ihe forma l
worIdng In I GcwUPubIic Sedor 0I'ganizat.0n ohould Iorwwd theI, IplllicaIlon through proper ctIInnIII or 1tlact1
I 'No 0Djectl0n CertIIIcaM' from their employer. .
IlOPln 01 In IUppor1 01 (I) Emocatlonal QueIIIc:eUon (b) Datil of Birth (c) -.gIng 10 SClSTIOIlCI
ex_ d) C"rtlllcate, II "'y, Ihould be .aached wtth Ihe ApplIcation.
"H' 11 ... duly complRod In ... ..-pecta ot-Id be "" 10 the Manager (HlW). Naroro A1DmIc P....r 1IbtIon,
,... NAI'S Townahlp, ........... Bulandahahr-Z023lll (UP) ao .. 10 r8ectl on or befora 7 May. 2012 IUpe-.tblng
00 the anwlope 'Appl1caaon for tIM Poa1 of ApplIc8lIona roc:aIwcI _ the dIM .... wII not
be conoIcIered.
DnIr IND1AH NATIOHALa NEED APPLV. Canvaaaing In any form wil l be I dlsq...UIlcatlon.
1. ....... of !he Post IIl'Pl*lIor
1. F" Nan)e (In Block LelIIn)
3. F-'Name
4. 0.1e of Bir1h
I\Qa as on 01.01.2012
I. Sex
.. Nationality
7. MarllaIIlaIuI
(a) C8tegory
If yea. thecategoly of.dilability
i. PoIIaI Mdl'llQwIlIl PInCodl
EN 1130
(Brajesh Kumar)
Co mmandant (Rectt)
EN 1190
, ,
International Institute
for Population SCiences
(Deemed University) , .
Govandi Station Road, Deonar, Mumbal-400088
Application w, h all supportiny documents and a pllOtO(pa sport size) s
be sent to the DlHS-4 Coordinator, liPS, Oeonar , Mumbel-4000aa Only
short listed candidates Will be called for mtervl w. Instotute will not pay TAIDA
l or allendi ng the interview.
The last date for submiss ion of appbcanons has br on Xlc>nd
April 2012. For Details 01role & resporsibllitl sand Quallflc8t
plliase visit to our website. www.lip indl80rg (Job OpportUI It
Project Off icer 01
davp 1911011110573/ 1112
06 03 50
Poet GnIdueIIon InWId Ute 5denoe I ZOOlogywtth mnknum llO%
marka (50% marka lor SClST candldal8ll) and minimum 01
(one) yoar experienceof worldngIn 8 ZDo.
(Ravinder Singh)
Administretive Officer
EN 1/22
34 07
Signat ure of the
Spons oring Authority
wit h stamp
, Telephone No.
10. Date of r et ur en I rom last
deputation, if any
11. Any other fact s whiCh hefshe
may like to mention
Signature of the candid ate
Certified that the abov e particulars
furnished .bj the cend idate has been
tho rough ly checked from Service
Book/other records and are found
to be correct.
' or paz.s cour
e '
There's a little bit of SAIL in everybody's life
. /

SIIJE PB-l/Rs. 9,300-34,800 + 95 52 24 12 163
Grade Pay Rs. 4, 2001-
Name 01 Post Pay scale (Basic I-C_a_te..=g =-o _r..:y-r_.......
Pay+ Grade Pay) UR OBC SC ST Total
Inspr (Arch itect) PB-l/Rs. 9,300-34,800 + 04 02 01 07
Grade Pay Rs. 4,800/-
Directorate General Border Security
Force, New Delhi
(Per s DTE- RECTT Section)
Advertisement for Recruitment of lnspector (Architect) & SI/JE
(Civil & Electrical) in BSF Engg Set up-2012
Applicat ions are invit ed for the following posts in BSF Engg Set up-2012.
1 Name (In block letters)
2. Postal Address
3. Date 0: Birth
4 Educati onal QualificatIOn
5 Present post held and since when
on regular basis
6 Present pay and from which date
7. Brief se rv ice par t tcu l ar s
(Deslgmitlon and scale of pay from
the entry into GoV!. service)
8 Whether SC/ST/OBC
9. Da l e of Ret ir ement on
Advt. No. 0312012 Date: 15.03.2012
Rourilela Sleel Plant(RSP). a unit of Stelll Authority 01 India Llmlted(SAtL) _ Maharalna Public; Sector Enterprise and the leadlnll
company In India. Invillt. applications Irom Interested and lIIIglble earldldatea for the poet of Curator with the lollowong eligIbility criteria.
Name of the Post Vacancy Qualification & experience Maximum Age 8S
Scale of Pay 88 on 01/0212012 on 01/0212012
appointment in the same or some
other or gani zatoonlDepartment of the
Cen tral Govl . shall not exceed three

r!l ,o;;tT<
" em

"",,, ,.,, A(lriseorcn with 0 1'J' (lmon touch
H."I\}.I 7 '
Indian Institute of Vegetabl e Research
P051Bag No. 01, Post Oll iceJakhl nl Shahanstt apur Varanaal-22130S, U.P.
No . 3-44012011Adm.l
Reference to this Institute advertisement No. 312011 for the post of L.D.C.,
Stenographer Gr . III and Techn ician (T-3) pubtishsd in the Employment News
daled 5-11 March, 2011 . The advertisement published in the aforesaid
Emp loyment News is hereby treated as cancelled.
EN 1/77
Note :
I) Vacancies are subject to change (may mcreasa or decrease)
2) Applicat ions duly fill ed up on the lormat be sent to Th e Commandant
(Recti), HQ DG BSF, Block No. 10 ,CGO Complex, Lodhl Road , New
Delh l-110003. The appl ications should be accompanied Hltt. attested ceoes
01 certificates of proof of age, ecocauon qualifications, caste, areas
(Domicile) , Technical Qualif ical ionslDiploma etc wherever applicable.
3) The applications should be accompa lned With attested copies of certJfocatEsS
of proof of age, education qualif ication, caste, tribelhlll areas (Domicile). wher-
ever applicable.
4) For details and downloading Application form (including Admit Card) please
log on www.bst.nlc.ln.
5) Any amendmenVnotificalJon in relation to this recruitment will only be pub-
lished in the BSF Website . Candidates in their own interests are adVised to
regularly log on to BSF Website for updates.
6) Applications duly filled up in the given format downloaded trom BSF Website
1---------- - - - - - - --- - - - - - - - - - - - ., ' may be sent within 30. days Irom the date of publlc.atJon 01 Advertls..
ment In the Employment Newa.
or Olllc
In the R IOnal
H)story, Mysor a
nal Museum of
Ii pal On Ir nsl er
is, tho servl c s 01
r Ill>' cQqulrod 10 fill
5 m iIOn8111 Annexure-
r s lecled will be on
ordinarily for a period or
The pay of Ihe oll icers
ed w,ll be regUlat ed i n
rdance wilh Mini stry or
91sonnel, Publi c Gri evan ces and
ension (Department or Personnel
'Joining) O.M. No. 2/ 29/ 91 -Estt
(Pay II) dat ed 5.1.94 as amended
rom time 10 time. The maximum age
11m t r appcintment on deput ati on
5' hall not be e.<ceedlng 56 years as
on cl ostnq da te tor rec ei pt of
appli cations
2. The eligibIli ty cnteria and th e
qualificanon, experience etc. required
for the post ISindICatedIn Annexure-I.
3. Applicati on In the prescri bed
proforma (Annexure-II) of suitable
candidates who are eli gible, Willing
and who can be spared may be sent
to Di r ec tor Na ti onal Museum of
Natu ral Histor y (Minis try of
Enviro nment & Foresls ), Tansen
Marg, New Delhi 110001 within 60
days of publ is hi ng of this
advert isemen I alo ng with (I)
Photocopies ot up -to -dat e CR
Dossiers of the otlicers for the last
five years duly attested by an officer
of the level of Under Sec reta ry or
equival ent (ii) Cadre clearancel
Vlgila,lce clearance/lntegr it y
CertificatEs and (iii) Certiflcate that
no Major or Minor penalty was
I purposed on Ihe officer dur ing the
last 10 years .
4. Application received late or without
the ACAs or which are otherwise
found incomplete wi ll not be
considered. The applicants will not
be permitted 10withdraw their names
1, Post: Office Superint endent
2. No, of posts . ? ,Two) ' (One for
AMNH , Mysore ano omer for RMNH,
Bhopal. )
3. Pay Scale : PB-2 Rs. 9300 -34800+
Rs. 4200 (Revi sed Scale) Rs , 5500
175-9000 (Pre- rev ised Scale)
4, Method of Recr uitmen t : By
Transfer on depu tation.
5. Eligib i lily : Off ice rs under the
Ce nt ral Govern ment i) ho ld in g
analogous posts on regular bas is or
(ii) witn 5 years 01 regu lar serv ice If)
the scale of PB-l Rs. 5200-20200 .+
Rs. 28001-PB. 2. Rs. 9300 -34800 +
Rs . 4200 and exper i enc e of
Ac count s and Establ f!: hment
matters. The departmental ollicers
in Ihe feeder category who are In the
direct line of promotion will not be
el ig ib l e for consider ation . for
appornt ment on the deputati on.
Similarly derutalionists shall not be
eli gible for considerauon lor
appo tmen t by prornotron. Per iod of
deputa t Ion includi ng parrod of
deputa JOn in another ex-cadre post
hel d ImmedIately preceding ttus
Nort h Eastern Regional Inst it ute
of Science & Technology
o meet Un iv er 5lty (u/s 3 of the UGC Act , 1956)
eo Nlrju ll: Arunachal Pradesh : 791109
d (
Se M.Teeh. MBA)
Adm; sion to Po st Gra ua e . , 2012.2013
Pr ogrammes' Sess ion.
D. (part time & Full ,Ime) ntJ'dat9 for admiSSIon to thl} follOWing
esr..t f:;,rrr r.. a 0 r I t r. d 'rorn ca '"
Required to work on lhe drilling snes to assiSI In the
drilling operations, maintenance 01rnacrunes and
oqui pments They are also required to attend to the
various j obs of sell ing up 01camps loading and
unloading 01 material, digging of pits, watch and ward
duly and other-ni iSc, jobs i.e. connected WI th !he .
successlul completion of tube wells. Besides thay are
also requi red to perform any other duti es as aSSlgnea
by Iheir superiors.
Anywhere i n India
Two yeara
Mflrlculatlon trom a recogniZed Boa d
equival ent r or
from l ndu .
Mechan! . strtel TralMlg Inl ute In MOIOr
e or Diesel Mechanic or W8Id1ng
Genera! Central SllfVlce Or 'c'
(Non-Mlnlstarlal ) OUP (Non'Gaz et1ed)
ay BandlScale 01Pay Pay BaI\d.l/Sca1e
Payor Rs. 1&00/. 01Pay Rs. 520020200. Grade
Descrlptlon of Duti es
last date of receipt
of appllcatlons
Place of Posting
Parlod of Probation 11 any
Eligibility ESllent1a1
Interested candidates who fulfill the above require
ments and are willing to serve any where in Indus
are may apply (through proper channel, if already In
Govemment service) to the Regional Ouector at the
above address furnishing Iheir Blo-Data indicating
Name.Fathar's Name, Permanent and Present
Address, Telephone No.lEmall id (if any), dale 01
birth, educational quali fications/experience,
employment registration details (it any) and caste
certnlcate along with anested copies of all certiflca esl
testimonials so as 10 reach thiSornce ratest QY ;!404 .2012.
The envelope contai ning the Application should be
marked as App lica ti on tor the POlt 01 Technical
operator (Qrllll ng)' .
Applications wl1lchare incompletolillegible/uns,gnedl
not supported with required documents. received
attar the due dale, not addressee to the Regional
Director, Central Ground Water Board, Western
Region 6A, Jhalana Doongn,Jalpur. not marked as
Application for the post of Technical Operator (Dr "rlg)
and rot indicating the senders name and address 0'
otherwise dellcient In any manner Will 00 ou1r Uy
rejected . Mere fullllllnllthe mlnl,"um pr scr <Xl
lcations And experienco WIll not bestow rig! I W
a candidate for OOlng ceneo 10' rho mv
l>wl1r d
tfllt (A SCreeningcommltl a scrunn l e III '"
appliclltlons rocOIvlld lor 1M post rid Y f1, I
candidates will OIl cnllfld lor Int rlvewfT" 1 Th
of tho SCreenIng Convn .. w it , I
And no correspondence on lh a I
cornrTlltlllO will be ant rtainod)
rucaN d ial .. WII no b 1 'I n
Oround Wat , BolIn:! W lam R on J.opu'
Office WIll not bo rll spot' I to' P .1 DeIlY
th poat 01 Technle-al Oper.lor (Drilling)
Appli cati on or
Full Nama (In block leltera)
Fathe(s Name
DatflOf Birth
Educatlonel ovalrllcat,ons
Whether b longs to STIOBC
permanent Addr9ls
Correspondence Addr R' I tllll 1 I) f) ,. li nd PI (
Employment Ex .rlg In 1'1<111 ,WIl' Y
Whllth rNOY 0 work .nywh If'
Exp r ICe 11 II
y 01r
List ol Enclo Ilr (All YTr
'lUIII IC t , t)IIf1111 t "
Mile nlc or Wrollj, , C
2 No.of VICIllCIes Technical Oporator
3 P 8(6UR) (3'OBC)
nnun ," _4' ..
M -_.w. 'UllOa
Inl try of Water Re ouroe
wCentra' around Water Board .
So" Region, ahuJaI 8t\_an
'Cioalana Ooongrl, Jalpur302004
Appllcallons are Invtted 10 . alng Date: 2012
Technic lOr 01 2 te . . .
BOIITd, : .. (Drilling) by the Office but likel y to continue Q,o\!p 'C.
other delln' a/& anewan, 8A JhaJana D,rector , Central
.._"""..... below. --'II" JalpUr302004. The 81 eu;r
SI.Ho. DetIII 0 Poet IncI
1 Name of POIt Deecrlpllon 01 PoIt
Signature of the applicant
EN 1143
20 2
28th M.rch, 2012
Descrlptlon or P081
Six -UR Cat gory
or equivalent Irom recogniZed Board
sMl rlal Training Instltuto in Moior
oso echanlc or Welding.
Anywhere in India '
Two yoars
Pay Band t AI 5200 20
, SOO/. . - 200/. With Orade Pay Rs.
Oenera' Central Se I G
Non Minist erial rv ce roup-c NonOllllltted,

Idfte and 45 years In the case of candldalo
. ng ng to the Scheduled Cast e and Scheduled
With the instruct ions or orders
y e antral Govemmenl) .
Note 1: The crucial date lor determining the a e
limit be the clos ing date for the receipl of g
app lica tion tram candida tes In India (and not
the closi ng date pr escribed for those In Assam
Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh Mizoram '
Nagaland, Trlpura, Slkklm, of
Jammu & Kashmi r State , Lahaul and Spiti District
01. Pangi Sub divisi on of Chamba Oistricf of
Hi machal Prl!d esh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
and Lakshadweep.
Nole 2: In the case 01 recruilmenl through Employ.
ment Exchange the crucial date for determining
the age limi l shall be the last date upto which the
Employment Exchange is asked to submit the
1. 01ri g and equipment Irom on site to other .
2. unload ing and stacking 01 stores and
3. Digging of pits, leveli ng 01rig, mud mixing gravel
sh rouding etc. '
4. Ulti ng and lowering 01 test pumps.
5. Watch & Ward on site .
6. To Assist DCM & ADCM In drilling activities.
7. Any ot her dulles assigned by the Superiors.
. Technical Operator (Drilling)
sli ntia l Qualification
P /too 01 Proballon, il any
Place 01 Posting
De sc npt ion 01 Dull es
Last .date for . . Within-3Q..qays 01date 01publication 01
receipt of app lications ad vert isement.
Interested candidates who fulfil the above requi rements and are willing to serve anywhere in India
may apply (thr ou gh proper channel , if al read y in govl . servica) to the Regional Director at the
address furOlsnlng their bio -data ind icat ing Name. Father's Name, Permanent and Present address,
Telephone NO./Email -id (if a/1)'). date 01 birth, educational qualifications/experience, employment
reg istration details (if any), and caste certi fica te alon g with attested caples of all certificates/
testimonials so as to reach this offi ce within 30 day a 01the date of publication of advertisement.
The envelope containing the application sho uld be marked as' Applicati on lor the post of T.O.(O)' .
App lica tions wh ich are incompl el eli/legible /unsigned not supported required documents, received
after the due da te or otherwise del ici ent in any manner will be out rightly rejected. Mere fullillingthe
minimum prescribed quali l ica tions and experience will not bestow any right with a candidate for
being ca ll ed for Ihe interview/ lr ade test. (A screening committee will all the applications
recei ved lor the post and snort-l isted candidates will be called lor Intervlew/l test. The decision
01the screening committee will be final and no correspondence on the decis lon of the Committee
wHI be enterta ined.)
'Ctl/nued from p-rJe 32 Ph 0 Cell Academic Soctlon at the
Ap" I, 2012 el lher. personally by a request along WIth
ca payment of Rs . l 000.00 dunng 0 IVed aller 30" Ap"I, 2012 Will not be
8f R .1050.00. Toe Appllcall on forms the Application Form may also be
a eGo e Informa 1011 Brochure . lion form from the WebSite must
l1w I, I uta' WebS I e The downloaded A?p1lca to be In lavour of "DIRECTOR.
D I As 1050.00 only All dral,s are
a 0(;: t.
Indi a, Nlr/ull (COde No. 9535).
ImporUl nl Datel
Application l or the poat 01 TO (Drilling)
1. Full Name (In block lette rs) 2. Fathers Name 3. Date of Birth 4. Educational Qualifications
5. Whe ther bel ongs to ST/SC/O BC/ PH 6. Permanent Address 7. Correspondence Address
8 Employment Exchange Registra tion. No . Dale and Place 01 9. Whether ready to
";ork anyWhere in Ind ia (Write yes or NO) 10. il any" : List 01 enclosures (Attested
photocopy of cer t ifica tes showing the educational of Date 01 Birth, Caste
Cerr icate, experi ence cartihcate otc.).
I hereby decl ar e that all the sta tements made in thO application are true,
the best of my knowl edge an d bel rot. In the event of be cancelled!
rrect or ineli gi bili ty being detected at any stage, my ca I ur
Without any not ice
rdat lor determining the age limit 01 A r 12 .
s on plain .foolscap paper in English Hind ' .
p as. of certlf,cates in support of ago ad r With following part iculars logelhor with
applr ble) etc . alongwilh 2(two) qualification. casts , experience
1 '0 ackside 01 photographs) and 2(lwo) self Jlze photographs (Iulf name bo
ms '!lIM addressed to " The Fla Offl resse stamped (As .61-) envelopes 01
ern Nalraf Command, Shahld Commandlng-In-Chlef, Headquarters
S (fifteen) days Irom the first date of gh .Road, Mumbal 400001 should reach
In respect of applications received by of advertisement and 21 (twenty one)
,.. sam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh M' rom candidates reSiding in North East regions
ndaman & NicObar . Lakshadweep & Ka ' rn, Manrpur, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim) and
1rntructions/Note : vara I rs ands .
1. (SC-Soheduled Caste, STSchedul ed T ib
Handicapped, UR- UnreServed) n e, aBC-Other Bac kward Cl ass, PH- Physicall y
Age relaxat,on-up to 5(five ) years for SC/ST
Appl' ants claiming age rela xat ion hav e to r and 3(three) years for aBC
the appropriate authorities. p att ested copy of cas te certlfrcale Irom
In case of aBC, the caste cert ificate inter r
belong to 'Creamy layer' . , a ra must specify that the cand idat e does not
Ex-serviceman candidates should I rd d .
Eslts/SC1 dated 03 Apr 199 1 Va orwa un ert aklng as per GOIIOOP & T OMl36034/291
. cancres are reserved for Ex Serv o . hi
vacancies for SC/ST/OBC and 10% in Grou 'C' - Icemen Wit In the total
as per prescribed Government of India rules pB Age relaxatron l or Ex-Servi cemen
one time by ex-serviceman. . ene I 0 age relaxatron IS to be clai med only
5. Eligible candidates working in Ce t I G
applications through proper
04 08 04 10 26
mPloy r
7 Applocat mu t be s mby ordlna
ho oovotOPO CQnlillOtng th I f'y post the name 01the post appl ed I .
Servic9O\en as appllcabl or and r
: rato application ISto be l oot- '-o-r - C-h--- & CATEGORY _
. <>i ooted ClIndldales 8re hablo to be po
1O. wll1lout full dota 1 Inthe gr:::,tfld at any plsca In tndla.
P7iotog,aPhS, slgnaturo, att osted and thoul02 f addr sed
11 will be r9jected summanly. I II a and I r not conf orming to roqturwi
o oep rtmem en II not be ro
12 If the number of appllo tlon Sponsibto lor postal delayallo .
bo co I a I r..,elv-.;l m r l pan t
nven nl or siblll for tho do 10 0 advort,. largo and It m
doportmont may ,ostrlct tho number orall,n nl to Ie Vlnlorvlow all tho carod.dal ayT':
13 o.n tho basis of mont.n Iho baSIC collod for tosV'ntervlew 10 a
OC,sron 01 tho Appointment author ity I III, lion proscribed In the adver 'JI1lent
1. Namo orr lull ( rn block lottor s) ST OF _ _
Dote 01Birth Fi;$t Nom.. Fnthu/Hu band

Sex Att" rocoo t
NationalilY pa. t p<)rl ' ILP.
Rollgion photograph dUly
Whether belongs to: General SC ST : "" ott 100
(Circle the opproprlale cat egory) (Att h oec PAF Ex-Servlcemon
8. Whethe r belongs to land Loser (PAFjC copy of CertIfICate)
for Seabird Karwar , If Yos attach . . ' , Yes I No
9. Present address with Pin Cod Ncopres of support'ng documents
10. Permonont (Native place) umber .
11. EducationallTechnlcal pin Code Numbor:
(Atlach attested copy of Certificat e) '
(In chronOlogical order startl f
Sr . Exam Passed
ng rom lowast standard)
Year or
Total Mafks
Institut ion
Experience :
I do hereby decl are that the stat ements in the' a
the best of my.knowledge and belief. I understand canonare true, complete and correct 10
being found lalse 0 ' incorrect or incom lete or i agree that .n the event of any InlormattOn
aller select ion/ interv iew, my is liable et any 1:me befOfe or
of Ihe competent authority. J . s all be bound by the decISion
Candidate's si gnatu re
EN 11112
SC ST oec OlIn TO\llI
No. 01 Posts
(SubJect 10 varlallon)
1 Or uivol nt Irom
I III I n r BOllrll (b) Musl
r:' n L,cona for Heavy Moto
,,1 n) yeo ' r
a 10 V , r s prnclical Oxporlenco
JJ!e (.:. uctos (HMVs,> driving.
1m I _) 18nc;;;I:;.ge 01 first line maintenance
_ ....,' ...<: to'" 5 years) c ye rs (for Govt . sorvonl
Pay Scale-As. 5200-20200 with Grade
only male candidates are eligible 10
Comput er
Indian Council of
tRoIi S,n )
Deputy D"octor (Sr.)
EN t n 6
Age Limit :
The maximum ago limit for appointment by deputanon shall not be exceeding
56 years as on the closing date of receipt of the applications.
Dulles, and responsibilities of the post Include:
To work as Staff Officer to the Director. To work as Liai son Officer between
guests of the Director/ Academy. Organise tour programmes,
seminars, conferences, worl<shops atlended by the Director, abroad as well
as within the country. Maintain records 01important notes, course matenal
prepared, correspondence ernanating trom Director' s office. Maintain record
of files/papers/not es cleared by the Director and marl<ed to various officersl
section in the Academy. Maintain record of telephone calls mode by and lor
the Direct or. Organise arrangements lor parties hosted by Ihe DlreClor lor
the OTs/Course participants/guests. Any other wofk assigned by the Director
Willing candidates are required to submit theil applications In triphcate If1 Ihe
prescribed prof orma along with Integrity Certil lcate, Cadre Clearance, Vlg,lance
Clearance, MajorlMinor Penalty imposed during the last 10 years in ong,nal
.duly signed by the .comptent authority and the complet e and up-to-date ACR
dossiers (or photocopies of ACAs l or the last 5 years duly attested on each
page by Group "A" Gazetl ed Officer) of the oHicer who would be spa,eo 'n the
event of hislher selection may be sent to this office within 60 days from the
date 01publication in the Employment News. Applications received alter the
last date or without the CAs (or all ested photocopies 01the CAs) orOlMrwrse
found incomplete will not bo consid ored.
Note: The details of the vacancy along wll h prescri bed form are availabl e
on the LBSNAA Websi te hllp:/Iwww.l n
No. A- 12011/ 46/2012-ADM
Go vern ment 01 India
Department of Personnel & Training
App l ications are invited for appointment to the Post 01Sr. Private Secr etary
in Pa y BlI'nd2 As.9300 -34800 pl us Grade Pay As. 4800 on promotion/
deputat ion basis. Eligibil ity cond itions i.e. qualifications and experience, period
of deputati on and duties etc. ar e as indicated below:
Name of the Po st : Senior Private Secretary (No. of post: One)
Pay , Band & Grade Pay : Pay Band2 As. 9300 - 34800 plus Grade Pay As.
Meth od of recru i tment : Promotion/Deputation
Classif i cati on 01 the. po st : General Central Service, Group 'B' Gazetled
Ministerial -
Eligi b il ity
1. OHice r of the Central Government:
a. (i) Holding analogous posts on regular basis in the parent cadre/department;
(ii) with two years' service in the grade rendered alter appointmant theret o
on regular basis in the scale of pay of As . 9300 - 34800 plus GP As.4600
(7450-11500 pre-revised) or equivalent in the parent cadre/department; or
(i ii) with three years' service in the grade renered aller appointment thereto
on regul ar bas is in the scale of PB -2 in the pay scal e of Rs. 930034800 plus
grade pay Rs. 4600 (As . 650010500 prerevised) .
(b) pos sessing the following educational qualifications and exper ience ;
(r) passed the Matriculation or equi valent examinalion from a recognized
Board or equivalent and
(il) five y"ears' exper ience as Hindi or Engl ish St enographer.
2 The departmental Pnvate Ser.retary With Ihre.. years regular service in the
grade shall also be considered along wil h out siders and in case he ISsolec ted
for appoJOtment 10 the post the shall be deemed to hAve been fill ed by
promotIon. .
Note: The departmental oll icer s .n the feede, category whOare In the d"ect
line of promotron wil i not be ellg' ble l or consl deratlofl for appoi ntment on
depu atoon. Similar ly ' ,hall not be ol.g.hle lor conside r t lor
appoln'men by promotion
POll od :
PorlOd ot deputa: on ,ncluding penod of deputalron Ifl ar a her et-cadre s,
hela 1m edoalely :>recedi ng 1/".: appOln mgr' " It,o samr> or some vIne.
o an za' on or C pat1meo- of t Carllra. COy rnmt.,.o shall ord nanl no
El xcr,,,rj year s
& Qu al if i c ati o n
Appl ications are invited upto 15t h
,-,ay, 2012 lor the pos ts of Di rec tor
at the following Institutes/Cenlres in
the Pay Bafld4 As. 37400-67000
pl us Grade Pay As . 10000/- and
usual allowances as admiss ib:e as
per Government norms:
(A) Nati onal Inslilute for Research
In Reprod ucti ve Health (NIRRH),
Essen ti al
Exper i ence:
(i) Post Graduate degree in medical
SUbjects recognized by Mel or
Doc torate degree in lifelBiologica l
SCI enc es or re lavant Bio lo gi c al
subjects o r equivalent f r om a
recogniZed Un iversity.
(ii) Fifteen years relevanl experience
in reproductive health. areas in life
Sciences/Applied Biology/ObS!. &
Gyne.l Paed ial rics/ Medic ine/ PubIIC
Health etc . i n a re cogni z ed
I (s) after obta.n ing es sential
qua t toon a-s at (i) abo ve out of
at least 5 years in a managenal
on to handle R&D proj ec t s
enUy In a l eam effectively
ent manageme nt of a

eQual 1 catIon:
Po declO'al resea rch!
ce ,n the abo ve'
a er ,D/Pt1 D
Df/s /fabI6. (i) Speciallzat;on in
r I8heties ResearervEducalion ( ,.,.
,n Oea.. Oualiflc8tJon (n) Of em
f"-' ') at.ove
"'atk",.. Dally ReMatCh 'natltute
.......n (Hary a) ,
21. JoInt DIrector (R....,ch)
(One Po.t)
O/Jal /r,ca' /ons Euenllal ' (,)
Dor.loral .,. ant braoch Of
0 &, / Sr.oero<:eNCl\el'1 ary s-:; 8t'>C&I
An rna Sr..ience tnr.llJ'.long re a". 1
basic IO&V.- rO) & ('0/ Aa III I!en; !
lhSlfa f)/e . (') $poda ZBt ,

"' Pe' erce of re.earch Ca,ry
"' '' ma / Dalry r" As ,n '
Deuable (I) Of118m -..,
2 above I
Pay B dISe... 37 400-
67 000 RGP : .ooc
Ag. : The 'T> no! 'Oayt>
altaJOe<l tho age of 60 yeats illS ()<\
Indl.n Vat.rlnary Rrc h
institute. lutnap
22. Hue, 0IYIal0n of u....toet.
Produc:t:a Tec:hnotogy
lOne Poet) I
Oua lif ,ca tlo ns ESSenlta l ' (
Oocloral. degree in live s oc.'
Meat Tect1rl ologylDa y Tecnno.ogy
POUI!ty Ted:nofogy including r_van{
basic sc'er>ces (n) A Scien: 51'n e
pay scale or 1'16400- 20000 (pre.
reviSed) or , an equival
OR 8 yea'S ellporlence as a Se
Scientist ' 12000-16300 (pre-revlSClC
O' in an ec;uiva enl pas' . OR An '
eminent scien lis t na 1119 pro, enl
r ecor d of scie nt i fic conlrrbUlio. n
working in a reputed organIzation!
instit ul e having at Jeasl 3 years
experiencein therelevant subfect (\I )
Evidence of publlcalions! lIClivltiesJ
cont ributions to suggest that lhe
candidate has a broad visi on/
perspective on ogrlcuIturaf research
Desirabl6: Specl;rllzari on .nd
research experience In the IieId 1)/
Livestock Products TectInoIogy.
23., OlYlslon of P.IIlology
lOne Poet)
Qual/ fi cll tions Essentl. /; (i)
Doctoral degree in Vetarlnary
Pathology including r.levant basic
sciences. I i) &(Iii) As In Itemno. 22
00sir8010: Specialization .nd
research expor lence In the field of
Velorinary PathOlogy.
Nationa l Dairy R...arch InltlM.,
Kama l
2' , Head. Olvillon 0/ O.'ry
Callie & Physi ology
(One POlt)
Ou"l ificlllion. FH tt nl ' lI r: ( i)
DoclOfRI deg"", III llle rreld 01 Animal
Physiology including that of nl
b.1sic sc IlCt' S (II) (Ill ) As In n m
no 22 aDovo -
ctl Cefltt. on
lItl 'V,
18, D1r r 0,. Post)
OUII"flellllon. ' ('I
Or-eto< Gegr .. In ...., d pIIne 1)/
, lnary arod An lmel SCIent.: S
IndodIng r.....ant besIcsaeor.... I.
& ( ) It.em roo 2 &ClO'-. I
0fMI,.". (,) iY\d
r.learch exp.rie nce 'n P
prOduction. (h) A. III De
QueI1lcatlon (I ) of iIem no. 2 at'e
Netlonal Re ch c.n... on Seed
Tr , UIrIIc10r (One Poai j
OUll linClltlon. EIII6nl/ll /. (i)
Doctoral degree in HOfliGul ur e or
allled dlsdpUnes incIUdlog rNvant
basic science . (Ii) & (iii) IV. in item
no. 2 abova.
Desirable: (I) SpedaltzalJon aO<!
research experience In ltIe field of
Horticultural Crops specificall y in
Seed Sp;ces Ot CroPS. (il)
M In Desirable Qualification (il ) of
Itemno. 2 above.
Olr.ctor.t. of Knowl.dg.
M.nag.m.nt In Agriculture (0.
KMA), ICAR, N_ Dell'll
18, Project DIrector
(Ons Poat )
Ou allfications Essentia l: ( i)
Doctoral dogreo In Agricullure or any
branch ot sclenco/soclal sciance/
communication relevanlto agricunure
inclUding relovant basic sciences. (Ii)
At loasl 5 yoars expe rience as a
SCIentist in the pay scale or '16400-
20000 (preravlsed) or in an
equivalent position. OR An eminenl
acIonlisllProressional having provon
record ot sciantific contribution l
WOf1llng In a reputed organization I
'nsUtulo having at least 18 years
experience In communication
managementfadenco writing/editing
and S4T communication. (Iii)
Evidence of contributions to
communication managamonU
rearch I teaching / ell ld'ilsion
education as ItJl'POf18d by published
won. 1InnovalIons.
Del/reble: (I) Speci ali zati on/
experience In publlcetlonl\nformation
DlssemlnatlonlS&T communicallon I
edltlng/manag.ment Includi ng
exporlence In a senlot position In a
madla/publlcatlon/ publlc relellons
or ga nizati on concerned with
dl ssemlna!lon ot aolentilic .and
resoarch knowledge through pnnl &
eleclronic modo. (II) As in Dosirablo
Cuallftcallon (II) ot lIam nO 2 above.
Olr .olor.t. of M.lz. R....rch,
1AR! Campu.. New O.lhl
18. Proj ect Direct or
(Ono I'oat)
OUIII/ficatlons Essentllt! (I)
Doclorlll dogree In any branch of
Crop Sciences Including rol vanI
basic sciences (II) & (III) As ,n 'lem
no '} above,
. Desirable: (I) In
MOlzo Re (.,)As
in De Irable Qualif'lCIItIon (II) of m
no 2 IIbovo. h I a
C.ntr. 1 In .Utut. of Fla "'
Education, ..umbel
20 Joint Director
, (On,l'oat)
QUII /lflclltlona E..ontl.': (i)
DoctOf1lI dlIgfHIn F1lJhatlel 5den08I
uecunurelZoologylMarlno Rlologyl
Ecol ogy/ Fllh l ' roC...ln
TechnOlogy/M rlcull ur 1M rl rJ
5denOI/Aquatlc Biology A 1'1 h ,I
"r. no'n .,Iog r r I
Aquecu u d In ludlng r I v III
dl l clplln I .n (III) ,n It
b,BIlc li e I , (II) ..
"'UUUCfa 'ecnnologyl r-'s n
Proce..i ng Technolo gy/ FoOd
TeChnology with I pecl ali zatlon In
Mellt Science includi ng relevant beslc
lClences (w) & (iii) All i" ilem no 2
DeStrabla ' (i) Spoclallzation in
Moat and Meat PrOduc ts, Meat
processing and packagin g
lechnologylflsh Processing/Pos t
liarvest TeChnology. (Ii) As In
Desirable Qualification (Ii) or item no.
2 above .
NlItlonal R....rch C.ntl. on Y.k,
Dl r, ng (Arunechal Pre dh)
ii, Olr.ctor (On. PoI t)
Qu alifi cations Essenl/al. (I)
Docl oral degr oe in any discipl ine or
Vetorinary Science/AnImal Scionce
Includ",g rolevant basic sciences (U)
& ('h) As in ,Iem no 2 above .
Des irab/o . (I) Specialization and
rosoarch oxperience in Animal Hoalth
and production aspects 01 livestock
In sutHemperateltamperate regions.
(il) Ex par lence In Re sear ch
Management Position with evidence
of sclontl fi c l ead ership , vlslonl
perspocli ve on ani mal/agri cult ural
C.ntral Tobecco R.a.arch
Inetttute. Rajahmundry
12. DI..-ctor lOne Post)
Qua/lflca//ons Essential: (I)
Doctoral degr ee In any dlsclpllne of
AgriCUltural Sciences Including
relevant basic sciences . (II) & (III) As
in Item no. 2 above.
Desi rable: (I) Specialization and
experlenco In Tobacco/Crop
Research. (II) Evidence or
contribution 10 research/leaching!
extension education as supported by
published worl<Iinnovatioos .
Na tional Rea.arch Ce ntre on
Pomegranlto. Solapur
13, Director (One POllt)
Qualific ations Essontla l : l (I)
Doctorol degree In Hort lcullure or
eilled nel ds/subJeclS Inc ludi ng
roleva nl basic sciences. (II) & (iii) As
In itom no, 2 above .
Dosimole: (I) Specialization li nd
resoarch expor lenco In the nold ot
Fruit Crops. (II) As In Desirable
Qualificallon (II) of Item no. 2 above.
Nati on al ClIntre for Int ooret ed Pt
ManaO.m.nt, IARI CampuI, Now
Del l'll )
t 4 Dl roclor (On. POlt
Essontlal: (I)
Doctoral dogree In any aroa ot Planl
Prolection Including Ihat from
basic scienceS. (II) & (III) As n m
no 2 ebovo. ,
si ruo/e' (I) Spec lallze tlon n
o . h 01
crop protection thloug ...' I (II) At
I I led Pest Managemen .
Quallncatlon (II) 01Item
no 2 above . h n
c,'ntrlll Inamute for 0
khdoom (U,P.)
OoaU. a IOn. p.oat)
15. DlrlIoto
I' (I)
u.l/flClltiOn Eas'lntl.
Q In eny br nch ot
Doctor,,1 dOli; n IAnirn I ne
Vtrlnry e
I fl l .,) I (II)
m " \j III " I
I Ol ll'r I
, I r.I, 00" ",II4it II ' l.h
A ., l.ellt Olr. t r n I I
n Y A r f r try" I A
, 1<'1 hi W II, N ill
I tl
I II "" I
In I\UIIH lO ,ny/
I hylllol "y
r l(. (II)
111/,110111" Ih
10nomy md uro IrK try
(II) A In ( Ir " I Ou "rl lion I ii) ot
II n no. 2 bov
Pay 8andlSc.' . '.'O.c , f37,.coo.
&1,000 RGP f10,OOO
An. 1 h ,.. ,. ,. : ,. .
- . - - .......... ' III IItv I t"-"
h v allained lhe llge ot 60 year
on 30.04.2012.
C.ntr.1 Agricultural Areb
In.Utu t . , Port 8111r
4 . Director IOn. Po.t)
Quallfica/ions Essential: (I)
Doctoral degree in Agrlculturel
Hor ticult ure/Anlmal Science/
Fisherios Sci ence inclUding relevant
basic sciences. (ii) & (Iii) As In 110m
no . 2 above.
Desirable: (i) Speclalizatlonl
ex perie nce in Co astal Eco. syst em
Man agemenUResearchl Exl ension In
Agr icultural Sci ence/Animal Science!
Horti cultur al Sclence/Flsherle s
Science. (i i) As I n Dellirable
Quali ficat ion (ii) or il em no. 2 above.
IndIan Gras llan d and FOdder
Relo.rch IneUtule. Jh an el (U.P.)
5. olrllclor (Ono POll)
Qua l/fi catio ns Essential: ( I)
Docloral degree in any br anch 01
Agricultural Sciences inc l udi ng
relevant basic sciences. (1I) & (iii ) As
in ilem no. 2 ebove.
Desirable: (I) Speclallzallon and
experience in the field ot rorage crops
i m p r o v e me nl /gr a ssla nd
man agement. (II) As In Desi rabl e
Qual lflcalion (ii) or il em no. 2 above.
Nallona! of AlIrlcu/turll lly
Important Mlcrooroanlame. Mau.
Uttar Pr8deah
8. Dl rIlCtor (One Po lt)
QUIIl/ficatlons Essen/'.': ( i)
Doctoral degree i n II ny branch of
Agricullural Sciences or r l at ed
discipUnes In BotanylMleroblologyl
Mycology & Plant Pathology Including
relevanl bas ic sciences, (ii) & (iii) As
In item no. 2 above.
Desirable: (I) Specialization In the
area or Bac teOalCyanobacterialFungl
with particul ar reference to Survey/
Id e n t i ri cat i on /C h ar ac t erl za tlon/
Cult ure/Malnl en an co/Util izal lon/
Documentation et c . (II) Ae In
Desirabl e Quallflcatlon (1I) or Item no.
2 above.
Dlrecto rata of Ceehew Roarc h.
Pu llur Poat)
7, Di r ector (no ,
Qual/flcations Essentlol.
(I) Docloral dogree In Hortlculturel
Plantallon Crops or ralated discipline
including relevant basic sciences. (II)
& (iii) As in item no.2 above.
Dostrablo: (i) Specialization In tho
Ileid or plantation crops prore,
II ) As In Del ro
Cas ew. 2 abpve
QualifIcation (II) of Item;oa. rch
Co nt ral Inatltut. fo r .a I
Colton T.chnology, poat)
8, OlrKtor Essenl/.': (I)
Qual/ flcat/onl T tile
d groo In ex
Doctora l 0 r clurelAgrl cultur I
TOChnOlogy!Ma nu cal Technologyl
nglno rlngiChem;APpll ed Physl ca
Applied Cha ml Ie (Ii)
I Ing I v'" 2 abOV .
(Iil) ill 110m no I liT. li on In
Olr Ir/f fJI (I) p or prtm .ry
T ch n0 10gy I II I "
Ing nd Indu" ,
o tl
, Y t n n( h (lr
1I',ludlll \j
(II) An
" I
In lit r t
o n (0)
I 0 1 po ilion Ilut or
'c 'ould blI
nl P Iloon o,
I I II" n or I te I 6
P " ncr In ny 01 11'10
II WUl no Ili o n c \ H .,, 1 nf
0 1
I lon- . 1 IC AK In Illul", (b)
H d of R ' 1'111 I n of ICAR
In I ul ( ) " 0, I Coormn 101 (d)
on I C or d m 101 ( ) N t l onal
C rdl n 10' , NAIP (f) Joi nt Oir toes
01 In hl ut roth I Ih n IARI II VRII
eminent SCI en tis t havi ng proven
r cord 01 SClonlific Contr ibution
worl"ng In a reputed organizalionl
I nsh tul e ha ving al loast 21 yoars
oxpellenco In Ihc relovant SUbjeCI. out
of which 3 yoars oxperience should
be In a Research Manage ment
Position or in an equ ivelont po sition
Ot at least 6 years experience in any
of the lollowlng posiIJons .- (a) Head s
or Divisions at ICAR tnstitut es . (b)
Heads 01 Regional Stallons or ICAR
Instil utes (c) Project Coordinalor. (d)
Zonal Coordi nator (e) Nalional
CoordlOalol, NAIP. (f) Join t Directors '
or I nsl Uul es olher Ihan IARIIIVRII
Evidence or conlributloos to resoarch
I teaching I extonsioo educallon as
supported by published work /
Des irable: The candidale should
have demon s tr ated scientific
l eader sh ip and skill In research
management with a broad vision and
perspective ot agricultural research.
(NoIe: If a candidate has less than 3
yea rs exp erience i n a research
managemenr pos it/on and has
Bxperience of working in pos/lionls
listed at (ii) (a) to (f) then lJ weigh/age
equal to half of tho S6rvice rendered
in position/s listed a t (ii) (a) to (f) sh8/1
be lidded to the candidate 's actual
RMP experience to dete rmIne
eligibility for this posts).
Pay Band/Scale: PB -4 , f 37 ,400
67,000 + RGP f10,OOO
Age: The candidates must nol have
attained the age ot 60 years as on
30,0 .2012.
Indian Council of Agricultural
Reaearch, New Dell'll
2. A l .tant Director Generlll
(Hortlculture.I) . ICAR Hqrs ., Krllshl
Anusandhlln Bhllwan II , New Dell'll
(On. POlt) .
Qu a ldl c ati o n s Essenllal
( ) Doctoral degree In Horticullure or
Ili Ad CI nc.cs including relevant
IlC encc (II) At l easl 5 ynals
nee a a SClcntist In IhlJ pay
00.20000 (prC rtl V' SAd)
<. OR An
n IJlval rol po ilion.
l' t havlOg provon
rTlln nl vCI n' I Ibul
l on
Il" ord (l r IIclentillC con r /
o I puted orgllnlwt'on
h v 0 II I I at 18
"l ll\fl r I au jed (III)
r to ra rch
Ion ttdUCil t, 10 a
!>u1)1 1'1 d work /
, '
tor 1lMe>1IlIlQg
cendld on e Il
ducellonlll quail'
exp ,ience, ,eallar ""o'k
publications. a"" rda etc
only be called for IOt8fV\ew.
auch, the candldatea a'e
advised to fill Part B of the
application form carefUlly nd
each and every column of
llppkcatlon should be liIled up
accurately because mar1ts
be awarded on the balis of
informatlOO supplied by \hem'"
each column . For fIlling up of
entries relaung to publlCatiomt
otho< publications (S.No. Kllnd
L of the application from)
candi cates may al refe, \0
NAA S Website
(_ w.naaalndl ll .org).
5. (i) As per ICAR Instr uctIOns
applications of wonbst
RM Pos i t ion s for anot her
equiv al ent Relearch
Management Position (RMP)
und er ICAR system may be
forwarded after he/ .he has
,endered two years .
the exis ng RMP Post held by
himlher. However, \he liOOOCIlIt:s
no t holding RMP post maYI
_ _ . -..-.. a- , __
D r U O., u .. . G 'VI ...... _ .. cull::nt 1
posts invol ving research
management. However, trusI
provision will not be appllcable
to incumbents of the pos orI
Dir ectors of IARI/IVRI/NDRII
NAIP. Scientists work ing 10
higher grad es may not be
allowed to apply for a posltion
involving rasearcn
management but ca'rying a
lowe, scale of pay even if \he
advertisement mentions about
granting 01higher scale 01pay
to specially qua li fied
candidates. (ii) As per ICAR
i nstructi ons, the Head 01
DivisionIRegional Station of the
Institute wlll not be permlt\ee) \0
lo in or apply for another
equivalent position within.lCAR
or outside, during the first lour
years of hislhe, tenure.
6. shortlisted cand idates must
appear for personal intervieWat
such place. as may be fIXed by
\he ASRB. Further , summoning
of candi dates for intervi ew
conv eys no assurance
whatsoever that they WIll be
selected. Appointmenl orders to
selected candidate(s) will be
i ssued by Indi an Coun cil of
Agricultural Research.
7. Hig her ini ti al pay may be
recommenclod by the ASRB for
specially quelified and
experienced candidales for all
the posts.
8. No TAIDA will be paid to th.
in.service candidate callad
for Int ervi ew.
9. Crucial dale for del('l'm1ning thf'
age l i mit/ edu cational
qualifications l experl te.111
resp ect of the candid l eI 'S
30.04.20 12.
10, ASRB do not enl8 r inlO
correspondence with l hl!
C>\ ndidal bout res s for
th .r no ion for int
appoi ntment . l ei
11. Th option to commuOl
r ply In Hindi in the InteMBW
xi t5 In lhe Board II
12 CanvR ing in any fQlm WI
diSQUalify 8 candid3t .,
Note: In ca" of IIny dl scre
Eng ll
ve rll i on of Ihe detll e
rl n In th
advertisement ppea IICA
Employment New P p.r I
W Ita will be I ....ted e fln
, rl
ng the ice n f
2. Two enYel opea (27 cm Yo 12
em) (to be fMlCloMd In vlIftI 1
po.ltlon) . On t he flrll t
enYel ope, name of the po t
with Advertlsemenl No. & Item
no. IllII'f be given on the top 01
!he anvlllope while name of \he
Forw rdlng Autho,ity 'Nlt h
complete oIlIce eddress of the
undid te may be givon ,n the
middle of the onvelope . On the
aacond envalope, nam of the
post wlth Advertiseme nt No &
116m No. may be gIVen on tho
top of the envelope while na
of tho candidate and I,isthe,
address for correspondence
(residential address) may be
given In the middle of the
envoi ope.
3. Self atta .tad copies of Dale of
Birth, M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree
certificates. (SCIST candidat es
need to enclose self attested
copy of tho caste cer tificate
4. Photographs at the
appropriate space (s} in the
appl ication form.
5. Appli cati on Form (use only
Appll.c!t!0'.1.. __
Direct :ielectlon" aa d Y d llcl U ' .
In MS-WORD fo rmat on the
ICAR/ ASRB websltes).
Application of the candidate in
any oth er format will be
summarily rejected.
1. Appl ica tions Forms
(Application Form2010 for
Dlract Selection), and other
relevant documents I details
cen be downloaded from
websltas http:/ and http:/ The same
can also be provided to the
candidate on hislher request to
the Secretary, Ag ri cu ltural
Scl entlsta Recruitment
Board, Krlshl Anusandhan
Bhawlln I, Pu.., New Delhl-
2. For each post , separate
applicati on form, separat e fee,
separate ' No Ob j oct ion
Certificate' and separato
'VIgilance Clearance CertifICate'
arerequiredto be sent toASRB.
No two applicati ons shoul d
be tied together.
3. Application fee is to be remitted
by way of Demand Draft only,
the candi date shoul d, on the
back of \he Crossed Demand
Draft. indicate his I her name.
address, name of tho post.
edYertisement number and item
number. It may be noted that no
othar means of payment of
the app lic ati o n fee Is
II ccept ll bl e, I. e. the
appli cati on fall paid by way of
Indian Postal Ord er aiMoney
Ordera etc. will not be
accaptad. Th e application
f orm not accompa nied wi th
th e application f ee wil l be
... Jected and the dat e of the
Demand Drllrt (DO) ahoul d
nolbe prior to th e datil of the
Issue of tha adv.rtl Hment In
the ..-peperll. Further, th e
DO .hould be v alid for e
period of six montha and th e
same valid fOf thrH mont ha
will not be accepted.
4 . The pr escrib d ntia\
qualification a,e min,mum and
poue ing of 58mB doe nol
entitle candidll ie to be called
fa, IntllfView. Th candlda t
./ I(
Deal rab le qu alification:
(,) Post doctoral rosoe,ChI
t eoch''' \! .. tp0rl ence In r I VAnt
r ( I r OWt I)
v 0'" 'fJf If .. , r; r mpu t r
The Illat dat e f or r ec . lpt of
'Throu gh Proper Channe" copy of
the applicat ions containin g th e
' C.rtlfi catll of verifi cati on by the
Emp l oyer' complete in all respects
in ASRB Iii 31.05.2012, and non-
receipt oHho'sameln AsRB by the
stipulated date would. re sult In
re jection of th e candldatur.1
applicati on of t he candidatll for the
pOlit( S} concerned. L lat of
enclosures/documenW cartlncatu
to be s ubmi tted along wi t h th e
application In thll ord. r gl v an
1. Crossed Demand Draft {to be
enclosed In horizont al
po sition} for Rs. 500/-, yalld
for 6 (siX) month. and drawn
In favour of SECRETARY,
AsRB payable at New Deihl
(Indi a) . For the candi dates
abroad the application fee
should be accompanied wi th a
crossed International Bank
Draft for US S50 drawn In
f avour of SECRETARY, ASRS
pay able lit N_ Deihl (Ind ia).
30.04.2012 (For applications post ed
from abroad and in the Andarnan and
Nicobar Islands, Lakshdweep,
Mlnlcoy and Aml ndlvllslands, StatesJ
Uni on Territories in the North-Eastem
Reg ion. Ladakh Division of J & K
Slate, Sikklm, Pangi, Sub-<lMsion of
Chamb a, Lahul and Spill Districts of
Himachal Pr adesh, the last date for
recei pt of ap pli cati on wi ll be
( ) In a e
ant h, l llat
t'Prw rd ng f hl e/her
pp l ca ti on fofm 'Throug
Prope, Channel', hili he mullt
aend . n ' AdYll nce Copy' of
th e . ppllceUon form to Ihe
PUN , N_ Oalhl110012 on or
befo re l he cloalng d....
2. It m y be enaured by I h
C ndld te that hl a/he,
ppliclJlion(s} forwarded to \he
00 ,d by tholr employerl
lorw rdlng utnorr ty hould
cll rr y vigil nc e clearanca
r: .llOcat , Indicating the delRii
of rrnpostuon of m jor ln ,lno,
ponaltios, if ny. during the I st
ton years. It may further be
noted that thll appli cati on of
tha candidate i a duly verined!
si gned by the Forwarding
Aut h 0 r ItylC0 m p et e nt
Authority, f ailing which
application l a li abl e to be
rej ected.
3. Tho jeurement age for all \he
scientific. posts is 62 yealS. In
the ICAR lhe RMP/HOD posts
are filled up for a tenure of 5
(five) years, whereas lhe posts
of Principal Sci entis ts and
Senior Scientists I Programme
C()l), dinators are fi!led up on
permane nt basis.
4. The ca ndi date selected for
appointment to the posts in
Animal Science disciplines and
possessing degree in
Veterinary ScienceNeteri nary
Science and Animal Husbandry
followed by Mastors and
Doctoral degree in the relevant
discipline will also be entitled to
Non Practicing All owance
(NPA) as admissible under the
rules from time to time subject
to the fulfillment of conditions of
enti tlement for the same as
prescribed by the Counci l.
5. Qualifi ed' Womon candi dates
ere encouraged to epply.
1.(a} Incomplete App licat ion Forms
are liable to be rejected.
(b) The application form complete
in all respects should reach the
Secretary, ASRB by the
closing date. Application forms
received after the closing dat e
WIll not be enter1llined
The po st of Senior Sci enti sts
( Aq u ac ultu r e) , CIBA, Chennal
adverti sed alltem No. 302 of ASRB
Advt. No. 0412011 slands withdrawn
due to administrati ve reasons. The
fee paid by the cand idates who have
applied for the sa id will be .
adjusted against thel, apphcatlo.n fa'
lhe scientific post under Direct
Recrullment appearing In future
of \he AsRB.
34. Project Coordinat o r
(Linseed) , ICAR Headquarter s
ba sed PrbJect 85 C.S. Azad
University of A gri cultur e &
Technology, Kanpur (One Post )
Qualifications Essenti al : (i)
Do ctoral dogr oe in any discipli ne
pertaining to Crop Science including
relevant basic sciences. (ii) & (iii) As
in Item no. 22 above.
Des irable: Speci ali zati on and
experience in Oilseed research.
Ind i an Grassland & Fo dder
Research Institute, Jhansi
35. Project Coordinator (Forage
Crops) (One Post)
Qualifi cati ons Essential: (I)
Doc toral degree in any branch of
Agri cultural Sciences i ncludi ng
relevant basic sciences. i1} & (iii) As
in item no. 22 above .
Desirable: Specialization and
experience of Coordination
Management preferably In Forage
Central Institute of Agricultural
Engineering, Bhopal ,
36. Project Coord inator (Fll rro
Implements and Machinery)
(One Post )
Qualifications Essenti al : (i)
Doctora l degree in Agri cultural
Eng ineering wit h in
Farm Mach inery and power Ind udl ng
relevant bas ic sciences. (ii) & (iii) As
in item no. 22 above.
Des irable: Sp ec i ali za tion and
research in t he fiel d of Farm
Mach inery and Power.
bill : Sp
I the
"gtO ring nd T chnologyl
A r1cultur I Structure nd "roc s
Eng,n ring.
Ind i ll n Council of Agricull ur I
Re.ellrch, K,llIhl Bhavlln, New
33. Project Coordl nlltor (Honey
ae & Po l llnll tora), AICRP on
Honeybee. & Po l linator.,
CC HAU, Hlllllr with It. Hqr.. t
ICAR, Krlshl Bhayan, New Deihl
(One Post)
Quallficalio'! s Essential : (i)
Doctoral degr eo In Zool ogyl
AgriCUltural Zoology/ Entomology or
retat ed subje cl including that of
rol ovant basi c sci ences, (ii) & (iii) As
in item no. 22 above.
Desirable: Specialization and
experience in Research on Crop and
Pollinator s.
ICAR Hoadquart ers based ProJact
at C.S . Azad University o f
Ag r i c ulture. and Technology,

Centre, Udhagamandalam under
CS&WCR&TI, Dllhradun
(One Post)
Ouetiticetions: Essential :
(I) Doctorel degree in any branch of
Agricullural Sciences including
relevant basic sciences. (ii) & (iii) As
in ilem no. 22 above .
Desirable: Speci alization in the
field of SOilConservationlSoil &Waler
conservation EngineeringiWatershed
Central Arid Zone Re s ear ch
Institute, Jodhpur
29. Head, CAZRI Reg ional
Research Station, Bhuj(GuJarat}
under CAZRI, Jodhpur
(One Post)
Qualifications Essential:
(i) Doctoral degree in any branch of
Agricultural Sc iences incl udi ng
relevant basic sciences. (ii) & (iii) As
in item no. 22 above .
Desirable: Special izatio n and
experience in the field of Arid Zone
Central Plantation Crops Res earch
Institute, Kasaragod
30. Head, CPCRI Reg ional
Station , .Vl ttal under CPCRI,
Kasaragod (One Po st )
Qualifica tions Essenti al : (i)
Doctoral degree in Hort iculture or
Al lied disc ipli nes ind uding relevant
basic sciences . (ii) & (iii) As in item
no. 22 above.
Desirable: (i) Al least 10 years
ex'peri en ce/speci alizati on in
Plantation CropsJHorticultural Crops
al; reflected by the . research
pu bl i cat i ons. (ii) Abi li t y to plan.
organi ze, coordinate and
research on plantation crops. (III)
Evid&flce of abili ty to serve as a
leader of team of research workers.
Centra l Instit ute of Po st Harvest
Eng in eering & Te chnol ogy,
31 . Head, Di v i s ion . o f
Horticultural Crop Proces s lOg ,
Abohar Ce ntre under CIPHET,
Ludhiana _ (One Post )
Qualifi ca tIOns Es seny al : (i)
Doc oral degree in
E rteenng/Food SCIence .
ecnnolOgY duding releVant baSIC
( & ( ) As 10 item no. 22
eo Irom eligible cand'd I I
;p ts in the lormat iven in a es or the Group 'B' and Group
go through all 01. advertisement Applicants
C I themselves about their
2 applying. Closing date for the receipt 01applications
PP Ica Ions receIved after the closing date will not be entertained
iill,.:aUl'a.o:t: Senior Hindi Translator
a: Eighteen (11-UR, 04-0BC 2-SC, 1-ST )
ment: Income Tax Appellate Tribunal , Mumbai
.. ,... _ ..__.,1. 30 years (Relaxat ion for SC/ST/OBC up to 5/3 years in accordance
uc Ion or order Issued by the Central Government)
: Rs.93 -348001- + Rs 4200/- Grade Pay (Group 'B' Non-Gazetted)
. asters degree of a recognized Universit y i n Hindi ! Engli sh with English 1
dl as a main subject at the Degree Level. OR
era degree of a recognized Universit y In any SUbject with Hindi as the medi um
r ction and Examination with Engli sh as a compUlsory subject at degree
ef. OR
achelor's degree with Hindi and English aa main subjects (which Includes the
compulsory and elective)
19.0 . Recognized Drploma/Certifjcata Course in Translation from Hindi to English and
_ .. :rsa or two years' experience of trans lation work Irom Hindi to English and vice-
sa In CentrallState Government otnces Including Govemment 01India Undertakings.
mea, .Pune. Nagp.ur, Panan. Agra , Bil aspur , Lucknow, Allahabad, Jabalpur,
r sar . Jaipur. Jodhpur, Kol ka a, Patna, Ranchi . Ahmedabad. Indore , Hyderabad
ith AISl
J.R.: Translation 01 documents from English to Hindi and Vice Versa . Compilation of
order rnstrucuons. Assistat inq the off icers, Preparation/consolidation of the periodical
etc .
t..,,... rlf' tn ctlon tCK PH candidates: This vacancy IS not identified as suitable for PH.
.. tton D Q' De rab e 0 a U : eaerve. OBC : Ot r
:1i_. i'lttCllt:lU:
. SchedUled Cas . S : Sc ed Tnbe PH . Pt'yslcatly
:. ad I Ha dcapped, PS : Pay-Sc ale CRF : Central
M _ illc!lR>et:! , OH . Orthopa Y . 'Re' s Eqv:Equ'valent,

Foe Stamps IP : Inli Pos ng JR ....OO L lrty

, . , ad AISL: " NICe I I ,
: Pr lCierlCy Te , Rec:og.. E. ElCp.>r", C8 Ell m.:
Instt.:ln9 I u e. I"attn. : I U 0, p. 0 1 ')If ' of.. EX&-
...., . 51,,! of DIo ' Deoa e ') . .
_ _ Vt', H .: Hig er. _0: f'I , . E OE 0 r employed
_ _ wen CGCE: Cent Gov mmef1t C ,., Ha 'I r L I'kJ l p 'I OL:
: V u yHa ed
e Ar , LV: La V ,on
lldml.. subject to tultillm nl of terma
hrt .nd .Iao to r..lr1ctloo on
'dBte for calculation at 8ge li mi ts, to r fi ndi ng eligi bility on essential
a, and for other terms and condltlonala all on t he cl osi ng dato of
appli cati on as menlioned at Para -5 In t hi s Nollce.
OOldales should note that the Date of Birth as recorded in the Matriculation/
dary Examination Certificate (only Certificate, not Admit Card) OR an
alent certificate on the date of submission of application, will be accepted
t Comrmssion and no subsequent request for change will be cons idered or
ted. If th s document. is not submitted along with the appli cation, appl ication
w I be rejected summarily at any stage of the recruitment processes and no
equest 'Of revival will be considered.
-he are advised 10 ensure their age limits. for fulfilling eligibility on
sssenua! quahtlCalJons, and for suitah ifity on other terms and conditions as stated
In dlHerenl paras/sub-paras of this Noti ce on that parti cular date itself bef ore
lying for a post ,
EX I FEES as per Para-4 in this Noti ce (CRFS aHixed and clearly
cancelled on the App licat ion Form)
One recent passport size photograph shou ld be pasted (NOT STAPLED) on the
space provided in the App lication Form. ther eaft er SIgn on it. Another copy 01the
same photo should be retained by the applicant lor past ing it on the Admission
Cert ifica te.
IIi. Two seu-aodresaec envelopes 01 12 cms x 25 cms size with postage stamps
worth RS.51- aff ixed on one of these and those must be superscribed in bold
iv. One self-addressed postcard aff ixing Postage stamps having total postage worth
of Rs.61- and it must be superscribed in bold letters as APPLICATION FOR THE
v. Documents in support of claim of SC/ ST/ OBCIPH/ EXSlCGCE category in the
prescribed FORMAT
VI . Attested copies of Matriculation Certif icates or equivalent as a proof of age (Date
of Bi rt h) copies of Cert lflca teslYearwise marksheetsJProvisional Certificates
towards proof of Educat ional Qua li f ications (beginni ng from Malriculation
Exammation as indicated Column 6 of Application Form) ete. Particulars printed
on the back of the marksheets/ certlficatas should also be Xeroxed/ copi ed
Invariably and attested by a Gazett ed Off ear of Centrall State Governmen1.
appliean s are hereby warned that any wrong attestation so as to mislead or to
gan access to the Examination, would ead to criminaVdebar action against the
applicants. besides cancenauo n of the-r cand datures. Furth er, all ongi nal
certilicates will be checked at tbe lme of Pe sonar y/ Test! Screening Test.
a the case may be. and the r candida ure IS subJOCf to result of such scrutiny.
copies 01 expe nee certi ' a es . If ary .
tea;ed copies of any ol her Docu rt Iorrnat on 9 ven in the
a Form
WhIch !hoi Iu
I. All the Ign tur haul b
no varlal lon In Ih ognal u
.vlii . Applicants should put th If n tur onth p r h n uch
port ion 01 tho signature Is on the Appltcall on Form ru:llh r n
on the photograph, olhelW It WIll be tr " I d UNSIGN 0 PHO 0 R
ix. In the Column s 01 Applicati on. apphcanlll hall wnt Ihe r u r nlor
oithar In Engli sh (CAPITAL LETTERS) or In Hindl (CAPITAL LETT ).
x. Apphcanlll should wrilo thotr Nam . Fath r'aJ Husb nd' (a apphc b )
and Dnte 01 Birth (DOB) In tho Application Form 8 recorded in the trlculat
or Equivalent Cort lficato. Ion
xi. If an applicant has changed hislhor name or droppod/II ad part 01 h.slher na
alter Matriculationl SSCIHr. Secondary/ Sonior Secondary, he/sho I
submit an at1estod copy of Gazello Nonttcattcn to lh offoct ' hat hel h h
changod hislher name attar rnatncutauon etc. The (hangod namo hould
have been Indlcatod In the Gazolle Notlftcation .
xii. Co_rt ilica tos in Support of oducational qua -hcntrons an I 01 Ago-proot must havo
been. from a recognizod Univ r Ilyll nshtutlonl BOllr d. othorwiso hi r
candl.dature IS lIablo to bo canceued/r ejected summanly or li t any sta 0 01
recruitment process. g the
xiii. 01 In support 01 ago/ dll te of bIrth. rOQUlr d
mmrmum educational quahficat ion, SC/ST/OBC/ EXSIPH/CGC E Cal GOor
claimed In the Application Form.
xiv. A good quality recent Passport size Photograph (5 em x 7 em) hou d be hrrnl
pasted (not pinned or stapled) in the prescribod placo In the AppltcallOn Fou:
thereafter sign on il as per direction at Para 9-A above.
xv. COMMUNITY/ CATE GORY STATUS has been Ind icated correctl y In the
Applicati on Form.
xvi. He/She has paid the requisite fee.
xviI. He/She has checked hlslher el igibility caretuuy.
xviu. Signat ure: Signatures In runni ng script (not in block lellers)' -
a. On the Photog raph:
b. On the Application
c. On the General Declaration by all the candidates
d. If applica ble. on the OBC DECLARATION (exciusivoty tor OBC canmdate )
[Appendix-IV EXS DECLARATION (exclusively for EXS candidate ) IAppendl
lIV CGCE DECLARATION (exclusively for CGCE candidates)I Appendlx-IIIVOEA
DECLARATION (exclusively for OEA candidates) [Appenrnx-IV}
e. On the all documents allached with the Applic ation Form.
xix. The envelope contai ning Application Form must be supersc ribed rn bold letters
xx. One envelope should contai n one application of one applicant only .
xxi. Applicants should submi t only one application agai nst a part icula r category 01
advertisement. However. separate applications can be submit1edagain!.1rtlfforonl
categories of advertisement.
4 THE:. CANDIDATES SHO )I f) B I /(",Hl!c)IHf II ()WN Pf fiB II I A I R
ETC. THE' CANDIDn f Sf-'( ' I f) NOT IlHINI, /I f 'f If' 11(,1I OTHf II liN.
THESE PECIFiED ABOV ()("A' '' ' fIO()I< ' 'f) r',,' II r Jr,' I I I
o rr. I T() T 'I' I f I p I
to rodUCO/waive off lin
C, FOR PHYSfCAll Y H Yat thl) pr I Ion n
10 Uppor ago limit ea H)
or 10 yeara/t Ihe acrlbOd In I win
belonging 10 SC/ST/OBCII a a phy I ally hand c PP tl
r laxation 01 10yellrs Whoare pIJV loolly hllndlc p
10Iho oge relllJlalion lor Physically handlCllPPilll
PH persons haVing40% n terms of Para - 12A(1) an<J P
relaxation and re.. obovo disability are ollg'ble for fee rAI
iiI. PH paraons sookln &
Inveriobl g lor teo concessi .
cOMPd'EsNubmlt requisite certif,cat a
IIge-rolaxation and res rv
tor PH atalua will not b ' as publl shod In this Notlco Oth X-IX) mthe
bill Conaldlred under 0
entertaIned and Ihelr candldatu erwlae, th,lr etalm
tv. IMPORtANT (UR) category Candldat ..'elapPllcall
a. A disability certificate s T OF PHCERTIFICATE:
the Control and h hall beISSued by a Medica
a MOdlcal eState Governmonl Tho Stalo Board dUly conSlllu:odby
membor shall b of at least 3 mombors may constilute
b. Tho cortlflcat 0 a peclaliat Irom the rel evant " 0 which. at lell I 000
0 WOuld be volld t .
8 temporary The . or a period of 5 years for
certificate where lhMediCal Board shall indicate Ihe Who e o'i&abij,ty
those who a . ero are chances of variallon In th rlOd of vahd,ly of the
permanenl. lhe For
ItSdecision haVingregard to II e applicant, Ihe Med,ca/ Board ma n aa
pass such orders In the malt a the facts and Clrcumstancos of Ihe y reVIew
c. According to Ih er as II thinks tu, ca e and
R' h e persons WllhDisabil r (E
Ig Is and Full PartiCipation) RUle lies qual Opportul1llies, of
Central Government In exe ' s, 1996 nohfled on 31 121996 b II
and (2) , S rcise of Ihe powa f ' . Y t e
a ectlon 73 0' lhe er .rs c?n erred by sub-seclion 1
Protection of Rights and FUll wllh D,sablliltes (Equal
to give disability Certificate will Act, 1995 (1 of 1996),
Cent ral and Ihe State Govemment Th Board dUly COnSlttuled by lhe
Medical Board consisting of al leasi th e tale Government mayconslttulea
be a speCialist In the particular l ield ,ree members oul of whichat leasl shall
speech disabil ity, mental retardalion locomotors! heanng and
D. FOR SERVICEMEN OF THE THRE eprosy cured, as Ihe case may be
time to time shall be laid down by the GoV!. Irom
Irom their actual age and such In the military service
age IImll in Para-l by more than 3 years (6 s au not exceed the prescribed
case of SC/ST) . years In case of OBCand 8 years in
EXPLANATION: An Ex-Serviceman means a person who has serv .
a coum.batant or noncombalant , in the regUlar Army
Ian nlon and:- . ' ,
(a) retired from such service after earning his pension. This woul d also
Include who are released/retired aI /heir own requesl bUIafter having
earned Iherr pension; or .
(b) whohas released from such service on medical allribulable 10 mililary
or circumst ances beyond his control and awarded medICal or Olher
disability pension, or
(c) who has been released, olherwise Ihan on his own requesl, fromsuchservIce
as a resul t of reduclion in establishment, or
(d) has been released from such service aller compleling Ihe specified
of otherwi se than at hiS own requesl or by way of
dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or ineHiciency and has
been given a gratuity, and includes personnel ot the Territorial Army of the
following categories , namely :-
(1) Pension holders tor continuous embodIed services;
(2) persons with disability allributable 10 military service;
(3) Gallantry award winners.
iii. The period of ' Call up Service' of an Ex-Serviceman in the Armed Forcos shll il
also be treated as service rendered in the Armed Forces. For any setVIceman 01
the three Armed Forces of the Union to be Irealed as Ex-ServICemen for Ih
purpose of securing the benefits of reservation; he/she must have slroady
acquired, at the relevant time of l ubml tt l ng hl ll!her appllcall on for the POIU
Service, the Itatus of exservlcema n andlor is In A position 10 ostllblish his!
her acquired entitlement by documentary evidence fromIhecompetenllluillonly
that he would be released/discharged tromthe armod forces withinIh shpulllted
period ot ono year Irom Ihe closing dato on rocGl pt of lIppllcllli ons liSsilpullll d
In Paro-5 of this Notice on completion of hISspecific p rlodof ngag m nl TIl
Ex- Se r vicema n appli ca nts sho uld submit nee S.lIry CI'R rtI ICAT , /
DECLARATION as per the FORMAl prescribed In % P r nn I lind Trl!'n" o
O.M. No.3603412/91-{SCT) deted 03.04.91 (APP NDIX II l!nd VI).
iv. The EXS appUcents shall1nvllrlabfy subm,t wilh th It Ilpphcal ns EX. r I
(I xclullvely for EXS appli cant.) (APPENDIX-II) olh rwl th r ndld ture
shall be CIInCIIlled summaril y 01' at any at g 01t h r crull I pr
This concession at applying one Y ar b for th campi li on of
engagement is not Ilvailabl In re peet of duClIl lon lOti l ion I
Graduate ExSIJro requirGdto compl I 15 yell ll of ( Ad
as on Ihe closing dale 01 r8CQipt 01 appl lCBlIOf' I I I t
Notice for becoming II 'deemed Gradual ' h . I a no, radUa
have nol completed 15 yea 01 MC IJ on Itl d I ' r t
,n Para 12.0(11I) or NOTell Ie
vI. fhe p r ona aerY g I I e rme<f
lIervtee WOU d under lh I
npply lor ymenl
, en e
, h fd I . h the relevant OBC Certificate In the forma t
dates s au urnl s VIII ' d b the
d l or Ce nJral Government jobs as per APPENDIX- Issue . y
AUTHORITY within three years Irom the clOSing date sllpulated
than the prescribed cortlflCate
ac for eeklng rolaxallon/
c:.....lltmBclvernm I
r In I I 'or any 0'
tvl lot/Personality T V
(11, flon
c ,wh e It i, f"t
nth. applicant nee "ery, without
It. ntlge of merk, on Ih by thl mllhod of 'hort
wh pr"crlbed Ellenfl.,
o QU81ify,jo th
J rnml sslon I . Scr lining I.a'
I wI rson II 11 Iholr dlscrollon would or olh rwlse at Ih.
I(1N OF IeCASES: Iy TosU Prolioi oncy T aU 'or being
........ ""1"n- dl a Ie h Vlng the SA .
d r n 8g got r mo aggrogllie marks In It
tv by r , rring nee. Lasl/y, If tho 110 sl/II10 E'xArnlnll li on Iho
t begins with Iho alph alPhab tical order 01nl1mo
ISIs, tho li o is
r I ranee. a el which coma s tlrsl In th e, 1.0 . a cnndld ato
N Al QUAllFICAT 0 olphaboli cil l Ord r
lie ot s IN OF POSTS AND
Nolice. a 0 of recelpI of application as m 1/ NS for a post on or
Post(s) . . en oned at P!!ra-5 in Ihis
requiring proti c' I
means til t h rency n tho relevant Ian
and In ca: e api'ica nt must have stUdied essenlial quali'ication
C ng nowledge' which shall be d t icant or ha/she should have the
ommlsslon . e ermIned by l he Slatt S I .
F e ecll on
or post s where an experience in a .
penod has be en indicated as an ess f.'eld(dlscipli ne for a specified
submit a ce rtifica te in support of thei r Qualification, .the applicants should
Applicants must submi t Certlfl t m of expenence In thai fiel d/ disci pline
of Age-proof f r om a support of educati onal
their candidature i s liable to be otherwise
recruitment proces s. J ted summarily or at any stage 01 the
Only attested COpies of certificates are re
need to be allested. Ali photoc ' h qui red to be sent. Even the photocopies
vI. The ORIGINAL CE RTI FICATESoPles s ould be clear and distinct.
.. should not be senl wilh the ,.
VII. II the applicants do not fulfill th b . app leation.
candidature are liable to be SUb.-Para 11(1) to Sub Para 11(v) their
process. manly or al any stage of the recruilment
viii. Applicants called for INTERVIEW/SKILL TE .
SUbmit ORIGINAL TEST invari ably
their candidature are liable to be cancelled t th ,ar the very time, falling of which
recruitment process . a a very stage or at any stage ot
1. Upper limit .as prescribed In Para-I will be Relaxable up to a maximum
o I years I' a candidate belongs to a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe
ca egory. .
SC/ST applicants ng l or lee conce ssion, age-relaxat ion , reservation
sha ll Invanably submit , alongwith their application, the requisite
Certilicate as. pe r FORMAT (Appendix-I II) trom COMPETENT AUTHORITY
published in this Notice . OTHERWISE, THEIR CLAIM FOR SC/ST
SC/ST applicant s c alled for Intervi ew onl y wI ll be paid TRAVELLING
ALLOWANCE (TA) as per Government of Indi a' s Order s. NO TA will be paid
for Proficiency Test/Screeni ng Test/ Skill Test , i tthey are hel d on a day oth er
Ihan thai of Intervi ew.
The Upper age li mit as prescribed In Para-I will be Rela xable upto a maximum
of 3 years if a candidate belongs 10aBCs in accordance with DP&TOM No.43013/
2795-Eslt . (SCT) dated 25.01 .1995 read with amendments made thereafter.
NOrE: Other Backward Class (aBC) for Ihe purpose of AGE RELAXATION AND
RESERVATION will mean "Pe rsons of a BC Category nol belonging 10Creamy
Layer" as defined in Go vernment of Ind ia, Dep artment of Personnel and Training
OM No.36012122193-Estl .(SCT) dated 08.09 .1993 and modified vide Govl. of
India Depll . of Personnel and Tr aining OM No.360331312004-Eslt (Res) dated
g.3.2004 and 14.10.2008.
he aBC applicants shall i nv ari ably submit with their appllcal ion the OBC
DECLARATION (exc/u5lvely tor OBC appll ca ntl) (APPENDI X-I) oth erwll e
r candidature Ihall be cancelled aumma r ll y or at any st ege of recruitment
AutoCAD 20, :II)
Sold IIodeIIng withInvtnlot
,.,..,.....'II & 0penIIk>ll 01C
Sl No
-ral tl m .t i'ubmlt r qu t C rtltlc: If M
Allthorlty, along with th Ir .ppllcatlon for the n... l on, oth
cl.lm for SC/ST/OBCIPHlEx8ICOC at tu . will nol nf rt al d and r
c.ndld.tur....ppllc.tlon. will be con.ldered und r Gen r.' (UR) O1I tegOry
candld.te. And no sub. eque nt reque.t will b ac e pl ed , In .ny
clrcum.tance., reg.rdlng rectlfic.tlon 01 th eir cat egories.
NOTE: The OBC/EXS/CGCElOEA applicants hall mvar abl y ubmi t wIth th Ir
ppllcallons, according to their respective Cat egory, the OBC DECLARATION
(exclu.lvely tor OBC applicant.) DECLARATION (exclusively
for EXS applicant.) [APPENDIX-lIYCGCE DECLARATION (exclu.lvely for CGCE
appllc.nta) (APPENDIX-IIIYOEA DECLARATION (exctu.lvely for OEA appllcanta)
[APPENDIX-IV], otherwise their candldatura shall be cancelled summarily or at
any .tage or rtlcrultment proce
Brief Job requirements of the post are Indicated below each category 01 posts, under
Para -1 of thl a Notice, to facilitate the applicants to under stand tho main functions to be
performed alter appointment to the post.
a. who has entered Into or contracted a marri age with a person having a spou
living ; or
b. who, having a spouse living, has entered into or contracted a marriage with any
person, shall be eligible for appoi ntment to the service,
Provided that Cen tral government may, if sat isf ied that such marri age is
permissible under the personal law applicable to such person and the other
party to the marr iage and there are other grounds for so doing, exempt any
person from the operation of this rule. .
A candidat e must be in good mental and bodi ly healt h and Iree from any physical
defect likely to int erfere with the efficient discharge of his/her duties as an Officer of the
service. A candidate who, after such medical examinat ion as may be prescribed by the
competent authority, is found not to satis fy these requirements, will not be appointed.
Only such candidates as are likely to be considered for appointment will be medically
exami ned.
NOTE: In the case of the disabled Ex-Def ence Services personnel, a cert ificate of
fitness granted by the Demobilizati on Medical Board of the Defence Services will be
consi dered adequate for the purpose of appointment.
a. Candidates are warned that they should not furni sh any particulars that are false
or suppress any material information while fill ing in the appli cat ion form .
Candidates are also wamed that they should in no case aUempt to alter or otherwise
tamper with any entry in a document or the attest ed certified copy submiUed by
them nor should they submit a tampered/fabricated document.
Canvassing in any form Will disqualify the applicant.
The decision of the Commission in all matters relating to eligibility , acceptance or
rejecti on of the applications, penalty for false information, mode of selection , conduct
of examination(s) and inte rvi ews, allotment of examination centers, selecllon and
allotment of posts/organizations to selected candidates Will be lIn.a\ and binding on the
candidates and no enquiry/correspondence will be entertained In thi s regard.
Continued on page 41
w thout D CLARATIONS (exclusively for
h II not be eligible for teo-cone s sion, age
61 haTged from the armed for es Within the
fromth oloslng date of receipt of applications as
on Completion of their assignment he will not
, lI11e-reIIlXBlion, reservation whatsoever.
llndenfs of Ex-Servicemen are not eligible for fee-
n, reservalion whatsoever.
ear of their COLOUR SERVICE are not exempted Irom
limit is Relaxable as mentioned in Para-l as on the closing date of
plication for Central Government Ci vil ian Employees (CGCE) who
red not less than thr ee years conti nuous servic e (on regular basis
n ad-hoc basis) in Minist ries or Departments of Gov\. of India in terms
letter No.39028n196-EslI . (B) dated 27.01.99.
0 6 appl icants shall invariably submit with their applications the CGCE
ECLARATION (exclusively for CGCE applicants) [Appendix-III] otherwise
ei candidature shall be cancelled summarily or at any stage of recruitment
CE appl icants seeki ng fo r aqe-r et axa tlon shall i nva riab ly subm it , with
p licatlon , the requisite certificate as per FORMAT (Appendix-V) and from the
="'''''''' MPETENT AUTHORITY (as mentioned in this Notice) on or before the closing
date of receipt of application as ment ioned in this Notice.
rt t e Certificate i s not as per FORMAT (Appendix-V) and not from the
COMPETENT AUTHORITY, the candidates are not eli gi ble for age-relaxation .
Any deviation of the CGCE Cert ifi cate Fo rmat from the pr esent prescribed
format will not be accepted by the Commi ssion and will lead such application
to be treated under General (UR) category.
CGCE candidates shall also refer Para-13 of this Noti ce.
Upper age-limit is relaxable to retrenched emp loyees of Chukha Hydel Project
Authority in Bhutan who were directly recruited, to the extent of regula r service
rendered by them with the Authority (peri od of service rendered by the retrenched
employees will be decided on the bas is of cert ificate issued by the Chukha
Hydel Project Authority) .
All persons who had ordinarily been domiciled in the state of Jammu & Kashmir
during the period 1.1.1980 to 31.12.89 shall be eligible for relaxation in the '
upper age-limit by five years in support of which the proof of residence may be
sub milled alongwith the app lication with a cert ificate from :
(a) The District Magistrate within whose jurisdi cti on he had ordinarily resided;
(b) Any other authority designated in thi s behalf by the Gov!. of J&K.
Upto the Age of 35 years (upto 40 years for members. of Castes/
Scheduled Tribes and 38 years for OBC) i n the case of WidowS, divorced women
and women judicially separated from their husbands and who are not remamed.
Upto a maximum of 3 years( 8 years for SC/S T and 6 ye.ars for
in the case of Defence Personnel disabled in operation dunng hostilities With
any fo[eign country or in a disturbed area and released as a consequence
I All candidates in Central Government Service holding any post whether a
- permanent or in temporary. capacity or work-charged other .t an
. d I ee or those serving under public enterprises,
asu al duty or dally rate . emp oy ' . APPENDIX-III that they have
w they
exam' anon. Such candidatesI must any other time till
to furnish NOC from the ir emp oyer, a
flOal se lect ion . THER THAN CENTRAL GOVT .
OTHER EMPLOYED APPLICANTS with their applicati ons the OEA
OI VILI AN EMPLOYEES) shall Invariably Sli ts) [ APPENDIX-IV} otherwise
DEOLARATION (exclu si vel y for OEA app at any stage of recruitment
3 candidature shall be cancelled summan y
oces . . ommunication is received from their
tes shoUld note that In case . a c . ' n to the candidates applying
er by the c ommission withholdlOg shall be rejected and
aring In the examinat ion, their app rc a I all be canceUed. NO OBJECTION CERT IFICATE
it&f;iIj_ . Jd shall invarl.bly submit KI LL TESTIS CREENING TEST,
LOVER befOf'e INTERVIEW/S .t t h.t very ltage or
1ft)1ftl_c:nlthelir idature are liable to be can
t proce .
MM. ,fO!RC:eATlf ,.. d It Anpendlx - VII. The
IS at Appen IX- 0 "
.... -
SlgrIIIIn ofCIniIdeIt (only ID

"lA / Place _ .
D 0 M M Y Y
<nfut/ Date :
(II 1fift '$ 1iJ 1lv1t
lII'flft tm mr 1hT anm"""' ifR
I have not .ubmltted any other IpPIkation for thl umIIt.tiOn:.J
rule, my application win be rtjectIcfItlmmarllybytht Cornmllalon. .
(II) if lfifflfI'I 3frl11
(III) 11 1ft 1lTtIvn t ft; 4 '" q RbI " _ MY
mmr WIll 1Rll 'lm!T1 t I
I furthtr d1da,. that I fulflUall the condltiDnl attlIgNlIJlty IQlI /lmlll, tducIIfonII
pracribld forldmllllon totheuamlnltlon.
(IV) Ii sft m.n t 1JllOl' anritrr/ti'ff " .1lln 1m
tOol it 1J1fI aQ1 ffl;fl\ 1ft emri 1ft 'lmlJ1n
l ebo declll't that I do not stand debarredby SSCNPSClCPWMfESIDepl of Poea IS on
bHnconvIc:ttd by. nycourtof law. .-
4 fiffl fl AlmiR lR'3"
3IlIfi} ihn lift if t. m M 1lT m
lUf llRt4H I
'forCentral Govt. Clvtll.n rwlaution
I decl.Ire that I ama Central GoYl Civilian Employee and eompIeted 3 ,.,. rIlIulir setvlee tK regu'"
of Mrvk:e ltlpuJat.d In the Notice at till .umJnadon on or befora date of clOilng of I4Ib1nlltlngapp/kItlon
form given In It. Nollc:e.
(VI) *3I"lJfit9lJ mfim
4 11(: t fl w t IItMIr 8.9.1W3
111'I.51. W. 36012122193 l'U. if antm_ wmt 1m 1lln3ll '4 _
lfII 1J1fI I 11(: 1ft m..n 'irc1t t 21 1Imf tRllln. tnm _
;;n if t. lmJ m;r li. lftftA 3 if
I 1\ 'ftI t 4 1ll 1Im/1ffift t flf qm
q&J if Jlffill if 3Rl lfII IfIIlllf t I
' FtKCendldaUbelonging to 06C
I decII,. ltIat I belong to thI coml1ll.rllty which Is reeognCDd as a bKtwanI '*- by lfM GeM. of
for lfM pIIfpOH of rnervalfon In urvlcel as per ordtra corUIned In Dtptt. of Psonnel a
Tralnlng 0IfIce Memorandum No. 36012122J93. &at. (SCT) CUDd U .tlt1 I .110 decIIrw INC I do
belong fl) It. ptr'IOrlIMdJona (c:rumy Itytrl mentioned In coiurnn 3 of lfM Idltdule of
mentioned above and modified vide Gcwt. allndIa DOPT OMsmetlt/clMd In lIIe NoCIoe. , furttwr declare 1
am of 06CCertIIIQl8lnItle pt8KlfbtdfOf111ll gItn InlfMNodctallht-mnaaon.

. ForCandldaU belonglng Ex-SelVlCIfNIl .
IdacIarethatIfulfill 11II lhe allglblillycondIllonrwlltlng to of.lIIfTI.
(W)" 1/i'ICl am t '" >l u4 tmwI *ft /ihlrm
'ffi'f. T'f ml I 4 WQl(lI/lP!SRft t l\ 1ft If 1ft lfQ r1.
tnfilIA'R1l'l 3l'lmII 'It'll <fIR 1ft *ft f.Rmfft lPlJt!t I
I hetaby dtc:1a,. that all .tIttm.nla madeIn Ill .ppItc.cfon .,. trua, coqlleIt and COfTad 10lht beet of
my knowl edge and b. fI. f. I und.rst.nd th.t In tI,. e....nt of any Information beIng
l upprnlladJfalM or lnc;or1"Kt or ,,.Ilglbllll)' being dttKNcI before or .. lht IUIIlInatlon. my
I ppointmen4Isllal* tobeClnc:elJed
.. . .... . .. ..
.. .. eo. .. .. "
fl; lIlA
Space for CRF Stamp


(q 'ffl)
Puta hefe finnlyCRf Stamp
ofI'IqIIisIla denomination
IIIdgil Itcanctlled from the
post otIice from whett purdlased.
(Do ROt SlapIe)
Space for
. cancellation IIJmpbypost
oIIlce literIffilIngCRfstamp
. tg lII'A .. ...:.-
...r. ... J
... eooUcMlon ...ell t. ... u
e-- --"'*" t'1l
Roll Nu_' I!!!!.0ftIce .- on I
21 , _e- __. , '
c ,Onfy .... "'n.....Hwwt)
I 11
"""" -...
4t. !lll lilli , ....
_ , "'" I!ngIloh. 10<Iflndl a J "'" oe-o
1m! 1II't ItflII
N-. of Dulll "')
3RI llfll1m
Parco.-- of_



......... Cocla
-, ...,

I '..--
_ l .
- L
Th' '" llll (OJ -II 111 'lIT '"*" JR I
I Cefef\llly. UN 811M or Black b.1I to wrllol In box (01.
I =oJ 2. Mlt/CATNo. DDDC
w 11 'l'I 'IT'l . q 3lIRI" IffiI I m ll'I'll'iI 'h Q'l1 "" "'"

.. _ (WI* In CapbI Lamra k>EIllIII.h)
otI*-. -... \WI* In C8II1tII1l_raIn E"Ilhh)
\ - l - --. --
"J -, 0-' I 0
L h _J I
\ __1 __ L
I 11.11<I1 311'11lri\fttl< h/WhatharPH7
l. I
___ __. _
......! """ 1\ t7'll.lllft tft . m JiftRI-t "U lIl'IllT'll"Il IiIfil lIl'l
-.... Ate ra' :aallonl It va.. In_Cod. AQa on nonNll closlnll_
[] nu 000000
\ -_. - - - _ _ ::--:-::- _
' . ... _ 14. '{ll'i'l '#lflI1IoI. lllnfitl ...""f'lII
' oil 0', ' f' .. ..A/...- .. _ DO 0 0 0000
f. [, \_ LJ 0 0 (In v...) 0 D M M Y Y
- (tl l. ""2J 0
.... t?
'<r1bo( \. , ....."'- 2 HInd i) -
_ . _ _ .. _ ._..."..; '" oW .- --- --- - ,- FOLD HERE ..- .-- ......- ...:........
t declare that I have already Informed my Head of Office/DepartmenllMinistry in writing that I have applied 10
I lurther submil the following In/ormation:
a. Date of Appo intment
b. Holding present post and Pay Scale
c. Name and Address of Employer with Tel No.
Place and Date:
Pl ace _
Dat e

[Here central government civilian employee' means any person to whom tb& "'"' -, ,.<..
(Conduct) Rules, 1964, apply]
I declare that I havo alr eady i nl ormed my Head 01Office/Department/Ministry in Writing thaI I have
I further submit the lollowing Information:
a. Dat a 01 Appointment
b. Holding present post and Pay Scal e
c. Name and Address 01Employer with Tel No.
Place and Date:
(Full Signalure of the app
Note: All signatu res done on the Applica tion Form and al so on otber documents musl be in running script (nol in Block lett
in the same languag e and in the same manner otherwise application will be rejected.
(Full Signafure o/tne aePfcal1'tl
Not e-I: All signal ures done on the Appl icatio n Form and also on other documents must be in running script (not
letters) , in the same language and in the same manner otherwise application will be rejected.
A ndidate who claims 10 belong to one of the Scheduled Caste 0< the Sch9duled Tnoos should ',-
ctairn an altesl ed1cer1lfied copy of the certi ficate the 'orm given.below from the d,stncl oHicer or the _ ,
or any olher officer as Indicated below ol lhe D'stnct,n which hiSparents (or SUNlVing parent) .. . litiib -i'iP
b designatod by the State Government concerned as cOrTlpfl(enllo issue SUd1 a certifICate. \I
Ih':cilficer Signing the cert.llc81.0should be 01 tho dislnct In which the candlClal o htmsoll ......b
l he purpose of his own educallon
(To be filled by the Head of the office or Departmental In which the candidate i. serving)
It IS certi fi ed that Sh ril Smt./Km. is a Cenlral Govt. employee holding the
of In the pay scale of As. with 3 years regular service in this post as on
Signalure _
Name =-_-:-__---'- _
orrICO seal _
Form of Certification for serving Defence Personnel
(please see para 12(0) of thIs Notice)
I r hereby Certify that according to the information available with me (No.) __
(Name) r is due 10 complele the specified lerm of his engagamenl with the
-F- o- rc- e- s-o-n- T=h:'""e- (Date) _

lFull Signature of Applicant)
SKlnalure of Candidate
Of the examinat ion)
1K>n10 whICh tne appl1c,,!on relates. my appointment will
ult-()r Iy that, I have been dUly
Iss'ble to ex-servicemen in tenns
_.__. ,.,,,,,,19'1 "om lime to li me.
10 a vacancy -eserved lor Ex-S ,n regard:o the recruitment
to such acQOintmont. secured any ernoiovrnent on the Civil side
'S;8lU1OtY BodIes. Barks eic.) by availing 01 the
Wtt1 be trealed as the date 01reckon,"g for OBC status of the candidate and
s not tall IfI the creamy layer. The candidat e should lumish the relevant OBC
Central Govemmenl Jobs as per Appendix -VIII issued b'y the competent authority on
ted in the Nollce
tlon Form and also on other documents must be In running script (not in Block
same mannor othecwiseapplication will be reject ed
IfMtnably sOOmil WlItI their applications. the OBC DECLARATION (exclusively lor OBC
candidahJreshall be cancelled summarily or at any s!a!l o of recruitment process.

of Shn _ _ resident of villageltown/cl ty _
hereby declare that I belong to the _ __ _ community
I'd ctuss by the Government 01 India for the purpose of reservatloll In services as per orders
nd Trllinil19Offica Memorandum No. 360 12122/93 (SCT) dated 8.91993. It is also declared
my luver secion of persons 01 OBC as mentioned in Column 3 of Government of India. Oeplt . of
No. 36012i?2/93-Estt (SCT) dated 8.9.1993 and modified Vide OOPT's O.M. No. 36033/3/
nd 14. 10 2008
sss ssmeo: 19 nol mcommondodl
caste cen ,hcal e ONLY trorr. the REVENUE DIVISIONAL
OA-One arm affected
Iiearing l mpai rrnen!
The term ' Ordinari ly' used here will have Ihe same meaning as in Section 20 of the Representation
Act , 1950.
(b) The authoritles compet ent to issue Caste Certificates are indicated below :
Disl rict Ma gi strate/Addi li onal Magistrate/Collector/Deputy Commissioner/ Additional Deputy, Commiss;
Collector/I" Cl ass St ipendi ary Magistrate/ SubDivisional Maglstrat elTaluka MagistratalExseutiveMagistratelExtrll'AssiSllinl
Commissi oner (not below Ihe rank of I" Class Stipendiary Magi strate) .
Chief Presidency Magislrate/Additional Chief Presidency Magi strateJPresidency Magistrate.
Revenue Off icer not below the rank of Tehsildar
Sub-Divisional Officer of the area where the candidale and/or hi s family resides.
This is 10cert ify that -:- ....:
Division in Ihe _. '" 'Slale . .
Which is recognised as a backward class under : -.
i) Resolution No.12011/68/93 BCC(c), dated the lOll' , Septembe r,
Part -l, Section I, No.186 dated 13'" September,1993.
il ) Resolution No.1201 1/9/94 BCC dated 19" October, 1994 published in lhe
I, NO,163 dat ed 20'" October, 1994 , . -'.
iii) Resolul ion NO,12011f7/95 BCC, dated the 24'" May. 1995, published in Ihe Gazelle
Sect ion I, No ,88 , daled 25'" May, 1995.
iv) Resolulion No.12011/96/94BCC dated 9'" March 1996.
v) Resolut ion No.12011/44/96-BCC. dated Ihe 6'" December, 1996, publistle<l in the Gazelle 011
I,Sec tion- I,No.210, dated II " December,1996.
vi) Resolution NO.12011/13/97BCC dated 3'" December 1997,
vi i) Resoluti on No.12011/99/94-BCC da ted II '" December 1997.
Viii) Resolution No.12011/68/98-BCC dat ad 27" October 1999.
Ix) Resolution NO.12011/88198BCC dated 6" December 1999 published in the Gazell e 01India ExtraordinBTy
- I No,270 dated 6'" December 1999,
x) Resolution No ,12011/36/99BCC dated 4'" April 2000 published in the Gazette of lndia, Extra Ordinary Pa
No.71 dated 4"' April 2000.
xi) Resolution No.12011/44/99BCC dated 21,9.2000 published in the Gazette 01 India Extra Ordinary Part-t
No.210 dated 21.9.2000 .
2. Shri and/or his lamily ordinarily reslde(s) in the DistrictlDivisionof the
3. This is also to certify that he/she does nol belong to the persons/secti ons (Creamy Layer) mer.llillned in Column 3 of
Sche dul e to the Government of India, Department of Personnel and Traini ng O.M. No.36012122193-Eslll
n dal
whi ch is modified vide Dept!. of Personnel and Training O.M,No.360331212OO4Estt.(Res.) did. 9,3.2904 and 14"lUAAA:\;,
Dated : District Magistrate or Deputy Commisslol'.eI
Note : (a)
Certificate No.-- - --'- - -
ADn"""I_ ". _ 6. L _ _
. , son! wife! daughter of SM ' . .
This IS to cen/fy thai ShrVSmtlKum_ . . Hering Irompermanent disabilityof following
Age Sex identifica tion mark(s) ISsu
A. Locomotor or cerebral palsy
(i) BL-Bol h legs affected but not arms
(ii) SA-Both arms affected (a) Impaired reach
(b) Weakness of Grip
(Iii) BLABoth legs and both arms affocted
(iv) OLOne leg affected (righ t or left) (n) Impaired reach
(b) Weakness 01Grip
(e) At axrc
(a) Impaired reach
(Il) Weaknoss ot Grip
(c) Ataxic
(vi) BH-St'" back and hips (Cannot 5,1 or MOOp )
(vii) MW-Muscular weaknoss and lun' l od r>n\'sicill endumncc
B. Blindness or Low Vision . (0) a. Bll nd
' fu) PB- Pll rl ,slf y B/lnd.
f') 0 00)11'
ell) PO, PII " ,1I11y
, (Jut I hI
Signature _
"" Designatlon _
t ..l es and Scheduled Tribes cq ndi dates ap plyi ng 'or
__ " son/daughter 01 _ _ _ _ _ of village/
- . Stl toJUnion 'rerritory ., belongs to the _
0llnised as a Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe under:
. 1950 G _ the Constitutlon (Scheduled Tri bes) Ord er ,
Constitution (SCheduled Caste) (Union Terrilories) Order , 195 1.The Consti tution
Scheduled Tr ibes Lists (Modification) Order , 1956tl1c Bombay Organisation Act
nisfttiOn Act. 1996. the State of Himachal Prad esh Act 1970, Ihe North-Eastern Area
Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Ord ers (Amendment) Act , 1976)
Shmtr) SChedul ed Castes Order. 1956 @
r Islands) Schedul ed Tribes Order. 1959 as amended by the Scheduled Castes and
e "01 dPP .caoie
nual Order
Sl used here W ill ",ave the sarno 'TlCaning as in section 20 of the Representat ion 01 the
o on the baSIS of the Scheduled Gaste/SCheduled Tribes Certificate issued to Shri/Shrimati
'ather/ Mot her " of Shri/Shrimat i/ Kumari " of Village/town"
sion' of the Stale/Union Territory" who belong 10 the
.. which ISrecognised as a Scheduled Caste/SCheduled Tribe In Ihe StatelUnl on Ter ritory Issued
dated '
IInGor ' hiS/her" lamily ordinarily res lde(s) in vil lage/ town"
Dlstnct/O,vl sion 01 the SlatelUnion Territory" of _
g,stratelPreSldenc y M39lslrote .
t 916
nd Nagar Haveli ) Scheduled Castes Order. 1962. @
nd Nagar Havs lt) Scheduled Tribes Or der , 1962, @
erry) SCheduled Cast es Or der 1954 . @
\&:f1dduled robes) (Uttar Pradosh) Order. 1967. @
man & DIU) SCheduled Cast es Or der , 1968.@
)eman 8. DIu) SCheduled Tribes Or der , 1968.@
'11.", van e) SCheduled Tnbes Order. 1970.@
Scheduled Castes Order, 1978. @
Scheduled Tribes Order. 1978.@
& Kashmir) Scheduled Tribes Order, 1989 . @
s (Amendment) Act, 1990.@
s (Amendment) Ordinance, 199 1. @
, I" rs (Second Amendment) Act. 1991. @
(Amendment) Ordinance. 1996 .
case 01 ScheQ,uledCastes, SCheduled Tribes persons who hav e mi grated from on e Stal e/Union
Bio- Technology
Social Work
Cr iminology
Radio Engineering
Textile technology
Space Eng ineering
Radio Communication
Telecommunication EngineEtM
Forensic Science
Microb iology,
Rubber Technology
Plastic Engineering
Polymer and Rubber Technology
Physical Educat ion
Plant .Breeding
Automobile Engineering
Marine Engineering
Naval Architecture
Operations Research
Instrumentation Engineering
Nurs ing
Mal ayalam
Print ing Technology
Work Accountancy
Phot ography
Mass Communicatio n and Journalism
Mass Communication
Library Science
Agriculture Engineer ing
Business Administration
Information Technology
Computer Appl ication
Electronics Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electronics Instrumentation Engi neering
Computer Science
Electronics and Power Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Agriculture Science
Subfiet of Educational'
District 'v1agt slrate f Sub-Division Magjslnllb t ...
Place :
Delete whichever IS not anpucable
davp 3220411110114/1112
2. It is further certified that :
Residents of entire area mentioned above are considered as ( Garhwah, Kumaoni,Gorkhas. Dogr as. Mara thas) lor r ~
in height and chest measurement for recrui tment in the para mi litary forces of the Union of India.
He / she belongs to the States 01Sikkiml Himachal Pradesh / Kashmir and Leh & ladakh regions of J&K I NonhEas:
which is considered for relaxation in height and chest measurement for recrui tment In tho para mili tary force s at u
He / she belong to Scheduled Tribe.
, I ensillTaluka _
- - -----
nt lor di scharge of hIs/her duties:
Yes /No
Yes /No
Countersigned by
Medical SupenntendenVCMO of Hospital(With seal )
Graduation issued by Defence
(Indian Army. AIr Force. Navy)
PG Diploma
l lLM
M'SC iEf1gg)
.... \A8.A,
Of Educat ional Qual ification I Code
o ~
, '
S ~ a '
1,1 wO\lng
EssllfItla l Educational Qualification Code
--- I I
, I

Ihl (anlt l
f S l o n/t l llfA .t u (
attach d with appllc ..lion)
(a) VM (MV)
Group 'C'
Coo k
Group 'c'
Appllc tlon for the post of :
1. Ag limit ,
(a) 18 years to 25 yoars lor Genar allUn.reserved.
(b) Ael axabl o upro 28 years for OBC and 30 years for SC/ST.
(c) For physically handl capPlld per ons, the Upp&f age limit will bIl relaxOd UPto lOy ar 01G reI
year s lor SC/ST end 13 years for OBC. 18gOry
(d) For EX'Servicomon tho rolaxable age aftor deductl"ll tho periOd 01 Army Service Irom ctual 8119 ...._

2. Crucial dat e of det ermining ago will be the Closing dato (I.e. 21 days) of of applocatlOns
3. Basic Quall"catlons. .
(a) VM (MVl, (Skilled) A certitlcat e from a recogniZed in (MV) Industrial Training Inalltule or equlV81 nt In k.
appropriate ',eld or trade, n...
Armed Forces personnel or EX-Serv icemen In the appropria te trade and grade II at mlnrmum.
(b) Cook Matr iculate & Minimum six mon ths experience in Indian COOking
4. Pay Scale.
(a) All the abov e posts are in pay band Rs 5,200/ Rs 20,2001. + Grade Pay Rs 1,8001.
General Instructions,
1. No TNOA will be admi ssible for written tesVinterview. Candidates will make the" own arrangement lor
boarding dur ing the wri tten exam and later for interview & practical.
2. Candidates in Central Govt serv ice will submit NOC from their present employer along th apphcauona Age
relaxation is not applicable to State GoVl employees .
3. The caste cert if icate i.e. SC/ST/OBC is applicable only for community notified by the Central GoY! Notdocahon
4. Phot o copies of certificateslt estlmonlals and caste certificate should be attached duly attested along WIth Ihe
application, otherwise application will not be consi dered for recruitment.
5. The decision ot Commanding Off icer this Workshop regarding selection/rej ection w,lI be li nal and no con08l)Onde!'lCe
will be made on rejection of the applications.
6. Posts men tioned above are subject to all India transfer liability and Field Service liabllotyAules.
7. Candidates to forward appli cati on along wit h a self addressed envelope WIthpostal stamp 01 Rs 5/. property &&11
in an envelope through ordinary post on the top 01the envelope follOWing shOUld be monl ioned . " APPUCAn ON for
the pos t of
8. Application should reach the Commanding Officer, Army HQ Stat ic Wksp EME, PI N . 900106, Delh, Canrt 10
within 21 days of publication of recruitment notice . The same dal e will be Ireated as clOsing date lor r 'Ill 01
applications. .
9. Incomplete appli cat ion in any respect or receiVed after closing dare WIll nor bd enl ertalned
10. No application will be recei Ved by hand.
11. ExServicemen havi ng requisite education and relired from Armed Forces in Ihe appropr iate trade are "gtble
12. Applica tion forms received as per given Fonna f Will only be accepled.
13. Merel y fUlfilling the basic selection criterion does not automatically entitle aye, S?n to be called tor tli sVllll erv .,."
14. Applicants will be short listed on the basis of percentage 01 marks obtained In Ihe e.amlnal/on lor ""r /
qualutcanomCut off percentage will be decided by the beard of officers ordel ed by the CommandongOlhr
HQ Static WKSP EME aff er the closing date for recoipt of applications and only Ihose candidate 8 )v,. Ih" (II'
percentage will be called tor writt en test and Interview.
15. A second cut off list may be prepared after written. examination andonly those candidates scounq z: bove
the cutoff ma rks will be called for interview and practical at the drscrauon of Commanrl ,ng Otncer, Army 1Q Ie
Wks p EME. I b rt ad
16. Canvassi ng in any form shall di squalify the candidate. No enqUIry or corresponde nce w'l e onte alfl
17. Written test syllabus will be matriculation or equivalent (MUltitaskIng) Examination Standard
18 The decision of appointing authority regarding selection/reject ion w,lI be Ilnal / a II
19: The recruitment process can be cancelledlpostponedlsuspendad/t erminateo witho.rt any pnor no K n
any reasons at any stage.
----- -- . Name .
___ __ .'- 0' -' . - .. _... Father' s Name .
Perman ent Home Add ress ..
Postal/Corr espondence -- -- .
Post applied for .. ..
Cas e/ Category
Oatl!"f Blrlh .. .
Nationality . .
Education Oualt ticatron .
(a) Acadermc
(b) .
Exp enen ce. .. . . ...
(a) Name of the Employer (If a y) - '.''' '_. .. -
(b) Designalior of the Post
Format Adml slon Card (Should b
ApplicatIon for lhe post of .. ....
Name of the Can rJldatf .
Falhor ' s Nam ., -. . .
Calet,jOry b lonus to SC/ST /OBG/UR/PH/Ex fIIV\{. mlln
To filled by Army HQ '-1' Wk pM ,
Dato 01 EXAm,nat on -
Roi l Numb"r . .. ... -
Report at 0900 hr 8 Army HO 5ta hc Wk p E
<I '(hatter' N Ar my Ho ., ( &Rj , DMuIlI I' r
d vp 10103/11/014011112
Dato '
Naresh Vrrdl, Reg str ar, POI MER,
& Coord ator ICMA AF Examin ation
EN 1180
(Jointly set-up by the I. R, D. A and Ihe
Govt. of Andhra Prade h)
38/39, Fi nanci al District, APSFC Bldg.
Gach ibow l i , Hyderabad500032
Tel : 040-23000005 Fax: 040-23000254
m IIng_ .... "'i-<
P I b
T t 0 10. R'
II Ana ot tl 0'0
L ST OAT N FORMS HAL!. BE AVA' F-lfb .D4.20. '2
IC R n co; OF RECEIPT APPllC ION FORMS: 07,05.20t2
amlnau bar th PG , Cll a og rh w,lI hol tl a National lev i
net l n I n leu Ih r of Jun r R s h F 1I0wshipS(JRF) , for Indian
Gu c nd, t t Gil n rh, Chenn a" Ooih l , Kolkalla Mumbal ,
t lI.hah, H d nd Var I on Sunday, July 22""', 2012,
ot lof h, uld be swarded; 120 fellowahlps awarded In
fe SCI n su m (/ k MIcrobiol ogy, PhYSIology, Molecular Biology,
Genet Hum n ,ol ogy, BIote chnology, BiOchemistry, Bloinformaucs,
Boo , I ur logy, Pharmacolog y, ZOOlogy, Environmental Scien ces,
Bo Vel onn ry Sciences J. and 30 fellowahlps In Social Sciences
slr m (ll e Psychol ogy, Sociolog y, Home Sci ence, Staloshcs, Anthropology,
S i r and Health EconOmics). AppliCaloon form dUly completed must
r ch In the ot nco of the Registrar, PGIMER, Chandlgarh-160012 by
regI stered/Speed post on or before 7,5,2012, Cand idates from remot a
ar as I reg,o ns ma y submi t Iheir appl icat ion forms duly cOmpleled latest by
Educatlon'al : M.Scl M.A or equival ent degr ee wi th minimum 55 % marks tor
GeneraVOBC Candidat es and 50% l or the SC/ST & physi call y hand i.:app ed
(PH) .candidat es in the subjects mentioned above. Cand idat es appearing in
the fInal year examination (20 11 2012) can also apply .
Age limit: The upper age limit for admission to the eligibility test is 28 years
as on 30'09'2012 (relaxable up to 5 years in case of candidates belonging
to SC/ST/P HI f emale candi dates and 3 years in tfie cas e of OBC .
Information bullet in containing the details along with application form & Challan
form will be available at PGI MER Website hUp:llpgl me r.nfc.ln and ICMR
New Delhi website http:Jncmr.n lc. l n only. Alter downloading application
form and challan rorm, the candidate should lake out challan form (in
tripl icate ) and deposit the app lication fee in any branch of State Bank of India
and send the apphc'!ti on form duly lilled along with copy of cnanan and two
wi ndow envelopes (without selfaddress)atlixing, postal stamp on them
directl y to Registrar, PGIMER, Chandigarh on or before 7.5.2012.
The candidates can VISit any branch 01 State Bank of India with the cha llan
form (in triplicate) duly tilled for payment of pr escri bed fee in the 'Powe r
Jyotj' PUL curren: account of ICMA. The Acc ount No. of ICMR for admission
is 32211616762 After depositing the fee with the branch of State Bank at
India, the candidate shall send PGI 's copy of challll'l1 form along with the
application and Will retain candidate's copy of challan with himlher for future
use. The challan form is requ ired to be tilled in the name of Director, POlMER,
Chandigarh (Exa minations) in the Power Jyotl Account No. 32211616762.
Those candidates who have S81account can also pay their fee through 'i .
collect' service of State Bank of India. In that case the INB reference No. will
De gel'1erated and the same WIll have to be mentioned instead of Challan
Number as reflec led in the application form. The amount of fee to be paid is
as under:
Gene rat & aBC : As. 500/ '
No other mode of payment of appli cation fees like Demand Draft,
Banker Cheque, Money Order , Posla l Order etc. wi ll be accepted under
any ci r cumst ances. The fee once paid wi ll not be refunded In any
NI o.sputes relat ing to the condu ct o! the exami nation or any other matt er
connected wilh thrs advertisement 5 a be dean rn the junsojc ncn of Deihl
Cour t
Duties and Responsibilities of the post
Th Under Secretary will be assigned the administratlve lind
,. e
duties of WORA and would assist Director (Admn & Fm1
matters of the Authority inclUding salary, OUICe
renl end taxes. prepare :ILO

d expenditure 01 the ut on .
Incom id hee weanuld be responsibl e for all adminislrative mailers 01the/
s e f fn and depulalJOll 0 A Ihority incl uding appointment. trans sr.pos I g
staff required lor smooth functioning 0/ the AU/henry.
. t from routine nature or work by malllOQ
He will keep the olllCer ree makIng appoin'mems . arrang.'g
correspondence. r,lIlng papers, . . ..._ olticer more
. . formatIOn so as to gIve u,,,
meetings and collecting rn . . ed work Thy P' InClpaI Pnvat
time to devote himself to hISaSSIgn, and seu /l8PGrs
Secretary will maintaln .1he secrecy 0r:: relations Inhi, day-to-daV
trusted to him. He WIll malnlllln co . I I
en . wted 01 computers IS ., .
official InteractIOns. KIlO .(19 . ed the 3dmin; tratlve and
" Oflicer (Tech .) WlKput up (Dey I
The - . oI 1heW
w-.of 1he ptOYiSiOn$ " .N(T ) InCluding . , __. 2001 to Under --, f
and RegUIIUon) "01, . tration 01 WarehouHs WId
.-.l r_ived fO( Aeg' . di ctiy trom MIn aIry,
......- d to pOlicy r.
off ic e manari relate Par1111
tior-. received from w r of om 1/ r I
repr..up rtiament AU stions Know1edg
includIng a
'0lIOII< in
The Section Officer (A&F) WIll be US (Admn." Fln)l
financial duties 01 WDAA and of the Authority .ncludtnO
Director(Admn. & Fin.) In frnanclB repare the Annuet ,
salary. office expenses, rent and 01 all 1m ncIal
01 the Authority and would:::::01 FinanCtal StatementsW1cIudi1Q
transactions, and also prepa,::: expenditure of the Authorlty. On t
details of grants: IOCQ(Il6 aid dool with all admoni tr t / Y ma11arI ot
lIdminlstrawe side.he transter. poalong end dGpula
the Aut hority Including th functiontng 01the AU1horit y.
of 1he staff reqUIred 10( smoo all1ll<:tlfla1mal1e<l perUllnn g
Under Secretary
(Admn. & Finance)
Principal Private
Section officer
(Admn. & Fin.)
Section Qffloer
SI.No. Name of POll
Nllture of pros nl employment i.e. permanerlVtompor ry/ad.hoc
In caso tho prosent employment is OIl deputalionlCOf1traCI basis. p1&abe tate '
a) Tho date of initial eppointment
b) PeriOd of appointment OIl depllltionlCOf1traCI
c) Namo of the parent olficalorganizalJon to whiCh you botong.
10. Pleaso state whether YOU 'are WOrking in the samo D9pdnm t and lir e in tha reed r gradfl or
feeder to leeder grade.
11. Are you In the reviSed SCale of pay? II yas. glve the dato Irom whiCh the rQII, IOn 1001< place
and also Indlcale the revised scale 01 pay.
12. Total emoluments per month nowdrawn.
13. Adjitional information . nany. which you WOUld Irketo menl lOn,n support of your sutta Ily to<
the post, (ThIs among Other things may prOVide mfonTl8l1On WIth' egard 10(.) ad<lr I
ecademlc qualification; (ii) prolessional training; and (,") work exp""etlCfl over and above
prescribed in the vacancy cirCUlar/advenisement.
14. Whether belongs to SC/ST/OBC :
Declaration: I have cerelully gone thrOUgh the vacancy etrcular/advc n,soment and t am
aware that the CUrriculumvitae duiy supported by documents submitted by me atsc be
by the Selection Committee at the time 01selection for the post
Si gnature 01 the
Countersigned (Employer with seal)
1. Certified that the particulars furnished by ShrilSmtJKm .ha
from hislher service record and lound correct.
2. No. Vigilance case is either pending or COf1tompialed Shnl SmtJKm I ..
Hislh er integri ty is certified. '. uri the last lO y
3. No. major/minor penatly was Imposed OIl ShrilSml JKm d ng
as per records in the Mlnistry/DepartmenVPSUlStatutory baby. r Ol fl '""'--ll
Signature of Head 0 c_ _.....
Ann. xur II
Eligibil it y conditi ons
(i) Officers of Central and State GovemmenVCentral
and State PSUS/Centrai and State autonomous/sta.
tutory bod ies holdi ng analogous posts in the r ele.vant
field; or 6 years 01experience In the relevant freld In the
Pay Band-2 w,th grade pay of As. or. equivalent
or above with at least 3 years expen ence m adminls-
and "
(ii) possessing degree Irom a recogniZed urnversuy
i Off icers of Central -and State GovemmenVCen tral
Stat e PSUS/Centrai and State autonomous/statu.
to bodies hol ding analogous posts in the relevant f.eld
of line; or officers in other CentraVState
G t offices with 5 years regular service as Steno
' A&B' (merged) if) the parent cadre or
department; and
(Ii) KnOwledge of computers
(I) Officers 01 Central and Stat e
and State PSUsiCentral and State autonomou feld
. hoIdin analogous posts ''1 the relevan ,
tory bod ies g . e in the relevant field ,n the Pay
or 6 years 01expenenc f A 4 200 or equivalent or
Band-2 wi th grade pay 0 s. . . administrat ion!
aoov e with at least 3 years expe rience 111
. I nceJbudget and .
financetvJgI a f' a recogniZed univerSity
(II) possessing degr ee rom
Stat e GovernmenVCentral
(Q Aulltanl 01Central traJand tat . PSUslCentrlll1llld
Stat. Gov.rnmenVC." bod holding analogous
State autonomous/statutory 9811 experlenc. in th.
posts in the relevant field, or 6 y Division Clerk in the
relevant field in the 2.800 0( equivaleot
Pay Bandl wl1h gr . oIfloft.
or abOVa in ' . C 1 and Accoun ,n
iI) Having Tr IIIld M nt
from II rKOgnlzed UOl\I er
()ov Ir
(i) Officers of Central and tat e autonomous/statu-
and State PSus/centr::;: in the relevant field;
tory bodlOS holdltlllanae in the relevant field in the Pay
or 6 years of expenenc A 4 200 or equivalent or
Band2 with grade pay 01 8.
above; and . i n any biologi cal sciences
' (ii ) possesslIlg degree II recognized uni versity.
(InClud ing Agricutture) from CentraV
8eorelatlalIOfficers 0I1he
Scale of
As .15 600
As . 6600
(Grade Pay
As . 15600
(Grade Pay
PB 3)
As . 9300-
34800+ As .
Pay PB-2)
As. 9300
As . 4800
(Grada Pay
PB'2) .

AI. "200
(Grade Pay
PB 2)
No. of
& Fina-
2. Prin-
3. Section
& Fina -
I W r housing Development nd R gulalory I ,
ted In nn xure-I) in War hOusing Dev I pm nt and
d pu n b sis Irorn among , psrsorm I working In C ntrol
str slPSU Stat tory BOdies. The WDAA Is a s'atulory aU'honty
(Development s AegUla'ion) Act. 2007 w.e.f . 26"' Oct. 2010 for
'pi Negot able. The office 01 'he Authority Is locoled /It N w Deihl.
I s or lhe service or Ihe officials selected on depu'/I'ion will be
s I Itt d wn in tho Department of Personnel and Training'S OM No. 61812009-
' June 2010.
t II be appointed on deputation basts inijially for a period of three yoars which
1ibm time to lime by the competent authority at its discretiOll, as per rUles. The
have a min mum 01four years service left as OIllhe last dale of receipt 01applicalions,
eptionlll cases ij may be relaxed at the discretion 01the competent oUthority.
r ommende\lons, as are accOmpanied by the requlslto personal dota In Annexure.
sldered. Ofhcers, who once volunteer lor the post (S). will not be permitted to withdraw es later.
uested that Wide publicity m y be givon to the vacancy circular IImOllgst staff under your
sUve COntrol and. applicalions in Ihe given prolorma (Annexure II) along with a1lested copies
s for the last five years of the officer s, who can be spared in the event of their selection. may be
t to thISoffice latest by 15'" May, 2012. Applications received after the last dat e Or without the CA
ooss ers or otherwise found Incomplete Will not be consi dered. While forwarding the applications, It
al be venlied and cert ified that the particulars fumished by the officers are correc t and no
pllflary prOCeedings are ei ther pending or con templ ated agains t The integrity of the
may also be cert ified. 11 may also be COnfirmed that no maj or/mInor penalty has been
posed on hi mlher dUring the lasI ten years.
6 The prescribed appli caloon lorms, detailed terms/condit ions etc . may be downloaded from the
websIte : WWW.wdra.nlc.ln Applicat ions In the prescnbed proforma alon g the necessary
documents mentioned in pa ra 5 should be submitted to the undersigned by 15 May, 2012.
Di r ec tor (Admini stration an d Finance)
Tel : 2653621 4
. An nexure- I