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The_________________________________was organized to
create a national government. It appointed a committee of
_____________________ to discuss and draft the
(the new national constitution). Congress would be the only
branch and have limited ________________to protect the
______________________________of the people. Each
________________had one vote in Congress. Congress could:
*settle conflicts among_________________
*make ___________________
* __________________money
*make _________________ with Native
and other countries
*__________________states for money and soldiers
States had the right to _____________________Congress's
requests for money and soldiers.
The Second Continental Congress passed the Articles of
Confederation on Nov. 15,________________. It was sent to
each of the thirteen states legislatures for ratification before it
could take_________________.
In March of _______________, the Articles of Confederation
was put into ___________________.
Most of the power for national decisions was held by the
_________________. At least __________out of 13 states had
to approve a measure before it could be passed by Congress.
________________ ______
states had to approve an amendment to the Articles.