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Reference is made to certain power of attorney granted by I, Kim Young Min as Chief Executive Officer of S.M Entertainment (Grantor) to Mr. Rendi Prahara SH,LL.M., (Attorney in Fact) and dated the day of May 3rd 2012. I, Kim Young Min, do hereby revoke, cancel and make void the Power of Attorney therein given and contained , for all matters granted to Mr. Rendi Prahara S S.H.LL.M., Nothing herein shall affect any actions taken by my Attorney in Fact prior to the notice of this Power of Attorney This Revocation of Power of Attorney is executed and effective on this day of May 3rd 2012 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

_______________________________ Kim Young Min

Acknowledged: STATE OF REPUBLIC OF SOUTH KOREA COUNTY OF SEOUL CITY Subscribed and sworn before me this the 3rd day of May 2012 WITNESS my hand and official seal. Lee Byung Soo My commission expires: 20 May 2012 Notary Public