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The Body Shop was founded 1970 in England by Anita & Gordon Roddick. Opened up in 1976 in Brighton, England. On 1985 signed an agreement with Greenpeace. On 1996 launched a new program with the name The Body Shop at Home where customer may visit their stores situated in England. March 2006 Loreal took over The Body Shop and as of today The body Shop has 2600 stores in 60 countries.


The body shop sells organically grown body products. Product Variant : Shaving, Face care, Hair and Body, Eau De Toilettes, and accessories.


The Body Shop prices are low/ medium. Targeted : Middle up.


The The Body Shop now has over 2,400 stores in 60 countries, with a range of over 1,200 products.


In Store Special Offer (Get Discount). Presents/gifts, example buy 2 get 3. Printed advertisement (Flyers, Brochures, Catalog). Advertising Social Media (email blast or SMS blast for members).

The Body Shop sell only organic products. As of today, The Body Shop is the second largest body care franchise in the world. The Body Shop has experienced for 40 years in body care products.

In Indonesia market, the prices are considered to expensive Lack of promotion for non members

To solve the problems, The Body Shop did a repositioning campaign that involved new store design, launching of an innovative range of products, sampling opportunities, etc.