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The AutoCopter

Create GeoTiff libraries in the field

AutoCopters equipped with HD Video and multi-spectral cameras fly with GPS using our autopilot software with downlink video to see what the helicopter sees as it flies . Land the AutoCopter and migrate the data to the ground control station. Batch process the data and create GeoTiff libraries in the field. Fifteen minutes after you land you have useable data. No outside post processing required. Everything done inhouse. Create the most timely data anytime you need it. Fly as low as 15 feet above the field a capture data with clarity not possible using any other source Fly the exact same route at a later time - exact same speed, exact same altitude, exact same direction, exact same time of day At the end of a day you have the exact details of what you have seen Re-scout your fields from your favorite chair viewing the video DVD Export files to farm management software programs Fly five minutes after unloading - fly minutes after the rain stops

Easy to learn - fly the first day of training Fly for 60+ minutes at a time Cost $2.00 per hour - fly all day with a five gallon can of gasoline


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