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CEL351 Design of Hydraulic Structures (By S. K.

Kharole) %20Structures.htm 1. Hydraulic Structures; P. Novak, AIB Moffat, C. Nalluri, and R. Narayanan: Taylor & Francis, New York 2. Engineering for Dams, Vol I & Vol II; Creager, Justin and Hinds; John Wiley 3. Water Resources Engineering; JB Franzini, DL Freyberg, G Tchobanoglous; McGraw Hill 4. Design Textbooks in Civil Engineering Irrigation Engineering Vol VI Dams; L Leliavsky; Chapman & Hall 5. Design of Small Dams; USBR; Oxford & IBH. 6. Fundamentals of Irrigation Engineering; Bharat Singh; Nem Chand. 7. Irrigation and Water Power Engineering; BC Punmia, BBL Pande; Laxmi Pub. 8. Irrigation, Water Power and Water Resources Engineering; KR Arora; Standard Pub. 9. Theory and Design of Irrigation Structures; Varshney, Gupta, Gupta; Nem Chand. 10. Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures; SK Garg; Khanna Pub. Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) Codes on Hydraulic Structures 1. IS Code 6512: Criteria for Design of Solid Gravity Dams 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. IS Code 1893: Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures IS Code 7784-Cross-Drainage Works: Part 1 - General IS Code 7784- Cross-Drainage Works: Part 2 - Aqueduct IS Code 7784- Cross-Drainage Works: Part 2 Syphon Aqueduct IS Code 7784- Cross-Drainage Works: Part 2 Canal Syphon IS Code 7784- Cross-Drainage Works: Part 2 Superpassage IS Code 7784- Cross-Drainage Works: Part 2 Level Crossing

ITEM -V Rules, Regulation , Instruction Manuals, Records held by Central Water Commission or under its Control or used by its Employees for Discharging its Functions are given in the following paragraphs


1. Fundamental Rules 2. Supplementary Rules 3. Leave Rules 4. Traveling Allowance Rules 5. LTC Rules 6. Medical Attendance Rules 7. Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules 8. Central Civil Services (CCA) Rules 9. Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules 10. Central Civil Services (Commutation of Pension) Rules 11. Central Civil Services (Temporary Service) Rules 12. General Provident Fund Rules 13. Staff Car Rules 14. Brochure on Reservation for SC & ST in Services 15. Manual of Office Procedure 16. CPWD Manual Vol. I and II 17. CPWD Accounts code 18. Delegation of Financial Powers Rules 19. General Financial Rules 20. Powers available to CWC Officers 21. CW&PC Manual

Following technical documents are held/referred by its employees for discharging their functions: General

1. Broad Guidelines for Preparation of Project Estimates for Major Irrigation and Multipurpose Projects (CWC) 2. Topographical Sheets of Survey of India available in CWCs Map record section (SOI) 3. Guidelines for preparation of Detailed Project Report of Irrigation and Multipurpose Projects by Working Group of the then Ministry of Irrigation (CWC) 4. BIS Codes on related topics (BIS)

Some of the important manuals, guidelines and past references along with BIS codes and various Journals/Publications, which are frequently referred by individuals from time to time, are as follows: WP&P Wing

1. Guidelines for Less Water Consuming Cropping Pattern for Irrigation Systems in Drought Prone Areas (CWC) 2. Guidelines for Preparation of River Basin Master Plan (CWC) 3. Guidelines for the Provision of Drinking Water Supply System in Multipurpose and Irrigation Projects (CWC) 4. Guidelines for Submission, Appraisal and Clearance of Irrigation and Multipurpose Projects (CWC) 5. Guidelines for Preparation of Revised Estimates of the Project and Appraisal Procedure (CWC) 6. Guidelines for Monitoring of Irrigation Projects (CWC) 7. Guidelines for Planning Conjunctive Use of Surface and Ground Waters in Irrigation Projects (CWC and INCID) 8. Guidelines for Standard Equipment Specifications (CWC) 9. Guide lines/Norms for Detailed Calculations for the requirement of each category and size of the earth moving and production equipment-Working Group Report (CWC) 10. Report of the Committee to Review Existing Criteria for Working out Benefit Cost Ratio for Irrigation Projects (CWC/Planning Commission) 11. Evolution of Project Preparation & Appraisal in the Irrigation Sector (CWC) 12. Guidelines for Preparation of Status Report of Monitored Projects (CWC) 13. Guidelines for Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (MOWR ) 14. Guidelines for Environment Impact Assessment of River Valley Projects (Ministry of Environment and Forests ) 15. A Guide for estimating Irrigation Water Requirements ( Ministry of Agriculture ) 16. Manual on Irrigation Water Management ( Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation) 17. Water Management Manual (Ministry of Water Resources ) 18. Indian Standard Guidelines for Allocation of Cost Among Different Purposes of River Valley Projects (BIS)

D&R Wing

1. Manual on Design Fabrication, Erection and Maintenance of Steel Penstocks (CWC) 2. Manual on Hydraulic Design of Gates (CWC) 3. Manual on Design of Radial Gate (CWC) 4. Manual on Design of High Head Gates and Rope Drum Hoist (CWC) 5. Manual on Design of Weirs and Barrages on Permeable Foundations (CWC) 6. Manual on Canal falls (CWC) 7. Manual on Irrigation and Power Channels (CWC) 8. Manual on Lining of Canal in Expansive Soils (CWC) 9. Design Flood Manual (CWC) 10. Manual on Hydraulic Design of Overflow Spillway Crest (CWC) 11. Guidelines for Planning of Parallel Canals (CWC) 12. Guidelines for Safety Inspection of Dams (CWC)

13. Compendium on Silting of Reservoir (CWC) 14. Sub-Zonal Flood Estimation Reports (CWC) 15. Model Study Report used for Design and Drawings for River Valley Projects (CWC) 16. Technical Specifications (CWC) 17. Design / Technical Memorandum (CWC) 18. National Register of Large Dams (CWC) 19. Report on Dam Safety Procedures (CWC) 20. Estimation of PMF using PMP Atlas (Southern peninsular rivers except Krishna Basin) (CWC) 21. PMP Atlas for Ganga Basin (CWC) 22. Manual for estimation of probable maximum precipitation (PMP) (WMO No. 332) 23. Atlas for 1 day point PMP (IMD) 24. Atlas for 1 day point PMP (IITM) 25. Concrete Manual (USBR) 26. Earth Dam Manual (USBR) 27. Design of Small Dams (USBR) 28. Design of Gravity Dam (USBR) 29. Design Standards-Embankment dam (USBR no.13) 30. Concrete Dam (CBIP no.266) 31. Manual on Tunnel (CBIP) 32. Life of Reservoirs (CBIP)

RM Wing

1 Guidelines for Preparation, Submission, Appraisal and Clearance of Flood Management Schemes (CWC) 2 Manual on Flood Forecasting (CWC) 3 Manual on Hydrological Observation (CWC) 4 Embankment Manual (CWC) 5 Enhancement of powers of the State Governments for the sanction of flood control, drainage, anti-water logging and anti-sea erosion scheme (Planning Commission, I&CAD Division)
Design of gravity dams: design manual for concrete gravity dams, Parts 1-15 United States. Bureau of Reclamation Thread: I S CODES_ALL C E D AT ONE PLACE Post: RE: I S CODES_ALL C E D AT ONE PLACE action=results&sid=cdef38ae0913b88624b3b94131e746f7


Program of Work Database WRD 9 DAMS AND RESERVOIRS

STANDARDS PUBLISHED Sl No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 IS No. IS 5477(Part 1):1999 IS 5477(Part 2):1994 IS 5477(Part 3):2002 IS 5477(Part 4):1971 IS 6512:1984 IS 6518:1992 IS 6748(Part 1):1973 IS 6939:1992 IS 7323:1994 IS 7894:1975 IS 8237:1985 IS 8605:1977 IS 8826:1978 IS 9296:2001 IS 9297:1979 IS 9429:1999 Title Methods for fixing the capacities of reservoirs: Part 1 General requirements Methods for fixing the capacities of reservoirs: Part 2 Dead storage (first revision) Methods for fixing the capacities of reservoirs: Part 3 Live storage (first revision) Methods for fixing the capacities of reservoirs: Part 4 Flood storage Criteria for design of solid gravity dams (first revision) Code of practice for control of sediment in reservoirs (first rvision) Recommendations for watershed management relating to soil conservation Part 1 Agronomic aspects Methods for determination of evaporation from resrvoirs (first revision) Operation of reservoirs - Guidelines (first revision) Code of practice for stability analysis of earth dams Code of practice for protection of slope for reservoir embankments (first revision) Code of practice for construction of masonry in dams Guidelines for design of large earth and rockfill dams Guidelines for inspection and maintenance of dam and appurtenant structures(first revision) Recommendations for lighting, ventilation and other facilities inside the dam Code of practice for drainage system for earth and rockfill dams(first revision) 02 2001 08 2003 08 2003 08 2003 10 2002 02 2001 10 2002 08 2003 10 2002 10 2002 08 2003 08 2003 1 Reaffirmed Date 07 2004 07 2004 Amd.

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IS No. IS 10135:1985 IS 10635:1993 IS 11216:1985 IS 12169:1987 IS 12182:1987

Title Code of practice for drainage system for gravity dams, their foundations and abutments (first revision) Freeboard requirements in embankment dams Guidelines (first revision) Code of practice for permeability test for masonry (during and after construction) Criteria for design of small embankment dams Guidelines for determination of effects of sedimentation in planning and performance of reservoirs Code of practice for provision of water stops at transverse contraction joints in masonry and concrete dams(first revision) Code of practice for galleries and other openings in dams: Part 1 General requirements Code of practice for galleries and other openings in dams: Part 2 Structural design Recommendations for provision of facilities outside dams Guidelines for guniting the upstream face of masonry dams Sedimentation in reservoirs - Method of measurement Guidelines for temperature control of mass concrete for dams Minimising evaporation losses from reservoirs Guidelines Quality control during construction of earth and rockfill dams - Recommendations Distress and remidial measures in earth and rockfill dams-Guidelines Specification for PVC waterstops at transverse contraction joints in masonry and concrete dams

Reaffirmed Date 10 2002 08 2003 08 2003 10 2002 10 2002


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IS 12200:2001 IS 12966(Part 1):1992 IS 12966(Part 2):1990 IS 13144:1991 IS 13645:1993 IS 13665:1993 IS 14591(Part 0/Sec 1):1998 IS 14654:1999 IS 14690:1999 IS 14954:2001 IS 15058:2002

10 2002 10 2002 10 2002 10 2002 08 2003 07 2004 07 2004 07 2004

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Title Determination of volume of water and water level in lakes and reservoirs