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A study on customer satisfaction towards the services provided by professional couriers

1. Name: 2. Gender: a) Male b) Female 3. Age: a) 20-29 b) 30-39 c) 40-49 d) above 50 4. Marital status: a) Married b) Unmarried

5. Educational status: a) Higher secondary b) Undergraduate c) Postgraduate d) Others 6. Occupation: a) Business b) Student c) Employed d) Others 7. Family Monthly Income: a) 5000-10000 b) 11000-15000 c) 16000-20000 d) Above 20000 8. Are you satisfied with the services provided by professional couriers? a) Satisfied b) Highly Satisfied c) Dissatisfied d) Highly Dissatisfied 9. Do they deliver the couriers at the right time? a) Yes b) No

10. Are the parcels given in a good condition ? a) Yes b) No

11. Have you received any wrong parcels from professional a) Yes b) No


12. If yes, do they take return of the wrong parcels? a) Yes b) No

13. The charges collected by professional couriers for sending the couriers is a) Low b) Moderate c) High d) Very High

14. Service when compared to other courier service providers a) Good b) Excellent c) Poor

15. Do they give proper receipt for sending the parcels? a) Sometimes b) Always c) Never

16. Have the goods damaged at any time? a) Yes b) No

17. If yes, has the authorities given any compensation for it? a) Yes b) No

18. Do you suggest professional couriers to others for sending the couriers? a) Yes b) No

19. If yes, for what reason do you suggest professional couriers? a) Reputation b) Collection Charge c) Others

20. The details given by the workers of professional couriers is a) Sufficient b) Not Sufficient

21. Does the parcels sent is misused by workers? a) Yes b) No

22. Is there any malpractice in the process by professional couriers? a) Yes b) No

23. How did you come to know about professional couriers? a) Relatives b) Friends c) Advertisements d) Others

24. Are the branches available in all areas? a) Yes b) No

25. Your suggestions if any, . .