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Premier of New South Wales Australia His Excellency Lieutenant General (Rtd) Sutiyoso 34 MAY 2007 Governor of Jakarta Jin. Merdeka Selatan Blok 8-9 JAKARTA 10110 INDONESIA Your Excellency, It was with concern | learned of the eniry into your hotel room by a NSW police officer on 29 May 2007 while you were a guest of the New South Wales Government. Your Excellency may be assured this action was not sanctioned by the NSW Government, am sure Your Excellency will understand and appreciate that within the Australian system of government the courts are independent from the executive government. Neither the Australian nor the New South Wales Government has the power to direct the operation of our courts. | would like to assure Your Excellency that both the New South Wales Government and the Commissioner of Police are disturbed by the initial advice received on the circumstances of the entry into your hotel room. At my direction the Commissioner of Police has initiated an inquiry into this matter to establish the facts and determine whether there has been any inappropriate action by any police officer. This inquiry will be comprehensive and undertaken by senior police. | have also been advised by the Director General of the Department of Premier and Cabinet that a review of the circumstances around the entry to your room suggests that New South Wales Government's coordination of security and protocol was less than satisfactory. This is extremely disappointing to me. 1 am deeply disappointed that your visit to New South Wales was cut short in this manner. The sister state relationship between Jakarta and New South Wales is important to my government and is a demonstration of the commitment by our respective administrations to continued growth in the LEVEL 39, GOVERNOR MACQUARIE TOWER, 1 FARRER PLACE, SYDNEY 2000, AUSTRALIA, TEL: 92285: (GPO. BOX S341, SYDNEY 2001 relationship between our peoples. | trust that the spirit of goodwill so obvious in the past will overcome the events of this week. | apologise for the distress and inconvenience caused and regret your early departure from New South Wales. The circumstances which led to the entry to. your room will be thoroughly investigated. | trust this will demonstrate my government's commitment to our sister-state relationship and the continued growth in our relationship. Yours Ajncerely 1a MP pe