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TEC 284 Assignment 1

1. 2. 3. What is a microcontroller? Describe the pin layout of the Arduino Uno Microcontroller? Find the Thevenin Equivalent Circuit with respect to the 1 nF Capacitor in the circuit below.

4. Find the Norton Equivalent Circuit with respect to the 3 k ohm resistor in the circuit below.

5. What are the main components or functions that are necessary for an Arduino program and explain their purpose in the normal execution of a program? 6. Explain why C programs have to be compiled before they are executed.

The following questions refer to the circuit below

7. What type of filter does this circuit represent? 8. Describe how Vout varies with respect to Vin for high frequencies in terms of amplitude and phase.

9. For the Sine wave above, what are the RMS (Root Mean Square) value, the Practical Average and the Peak to Peak values? 10. What is the difference between reactance and impedance for a circuit containing a capacitor and a resistor?