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EN642 Power Generation and Systems Planning ASSIGNMENT #5 1.

Find the fission rate, absorption rate, leakage rate and neutron production rate in a homogeneous sphere of U-235 of radius R. The flux distribution in that sphere is given as following,
r (r ) = 0 sin R

Find all the rates in terms of 0 and R. Using neutron balance find the critical radius for this sphere. Also, find the power produced (in Watts) by the critical sphere (Assume that 200 MeV is produced per fission). Use of Mathematica (or any other software) or tables is suggested for integrations. 2. Repeat the above for a cube of volume a3 with flux distribution as follows,
x y z ( x, y, z ) = 0 sin sin sin a a a

Useful information: Assume density of U235 ( ) = 18.75 g/cm3

(0.6023 10 24 ) M = N a = 2.844b f = 2.207b


In the above equation M is mass in a.m.u.

tr = 8.246b 1 D= 3tr = 2.4