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Leslie Fuentes December 6th, 2011 Mts. Ma Reflection #2 1.

Please provide a detailed summary describing the artifact and its purpose. In my English class, we had done a project about Greek mythology. Our teacher, Mrs. Schonert, had assigned us a God or Goddess and we were to research about them and present to the class what we had researched about our sources and information and our Gods, we were to write an essay and give a brief presentation to the class. For our presentation, we were to dress up as our God and use props to help give a more vivid idea about our Gods. The goddess that was assigned to me was Eris. Eris was the goddess of Discord and Strife. This project was very fun for me because Greek mythology has always interested me ever since I knew what it was. The purpose of this artifact was taught us about new worlds and their cultures and religions. 2.Identify and list the GLPO(s) that were satisfied in completing this artifact. In addition, please explain how these GLPO(s) were met by specifically referring to the examples or evidence from the artifact. In this project I Investigated the word. I did this by taking the time and researching information and my Goddess. I had to view facts that were available that had to do with Goddess. I used a few media sources, media and languages to identify evidence that addresses a globally focused question. Researching my Goddess took me to many websites that educated me about Greece. This helped me greatly because it followed some of the customs my Goddess did. I also Recognized Perspectives by explaining how cultural perspectives influence interactions among individuals and groups, affecting their understanding their situations, events, issues , or phenomena (including the development of knowledge). I did this by looking at blogs about Greece and a blog dedicated to my Greek Eris. 3.What skills and concepts were learned in completing this artifact and how have these affected your future? A skill that I learned in completing this project is learning how to make a toga. If I am ever in need of a last minute costume or if someone I know is in need of a last minute costume I can help them become a Grecian goddess. A concept I had learned was how to come up with a prop with homemade ideas. This skill can benefit me in the future because if I am working in a career where coming up with ideas is my specialty I can just look at the things surrounding me and come up with something crazy! Luckily, I was given the trait by my parents of creativeness. As I mentioned in my first reflection, I wasnt used to using MLA format. My teacher had assigned us and it was mandatory that we type our essay in MLA format and I finally know how to use it.

My biology teacher, Mrs. Penarroyo, had suggested a website to me that would be helpful for me to learn how to use MLA when citing sources. 4.Looking back on the completion of this artifact, what might you do differently if you were able to recreate or revise the final product? Looking back I would change my costume! Sadly the safety pins had broken and I was forced to take it off and change to new clothes. I would have done nothing to change my presentation because I thought it was good. My prop was creative, it was a golden ornament jeweled with gold accessories, and my toga looked Grecian. Now, looking back at my essay I would have liked to be a bit longer. My essay was 3 pages long but I like challenging myself and would have liked it to be longer, about 4 or 5 pages. I feel like I did a great job accessorizing my costume, presenting to my class and writing and essay. I dont quite remember my grade but to me it was worth an A+!