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The house is designed to be a compact and comfortable living space with approx. 30m square floor space.

The design is made mainly with two shipping containers which are 2.35 by 5.9 by 2.4 metres and a steel shade shed as the roof. It is inexpensive and is semi-rigid and has been intended for as an emergency retreat, or as a good alternative in place of a forest lodge. It can house 1 person but can be readjusted to house 3 depending on the need.


Living room 1* Kitchen/dining room (includes fridge, oven, island bench and stove) 1* lounge room 1* bathroom (includes toilet, basin, shower/bath) 1* bedroom 2* water tanks Adequate storage space (shelves, cupboards etc.)

The design isnt costly as it is made from shipping containers which are not only inexpensive but durable and long lasting. The roof is designed to allow heat to accumulate not in the house but in the area between it and the roof allowing the heat to escape rather than build up. Water tanks also provide an extra water source and can be drunk or used for watering.