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Yu 1 Wendy Yu IH English, 3rd Block Analytical Paragraph in A Separate Peace by John Knowles February 12th, 2011 Final Acceptance:

Analysis of Paragraph (Knowles 135-137) John Knowles reveals Gene and Finny's codependent selves and their mutual peace through Gene's thoughts during the Games. Gene, often envying and wishing to live as Finny, finally finds his acceptance as an individual and not part of Finny, yet increasing his dependency upon Finny as Finny depends on Gene, and establishing a mutual peace. Gene wonders now whether it wasn't cider but [his and his friends'] exuberance which intoxicating [them] and [sent restraint flying] (136), which allows Gene to start to break down the restraint of self-acceptance in himself. This self-acceptance gives Gene a break from wishing to live as Finny, but to coexist with him in peace. Gene [inspires] Phineas with his skiing to[spring] and [spin] from one bare space to another (136) without any missteps. Gene's inspiration for Finny leads to Finny's inspiration for Gene when Phineas [recaptures] that magic gift for existing primarily in space (136) and marvels Gene. Gene and Finny's impact on each other emphasizes their peace with each other, and their codependency in life to live the fullest. Gene inspires Finny, in his wildest demonstration of himself, of himself in the kind of world he loved, to dance his choreography of peace (136). Finny's entrance into the kind of world he loved with Gene's assistance in the form of inspiration reveals Finny's love for Gene and his wish for peace in the form of codependency between them. Gene finally accepts himself when he knows that it wasn't cider which made [him] in this moment champion of everything [Finny] ordered (136), but it was this liberation [they] had torn from the gray encroachments of 1943, the escape [they]

Yu 2 had concocted, this afternoon of momentary, illusory, special and separate peace (136-137). Gene acknowledges his self worth, connected to Finny by their working together to create their escape. The separate peace represents both the peace from the real world, and the peace between Gene and Finny. Knowles' description of Gene and Finny's actions during the game allows the understanding that Gene, finally free from Finny's shadow, establishes a strong codependency and peace with Finny.