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NAME: Anish Mullapudi Success is a journey, not the destination. This is one of my favorite percepts and at this point in my life when I am about to complete my undergraduate program and my future is going to unfold in front of me like a maze, a dream; this maxim has never influenced my life more than this before. When I first saw a cordless phone, I wondered how the information passed on to the destination without any physical connection between them. Another thing, which drew my attention, was the computer. I wondered how such a small machine could do any possible operation within seconds. Now after four years of undergraduate study, I have learnt about them but what I learnt is only urging me to know more & more. My penchant for Electronics stemmed from my love for electronic gadgets when I was in high school. I opted for electronics because it was the field I always had an ardor towards, also it was the branch of engineering, which changed the course of human life. So I decided that electronics would be my career and over the years this field blended beautifully with my adventurous and sedulous nature. I slowly and gradually moved towards the field of my passion and now I am pursuing my undergraduate studies. I am confident that I would complete my undergraduate studies with flying colors. During my undergraduate studies, I acquired a comprehensive knowledge of Electronics in all its complexity. I also learned sundry subjects such as Electronics Devices and Circuits, Switching Theory and Logic Design, Analog Communications, Digital Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Microprocessors and Interfacing, Optical Communications, Satellite Communications etc and their applications with verve. The highly dedicated and seasoned teaching staff of my college taught me the various concepts involved in the fields of my interest. All the time through my undergraduate program, giving some useful seminars assisted my aspirations, which were arranged by the institution engineering. I truly believe that a healthy body complements a healthy mind. My college provided me with various opportunities to exhibit my talent in various fields. I participated in various events conducted in the college and also the department leadership.

However, I am well aware of the fact that the certitude in my decision comes as a result of a strong desire to pursue a research-oriented career in the field of Electrical Engineering. The key factor, which influenced me in taking this major career decision, was that I have a fortunate propensity to research and development and the fact that the lions share of the research and development belongs to the US and this according to me is because of the importance given to research by the Universities which are precursors for the rest of the world. My research interests include various aspects of embedded systems, which are in a rudimentary state in India. I intend to master the latest advancements in embedded systems and other latest innovations in electronics such as the Microsystems, etc in a rich and flexible milieu of a good university in US. I concretely believe in Innovation at any level of study. Apart from allowing a student to be innovative the curriculum should be very extensive and should develop creativity in learners, which is precisely the way in which the curriculum of Universities is designed. That is why I am highly interested in further studies so that I can join the group of researchers in these fields who are active creating new ideas and innovations. An objective estimate of myself tells me that I have an open mind, eager to learn and easy to adopt, willing to participate and ready to lead. My ultimate goal is to establish myself in the field of my interest through contribution of novel ideas and translating those to end applications and products. In this regard, I want to contribute significantly to the overall development of the human society. The journey ahead will be a hard hitting one and it may no doubt be arduous and demanding at times but then the thrill one gets when one discovers something new at the frontiers of human knowledge, however small it may be is unparallel. Also fabulous pedagogy, ready access to the state of art technology, stimulating research and academic environments and prospects of having close interaction with distinguished faculty have motivated me to take up an education in your university. I am sure that if given an opportunity in your university I will do my best.

Anish Mullapudi