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2-seat light helicopter one 360hp rotary engine (280hp Mazda 13-B?) driving a compressor 280hp: max.

speed 90mph, cruise 70mph, ceiling 10,000ft, endurance 4 hours rotor diameter 35.991ft; length 18.012ft; height 8ft DETAILS: The Air Jet was a further development of the Eagle helicopter (qv) of E agle Helicopter Corporation and American Air Jet. Inc was formed to continue development. It was a design of a team comprising Messrs. Ste phen Willman, Russell Pitts, Michael Diekman, Raymond Berry. The Air Jet used the cold-cycle-pressure-jet principle (air from a compre ssor driven by the engine was channelled to exhaust nozzles at the tips of the rotor blades) and a prototype aircraft was completed in 1987 or 1988 and shown at the 1988 Sun- n Fun convention. Possibly only this prototype was built and it was maybe not flight tested, although first flig hts were also reported as having taken place in July 1988. The engine in the prototype was one 280hp rotary engine (360hp Mazda 13-B?). Production: 1 American Air Jet, Inc. 710 Sunnywood Pl. Woodland Park, CO 80863