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Alexander M.

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Proficient in C++, C, C#, ActionScript, HLSL and Java programming languages. Experience with DirectX, FxComposer, OpenGL, Havok Vision Game Engine, XNA, Objective-C, UDK, Unity Game Engine, iOS, Perforce, Hansoft, Scaleform/Scaleform Video, LUA/Swig, 68000 assembly and MYSQL. Knowledge of game engine architecture, design patterns and artificial intelligence.


Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy Programmer : FIEA: Orlando, FL : (2011 - Current)

FIEA Game Engine

Created a cross platform game engine for Xbox XDK, DirectX and OpenGL that included an event based system and the creation of entities through XML.

Lead Programmer on First Edition

Managed two programmers and one scripter on a PC game using the Vision Engine. Created a dynamic camera system that blends between different triggered settings.

Ported and integrated Recast into Plushy Knight

Modified and ported the open source project Recast into the Vision Game Engine. Also created a C# tool using C++/CLI to allow producers to modify the navigation mesh generation.

Geometry Wars Recreation

Two man team recreation of Geometry Wars for the original Xbox and PC using Direct X and OpenGL done in two weeks.

Rapid Prototyping Projects

Programmer on four two week rapid prototyping games consisting of five to six people using XNA, AS3, Unity and iOS.

Student Teaching and Lab Assistant : University of Dayton : Dayton, OH : (2010 - 2011)
Responsible for grading assignments, quizzes and projects and developing additional assignments.


M.S. in Interactive Entertainment (Programming)

University of Central Florida : Orlando, FL : (2011- Expected Graduation Date: December 2012)

B.S. in Computer Science.

University of Dayton : Dayton, OH : (20072011)