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CHARTS AND REFLECTION Medals won by countries

6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Ethopia Kenya Russia Gold Silver Bronze

Bronze 18%

Gold 36%

Silver 46%

REFLECTION: My charts show us medals won by 3 different countries. And the second one shows us what percentage of gold, silver and bronze medals the country Kenya has won. I guess, yes they are easy to understand because the second one is giving us the exact percentage of medal and the first one is also giving us information about three different countries. The thing that could be improved in my charts is that in the second chart, I could sort out the percentage and the medals even better or separately. And in the first one I could have labeled it a little bit more to make it more understandable. I noticed that, in the first one, Russia won the most Bronze medals, Kenya won the most silver medals and Kenya and Russia won the most gold medals too. In the second one, Kenya got the most silver medals. There are some improvements to be made and if they are corrected, my charts could be really good and understandable. By: Anushka