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Inner Journey Prayer

I call in my guides from the highest and deepest inner dimensions. I call in My Spirit Friends, and all the nature spirits available, to guide and protect me on the inner journeys. I call in my most advanced and awakened selves in all lifetimes, here and beyond, now, into this moment, to consciously awaken me to my Whole Self in ALL lifetimes. I call on all my tribal and medicine powers. I call on the Creative Forces to help and guide me. I am ready.
From Partnering with Spirit: Homer's Journey & Soul Journeys by Ellie Drew

Prayer of Surrender
Let my HANDS be your hands Let my VOICE be your voice Let my HEART be your heart I Surrender Now
A gifted spiritual teacher in India gave this prayer to Ellie Drew. It is a prayer to surrender the lower minds of the bodysuit (ego/mental, emotional, survival minds of the body), to the Higher Mind of Soul. It is a prayer of commitment to work with your Higher Self (Soul) as a conscious partner. Ellie Drew or