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Andrew Wyeth Christinas World This painting is simplistic based on the amount of objects and images, yet it is complex

based on the relationships that the objects have with each other and their surroundings. The woman, who we can assume that her name is Christina, is laying in the grass looking out towards a home to the left of a barn. This painting seems to really surround itself through the relationship that Christina has with the house that she is directly looking at. She is the only object/image in the painting that seems to be composed of warm red colors. She stands out of the predominant green palate. Despite the huge contrast between Christina and the rest of the painting, her hair seems to share the same color of that of the house. Her hair color and the direction of her head is facing moves your eye straight to the home. At the same time there are underlying features that seem to also move your eye to the home. The oval shape where the textural grass ends creates a line that moves towards the home. As the line gets closer to the home, it is intersected to what seems like the tracks left by some vehicle. These tracks are also curving out from the home. Even further, the geometric shapes of the houses also in contrast with the sky, create vertical lines that point down. These lines reciprocate the lines created on the grass, and help guide your eyes back down to Christina. Wyeth makes good use of atmosphere perspective to further emphasize Christinas connection to the home. Both the house and the barn are lighter than Christinas hair and they change into a gray color. This slight change in tone and color of the house and the barn help keep Christina as the focus of the painting. Wyeth very creatively creates this pattern throughout the piece. At certain places the pattern looks like grass and in others it seems as some sort of Jackson Pollock painting. The grass is composed of vertical lines, of different angles, repeated back in forth throughout the area of the pasture. The abstracted nature of the grass also seems to flatten the shape of the grass. The same occurs where the grass seems cut, near the house.