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BORDER NETWORK FOR HUMAN RIGHTS 2115 PIEDRAS, EL PASO, TX 79930 (P) 915-577-0724 (F) 915-577-0370 WWW.BNHR.

ORG June 8, 2012

Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Ronald LeBlanc 8901 Montana Avenue El Paso, TX79925-1212 Chief LeBlanc, On behalf of all the member families of the Border Network for Human Rights, I thank you for your service to our country and I thank you, your leadership team, community relations staff, and all the agents patrolling the area around the Black Bridge yesterday for being stellar examples of how CBPs mission statement is executed. In preparation for the event, our consultations with you left no doubt that your primary function is vigilance. You managed to balance that with respect for the somber moments that occurred as the activities went on. Your dedication to the safety of those who participated was evident when BP emergency medical technicians were the first responders when a young woman passed out from the heat. She is fine now, thanks in part to your well trained medical responders. I think back and try to pin-point a couple of examples of your professionalism and I cannot single out any one action or decision. Truly, your planning, preparation, and conduct merit the recognition from Washington DC, and serve as an example to all of DHSs agencies of how integrity is built by effective community relations strategies. We look forward to continuing to work with you as we both find ways to make sure that our national security needs are complimented by safeguarding the human rights and civil rights that border communities have.


Jos Manuel Escobedo

Jos Manuel Escobedo Policy Director

2115 Piedras El Paso, Texas 79930 | 915-577-0724 |