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Temple of Karnataka

Temple of Karnataka

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Temples of Karnataka

Virupaksha Temple - Hampi, Karnataka
Karnataka has innumerable sites in the Temple Map of India, with its some of its still surviving monuments going back to the 7th century AD. The Badami Chalukyas were the builders of rock cut caves and ancient temple complexes. At Pattadakal, there are Temples in the Dravidian style along with Temples in styles that were later adopted in Eastern and Central India. The sculptural quality in these temples is outstanding. The subordinate rulers of the Chalukyas were the Gangas and the Kadambas. The colossal monolithic statue of Gomateswara was built by the Gangas in the 10th century AD. The Badami Chalukyas were succeeded by the Rashtrakutas and the Kalyani Chalukyas. In Southern Karnataka, the Hoysalas reigned supreme. The Hoysalas were great builders and they built great temples at Halebidu, Belur and Somanathapura. The Hoysalas built temples on raised complex star shaped platforms. This star shaped plan is carried all the way from the platform to the shikhara. Horizontal bands of sculptural motifs and monolithic pillars adorn these temples. There is a profusion of sculptural work in the Hoysala style of temple building. Next, the Vijayanagar Empire marks the period of great Temple building activity in Karnataka and these temples are characterized by the building of pillared mandapas and lofty entrance towers. The Vijayanagar Empire was destroyed by the Deccan Sultanates in the 16th century and the ruins can be seen at Hampi. The Mysore Maharajas (Wodeyars) who ruled from around 1400 AD through the British period, with the brief lapse during Tipu Sultans rule, have also made contributions to temples in this State. The temples of the coastal region are markedly different in architectural styles and they resemble the Keralite temples to a larger extent.

Temples of Karnataka
Temples of Karnataka

The State of Karnataka is known for its multitude of tourist attractions and temples. Pilgrimage centers such as Mookambika and Udupi cradled in the western ghats offer a contrast to the ruins of the once grand Vijayanagar edifices at Hampi. The Hoysala temples marked with a profusion of intricate sculpture, and the ancient temples built by the Cholas, and the Chalukyan temples add to the variation in style across this state.
About the Temples of Karnataka:

The Chalukyas, the Gangas, the Hoysalas, the Vijayanagar rulers and others contributed to diverse temple styles seen in Karnataka. Mookambika - Kollur: Rich in legend and tradition, this temple at Kollur is closely associated with Adi Sankaracharya. Sravanabelagola: The collossal monolithic image of Gomateswara or Bahubali is a familiar sight to those touring Karnataka.

Halebidu - a sculptors dream lived in stone. The

Hoysaleswara temple in Halebidu is a masterpiece of Hoysala architecture and sculpture.
Udupi -

is the seat of the Madhva Gokarna: This ancient Shiva school of philosophy. The temple is revered pilgrimage Balakrishna temple is one of the center in Karnataka ; it has been well visited pilgrimage centers of revered by the hymns Nandi hills, located near Bangalore is home to the Bhoganandeeswara and

of the Karnataka.
Somnathpura: The

ancient Tamil saints.

Belur Chennakesava Temple:

Belur Chennakesava Temple:

Kesava temple at Somnathapura located near Mysore is a standing illustration of Hoysala art.

Explore the rich sculptural wealth of this ancient Hoysala monument built by Vishnuvardhana of the 12th century CE. (article contributed by guest writer).) Srirangapatna near Mysore -the historic capital of Tipu Sultan enshrines Ranganatha and Ranganayaki at the grand Ranganatha temple.

Explore the history of this Hoysala monument and experience its sculptural splendour. (article contributed by guest writer).
Chamundeswari Temple built

Chamundi hills near Mysore enshrines Chamundeswari the tutelary deity of the Maharajahs of Mysore.


Melkote located

near Mysore is home to the Tirunarayana temple and is a seat of the Sri Vaishnava tradition.

Aihole near

Bijapur is one of the centers of early Chalukyan art. The Durga temple is probably the best known of the temples here.

Badami: The

Pattadakal, the

third in the triad of early Chalukyan art centers near Bijapur has several and is located near Badami. landmarks in the evolution of temple architecture. The Virupaksha temple at Vijayanagar dating back to the period of Krishna Deva Raya, enshrines Virupaksha or Pampapati.

ancient town of Vatapi was a capital of the early Chalukyas. It is now known as Badami and it has several temples from the sixth and seventh centuries CE. Mahakoota is another early Talakkad near Mysore: This Chalukyan temple art ancient temple repository at Talakkad near Mysore was patronized by the Cholas of the 12th century CE.
The Vitthala temple at Vijayanagar

(Hampi) is known for its halls with exquisite pillars, intricate friezes and the a stone chariot. Parasurama include some Dharmastala - a well visited Subrahmanya is one of the of the well visited pilgrimage center in seven revered Mukti stalas of Karnataka and it pilgrimage shrines such as Karnataka enshrines Kollur, Udupi & Gokarna. Manjunatha, in this stala enshrines Subrahmanya of Dharma or (Kartikeya). The Kalyani Chalukyas of the righteousness & charity. 11th & 12th centuries developed a temple style The district of Kolar known Nanjangud: The characterized by ornate more for its gold fields is Shrikanteshwara temple pillars and doorways. home to several temples at Nanjangud near Mysore tracing their history is a revered center of through several royal worship. dynasties that ruled the region. Sringeri: The Vidyashankara Karnataka Temple Index: This temple is a magnificient index provides a pointer to temple built under the the hundreds of temples patronage of the that dot the state of Vijayanagar empire. Karnataka. The Seven Mukti Stalas of Karnataka associated with

Karnataka Temples List
1. Adi Narayana Temple at Dodballpur near Bangalore 2. Adikesava Temple at Kaginelli (Haveri) near Dharwar 3. Agastyeswara Temple at Tirumukkoodal near Mysore 4. Ahobala Narasimha Temple at Niratadi near Davangere 5. Aihole Temples near Dharwar 6. Akkanna Basti at Sravanabelagola near Hassan 7. Allanatha (Varadaraja) Temple at Maddur 8. Amaranarayana Temple at Kaivara near Kolar 9. Amritalingamanikeshwara Temple at Nanditavare (Malebennur) near Chitradurga 10. Amriteshwara Temple at Amritapura near Tarikere

11. Amriteshwara Temple at Annigeri near Hubli 12. Anantapadmanabha Temple at Hosa Budanur near Mandya 13. Ananteshwara Temple at Udupi near Mangalore 14. Anjaneya Temple at Tekal near Kolar 15. Annapoorani Temple at Kalasa near Chikmagalur 16. Aprameya Temple at Malur near Kolar 17. Arkeshwara Templ at Talakad near Mysore 18. Arkeshwara Temple at Hale Arur (Chamrajnagar) near Mysore 19. Avimukteshwara Temple at Hoskote near Bangalore 20. Badami Temples near Dharwar 21. Badri Narayana Temple at Melkote near Krishnarajpet (Mandya) 22. Bagandeshwar Temple at Baagamandala near Madikeri 23. Balakrishna Temple at Udupi near Mangalore 24. Balarama Temple at Pandeshwar (Udupi) near Mangalore 25. Banashankari Temple at Annigeri near Hubli 26. Basappa Temple at Annigeri near Hubli 27. Basavanna Temple at Haveri near Dharwar 28. Bhandari Basti at Sravanabelagola near Hassan 29. Bharateshwara Temple at Avani (Mulbagal) near Kolar 30. Bhimeshwara Temple at Kaivara near Kolar 31. Bhrama Jinalaya at Kuppattur near Shimoga 32. Bhrama Jinalaya at Lakkundi (Gadag) near Dharwar 33. Bhrammeshwara Temple at Kikkeri (Krishnarajpet) near Mysore 34. Bucheshwara Temple at Koramangala near Hassan 35. Chamundeswari Temple at Chamundi Hill near Mysore 36. Chandeshwari Temple at Srinivaspur near Kolar 37. Chandeswari Temple at Vogata (Hosakote) near Bangalore 38. Chandramoulishwara Temple at Udupi near Mangalore 39. Chandramoulishwara Temple at Chintamani near Kolar 40. Channakesava Temple at Chikballapur near Kolar 41. Chatteshwara Temple at Chat Chattanahalli (Halebidu) near Hassan 42. Chennakesava Temple at Haranhalli (Arsikere) near Hassan 43. Chennakesava Temple at Aralaguppe near Tiptur 44. Chennakesava Temple at Belur near Hassan 45. Dattatreya Temple at Koormagadde (Naradagadde) near Raichur 46. Dharmeshwara Temple at Kondarahalli (Hosakote) near Bangalore 47. Dineshwara Temple at Hale Arur (Chamrajnagar) near Mysore 48. Dodda Basappa Temple at Dambala (Gadag) near Dharwar 49. Durga Temple at Agara (Yelandur) near Mysore 50. Eshwara Temple at Anekonda near Davangere 51. • ajina Basappa Temple at Annigeri near Hubli 52. • Galageshwara Temple at Heggare near Chitradurga 53. • Gangadhareshwara Temple at Srirangapattana near Mysore 54. • Gangadhareshwara Temple at Shivaganga near Tumkur 55. • Gangadhareshwara Temple at Turuvekere near Tumkur 56. • Gangeshwara Temple at Madhugangur near Shimoga 57. • Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple at Bangalore 58. • Gopalakrishna Temple at Tonnur (Melkote) near Krishnarajpet (Mandya) 59. • Gopalakrishna Temple at Krishnaraja Sagar near Mysore 60. • Gopalakrishna Temple at Patrenahalli near Kolar

• Govindeshwara Temple at Near Hassan 62. 111. • Kanakachalapathi Temple at Kanakagiri near Hospet 81. • Lakshmaneshwara Temple at Avani (Mulbagal) near Kolar 92. 103. • Kappe Chennigaraya Temple at Belur near Hassan 82. • Hire Hanuman Temple at Annigeri near Hubli 65. • Mahabaleshwar Temple at Chamundi Hill near Mysore 99. 102. 109. • Kirti Narayana Temple at Talakad near Mysore 88. 105. • Kattale Basti (Adinatha Jinalaya) at Chandragiri Hill near Hassan 85. • Kumaraswamy Saila Temple at Bangalore 91. • Jain Temple at Bannikere near Shimoga 73. • Kalabhairava Temple at Seethi near Kolar 77. • Jagadeka Malleshwara Temple at Belagami near Shikarpur 72. • Kolaramma Temple at Kolar 90. • Ishwara Temple at Nanditavare (Malebennur) near Chitradurga 71. 108. • Kesava Temple at Somnathapura near Mysore 87. • Lakshmi Narayana Temple at Chamundi Hill near Mysore 95. • Kodandaramaswamy Temple at Kanchankatte (Saligram) near Krishnarajpet (Mandya) 89. 110. • Jwalamukhi Tripurasundari Temple at Uddanahalli (Nanjangud) near Mysore 75. • Ishwara Temple at Arsikere near Hassan 70. • Gowreeshwara Temple at Yelandur near Mysore 63. • Kalahasteshwara Temple at Kaginelli (Haveri) near Dharwar 78. Chitaladrug 69. 107. • Mahadeva Temple at Itgi near Raichur • Mallari Temple at Gudda Guddaapura near Ranebennur (Dharwar) Mallikarjuna Hill Temple at Near Talakkad near Mysore Mallikarjuna Temple at Basaralu near Mandya Mangayi Basti at Sravanabelagola near Hassan Markandeshwara Temple at Vokkalery Hill near Kolar Markandeshwara Temple at Kallur near Raichur Markandeshwara Temple at Kallur near Raichur Maruleshwara Temple at Talakad near Mysore Mookambika Temple at Kollur near Mangalore Murdeshwar Temple at Murdeshwar (Bhatkal) near Karwar . 106. • Harihareshwara Temple at Harihar (Davangere) near Chitradurga 64. • Lakshminarasimha Temple at Nuggihalli near Tiptur 97. • Lakshmi Devi Temple at Dodda-gaddavalli near Hassan 93. 104. • Lakshmi Narasimha Temple at Hole Narasipur near Sravanabelagola 94. • Kalleshwara Temple at Heggare near Chitradurga 80. • Ishwara Temple at Nandigudi near Male Bennur. • Kalaseshwara Temple at Kalasa near Chikmagalur 79. • Jambunatha Swamy Hill Temple at Hospet 74. • Lakshmi Temple at Kaginelli (Haveri) near Dharwar 96. • Kasi Visweswara Temple at Lakkundi (Gadag) near Dharwar 83. • Mahabaleshwar Temple at Gokarna near Karwar 100. • Ishwara Temple at Arsikere near Hassan 68. • Maha Ganapati Temple at Kurudumale near Kolar 98. • Jwarahareswara Temple at Kandavara near Kolar 76. • Hoysala Temple at Mosale near Hassan 66. • Kedareshwara Templ at Halebidu near Hassan 86. • Kasi Visweswara Temple at Hosa Budanur near Mandya 84.61. • Hoysaleswara Temple at Halebidu near Hassan 67.

124. 117. 113. 125. 155. 140. 118. 148. 143. 133. 157. 154. 114. 115. 146. 153. 127. 136. 120. Nagara Jinalaya at Hatna near Tiptur Nakeshwara Temple at Near Hassan Nambi Narayana Temple at Tonnur (Melkote) near Krishnarajpet (Mandya) Nandi Temples at Nandi Hills near Bangalore Narada Temple at Naradagadde near Raichur Narasimha Temple at Devaraya Durga Hill near Tumkur Narasimha Temple at Kaginelli (Haveri) near Dharwar Narasimha Temple at Kunigal (Tumkur) near Bangalore Narasimha Temple at Maddur Narasimha Temple at Savandrurga near Bangalore Narasimha Temple at Agara (Yelandur) near Mysore Navalinga Temples at Kuknur near Hospet Omkareshwara Temple at Madikeri Paataleswara Temple at Talakad near Mysore Pakshi Ranganatha Temple at Kumsi near Shimoga Pancha Basadi at Humcha near Nagar Taluk Para Vasudeva Temple at Gundlupet near Mysore Parsvanatha Basti at Chamrajanagar near Mysore Parsvanatha Basti at Heggere near Chitradurga Pattabhirama Temple at Hampi near Hospet Pattabhirama Temple at Ramanathapura near Krishnarajpet (Mandya) Pattadakal Temples at Pattadakal near Dharwar Ramalinga Swamy Temple at Avani (Mulbagal) near Kolar Ramanatheshwar Temple at Ramanathapura near Krishnarajpet (Mandya) Rameswara Temple at Agara (Yelandur) near Mysore Ranganatha Nagareshwara Temple at Bankapura near Hubli Ranganatha Temple at Anegondi near Hospet Ranganatha Temple at Srirangapattana near Mysore Ranganna Temple at Biligiri Rangan Hills near Mysore Sadasiva Temple at Nuggihalli near Tiptur Sangameshwara Temple at Kaginelli (Haveri) near Dharwar Sangameshwara Temple at Mekedatu near Bangalore Sankareshwara Temple at Near Belur near Hassan Santemallappa Temple at Oderhalli near Chiknayakanhalli Savati Ghandavarana Basti at Chandragiri Hill near Hassan Shankaranarayana Temple at Shankaranarayana (Agumbe) near Shimoga Shantinatha Basti at Sravanabelagola near Hassan Shantinatha Jinalaya at Jinanathapura near Hassan Shatrughneshwara Temple at Avani (Mulbagal) near Kolar Shiva Temple at Paparajanhalli near Kolar Siddhadeva Temple at Haveri near Dharwar Siddheshwara Temple at Bankapura near Hubli Someshwara Temple at Suttur (Nanjangud) near Mysore Someshwara Temple at Lakshmeshwar near Hubli Someshwara Temple at Gadag near Dharwar Someshwara Temple at Hale Budanur near Mandya Someshwara Temple at Kurudumale near Kolar Someshwara Temple at Kunigal (Tumkur) near Bangalore Someshwara Temple at Magadi near Bangalore Someshwara Temple at Husigala (Hosakote) near . 150. 142. 138. 151. 160. 139. 130. 129. 116. 126. 132. 144. 121. 135. 128. 141. 159. 131. 147. 152. 122. 123. 158. 161. 156. 137. 145. 119. 149. 134.112.

175.kRAiShNarAjpet Taluk.Bettesvara Temple agrahArabachcha haLLi . 188. 196. 163. 190. 168. 171. 187. 170.Virabhadra temple Bachanguda . huNeshvara anavaTTi . 185. 166. 181. 172. 178. 164. 167. 182. 179. 191. 183.Patala Rudresvara Temple Asandi . 169.Senesvara Temple . 174.Bachalingesvara Temple Bainduru . 194.162. kaiTapeshvara. 165. 186. 192. 197. 180. 173.Mallesvara Temple Angadi .) . 184. pArvati Angadi . 177.20 mile from alari station.Candikesvara Temple Asandi . 189.Gangesvara & Brahmesvara Temple Asandi . 176. 193.Mallesvara temple Agrahara Belguli (Channarayapatna TK. 195. Someshwara Temple at Kaginelli (Haveri) near Dharwar Someshwara Temple at Kolar Someshwara Temple at Haranhalli (Arsikere) near Hassan Soumyakesava Temple at Nagamangala near Mandya Gomateswara Temple at Sravanabelagola near Mysore Srikanteswara Temple at Nanjangud near Mysore Sripathishwara Temple at Seethi near Kolar Subramanya Temple at Subramanya near Mangalore Suryanarayana Temple at Lakkundi (Gadag) near Dharwar Talakad Vaidyeswara Temple at Talakad near Mysore Terina Basti Jinalaya at Sravanabelagola near Hassan The Bull Temple at Bangalore Tiru Narayana Temple at Melkote near Krishnarajpet (Mandya) Tirumulasthanam Udayar Templ at Hale Arur (Chamrajnagar) near Mysore Trikuteshwara Temple at Gadag near Dharwar Trinishwara Temple at Mysore Vaidyeswara Temple at Mambali (Yelandur) near Mysore Varahaswamy Temple at Mysore Veeraanjaneya Swamy Temple at Mulbagal near Kolar Veerabhadra Temple at Chikballapur near Kolar Venkataramanaswamy Temple at Guttahalli near Kolar Venkatramana Temple at Chiknayakanhalli near Tumkur Venugopalaswamy Temple at Devanhalli near Bangalore Vidyashankara Temple at Sringeri near Mangalore Vijayendra Temple at Bethamangala (Mulbagal) near Kolar Vira Narayana Temple at Gadag near Dharwar Vira Narayana Temple at Belur near Hassan Virabhadra Temple at Kaginelli (Haveri) near Dharwar Virabhadra Temple at Halebidu near Hassan Virabhadra Temple at Savandrurga near Bangalore Virupaksha Temple at Virupakshipura(Mulbagal) near Kolar Virupaksha Temple at Hampi near Hospet Vithala Temple at Hampi near Hospet Yoga Narasimha Temple at Tonnur (Melkote) near Krishnarajpet (Mandya) Yoga Narasimha Temple at Melkote near Krishnarajpet (Mandya) Yoga Narasimha Temple at Mudgere near Chikmagalur Karnataka Temples • • • Aghalaya .

Trikutesvara Temple Grama .Lokesvara Temple Harasur .Kattesivalaya Temple Kamadolli .Kallesvara Temple Bhadranayika Jalihal .Kedaresvara temple.Siddbesvara Euppatui .Isvara Temple (Trikutacala) kaushikA Keresante .Kalmesvara Temple hUbli .Mahalingesvara Temple 3 Gorur .Basesvara Temple Kalkere .Sri Basavesvara Temple korama~Ngalam .Adinatha-basti Dambal .pa~nchamukha li~Ngam Chikka-Mahakuta .Siva Temple Betur . Binnamangala .bhavAnishankar Jalasanghi .Ramesvara Temple kANDEyA . 100 km from bangalore.Somesvara Temple Kalsapur .Gangadharesvara Temple Kalgi Mallikarjuna Temple Kalgi .Trikutesvara Temple koDasAtri .Mallesvara Temple Eodakani .Isvara Temple Keresante .Siddhesvara Temple Dindagur .Somesvara Temple Kundgol .Mallikarjuna Temple Holalu .ancient shiva temple.Umamaheswara Temple Hedatale .Dharmesvara Temple Dambal . mArkaNDEshvara svAmi Karagunda .Virabhadra Halakatta .3 miles from narasingapuram. 5 miles from kanasA.Isvara Temple Hosur .Kailashesvara Temple Barmeri .Nilkantha Kalesvara Temple Kalgi .nAgEshvar korama~Ngalam .Siva Temple Harti .Amrtesvara Temple Holalu .Nagaresvara Temple Heragu .balihonnUru taluk.Isvara Temple Hosur .puchchEshvar Kotumachigi .Balligamve .Somesvara Temple Kadiri .Kalakaramesvara Temple Hosagunda .Siva Temple Chitka Hanasoge .Kamathesvara Temple Hirenallur .Isvara Temple Handarki . sangamEshvar Kollur .Kalasiddheswara Temple 9Triple Shrine 1 & 2 Gokak Falls North &South Bank .Virabhadra Temple Holehonnatti .Isvara Temple Kabli/Kabbali .Isvara Temple (small) Hosur .Siva Temple bhImeshwari .Sambhulinga Temple . Bannuru .Somesvara Temple Devanur .Manjunatha Temple Kaidala .Shambhulingesvara Temple Keresante .Kaitabhesvara Gokak Falls North &South Bank .Muktinathesvara Temple bitrahaLLi fort .Siddhesvara Temple Kalkere Ballesvara Temple Kalkere .

o Hallur . o Dhannur .Ramesvara Temple Kuralgera .Bhasav Linga Temple Mahakuta .Koti Linga Mahakuta .Isvara Gudi Ron Isvara Temple Ron .Mallikarjuna Temple Sulebhavi Sulesvara Gate Temple Tenginaghatta Hoysalesvara Temple Tonaohi .Isvara Temple (Trikutacala) Manne . Badami Taluk.Mahakutesvara group of temples Mahakuta .Siva Temple Mukkunda .Siddhesvara Temple Sogi Kallesvara Temple Somanathapur Pancalingesvara Temple Somapura .Basavesvara Uddur . o Gudur .Siddhalingesvara Temple Mulagund .Candramaulisvara Temple uppinA~NguDi . o nandikEshvar .Alesvara Temple Kuppagadde .Old Temple of Kameshwara.Basavesvara Temple Udiyavara Brahmalingesvara Temple Udiyavara .Virabhadra Temple Lokikere .Mabalingesvara Medak .Isvara Temple Sirsi .Somesvara Temple Santhebachahalli .Somesvara Temple Sudi .Mahakutesvara Temple Mahakuta .23 miles from uDuppi.Kalesvara Temple Machhalgatta .Temples of Dhaneshwara.Mahalingesvara Temple Sedam . o Bevoor .muDi mallikArjun o nandikEshvar .Sangamesvara Temple Malali .Siva Temple Sirwal .Bhogesvara Temple BAgalkOt Dt.Malagitti Shivalaya.PrasannaSomesvara Temple Unkal .Nagalingesvara Temple Kurtkoti . o Badami .Somesvara Temple (Anandasvami Matha) Nagral .Isvara Temple (Facing East) Mulagund .Mallikarjuna Temple Mahakuta .Vishveshwara Temple.Naganatha Temple Narayanpur .Ishwara Temple with stone tablet.Isvara Temple Nowdi Arunachalesvara Temple Pushapagiri Mallikarjuna temple Ron .sahasra li~Ngeshvar Yelishirur .Bhutesvara Temple Mudhol . umAkAnta. umAdEvi Kuppagadde .Somlingesvara Temple Near Tank Sannathi / Sannati .Nagaresvara Temple Mulagund .Ganga Kapilesvara Temple Marle .Pancalingesvara Temple Siddhanakolla Siddhesvara Temple Sirsangi .kundhApuram .virUpAxa . o Mankni .Lokanatha Temple Ron Mallikarjuna Gudi Ron .Rameshwara Temple.Mallesvara Temple Mahakuta .Isvara Temple Macheri .Siddhesvara Temple Mavuttanballi .mahAkUTEshvar o nandikEshvar .

Near Bangalore. Bangalore Urban Dt.Great temple of Virupaksha Pattadakal . Bangalore Rural.Jakkseshwara Temple.nAgarEswarar temple.Chandreshwarar. Bangalore Rural.Shiva temple.Kashi Visvesvara Temple Pattadakal . o Doddabalapur . Virabhadra Temple.shAntEshvar o Sivanpura . o padaganahalli . Bangalore Rural Dt.Shivan temple.20 miles from bangalore. o Gangavaara .Iswarar Temple. o Hoskote .nanjuNdEswarar Temple. Near Bangalore. Karnataka o Doddabalapur .pete shiva temple o Cikkejja Temple. o cannarAyapattanA . o AnakoNdanahalli . one temple on the top of the hill o shivaganga . o Gangavaara . Bangalore Rural. o vijayapura . Bangalore Rurali. o Magadi .Ishwara temple. o vijayapurA .Shiva Temple. o Harohalli . Channapatna Taluk.Near Bangalore.Someshwarar.sa~NgamEshvar (kUdala sangama) . o vijayapurA .Avimukteshwara Temple.Chandrashekara temple near Sangamesvara temple Pattadakal .Galaganatha Temple Pattadakal . o vijayapurA .on the confluence of malaprabha and kRAiShNa rivers Pattadakal .Dharmeshwara Temple.splendid architecture temple . o nandagudi .Ishwaran Temple.Jalaganteshwarar. o vijayapurA . Someshwara Temple o Malagala .Near Bangalore. Bangalore Rural o channapatna . o Kondarahalli (Kosakote) .Ejja Temple.aruNAchaleshvara Temple. Bangalore Rurali. o shivaganga .Shiva Temple.Temple of Mallikarjuna Pattadakal . honnAdEvi.o o o o o o Pattadakal . o Kammasandra .sOmEswarar Temple.Vishwashwar. o rAmanagaram .Someshwarar temple and Inscriptions. ga~NgAdharIshvarar. pAdALagangA tiRttam. Near Bangalore. Bangalore Rural Dist. Bangalore Rural. o Malur .Jambulinga Temple Pattadakal . o sulibele . Bangalore Rural.Kadasiddhesvara Temple Pattadakal .nIlakaNdEswarar Temple. o Madure . o Doddabalapur . o aivarakaNDapura .shivan Temple.sivan temple.shivan Temple.arkeshwara o rAmanagaram .two km from Kanakapura .OmkArEswarar temple. o Nandagudi .. Bangalore Rurali.shiva parvati near rama temple o Savandrurga . . o suntguppE . Sangameshwara Temple o Nandagudi . o agara temple . o Kadanur .pANDavarIswarar temple.Bangalore.Temple of Papanatha Bangalore Rural Dt.huge temple of Mahadeshwara o Mekedatu.Dharmeshwarar temple.

sOmEshvarar o chippagiri . Nagaratpet . Bangalore. KR Road . Lal Bahadur Shastry nagar . Bangalore.Kalleswara Swami Temple o A~NkUr . bannargatta road . Begur .vIrabhadra svAmi o chinnathumbalam . jigini kAsiviswanathar Temple. Chamrajpet . off mysore road near kumbalagodu shivAjinagar . doddaguppi . Bangalore. tarabanahalli . o Angur .gavi ga~NgAdharEshvar cave temple. Bangalore. Bangalore. mandur . Bangalore . kaLLeshvara o Anaigundhi . gavipuram . mInAxi.Iswarar Temple. Anekal . Bangalore. (ulsur).at the big banyan tree. One more "ediyUr" in tumkUr Dist.kADu mallikArjuna svAmi.Bangalore . Chikpet . gavipuram . Bangalore urban Dt. chalukya period o ambAli . kAmAxi amma.Bogananjunteshwarar.nandIshvara svAmi. . Bangalore. Kotte Jalakanteshwarar Temple. Bangalore.Alur taluk.EkAmbarEshvarar swAmi.Shiva Temple. Bangalore. 25 km from Bangalore. ediyUr shivA temple. Bangalore . Bangalore.Ishwara Temple. Nagaratpet . malleshvaram .o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o alsUr . rAmOhalli .Harihareshwarar.sundharEshvarar. Bangalore. bhOjEshvara svAmi .Kasi Vishvanathar temple.Mahabaleshwarar. Yelahanka Nagareshwarar.Jalaganteshwarar.bhavani shankar temple.Basaveshwara Temple.Bangalore urban Dt. bypnahalli . Bangalore. BellAry Dt. Bangalore.Nagareshwarar. kottikere . Nagaratpet .Amritha mallikArjunEshvara.Nageshwar Temple. Bangalore.kapileshvara o ballAri .nAgEshvar o beddatumbalam . Bangalore.Iswarar Temple.kAshivishvanAtha svAmi. Bangalore urban Dist. Engayana kere .siddhEswarar temple. malleshvaram .mahAbalEshawara temple. bidrahalli. Jayanagar . Bangalore urban Dist. kAdugudi . Bangalore.Siva temple. (basavangudi). Bangalore urban Dist. Bangalore.Akanteshwarar.Kamateshwarar.Shivan Temple. Bangalore. hesaraghattA . Subbaiah Circle . Bangalore urban Dist. Bangalore. Bangalore urban Dt.chandramauLIshvara temple.sOmEshvara svAmi.Iswara Temple. Bangalore. Bangalore urban Dt. vasanthapur .kAsiviswanathar Temple .kutli Taluk.rAmEshvarar temple.Madeshwarar. jyOthipurA . Mavalli .kaNTeshvar.Umamaheshwarar. kAmAxamba. Krishnarajapura. Vannarpettai . ChamrAtpEt .Srikanteswarar. Bull Temple. Bangalore.Siva Temple.Mallikarjuna Temple and Boulder Inscriptions.rAmali~NgEshvarar o chinnathumbalam . gandhi nagar . hajisonnanahalli .

nandEshvar mAgaLa . kAshi vishvEshvar lakkuNDi (lokkuguNDi) .Kalleshwara Temple. Virupaksha Temple havalagalu .Chanderasekara Temple Kaderampur .jambukEshvara svAmi Sogi .mahadeva temple .Isvara Temple Kurugodu .2 miles from hospeT.on the bank of river tungabhadra haDgalli .at the confluence of river tungabadra with varada. tekkalkODA .Kallesvara Temple Kuknur.Kalleshwaraswamy Temple Mailara .Chandrasekhara Temple. Jambunatheshwara Temple.amarEshvar Thimmalapura .on a hill. kAlakEshvar Kamalapuramn . mallIshvar nIlaguNDA . Near Hospet. bhImEshvar pAgali . o athani .Kalleswara Swami Temple Hospet. kaLLEshvar parakali .Kallesvaraswamy Temple.Small Temple of Ramalingadeva temple. o Badgi .Chandikeshwara Temple kOTTe mallEshvar Krishnapuram . pampApatlshvar Hampi (Malyavat Hill) . o asoga .kallEshvar.harppanahaLLi taluk. kALideva svAmi pAsarakODu . mallahari naunIki .o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o gurujAlA .mallikArjuna svAmi Hire-Hyadagalli .Old Siva Temple on the north-east side of Vittala Temple Belgaum Dt.siddeshvar Kukkanur . rAmali~NgEshvar kA~nchanakuTTam . AraNya tIrttam rAyadurgam .Amriteshwara temple o Badgi .virUpAxa. Khanapur Taluk.bhImEshvar mAgaLa . Near Hospet. AraNyaviDa~Nga.Siva Temple timmalApuram .harppanahaLLi taluk. 8 miles from harppanahaLLi. Near Bellary. joladAsi .Two small Siva Temples with Inscriptions mayilAr .haTakalli taluk. Mantapa near Hallikere .gangAdhar kAlakanAth .Mallikarjuna temple hampi .13 miles from ballAri. Jambunatha Swamy Hill Temple Hoovina hadagali .harppanahaLLi taluk.hindhULi sangamEshvar Kurugodu .Candrasekhara Temple Hampi .Temple of Siddeshwara.kaLLEshvar Jambunathana Hill . hUvinahaDgalli .kaLLeshvar Hampi .mallikArjuna and one more shivAlayam uchcha~Ngi durg . kaLLEshvar havalagalu . Navalinga Temple kurugODu .Kalleswarswamy Temple Mantapa near Hallikere .7 miles from kaTak.Siva Temple at Manmatha Tank Hampi.harppanapalli taluk Venkatapuram .sOmEshvar.Linga Temple near Narsimha Statue Badavilinga Temple kuDliki .Vijaleswara Temple kutti lakkuNDi (lokkuguNDi) .

Suvarneshwara Temple. Khanapur Taluk. Khanapur taluk. Halsi . Hallshi . Athani taluk. Talvarkop .Inscription of Sadashivadevaraya of Vijayanagar in the temple of Mallikarjuna Nesargi . Hallshi . Vakkund .Kashi Viswanatha Temple Huli .Inscription against the wall of the Panchalingdev temple of the Yadav king Singhana of Devgiri dated Saka 1145 Murgod .Group of temples at Halshi. Ramtirth .Bhavanisankara Temple Huli . Bidar Dt. Sogal .Mallikarjuna temple.Ratta inscription (Saka 1075 ) in the temple of Mahalingesvara Kunkumbi Temples of KumKumbeshwara and Mahukidevi.Ratta inscriptions dated Shake 971 & 1010 and a fragment of another dated Shake 970 in the temple of Ankusesvara Shedbal . Khanapur taluk.Old Rameshwara Temple Saptasagar .Kalmeshwara Temple.Fragmentary Western Chalukyan inscription (Saka 992) in the temple of Virabhadradev belgaum fort Chorlu .Purdheshvara temple Saundatti .Rameshwara Temple.Ratta inscription at the waterfall near the tempel of Somesvara dated Shake 902 Someshwar Hill . Chickodi Taluk. mahAli~NgEshvar . Hallshi .Pancalingesvara Temple Huli .Ruined Temple of Ishwardev with Inscription.o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Bailhongal . Bailhongal Taluk.Basaveshwara Temple Belavadi .Shankarlinga Temple. Kamaleshvara Temple. Khanapur taluk. 2 ruined Temple Kadroli Western Chalukya inscription of Somesvaradeva-II (Saka 997) in the temple of Shankaradeva Kanmadi . Bailhongal Taluk. Yadur .Basaveshwara Temple.Shankarlinga Temple.Kalmesvara Temple Huli . Bailhongal taluk.Basaveshwara Temple. Konnur Cickalesvara Temple Konnur . Khanpur. gorak waterfall.Ramalingeshwara Temple. Bhu-Varaha Temple and Narasimha Temple ) Kittur . Halda . Bailhongal taluk. Balligeri .Madanesvara Temple Huli . Huli .Two Ratta inscriptions of Chieftains one of which is dated Saka 1086 in ancient Siva temple Bailiur .Mallikarjuna temple.Old Kanarese or Telugu Inscriptions about (15th cent. Bailhongal Taluk.Kadamba inscription (Kaliyuga 4289 ) in the temple of Basaveswarar.vIrabhadra Kabbur . Sankeshwar . Vakkund . Hukkeri Taluk.Tarkesvara Temple hULi .Kasilinga Temple of Black stone.Temples of Mukteshwara temple.Hatakeshwara Temple.Veerabhadra Temple with Inscription.Someshwara Temple.Mahalingeshwara Temple. (Suvarneshvara Temple. Ramlingeshwar Temple. Bailhongal taluk. .3 miles from gorakpaTNam.Partheshwara Temple in black stone. Saundatti taluk. 2 more shivAlayams Manoli . Degalavalli .Inscription dated Shake 1141 of the time of Ratta Chieftain Kantavirya IV in the old temple of Basava Parthanahalli . AD ) in the ancient temple of Isvara Gokak . Saundatti .Andhakesvara Temple Huli .

shankaraling gajendraghat .mahAdev devAng kovan .Ishavarlinga (3) (Ishavarlinga Complex) Aihole .Gauder Ishvar Gudi Aihole . Sindagi taluk.Jyotirlinga temple aihole .No name close to Virabhadra Devar temple Aihole . Sindagi taluk.sangamEshvar DAnkar kOlAn .A temple of Galaganatha group (1) Aihole .kODaikuDi aihole .Ramalinga temple Aihole .Galaganath temple Aihole .Trayambakesvara temple (black marble Isvarlinga) Aihole .kAmEshvar.Temple and adjoining smaller buildings in Survey No 66 known as Jyotirlinga Aihole .Ishwara Temple.Sangamesvara Temple bilki .Siddheshwara Temple. Muddebihal taluk bEvUr .o Jalasangvi .Ishvara Temple Aihole . Chimmalgi . bagewadi taluk.kAngeshvar o .rAmEshvar bEvUr .Ishavarlinga (1) (Ishavarlinga Complex) Aihole .viRupAxar temple almEl .shankarling.rAmalingasvAmi Ankalgi . dhAruk .mallikArjun.cave temple dhUlkET .Veerabhadra Devar Temple aihole .Mallikarjuna Temple.rAmEshvar Basarkod . Sindagi taluk. badAmi (vAdApi) ■ bhUtnAth ■ Jambulinga Temple ■ lakulIsha ■ Lower Sivalaya ■ mahA kUTeshvar ■ mAle jiTTi (6 th cent ACE) ■ Malegitti Sivalaya Temple ■ mallikArjuna ■ Mallikarjuna temple ■ shrIkaiTa svAmi ■ Upper Sivalaya ■ virUpAxa devastan bAgEwADi basavEshvar bAgEwADi . devAng kovan .Temples of Shiv.shankarling mahAdev Aihole . Humanabad Taluk.Ishavarlinga (no local name) Aihole . chindhi .Ishavarlinga (2) (Ishavarlinga Complex) Aihole .Temple (Siva) with a large Nandi in the hall Aihole .Temples of Ramlinga.lADkAn Temple Aihole . devAng kovan . Sindagi taluk. agargET . Bableshwar .mahAdev Chandkavathe . Ishwara temple.2 Shaivite Temples. Bijapur Dt.

Bagewadi taluk.Ramalingeswarar temple. Basavanna and Veerabhadra.Eshwara temple nandivaDiko . cave temple ingilEshvar .kOlavIshvar koNDEgOvAn mArgalanAth koNDEgOvAn . Sindagi taluk.gajendraghat . Kadlewadi Ishwar Temple.periya Ishvarar Nimbal . Bagewadi taluk. Sindagi taluk Kadlewadi . Muddebihal taluk Managoli . indi taluk.brahmeshvar kArgET .Temples of Bageshwara with worn out Inscriptions. Miragi . hIppArki .mallikArjun pattadAkkal ■ bApnAth ■ chandrashEkhara ■ jambuli~Ngam ■ kAlakanAth ■ kAshi vishvanAth ■ kaTchittEshvar ■ mallikArjuna ■ mallikArjuna svAmi ■ sangamEshvar (vijayEshvar) .Ishwara Temple.kAshi vishvEshvar muttiki muktEshvar Nalatwad .siddeshvar IkShAngi .Ishwara hOrti .mallikArjun hOrti .Madivaleshwara temple. Sindagi taluk kArang bimbiri . Muddebihal taluk Nandaragi .Sangameshwara Temple. Mundapur .Ishwar Temple Mundapur . in the mid of a lake gUTUr .siddeshvar.Visvesvara temple with two big Dwarapalas & main entrance to the courtyard Halsangi .angeshvar mahAdev Hebbal .kAlmEshvar temple. hIppArki .sOmEshvar Ittagi . Bagewadi taluk.mativalEshvar. Muddebihal .kALappa ingilEshvar . jAnkET .Mallikarjuna temple sindagi taluk.Rameshwara temple.rAmalinga svAmi gajendraghat .Amriteshwara temple.mahAbilkEshvar guNTarsi .Sangameshwara Temple.jaTAshankar Kadakola . muttiki . Bagewadi taluk. harischandarghat . Indi taluk.rAmEshvar kOTAn Kukhandki .nAgEshvar kOlgeri . Sindagi taluk. hIppArki .Ramalinga Temple. hIrUr .bhAkEshvar hOrti .virUpAxa svAmi guNTarsi . Inscriptions.rAmEshvar Hallur .Karaveerabhadra temple Kukhandki Mallikarjuna temple Kukhandki .pAlEshvar pAsA kOT .Madivaleshwara temple.Sangameshwara Temple.2 shivAlayams kerUr .northwest of virUpAxa Alayam .Sangameshwara temple Kuntoji .Sangaralinga temple including inscriptions pAlgOvAn .Mahalingeshwara temple Muttaki .Temples of Ishwar.

it is 11Kms.■ shankara nArAyaNa ■ virUpAxa devastAna (lOkEshvara dEvastAna) salOxi .Near Mysore. Dharameshwara.Rameshwara Temple.sOmnAth sangamEshvar . o Kalasa .Shambhu Lingeshwara o Gundlupet .4 Kms to the North west of Terakanambi (Terakanambi. on the bank of bhadra river o sRingeri mallikArjunar . Kadur Taluk. Yelandur (ilmaruduru) .Markandeshwara Temple. Veerabhadreshwara.83 miles from mysore. Amriteshwara Temple o Asandi .someshwara Thrikadambeshwara .Rameswara Temple o BR Hills . 7 miles from karUr.arkkEshvar o Hale Arur . 100 shiva lingas o chAmrAjnagar .vidyAsha~Nkarar o sOmpUr .Shiv Temple. Vaidyeswara Temple narasamangalam .Arkeshwara Temple o Hale Arur .Near Chikmagalur. o Amritapura .Divya Lingeshwara o Kandegala. chAmrAjEshvar o Chilakavadi . o haLe AlUr .Chandramouleshwara mahAdEvabetta (mahadEswaranabetta. o shringeri . 2 miles from ranganahaLLi. siddeshvar o Hirenallur .parvathy hills temple o kAvEri shankara Alayam .10 KMS from Kollegal .near the confluence of hEmavati with kAviri Kotekare .Dineshwara Temple o Hardanahalli . pArvathI. appu thIrththam o Kanday . madeshvara hills) .palahonnUr taluk. Muddebihal taluk tErgOvAn .rAmalingEswar sirUr siddEshvar Talikote .in the confluence of pAlprabha and kRAiShNa silpUr simAlki (chinmaya xetra) sirUr .Dodda Sampige Mara: Located 4 km from B R Hills.Someshwara Temple.rAmEshvar Sivasamudram . o chikmagaLUr .2 miles from chikmagaLUr. Gundlupet taluk .2. o Marale Siddeshwara Temple.Shiva Temple.shivayogEshvar salOxi .Near Mysore .Here Rameshwara Kotekare .malahAnikarEshvara.Near Tarikere. bhavAni (hill temple) o shRingeri . Kalaseshwara Temple o kaLasA . East of Gundlupet).36 miles from mysore.Near Mysore Gowreeshwara Temple ChikmagalUr Dt.rAmasvAmi o hiremagaLUr . kAlEshvar.mallikArjun ChAmrAjnagar Dt. sarvANAga sundharEshvarar. Chandikeshwaraswamy Temple. o Agara (Yelandur) .Gangeshwara.Thriembakapura . mahadEshvara Mambali (Yelandur) .

Nagareshwara Temple o Bankapura. moLakalmUr Taluk.Near Chitradurga.Isvara Temple o Nilagunda . o Halavagalu .Ruined Temple of Ramlinga with three Inscriptions. o chikkarUr . o ADUr .Near Chitradurga. pa~nchali~NgEshvar cave temple o Heggare . o Nirgunda . Amritalingamanikeshwara temple o Nanditavare .kAlmEshvar o Boukyapur . o Anekonda .Siddeshwara Temple.Trisankeshwara Temples. o Nanditavere . Siddheshwara Temple o belvaDki .kaLLEshvar mahAdev o amarkOl .kaLLeshvar o sikkihoNDA Dharwad Dt. Navalgund taluk.Veerabhadradeva Temple with Inscriptions o Byrahatti .Malikarjuna Temple. Someshwara Temple o Nandigudi.Near Hubli. DAvangere Dt. o Bramhagiri .jatinga rAmEshvar hill temple.Near Davangere. Near Hubli. hebli taluk o chappi .mallikArjuna o bALEhaLLi . Kundagol taluk. o Rameshwara Hill .sOmEshvar o chinmulkuND .Kalleswara Temple o harihar .on the bank of tungabhadra.kaDambEshvar o asuNDi . o Chitradurga .Virupakshilingeshwara Temple o Channagiri . Near Malebennur.kalmEshvar o bALEhaLLi . o belvaTTi .kAlmEshvar o aminbAvi .siddEshvar hill temple.kAlmEshvar temple.mallikArjuna o amlUr .mallikArjunar o chauDampUr . Amriteshwara Temple o arlEshvar .Hidambesvara Temple o chitradurga .gokulEshvar o benkankoNDA .Near Chitradurga.sOmanAth o Annigeri .Sangama Basavesvara Temple o Bagali . Near Hubli. Eshwara Temple o Bagali .Veerabhadra Temple with Inscription.kaLLEshvar o Kuruvatti .mayilArdEv o Bankapura.muktEshvar o chikkanArtti .shankarlingam o aminbAvi .Near Malebennur.Chitradurga Dt.Bhimesvara Temple o pErUr .on the bank of tungabadra.chikkEshvar . Ishwara Temple o Nanditavare .kAsivishvanAth o Harihar . harihareshvar o koDakanUr . Kaleshwara Temple o Husigala (Hosakota) .Near Davangere.Kalleshwaraswamy Temple. Galageshwara Temple o Heggare . Ishwara Temple.Near Chitradurga. muktEshvar o chauDatAmpUr .Kalleswara Swami Temple o Bagali . Harihareshwara Temple o harihar (guhAraNyam) .

o chinmulkuND . Navalgund taluk.sOmEshavr hattimaTTUr . Navalli Kalmeshwaradeva Temple with Inscriptions.13 miles from pA~NgapUr.kaLLamahEshvar pAlampIT .ARuvattukambaDa Alayam.kAmEshvar tAmbal .kAmeshvar eDlApAT . tAmbal .Ramalingadeva With Inscriptions Managundi .vishvEshvar hombAl .mallappA kAlkanAth .rAmalingEshvar pangApUr .kaDambEshvar sikAnji . o Abbigeri .bhOgEshvar hOshalli .Shambulinga Temple Kurdapur .Someshwara.Black stone Temples of Sri Ishwaradeva and Jotirlingadeva with . siddarAmEshvar pAlampIT .on the bangalore pune train route. converted to mosque by sultan pArTUr .bhAratEshvar pAvampID .sOmEshvar kaTak . chandra maulIshvara unkal Veerabhadra Temple. sOmEshvar hAralhaLLI .Kalmeshwara Temple with 4 Inscriptions. Kalaghatagi taluk.viShabAnaharEshvar hiremAsUr .mallAri.near the confluence of tungabhadra and varda.rAmEshvar hebli . Kurdapur .siddEshvar eDlapAD .Kalmeshwara Temple.3 miles from chauTampur.sOmEshvar kaTak .2 Inscriptions.Temples of Siddhallings & Kalmeshwara With Inscriptions mayilAr guDDa .rAmEshvar kaTak . 3 Inscriptions Gadag Dt.kAmEshvar hAralhaLLI . kuTTuDapUr . nIrA~Ngi . shambulingam temple kaTak .amRAitali~NgEshvar Sulla .shAntEshvar trilUTeshvar u~Ngal .bhOgEshvar hava~Ngi .Lingayat Temples of Veerabhadra.mayilArling someshvar Misrikoti .ramling hAngal tArakeEshvar hAngal tArakEshvar hAngal virUpAxa harahaLLi .kAmEshvar kaTak . Hebli taluk.sangamEshvar raDDehaLLi .varAha kAlEshvar hirekarUr .siddEshvar pAngipUr .shambhulingEshvar hirekarUr . mallAridEvi Madanabhavi .3 miles north from Hubli.viShaparinArEshvar pAvihAl siddEshvar pidArkaTTi . kArgeshvar Kamdhenu .rAmEshvar pAlUr . Kalaghatagi taluk/ kaNDukOl .trikUTeshvar Kundagol .Siddhalinga Kurdapur .pilEshvar hAngal .sOmEshvar tilivaLLi .kAmEshvar hAngal .Rameshwara Temple with Inscriptions.

Siddharamesvara Temple Lakkundi . Naragund taluk.Temples of Virupaksha.Temples of Tripurantakeshwara. pArvatI o Yergira .o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Inscriptions.Kasi Visweswara Temple Lakkundi .Two inscription stones leaning against the compound wall of the Shankaralinga temple to the left of the main entrance Ittagi .Inscription on Ishwara Temple.Mahabaleshwara Temple with Inscriptions Nargund . Yadgir Taluk.Kumbareshwar Lakkundi .Near Hubli Someshwara Temple Nagavi . cave Galaganatha .Kalesvara Temple Haralahalli . Dandapur .Somesvara Temple Hombal .Stone Inscriptions in the Shankarlinga Temple.Bharateshwara Temple with Inscription Belaganur .Tarakesvara Hangal . Mahabaleshwara Naregal . Ramalinga.Temples of Shankarlinga.Shaivite Temple of Ishwara Maleshwara and Veerabhadra Sudi . Kalmeshwaradeva. Shankarlinga.Nanesvara Temple Lakkundi (Gadag .Ramalingesvara temple Gadag .Trikuteshwara Temple Gadag . Shirnes of Veerabhadra and Kalkeshwara Galabad . Kalasapur . Bardur .Veerabhadra temple in Hangal Fort Haralahalli .Somanatha Temple Lakkundi .Naganatha Temple Lakkundi .Ishwara Temple Konnur . Rone taluk. Caves. Ron taluk.Someshwara Temple Gadag . Ron taluk. chandraparamEshvar. Mundargi taluk. kaTTameshvara . Someshwaradeva. Abbigeri .Galagesvara Hangal .arkeshvara o arichikkere . Virupaksha and Inscriptions Lakkundi .Temples of Mallikarjuna and Ishwara.Inscription in the Temple of Madesh Linga Jakkali . Ron teluk. sangamEshvar.Ishwara temple with Inscriptions Gulbarga Dt.Someshwara Temple. o arakalkUdu (arkapuri) .Dandeshwara temple.Virupaksa Temple Laksmesvar Lakshmilingesvara Temple Lakshmeshwar . mundargi taluk. Kurtkoti .Brahameshwara Temples.25 miles from Hasan.Temple of Virabhadra with Inscription Dandapur .Temples of Parameshwaradeva and Rameshwardeva. Soratur .Ramesvara Temple Gadag .Near Dharwar . Hassan Dt.Manikesvara temple at Muskinbhanvi Lakkundi .Temples of Kalmeshwara and Siddeshwara With Inscriptions. Alur .Near Dharwar . Yalisirur .33 miles from gulbarga.Rameshwara Temple. Ron toluk.Temples of Gavareshwara.Ishwara Temple with inscriptions Alwandi . Gadag . Chandramoulishwaradeva. Ron taluk. mundargi taluk.Somesvara temple Gajendragadh . Savadi .Near Dharwar .Veerabhadra Temple with Inscriptions. o mANikkanagar .

Kedareshwara Temple Halebidu . . Hirekerur taluk.Basaveshwara Temple with 2 Inscriptions.Near Hassan.Nakeshwara Temple nuggEhaLLi .Sonmeshwara temple with Inscription.govindeshvara. underground Cave. haLabIDu . o Benkankond . chakalEshvar Chat Chattanahalli . Hirekerur taluk. bucheshvara mallarAjapatna .Kalleshwara Temple with Inscriptions. siddapuram . o Chikkerur . chaklEshvar . o Chinmulgund .Nagaresvara temple or Aravattu Kambhada Gudi o Belavatti . siddEshvar Haveri Dt. Hanagal taluk. Hanagal taluk.singhEshvara Koramangala .sakaleshvara shAntigrama dharmEshvara Sravanabelagola . o Bankapur .rAmEshvara sakaleshpura .Sangameshwara Temple with Inscriptions.sadAshiva temple. o dEvihosUr .Four Inscriptions outside Amritlinga Temple.on the bank of hEma river. o Adur .lakshmaNEshvara mavathanahalli .Trikunteshwara Temple. o Ablur .Kalmeshwara Temple with 4 Inscriptions.Near Hassan . Hoysaleswara Temple Halebidu .Gomateswara temple. o Chudadanpur .Bharatesvara sravanabelagola . Hanagal taluk.Temples of Somanatha with Inscriptions.sOmEshvar pushpagiri mallikArjuna temple.kEdhArEshvar temple.na~njuNDeshvar Belur . Ranibennur taluk. Near Tiptur nuggEhaLLi . o Balambid .bElUr taluk. ramanathapura . Ranibennur taluk.mahAlingEshvara mosale . o Balur -Temple of Ramalinga with Inscription. Hanagal taluk. Bucheshwara Temple koravangala . bhUtanaTana Gorur .Virabhadra Temple Haranhalli (Arsikere) .chatteshvara temple. Chatteshwara Temple doDDakaTTavalli . Hanagal taluk. Hanagal taluk. Someshwara Temple hebbalalu .nAgEshvara Near Hassan . Ranibennur taluk.Near Hassan. Channaraya Patana taluk.Black stone Temple of Gokuleshwara With carved walls and 5 Inscriptions. Ishwara Temple bELUr .Kalamesvara Temple o Balambid .Temples of Kalleshwara.Near Halebidu. o Alur .Near Hassan.Near Hassan.2 miles northeast of hasan.Temples of Kalleshwara with Inscriptions.Kalamesvara Temple (small) o Balambid .bhOgEshvar with Inscriptions o Gajjihalli . o Byadagi . Belur taluk haLeblDu . Sankareshwara Temple Chatchatanahalli . o Bidarkatti . nakeshvara.Govindeshwara Temple Near Hassan .o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Arsikere .Temples of Shikkeshwara. two Inscriptions.Rameshwara Temple with Inscription o Chikanji . Mahadeva with Inscription and 2 other Inscriptions. Hanagal Taluk.Near Hassan.hoysalEshvar. Ranibennur taluk.Malikarjuna and 11 Inscriptions.Temple of Vishaparihareshwara with Inscriptions o Balihalli . Belur taluk Halebidu .Near Hassan.Muktesvara temple. o Asundi . Belur Taluk.

Near Dharwar . 3 Inscriptions in villages Kanvisidgeri .Near Dharwar . Malgund .Murdeshwar Temple o o koDagu Dt.Solabeshwara Temple with Inscription. Ishwara and Inscription respectively Tilavalli .Chandrashekhar Temple with 2 Inscriptions o Guttal . Vishaparihareshwara.Temples of Gargeshwara Guttal . Totada Veerabhadra.Near Dharwar .Kalleshwara Temple o Haveri .Temple of Kaleshwara. Medur .Old Temples of Parameshwara and Bhogesh.Ishwardev Temple. Hanagal taluk. kAviri river .Inscription in Kalleshwara Temple. Kachvi .Inscription near Ramlinga Temple.Ishwara Temple. Honagal .Virabhadra Temple Kalkeri . Shiggaon taluk.Kalleshwara Temple. o Haralhalli .Temples of Someshwara.Temple of Ramlingadeva Sangur .Ishwara Temple Sarangi . Hanagal taluk.Rameshwara Temple with carvings.Kanvi Siddeshwara Temple with Inscriptions Kodhigi . Shiggaon taluk. Hanagal taluk.Shiva Temple with Virgal and Inscriptions Naregal .Near Dharwar . Ramtirth .Someshwara Temple Kaginelli (Haveri) . Hirekerur .Visvanath Temple.Temple of Siddarameshwara with Inscriptions Kudal . Sati Stone.Kalleshwara Temple with Inscriptions. Hanagal taluk.Siddhadeva Temple Herenji . Manakatti .Ramalinga Temple. Ranibennur . Hanagal taluk.Sangameshwara Temple with Inscription.Kadambesvara Temple Sabalur .Ishwara Temple with Inscription.Temple of Billeshwara with Inscriptions respectively Muttur .Temple of Bimeshwara Kaginelli (Haveri) .Near Karwar . o Murdeshwar (Bhatkal) .Temples of Vishveshwara and hanuman With Inscriptions.Two Temples of Rameshwara with Inscriptions. Hanagal taluk.Sangam Basaveshwara Temple with Inscriptions. Hanagal taluk.Siddheshwara Temple Rattihalli .Temple of Sarvesvara Nidnegil . Karwar Dt. Ranibennur taluk.Tarakeshwara Temple Honagal Veerabhadra Temple in Hanagal Fort Hulihalli . Hirekerur taluk. Kannavalli .Old ruined Temple locally known as Billeshwara Temple Honagal .Galageshwara Temple o Hansbhavi . Hirebasur .Veerabhadra Temple and Inscriptions. Shiggaon Temples of Kalmeshwara and 10 Inscriptions Sidenur . Shiggaon taluk.Kalahasteshwara Temple Kaginelli (Haveri) .Kalleshwar Temple with Inscription.Kalleshwara Temple Vanahalli .Ishwara Temple with Inscription Varahi .85 miles from mysUr.Ishwara Temple with Inscriptions o Haralhalli . Ukkund . 11 Inscriptions Hirur .Near Dharwar . Yalavatti .Temple of Basaveshwara. Hanagal taluk. o talakAviri . 3 Inscriptions in village Ingalgondi . Hanagal taluk. Masur .Kalleshwara Temple with Virgal and Inscriptions Yadalabad . Someshwara. Santenahalli .Galaganath .Santeshwara Temple. Sirgod -Temples of Kalleshwara. agastIshvar. 15 carved stones. Huslikop .Sangameshwara Temple Kaginelli (Haveri) .

bhOganandIshvar nandi hills (nandidurgam) . Near Kolar . 8 miles south west of Bangarpet o bytarAyappana betta .on the hill top yOganandIshvar Paparajanhalli .Lakshmaneshwara Temple. o AvaNi.near chintAmaNi.hill temple. o Ambajidurga .Ramalinga Swamy Temple.2 temples Ramanatha. o Kolar .jalakanTEshvara temple. Teruhalli .aruNAchalEshvar.Near Kolar .Gangadhareshwara.Someshwara Gurusideshwara Temple. amR iteshvar o a~Nkudi . Near MulbAgal .mukteshwara.mallEshvara kOlAr Dt.Shiva Temple Seethi . Near Kolar .Somesvara Temple (Dvikutacala) Murugamale .someshwara. 3 miles south west of Chintamani o antaraganga . (Mulbagal) near Kolar o Budikote . 7 miles north of Chintamani Nandi Uma-Mahesvara Temple nandhi hills . o Hulgeri . Vokkalery Hill .Near Kolar .Near Kolar Sripathishwara Temple tekal.Veerabhadra Temple o Chintamani .Shankaranarayana miNDikal . near antharaganga vakkalEri. Kushtagi Taluk.yOga nandhIshvara svAmi nandi hills (nandidurgam) . 8 miles north of Bangarpet on the Kolar-Bethamangala road o Kaivara.Near Kolar .Bhimeshwara Temple.2. Malur Taluk Malur . o avani . o Avani (Mulbagal). Kolar Taluk. A A o amR itapura .Bharateshwara Temple.Someshwara Temple o Madivala . Near Kolar . o Bergi .rAmEshwara swAmy temple.Near Kolar .mRukanTesha temple. Kushtagi Taluk. o Bellur .5 miles north east of Chikkaballapur o Hunkunda .8 miles from muLapAgal .Near Kolar . Kushtagi Taluk. Near kolar . o kOlAr . one more temple on the way to sultanpeTTa nandi hills (nandidurgam) . Near Kolar . sOmEshvar Mulbagal .pAdALa rudra o a~Nkudi .kAshi vishvanAtha Temple.Near Kolar .Eshwara Temple.Shatrughneshwara Temple o Avani (Mulbagal).Someshwara Temple. Bangarpet taluk o Madivala .sOmEshvar. o Avani (Mulbagal).kODUr Dt.Kalabhairava Temple Seethi .hill temple.Markandeshwara Temple Koppal Dt.6 miles from tarike. one more temple at sadasaringa parvatam o Kurudumale .Chandramoulishwara Temple o Harihareshwara hill . . Virupakshipura (Mulbagal). Kanveshwara on Kolar-Hospet road o bethamangala .Near Kolar .Jwarahareswara Temple o kOlAr .vishvanatha svAmi temple.shivan Temple.Chandralinga Temple. o Kandavara .bytarAyappa o Chikballapur . o Antharthan .Near Kolar .rAmali~Ngeshvara o Avani (Mulbagal) .Svayambhuveshvara. o antaraganga (near Kolar) . (near Kolar) . kOlAr .Virupaksha Temple.vijayendra temple.Gangadhareshwara.

Narasipura taluk. . Pura .Near Krishnarajpet .on the pArvati hill o Chamundi Hill .mahAbalEshvar temple. sOmEshvar o eDattUr . Nagamangala Taluk.Bhuvaneshwara Ramanathapura . shivasamudram . Rampur .Somanatha Temple.Hanumantheshwara Temple.Omkareshwara Temple Mandya Dt. o Bettadapur .Mahadev (Rameshwara) Temple.in piligiriranga hills.Someshwara Temple.Someshwara Temple. Kushtagi Taluk.Malleshwara Temple.Ramanatheshwar Temple Santhebachalli .sangamEshvar o echchiganahaLLi . o chAmuNDi hills . Tolasi Tengina Gatta .Near Mandya . Krishnarajpet taluk.Kashi Visveshwara Temple.Kasi Visweswara Temple Kikkeri (Krishnarajpet) .shivan temple.panchalingEshvara Hale Budanur . Kushtagi taluk. mandiya dist .Mahalingeshwara Temple.Near Mandya .6 miles from shivasamudram maddUr.Near Madikeri .Someshwara Temple Hosa Budanur . gauLIshvar o halaji . o gOvindhahaLLi . cannapatna.Iswarar temple. Budanur .Near Mandya . Puratgeri . bAlmuri .(1171 ACE) koLLEkAl . mandiya dist . Yalburga Taluk. gOvindanahalli .Sidlu Mallikarjuna Temple o Bettadur .Basaveshwara Temple.Mallikarjuna Temple Belur .viswanathar temple.Bhrammeshwara Temple .Near Mandya . Kushtagi .o o o o o o Ittagi . on the hill o chandagaDDA . Melkote . Vajarabanda . Aghalaya . Kushtagi taluk.Mahadeva Temple. kRishnarAjpur Dt. Mysore Dt.Bagandeshwar Temple o Madikeri .The Temples and the Gomateshwara figure On Gomateshwara hill o bUj . o Bannur . mandiya dist. mandiya dist .Mahadeva Temple. sOmasundari. kAviri river o eLandhUr .sOmEshvar.Mulesingeshwara Temple.analEshvar . Kushtagi Taluk. o Baagamandala . Near Mysore.Mahabaleshwar Temple.hattikEshvar o hArDanahaLLi . doddamallUr.agasthIshvar Basaralu .jalakantEswarar temple.near nanjanguDu. T. cannapatna. mandiya dist .sOmEshvar sOmanahalli.AthmalingEswarar temple.pa~nchali~NgEshvar Madikeri Dt. Krishnarajpet Taluk.

13 miles from halsUr.Gangadhareshwara Temple Suttur (Nanjangud) . mallEshvar nandiTTavare . Talakad Vaidyeswara Temple talakADu .mallikArjun Mirle . kAviri river sAdEbachchahaLLi . o mADi . 16 miles south of maisUr. na~njuNDEShvarar.Near Mysore . shrI kaNThEshvar.cave temple o kRAiShNarAja nagar (eDatturai) .Near Mysore. Mudukthere . Talakad .sOmEshvar (3.Near Mysore.sOmEshvar T. Nanjangud Taluk. kapila tIrttam narasipUr .kaTTeshvar o hiriyUr .28 miles from mysore. arkEshvar.Remeshwara Temple.kaLLEshvar o kampasAgara temple . Srikanteswara Temple nanjanguDu. mudukere . 8 miles from narasipUr . ■ chAmrAjpeT . on the bank of kAviri river.erikEshvar Mysore .Hidatale .pa~nchalinga temples. Arkeshwara Temple Talakad . arkEshvar 2.mahAlingEshvar sindhuvalli .Near Mysore .Someshwara Temple T.Amrutheshwara Temple. mallikArjunar 3.Mulasthaneshwara Temple. Heggadadevana Kote Taluk.mANikkEshvar Nanjangud . prasanna lalitAmbA ■ dRAinEshvar ■ kAshi vishvanAth ■ KOdi Bhairaveshwara ■ KOdi sOmEshvar Matakere .Agastheshwara Temple.nanjanguD taluk.near T.Narasipura .Narasipura mOdahaLLi .Near Mysore.nanjangOD taluk. pAdALEshvar 4. Nanjangud Taluk.muktinAtEshvar rAmnAthpUr .Trinishwara Temple Nagamangala . vaidhIshvar o o .mahAdev o jakkanhaLLi . near the confuence of kAviri and kapila.Nageshwara Temple.20 miles from mysore. sangamEshvar sOmnAthpUr .prasanna vishvEshvar.rAmEshvar.cave temple Nagamangala .Isvara Temple nandiguNDA .Narasipura .17 miles from mysore.5 miles from rAmEshvar Alayam) maisUr. 1. gangAdharishvar. mallikArjuna svAmi piRRamangalam .Agasteshswara pANavar .Bhuvanesvara Temple nAgamangala .nAgEshvar periyapaTTaNam (singapaTTaNam) . shaktEshvar 5.mahAdev pAsarAlu . girijA.20 miles from shrIrangapaTTaNam srIrangapaTNam . pArvati Srirangapattana .tAramallEshvar o honAli (honahaLLi) . sangamEshvar narsipUr . Krishnarajanagar taluk.rAmEshvar o mADi . hIrihaThaLLi .5 miles from maisUr. Thangaduru .

2 miles from shimoga..shikArpUr taluk ■ daxiNa kEdhArIshvar ■ gandabherundeshvar ■ nIlakaNThEshavar ■ sOmEshvar ■ tripurAntakEshavr o Bandalike . Has many temples and inscriptions o Gabbur . pArvati Varuna .talakADu .kaiTapEshvar ■ Kubattur (Kotipura) .Male-Shankara Temple. Nichadi PO. near the confluence of kapila river with kAviri.shikArpUr taluk ■ amRAitEshvara svAmi ■ kaLLEshvar. o chorAy . Sagar Taluk.Someshvara Temple o baugAmi. o Arakkere . brahmEshar.Mallikarjuna Hill Temple Talakkad Near Mysore .near shivanasamudram.Gangeshwara Temple maLavaLLi .praNavEshvar ikkEri .Markandeshwara Temple Shimoga Dt.shorAb taluk.vIrabhadrEshvar koDakani .gOkarNEshvar Talakkad .Rameshwara Temple ■ kEdhArEshvar ■ Near Shikarpur.rAmEshvar Raichur Dt.Near Mysore Paataleswara Temple tirumukkoodal . o Chittur .Near Mysore .aghoreshvara kIlADi . vaidyanAtheshvar.Maruleshwara Temple Talakkad . Agastyeswara tiruvakkODu .rAmEshvar kIlADi . belagAmi shikArpUr taluk . siddarAmEshvar kUDali .rAmEshvar o chorAy . on the bank of river thunga. rAmEshvar. kamalAmba. kATTeshvara o chULEgere . Devadurg taluk. Devadurg Taluk. mahAdeveshvara. asvatta tree vaidyanAthpUr . Soraba Taluk.Near Shimoga .near Mysore.21 miles north east from KaTak. o iTTAki . brahmEshvar temples Madhugangur .on the confluence of tungabhadra with another river.Mahalingesvara Temple varuNA . o Gabbur .Jagadeka Malleshwara Temple ■ Kubattur (Kotipura) .gaurlshankar talakADu .shorab taluk. chALukya built o Kallur Near Raichur .kamaleshvara.siddEshvara svAmi o dAlkuNDA .Rameshwara Temple.3 miles from maddUr. maLLapaLLidEva ■ rAmali~Nga svAmi .Vishweshwara Temple. Jagadeka Malleshwara Temple ■ pa~nchali~NgEshvar ■ sOmEshvar ■ tripurAntakEshvar o bilagungi . arkeshvar o balagAmi (belegAvi) .

o Kunigal (Tumkur) .Malleshwara Temple. o Kesthur .Nadkalsi . mahAli~NgEshvar o mUTabitri .Shankaranarayana Temple shimOga bhImEshvar tIrttahaLLi . dharmasthaLa .2.pa~nchali~NgEshvar TumkUr Dt o Aralaguppe .Gangadhareshwara Temple o Turuvekere .Malleshwara Temple. sOmanAth o kaNDalArA .kArkal taluk.Gangadhareshwara Temple o Vignasanthe .Somesvara Temple Shankaranarayana (Agumbe) . lokeshvar o Kadri .Veerabhadra and Chokkanathaswamy Temple.56 miles from ma~NgaLUr.mallEshvar o Midigeshi . on the banks of varahi river o subrahmanya o sUratkal o manjunAtha swAmi.24 km from Kodeshwara.kArgal taluk.Shukla Theertham .Mallesvara (Kallesvara) Temple.nandanEshvar o pAv~nchA .pANDyEshvar. ma~njunAth o manjEshvar .somanatha.Mallikarjuna & Ramesvara Temple Nadkalasi . sangamEshvar South Kanara Dt. o ADUr .sOmanAth o ma~NgaLUr (mangalore) .ma~njEshvar o mUTabitri .Near Shimoga .17 miles from Kasagod o uLLAl .siddhalingEshvara .Balalingeshwara Temple.mahA vilvEshvar o puTTigE . o Kaidala . Chicknayakana Halli Taluk.Nilakanthesvara Temple ODUru rAmeshvar Pura (Near Sorab) .Siddeshwara o kOTEshvar o Sadasringagiri . Tiptur. o duruvakkere .Mule-Sankaresvara Temple o Turuvekere . 5km from city o kollUr . viTTal . o yeDiyUr .Near Tumkur . gavi ga~NgAdharEshvar o Huliyar .Near Tumkur . Madhugiri Taluk o Nagalapuram .Near Bangalore .30 miles from shimoga.manjunatha.siddheshwara o Sankaranarayana . Turuvekere Taluk.Gangadhareshwara Temple. kAnteshvar o katri .Padmeshwara Temple. o Hulikal .tiipUr taluk.Someshwara Temple o Kunigal .Kallesvara Temple. Kunigal Taluk o mattagiri (madhugiri) .2 miles from Mangalore.5 miles from mangalUr. Tumkur Taluk. 20 miles from kArgal o nIlEshvar o paDuvanambUr o panambUr .Kedaresvara Temple o Shivaganga .sOmanAth o nellithlrtha .manikeshwara o Sadasringagiri . 30kms away from Mangalore. Tumkur. Tiptur Taluk.

Thluveshwara. o Basrur. Puthige . o Hattiangadi .Bayari Temple o Bola. kanya.Mruthyunjaya Temple.Mahalingeshwara Temple. Udupi . Karkala taluk .Harihara Temple.Harihara Temple. hairamba.Shankara Narayana. Katpadi. o Gudettu . pAlmARu Parkala.ShivaTemple.Sri Vishwanatha Kshetra. Anekeri Hiriyangadi.Mani Shankaranarayana Temple. sidda.Sayneshwara.Mahadeva o Giliyaru . Kundapur . Sasthana . Kundapur Taluk . sOmEshvar mudageri . Koteshwara .Kotilingeshwara Temple. o Alsaymatada .Shiva Temple o Gujjadi . Kudrugodu.Shivalaya.Brahmalingeshwara. Kroda. haTakeshvar.Somanatheshwara o Anegudde .Kundeshwara Temple. Guheshwara.near bArgUr. Kundapur . Kiri . uDupi .sOmanAthEshvarar Mannur .Mahalingeshwara Temple. Thallaru .Mahalingeshwara Temple.Eshwara Temple. Karkala .sOmanAth Nallur. o Durga.Manjeshwara Temple kODakeri . o Belpe . Koteshwara Koteshwara .Nakareshwara (Mahalingeshwara).Aleyuru Temple. Perampalli Temple.Mahalingeshwar Moodabettu. shambukal (shambhushailam) . o Barsrur . Karkala Thungaramata.1 mile from uDuppi. o Bynadoor .Kantheshwara Temple. uDupi .Anantheshwara.Shankaranarayana Temple. Krodashrama .pa~nchali~NEshvar Kota . Kumbashi. Kervashe . Mandavi . mudageri . maNikaraperi . Anegudde .Mahathobara Mahalingeshwara Temple. Sasthana . Udupi Taluk Pillarkhan Mahalingeshwara. Manipal .Parappadi Temple. o Basrur . sri tIrttam Shivapurashankara Temple Shivati Keri . Saralebettru.uDupi Dt.Mahalingeshwara. uDupi Chandramouwlishwara. Karkala Taluk .Bramahalingeshwara.a little Siva Temple containing a linga and a small Oblong Stone-built Temple o Kanthawara.Shankaranarayana o Hosal . pArvati.Thare Gude Temple. o Barkur . o Ganganadu .Sasthreshwara.Shiva temple. Maranakatte Meyaru . Udupi . Katapady .Somanatheshwara Temple. .Adhintheshwara.Dvjeshwara Temple.Lokanatha o Holy .Shankaranarayana. o Bettaki .Markandeshwara Temple. o Bannanje .

anantanAyaki.Siva temple on the east of the river o Bilagi (svetapuram) . uDupi.Uttara Kannada. o Kumta -Temple of Mahabaleshwara o Matdeval .Dhareshwara.Baneshwarar temple. Mahadeva. gOkarNa nAyaki. Sirasi taluk.rAmeshvar temple. Siddhapura taluk. o agnAShi .rAmali~Nga svAmi o iTaki . o Aversa.Kaitabheshwara Temple with Inscriptions. o gangAvali . . Ananteshwara Temple uDupi .uDupi .madhukeshvar (has 2nd century ACE inscriptions) o bAylUra .kAmeshvar o gOkarNam sector ■ agastIshvara ■ amRAiteshvar ■ Dhareshwar Temple .virUpAx o Dhareshwar . Vaddarse Shivalaya Uttara Kannada Dt. pArvatI. ■ gAyatri linga.rAmalingvIrabhadra o bhatkAl .Kidiyooru Temple.Fort: Rudreshwara Temple.Joshi Shankaranarayana Devasthana o bhatkAl .Near Mangalore. nAgEshar lingam. kOTi.soNeshvar o bhatkAl . Dharanatha Temple. karwar taluk. chandramauLIshvar.kAmeshvar mahAdev o Anavatti .virupAksha o Bilagi .Inscriptions in Markandeshwara Temple o BAnavAsi . kumta taluk. rAma tIrttam ■ kAlakEshvar ■ kEshvar ■ kumaNTEshvar ■ kumbakarN lingam.Shankaranarayana. Kumta taluk. sanatkumAra lingam ■ sha~nkaranArAyana ■ vaShiShTeshvara ■ vidutpAchedalEshvar ■ vishvAmitrEshvara o Gudhapur .nAganAth o Nagarbasti Kere or Gersoppa . inscriptions and ancient site o honAvar . o Deogiri Temples of Rameshwara.Adi-Madhukesvara Temple o BAnavAsi . Near Mangalore .Shankaranarayana Temple. o mudgiri .shambulingeshvar o bhatkal .sAnteshvar o bhatkAl . Sirasi taluk.Kalambisvara Temple o bAnavAsi . o Ankola . sarasvati linga ■ gOkarNam .mUrgopinAth o bhatkAl . vibhIShaNa lingam.mahAbalEshvar temple with 4 Inscribed tablets.Virabhadra Temple o Shirward . uDupi .mArkkaNTeshvar o bhatkAl . o Bailur . sAvitri linga. Uttara Kannada . uDuppi ananteshvar. mahAlingEshvar Udyavara .Virabhadra temple.Shambushyleshwara Temple.Chandramoulishwara Temple.Basaveshwara Idol at Shirve hill.

Basaveshwara Temple. vrUpAkshESwarar temple. Bellary Dt. vrUpAkshESwarar hampi.Gunavanteshwara Temple. kAmpIli. Uttara Kannada . sivasamudram. mAlUr. Uttara Kannada .Ramalinga Temple. . vIrabadrar temple. Bellary Dt.Ramalinga.Murdeshwar Temple. kumta taluk.Siddheshwar Temple. Sirasi taluk. temple. Uttara Kannada .shiveshvar fort .Mahadeva temple.Lingeshwara Temple.Temple of Shiva. ulavi . Yan . Bangalore sOmESwarar temple. Uttara Kannada . Joida taluk. Veerabhadradev Temple with 2 Inscription slabs Supa . vrUpAkshESwarar temple. Uttara Kannada .Temple of Shiva Sonda . panchalingESwarar temple. kAmpIli. Joida Taluk.many Lord shiva temples Somasagar . Sumkadgoli . Bellary Dt. mandiyA Dt. hampi.Rameshvara Temple.

Eshwarar Temple. Bannarghatta road. Lal Bahadur Shastry nagar (ulsur). mInAkshi sundareshvarar temple. mAlUr.sankaranArAyanar temple. sOmESwarar temple. kAdugudi. Bangalore EkAmbareshvarar Temple. mAlUr -madiwAlA. mAlUr. Bangalore kADu mallikArjuna swamy (svayambhu . Sivan Temple. sankaranArAyanar temple. Bangalore Rural sivarapatnA. mallasandrA. Shivajinagar. gangAdharESwarar temple. Bangalore chandramauLIshvara temple.

Nandi hills abode at bhoganandishvara . aruNAchaleshwara temple.sOmEshvara Swamy Temple. halsUr. Engayana kere. Bangalore. nAgEshwarar temple. Begur. begur. mahAbalEshawara temple. Krishnarajapura. gokarNa temple bhoganandhIshvara temple. Bangalore agara Eshwarar temple. Begur Nageshwara Temple. Bangalore. Nageshwar Temple. hosakote. avimukteshwara temple.

Sringeri I temple. Bangalore Udupi AnanthIshvara AvaNi rAmEshwara svAmi temple (near Mulbagal) AvaNi rAmEshwara svAmi temple (near Mulbagal) antaraganga (near Kolar) jalakanTEshvara temple antaraganga vishvanatha svAmi . (associated with vibAndaka ■ yOga nandIshvara temple. Halebidu MalahAnikareshwara maharshi). gavipuram. Nandi hills Bangalore temple Vannarpettai Kasi Vishvanathar gavi gangAdhareshvara temple.manjunatha swamy temple.

Kolar?? T "'''Vfrjfc sOmEshvara svAmi temple. Kolar Temple Tank vakkalEri mRukanTesha temple.someshwara swami (kalyANi). (near Kolar) sOmEshvarasvami temple. .

(near Mulbagal) . (near virUpAkshi temple. vakkalEri mRikanTesha (near Kolar) temple.vakkalEri mRikanTesha (near Kolar) temple. (near Kolar) virUpAkshi Mulbagal) temple. (near virUpAkshi Mulbagal) temple. (near Mulbagal) virUpAkshi Mulbagal) temple. vakkalEri mRikanTesha temple. (near virUpAkshi temple. (near virUpAkshi Mulbagal) temple.

Bangalore. Akanteshwarar. (near Bull Temple. Chikpet . Karnataka Chamrajpet-Bangalore. Karnataka .Bangalore. Chamrajpet-Bangalore. Kotte Jalakanteshwarar Temple. Harihareshwarar. Karnataka Ediyur SivA temple. Karnataka Kavipuram-Bangalore. Rameshwarar. Karnataka Jayanagar - Bangalore. Karnataka Srikanteswarar. Bangalore.virUpAkshi temple. Karnataka Rameshwarar.

Karnataka Yelahanka-Bangalore.Bangalore. Nagareshwarar. Yelahanka-Bangalore. Mavalli . Nagaratpet-Bangalore. Karnataka Kamateshwarar.Umamaheshwarar. Karnataka Nagaratpet-Bangalore. Karnataka Bogananjunteshwarar. . Karnataka Circle- Nagareshwarar. Subbaiah Bangalore. Karnataka Nagareshwarar. Mahabaleshwarar. KR Road-Bangalore. Nagareshwarar. Karnataka Jalaganteshwarar. Karnataka Yelahanka-Bangalore. Karnataka Nagaratpet-Bangalore.

Viswanateshwar. . Gangavara. Karnataka Gangavaara. Jalaganteshwarar. Karnataka Gangavaara. Karnataka Someshwarar. Karnataka Doddabalapur. Jalaganteshwarar.

Madure. Nandagudi. Eswarar temple. Gangavara.Someshwarar. Nandagudi. Sivanpura. Kadanur. Kammasandra. Shivan temple. . Hosakote. Avimukteshwarar. Shivan Temple. Karnataka Nandagudi. Eshwarar Temple. Siva Temple. Karnataka Eshwarar Temple. in Someshwarar. Kammasandra. Sivanpura Temple.

Karnataka Kaivara- sivan temple. Kammasandra. Kolar. Karnataka . Karnataka Eshwarar Temple. Kaivara-Kolar.Kammasandra Temple.

mahEswarar Karnataka temple. Kaivara-Kolar. .

Karnataka Dhareshwar Temple. Uttara Kannada. Uttara Kannada. Uttara Kannada. Karnataka Dhareshwar Temple. Karnataka . Aversa-Uttara Kannada. Karnataka Murdeshwar Temple. Baneshwarar. Uttara Kannada. Nandagudi. Karnataka Murdeshwar Temple. Karnataka Baneshwarar. Lingeshwara Temple. Uttara Kannada. Aversa-Uttara Kannada. Karnataka Gunavanteshwara Temple. Uttara Kannada. Uttara Kannada. Karnataka Dhareshwar Temple.Dharmeshwarar temple.

Karnataka doddaguppi Karnataka Temple. jigini. kAsiviswanathar Temple. kAsiviswanathar Temple. .. Bangalore urban Dt. Bangalore urban Dt.. Madure Temple.. bidrahalli.. Karnataka Baga Mandala temple I aruNAchaleshvara Temple. Uttara Kannada.. Madure. Bangalore urban Dist.. Karnataka jvOthipurA Temple. Karnataka Siddheshwar Temple. Uttara Kannada.Rameshvara Temple. Bangalore Rural Dt. Harohalli. Karnataka bypnahalli Temple. Bangalore urban Dist. Bangalore urban Dt.

aivarakaNDapura. Karnataka hesaraghattA Iswarar Temple. Karnataka suntguppE Temple..kAdugudi Temple.. Karnataka mahAbalEswarar Karnataka temple. Karnataka Bangalore urban Dt. mysore. Karnataka kAdugudi Temple.. Bangalore urban Dist.. Karnataka mallikArjunEshwar Temple.. Bangalore urban Dist. mandur Temple. hesaraghatta. Karnataka kottikere. nanjangudu. Bangalore urban Dist. Karnataka . Karnataka I pANDavarIswarar temple. Bangalore Rural Dist. nanjuNtEswarar Temple. pushpagiri.

Karnataka AnakoNdanahalli sivan temple. Bangalore sOmEswarar Temple. kOlAr. vijayapurA. Karnataka OmkArEswarar temple. Karnataka cannarAvapattanA IswararTemple. Bangalore Rural. Bangalore Rurali. Karnataka vijayapurA. Karnataka nAgarEswarar temple. Bangalore Rurali. Rural. Bangalore Rural. Bangalore nIlakaNdEswarar Temple. Bangalore Rural. . Karnataka nanjuNdEswarar Temple. tarabanahalli. Rurali. sulibele shivan Temple.Iswara Temple. vijayapurA. Bangalore Rural. Karnataka vijayapurA. Karnataka tekal sivan Temple. vijayapura.

mandiya dist. AthmalingEswarar temple. Karnataka shivan temple. maddUr.. mandiya dist. hajisonnanahalli. mandiya dist. mandiya dist. Iswarar temple. Karnataka AthmalingEswarar Karnataka I temple. Rurali. maddUr. maddUr..siddhEswarar temple..... Karnataka padaganahalli. sOmanahalli. shivan Temple. cannapatna. Bangalore jalakantEswarar temple. mandiya dist.. Karnataka . mandiya dist. viswanathar temple. cannapatna. mandiya dist. doddamallUr. AthmalingEswarar Karnataka temple.

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