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Ancient Warfare

1st 9-weeks
Week 1-2

I. Introduction to Ancient Greek Warfare

a. Hoplites, Phalanx warfare, city-states
b. Aegean Sea, Early Empires, Troy

II. Troy and the Iliad, 1250BC

a. The Olympians
i. Their role in the Iliad
b. Comparison to the movie, Troy

Week 3

III. Rise of Athens and Sparta

a. Spartan society
b. Persian Empire and Invasion
i. Battle of Marathon
ii. Battle of Thermopylae
iii. Battle of Salamis and Plataea

Week 4

IV. Athenian Empire

a. Peloponnesian War
i. Syracuse
ii. Athens’ Long Walls/Pericles
V. Rise of Macedon
a. Philip II
i. Formation of the Macedonian army
ii. Battle of Chaeroneae
b. Alexander
i. Birth, mother, Aristotle
ii. Role at Chaeroneae

Week 5-6

VI. Alexander the Great

a. Character, divinity, and destiny
i. Battle of Granicus
ii. Battle of Issus
iii. Siege of Tyre
iv. Oracle of Siwa
v. Battle of Gaugamela
b. Eastern Campaign
i. Change of character
ii. Battle of Hydapsis
iii. Immortality and decendants

Week 7
VII. Rise of Rome
a. Founding to 3rd century B.C.
i. Sack of Rome, 390 B.C.
b. Roman army organization
i. 8th-6th century B.C.
ii. 6th-1st century B.C.
c. Pyrrhus of Epirus, and the Invasion of Italy
i. Battle of Heraclea
ii. Battle of Ausculum

Week 8

VIII. Rome vs. Carthage: The First Punic War

a. Causes and goals
b. Roman Naval warfare and the Corvus
c. Regulus and the Invasion of Africa
i. Family of Marcus Atilius Regulus
d. Hamilcar Barca, guerilla warfare, and Mount Eryx
e. Battle of Drepana
f. Naval engagement of the Aegates Islands/end of the war

Week 9

Wrap-Up, Review, and Test