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Dear____________________ Thanks for your letter expressing your concern about my family and I .All of us are fine although we have still not recovered from the incident yet. The earthquake struck without any warning. There was severe damage to the city as many high-rise buildings toppled over. The bridges collapsed and the walls of the reservoir broke. Water flooded the city. Thousand of people were trapped under the rubbled_and fires broke out everywhere. There was chaos as people ran screaming for their lives. My area was not badly affected as we are on the outskirts of the city. When the earthquake struck, the ground shook violently and everything started to fall. The cupboards and bookcase crashed to the floor. Since it was Sunday, everyone was at home. My father immediately pushed all of us under the dining table. We stayed there for half an hour after the tremors stopped. The house was a mess. There were broken glasses everywhere. It took us long time to clean up. Although it has been one week since the earthquake, I still get a nightmare at night. Even in the daytime, I get easily scared by the slightest sound or movement. My parents say that this will slowly pass in time. I hope so. You are very lucky that you have never experienced an earthquake. I sincerely hope that I never have to do so again.

Your sincerely