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Micro 302 Quiz 1 April 5, 2012


(1) Why can wrappers from pipettes and swabs be disposed of in the regular trash can? (1pt) (2) What is the common incubation temperature (in oC) used to mimic normal human body temperature? (1pt) (3) What is the magnification of the ocular lens on the Nikon microscope used in Micro 302? (0.5pt) (4) What is the total magnification of an object visualized using the 40x objective? (0.5pt) (5) List the following by size, in ascending order: virus, protozoa, yeast, bacteria (1pt) (6) What is the length of a typical bacterial cell? (1pt) (a) 1mm (b) 100m (c) 1m (d) 0.1m (7) A student performs a Gram stain, but forgets the iodine step. Assuming all other steps were done correctly, will the stained bacteria appear to be gram-positive or gram-negative? (1pt) (8) About which bacterial cell structure does the Gram stain give differential information? (1pt) (9) (a) In the circle below, draw how you would expect bacteria on a typical, ideal streak plate to look. (1pt) (b)What is the goal of a streak plate? (1pt)

(10) How many micrometers are in one meter? (1pt)