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Advanced Database Management System


L-T-P 4-0-0
Unit -1: Overview of DBMS: Introduction, ER-Modelling, SQL-99, Transaction Processing, Concurrency control, failure recovery; Introduction to distributed data base management systems, Distributed Transaction Modelling and concurrency Control, Distributed Deadlock, Commit Protocols, Unit -2: Database models: Semantic Database Models and Systems, Object-Oriented Database Systems, Generalization, Aggregation and Association, Objects, Object Identity, Equality and Object Reference, Relational Extensions: Design Techniques, Extension Techniques Object / Relational Systems: Open ODB, Interface. Object Relational Databases Unit -3: Deductive databases: Introduction, Prolog/Datalog, Horn Clauses, Rules interpretation Prooftheoretic and model-theoretic Evaluation of Datalog program, Recursive queries with negation. Unit -4: Web database programming: Data types, PHP features and Programming, Collecting data from Forms and insertion, Retrieval queries from Database Tables. XML : Extensible Markup Language data model, XMP documents, DTD, Schema, Extracting XML documents from Relational databases. Unit -5: Emerging database technologies: Mobile databases, Multimedia databases, Geographical Information Systems, Genome Data Management. Text Books: 1. Silberschatz, Korth & Sudarshan , Database System Concepts, 5th Ed, McGraw- Hill 2005. 2. Elmasri & Navathe, Fundamentals of Database Systems, Pearson. 3. C S R Prabhu,Object Oriented Data Base Systems approaches and architectures,PHI, 4. Ceri, Pelagatti, Distributed Databases Principles & Systems, McGraw Hill, 1984. 5. Hansen & Hansen, Database Management and Design 2nd ed, PHI, 1996. 6. Shah, Database Systems using Oracle:A simplified guide to SQL and PL/SQL 2nd ed, PHI, 2005. 7. N. Goodman, V. Hadzilacos "Concurrency Control and Recovery in Data Base System" Addison Wesley.