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UH-1H Presentation

by Kingdom Aviation LLC.

The model UH-1H Huey is a 15 seats, single engine, single rotor utility helicopter. More than 16000 of the UH-1H series helicopters were manufactured for use all over the world.

Type: Original Manufacturer: Bell UH-1H

Bell Textron Helicopters Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Transport of Personnel and Troops Transport of Material (internal and external) Search and Rescue (SAR) Ambulance / MEDEVAC Catastrophe Support VIP-Missions

General Aircraft Description

Fuselage: Cabin with Skid Type Landing Gear Tail Boom Turboshaft Engine Lycoming T53-L-13B Two-blade Main Rotor Two-blade Tail Rotor


Rotor System:

Principal Dimensions
Length Width Height 42 FT 2.85 m 14 FT 5 IN

Rotor diameter Rotor area

48 FT 57 FT 1 IN

General Arrangement

Compartment Diagram Seating Arrangement (typical)

Performance Data
Empty Weight Max. Gross Weight Passenger Capacity Useable Load incl. 2 Crew Member Fuel for 2:30 FH Max. Load Cargo Hook Max. Airspeed Cruising Airspeed (recommended) 5,055 LBS 4310 kg 13 (+ 2 Crew Members)

app. 1000 kg 4,000 LBS 120 KIAS 90 KIAS

Performance Data (cont.)

Max. Flight Endurance (normal fuel) Flight Endurance with internal auxiliary tanks 2:30 FH app. 6:00 FH

Range with max. fuel at sea level (30 min reserve) app. 285 MILES Hovering (ISA): at max. Gross Weight (4310 kg) Hover out of Ground Effect (HOGE) Hover in Ground Effect (HIGE) Hovering (ISA + 20C): at max. Gross Weight (4310 kg) Hover out of Ground Effect (HOGE) Hover in Ground Effect (HIGE)

4800 ft 8000 ft

3600 ft 6000 ft

Rotor System
Simple Design high reliability low maintenance effort Good natured flight characteristics Excellent autorotation behaviour Main rotor brake

Characteristics (cont.)
Flight Control System
Mechanical with dual flight control Single hydraulic system Helicopter controllable without hydraulic assistance

Flight Control System Diagram

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Main rotor blades Elevator Tail rotor Tail rotor control cylinder Collective pitch control cylinder Collective pitch control levers Control pedals Cyclic pitch control sticks Cyclic pitch control cylinder (LH) Cyclic pitch control cylinder (RH) Hydraulic damper Stabilizer bar

Characteristics (cont.)
Engine Lycoming T53-L-13B
Max. Engine Power 1044 kW / 1420 SHP (Transmission Limit 820 kW / 1100 SHP) Simple Design high reliability low maintenance effort Variable inlet guide vane Bleed air system Five-stage axial and single-stage centrifugal compressor Mechanical governor

Engine View

Lycoming T53-L-13B

Characteristics (cont.)
Spacious Good external view Dual flight controls (certified for single-pilot operation) IFR certified (national regulations)

Cockpit View

Instrument Panel (typical)

Communication Equipment (typical)

UHF Radio Set AN/ARC-34 C/G VHF/AM Radio Set 618M-3A Intercom AN/AIC-18 FM Liaison Radio Set AN/ARC-131

Navigation Equipment (typical)

VOR/ILS Navigation Set 51RV-1C Marker Beacon Reception 51Z-4 LF Automatic Direction Finder ADF-73F UHF Automatic Direction Finder NR-AN-16 Gyro Magnetic Compass System C-2G (RMI) Radar Altimeter Indicator AN/APN-171 (V)

Mission Equipment
High flexibility due to:
Independent operation away from home base Capable for VFR-day/night and IFR-flights Wide cargo doors Variable interior of cabin External cargo hook Variety of mission equipment as (optional):

Example for NVG Instrument Panel Lighting