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Leann Iacuone, ATC, MAT, NBCT

101 Meadow Rd Laurens, SC 29360 (864) 871-3333 Email:

Professional Profile and Personal Vision In my professional roles I have had the opportunity to work with my fellow educators to successfully implement pacing guides, curriculum maps, benchmark testing and departmental grading policies to increase student engagement and achievement. In addition, I have been at the forefront of using educational technology in order to help students meet the needs of the 21st century. I am a firm believer of the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as we work towards the Next Generation Science Standards and the use of Common Core in ELA and Math. I am committed to using my talents and skills to support students, teachers and the community to grow and develop both personally and professionally. I am and always will be a life-long learner in the service of others to promote a stronger community and. Noteworthy Accomplishments 26% increase in EOCEP Biology Test Scores 6th 8th Grade Science Pacing Guides and Curriculum Created 9th 12th Pacing Guides and Curriculum Created Professional Learning Communities in Grades 6th - 12th Departmentalized Grading Policy Implemented Middle School Benchmark Test Design, Implemented and Analysis Common Assessments Implemented in Biology and Physical Science Science Equipment Replacement Cycle Implemented Science Department Renovations Chemical Disposal for Student Safety Completed and Created Chemical Hygiene Plan Increased Inquiry Experiences for Students in Science Classes Added Three Additional Science Classes Increased Literacy Component in Science Classes Increased Parental Involvement Implemented Science Fair Increased Technology in Science Classrooms Achievements and Awards 2012 Awarded two Donors Choose Grants 2011 Awarded Math Science Partnership Grant ($500,000 over three years) and raised $15,000 in fundraisers 2010 Awarded three Donors Choose Grants and raised $18,000 in fundraisers 2009 Awarded three Donors Choose Grants to support AP Biology 2009 South Carolina Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching Finalist 2008 Awarded Donors Choose Grant for Digital Cameras & District Grant Winner (Promethean Board) 2007 Awarded Donors Choose Grant for biology projects 2006 Awarded Donors Choose Grant for wireless internet system for classroom and EIA Grant for technology 2006 Awarded Donors Choose Grant for 2 digital cameras 2005 NBC (AYA Science) and SC Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching 2005 Awarded EIA Grant for a LCD project, laptop computer and ELMO visual presenter and SC2 Grant 2002 2003 - High School TOY and Laurens County School District 55 - District Teacher of the Year Key Leadership Skills Curriculum Planning for Standards Based Instruction Departmental Strategic Planning and Implementation Benchmark Testing Design, Implementation and Analysis Instructional Strategies to Promote Student Achievement Professional Development to Improve Teacher Instruction

Education ABD MAT BA

Curriculum and Instruction Administrative Certificate Education Science

Clemson University Clemson University Furman University University of South Carolina

2001 Present 2008 1999 1997

Professional Background Coordinator of Science, Heath and PE Director Mentor and Induction Coordinator District Science Coordinator Educator, Athletic Trainer, Department Head Related Experience Adjust Faculty PACE Instructor

District 5 of Lexington and Richland Joe R. Adair Outdoor Education Center Laurens County School District 55 Laurens County School District 55 Laurens District 55 High School

2012 Present 2009 2012 2007 2012 2006 2012 1999 2009

Converse College SC State Department of Education

2009 2003 2006

Presentations Keynote Speaker for Laurens County Soil and Water Commission February 2012 South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics October 2011 STEM Summit August 2011 South Carolina Science Council Conference 2009 Southern Regional Education Board Conference July 2009 South Carolina Business Summit Conference June 2009 Publications South Carolina Science Council Newsletter 2009 South Carolina Science Council Newsletter 2010 Professional Organizations Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development Learning Forward National Association of Biology Teachers National Athletic Trainers Association National Science Education Leadership Association National Science Teachers Association Phi Delta Kappan South Carolina Athletic Trainers Association South Carolina Science Council South Carolina Science Education Leadership Association

Executive Board 2003 2006 High School Committee 2002 2008 Executive Board 2009 Present Executive Board 2007 Present

References Helen Anderson Sonya Bryant Reggie Dean Tara Dean Amanda Lloyd Wayne McIntosh Dr. Christina Melton Jody Penland Dr. Michael John Roe Nancy Thompson Dr. Billy Strickland Dr. Edgar Taylor Janet Walker Joe Walker

Chief Instructional Office District 5 Assistant Principal Laurens County School District 55 Director of Secondary Education District 5 Assistant Superintendent Laurens County School District 55 Science Teacher Greenwood High School Principal Laurens District 55 High School Director of Elementary Education District 5 Director of Professional Development and Accountability LD55 Principal Tahquitz High School Retired Asst Superintendent Superintendent Laurens County School District 55 Retired Superintendent Teacher Spartanburg High School Director of Attendance / Student Services Cherokee County Schools

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