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Type A B C D E F G H I

Scantronic, Menvier, Pyronix PCX (12, 22, 44, 128 VID), Texecom, Castle CareTech G3 Plus. Guardall Network 1 Configuration only. DSC Guardtec Bosch, DA Abacus Castle Care-Tech Europlex Pyronix Matrix, PCX SMS, 134, 256.

Environmental Advice. This product is covered by current WEEE regulations. Please consider the effect on the environment when disposing of it. Do not put in a domestic waste bin. Only dispose of at an appointed recycling centre. RoHS compliant.

When installing this contact, it is important that you correctly align the contact and the magnet. A roller shutter door with excess side movement must be corrected prior to installation. When aligning you must check that the supplied magnet triggers the alarm circuit only. If the magnetic detection circuit is wired in, the unit will signal a tamper condition if a rogue magnet is introduced. If detection of forced removal from mounting surface is required, you must use the centre screw hole as well as the two outer screws. Do not overtighten the centre screw. Forced illegal removal will irreversibly break the unit and tamper circuit, rendering the unit unusable. It must be replaced.

Red Black Brown Blue Green Black Orange Yellow Black White Green Black Brown Blue Orange Yellow Black Brown Blue White

Heavy Duty Industrial Contact With optional magnetic interference detection.

This product is suitable for use in systems designed to comply with PD6662 :2004 at Grade 3 and Environmental class III. Suitable for use in EN50131 security grade 3 systems.

CQR Security. 125, Pasture Road, Moreton, Wirral. CH46 4TH, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 151 606 9595 Support: +44 (0) 151 606 6311 email: Web:

Control Panel
Honeywell, Ademco, Microtech

Connect to Zone. Connect to Zone. Connect to Zone. Connect to Zone.

Join together only

Connect to Zone.
Join together only

Connect to Zone.

Unique registered design enables correct alignment. Variable configuration including detection of magnetic interference. Built in end of line resistors, with different wiring options. Tamper for forced removal from mounting surface.

Switch Tamper 1K 1K 4K7 2K2 8K2 8K2 5K6 5K6 6K8 4K7 8K2 3K9 13K 1K 2K2 2K2 4K7 4K7
Mag Mag

Ref: 0073
Reed only


Network 1 Configuration

Fixing points

Mounting surface tamper do not overtighten.

Wiring Options
Magnetic interference detection only End of line type A 1K Switch 1K Tamper only End of line type B 4K7 Switch 2K2 Tamper only

End of line type A 1K Switch 1K Tamper with magnetic interference detection

End of line type B 4K7 Switch 2K2 Tamper with magnetic interference detection