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Your Twin Flame is the other aspect of your soul that links with
the creational flame or Source. When you soul spirals into third
dimension it move into physical reality. Physical reality is made of
electromagnetic energy which has poles (north/south) - polarity -
duality - opposites - male/female - yin/yang.
Therefore your soul splits in half - male and female. One half is in
higher frequency [As is Above] while one half is in third
dimension [So is Below]. If you are female. your partner above is
male and vice versa. Everything we are trying to understanding at
this time links to this concept of 'twinning' as
we search for ourselves and the other aspect of who we are. We
wish to merge back with the other souls aspect, who waits for us.
Many people miss their other soul aspect, and feel incomplete,
which has lead many people to search for their soulmate if they
feel lonely, alone, lost, depressed, they can't find themselves, a
piece of themselves is missing, they have a hole in their heart
[heart chakra], all they want is someone to love them, share with
them and help them through this journey we call the physical
planet Earth experience - and some want that special
someone to be their Twin Flame. Use your own discernment – in
order to “judge”.
You can meet someone who can carry the frequency of Twin
Flame and give you the feeling of union - Oneness. When you
make love with that partner - you can experience all of who you
are - the union is multi-dimensional. You can also feel the energies
of your other self - as part of the union!
Twinsouls share everything the same...although they are 2
different individuals...with respective personalities they are
TWINS when feel you are “in” your twin and your twin is “in”
Here is the checklist that might help determine if someone you
have encountered is your true 'other half'. By keeping these in
mind, and knowing how truly powerful a relationship with this
'other half' can be, it keeps the 'bar scale' high and keeps one from
jumping into 'wishful thinking'. It keeps one from 'settling' for
The first clue is the seeming familiarity one has of the other, like
you have known each other forever. This is because a very small
portion of the one is in the other and we recognized that part of
ourselves in the other person. There is a golden thread or soul
bond between the two that has each one attuned to the other. They
know and feel things about the other that no one else knows. Not
only is there a familiarity, but also a sense of safety, peace, and
Second, the meeting of your other half is always under
circumstances and in a manner least expected and in a way not
resembling anything that could be imagined. That chance
encounter at a place you were only spontaneously 'moved' to go
to, and wondering possibly why you were even there, till 'they'
showed up and it all became clear. This particular clue has to be
used with a great deal of discernment, because 'the other side' can
orchestrate these type encounters, as well, sending someone to you
designed to take you from your path. Oftentimes in a true
twinflame relationship you will find many obstacles that prevent
you from actually being together in the physical.
Third is the level of the dynamics of the relationship itself on all
levels of our existence; mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and
physically. All of these aspects of ourselves are heightened in such
a way that perceptions of the world around us are clearer than
ever. Just the opposite is true in most other relationships leaving
one with confused perceptiveness at best and down right foggy
perceptiveness at worst.
Fourth, upon meeting there is a vibration, a tingling, that moves
through our entire being that is in response also to that part of us
in the other mentioned before. This is not the bio-chemical 'tingle'
but rather an electro-magnetic type tingle that gets your attention
and has all levels of your being on full alert - saying "pay
The fifth clue has to do with lying. When we are in the presence of
our other half we cannot lie; to ourselves and to each other. Again,
I think this is in response to holding a piece of the other person
inside of us and it acts as a truth meter. We know when the other
person is lying to us, and know the other will know if we even
tried - so why try.
The sixth clue is that the other half of us is better defined as our
polar opposite, much like the old adage "opposites attract". Not
opposites in the sense of being so totally different; opposite ends
of the various spectrums. It’s our understanding this has more to
do with complimenting and completing each other; where one is
weak the other is strong and together they demonstrate a
wholeness of being. There is a filling in of blanks like two hands
clasping filling the voids between the fingers of each hand.
The seventh clue deals with the act of making Love itself. The act
of sacred sexuality between two halves of the same soul takes on a
whole different level of intimacy than all other sex. Maybe this is
due to the "do unto others." factor, where, on some level of
understanding, you know that the person you are making love to is
your other half and is literally a holder of a piece of you. In a rare
sexual relationship with your other half, more time is taken to
share thoughts (though it seems timeless), the intent behind the
touch is to nurture and there is a feeling of emotional security and
physical safety. The focus is on the sharing and the pure joy of
being in the embrace of one you truly love on all levels and loves
you. Any attitude or approach or anything other than just BEING
is left at the door.
Eight. There is a true wish to be supportive of the other - a desire
to be of service to them and they to us in a balanced and nurturing
manner. There is no feeling to possess the other in any way. No
jealousy or need to control. There is a desire to encourage each
other to 'BE' all they are, as they are, and only desire they make
the changes in themselves they wish to make, and are supportive
of their efforts. There are no pedestals, wishful thinking, rose
coloured glasses, expectations, or conditions. You both see each
other as equals and have honour and respect for each other without
requiring/demanding it.
Nine. There will have been a 'co-linear' aspect seen in the personal
history. You will see that the other has had very similar (if not
identical) experiences at or near the same points along the time-
line for such major events as marriage, divorce, children (number
and sex), turning points of all kinds. You will probably see where
you could have met at some earlier time. You can also see from
the lessons you learned from that point, why it was just right that
you met when you did, and seeing that the time was not right
before, and it would not have worked if you had met then.