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(1-MARK questions) 1. Unix is an example of d) Batch processing e) Time sharing operating system f) Real time operating system g) None of the above 2. The program which takes user input, interprets it takes necessary action is a) Kernel b) System calls c) Shell d) Scheduler 3. The main job of one of the following is to allocate cpu to process a) Kernel b) Shell c) Scheduler d) Login 4.the function of the Unix system calls is to a) Request for service offered by the operating system kernel b) Mechanism using which one program can call the other program c) Signal error conditions d) None of the above 5. In Unix, a process is a a) Program in execution b) Sub program which can be called from other program c) Sequence of command required to run a program d) None of the above 6. Which of the following is a Unix shell h) Bourne shell i) Corn shell j) C shell k) All of the above Unix, information about a file is stored in a l) File table m) Innode n) File allocation table o) None of the above

8.UNIX system calls are used to p) Inform the system administrator about an abnormal condition q) Obtain some service from the kernel r) Execute a Unix command form the shell s) None of the above about a command can be found in the t) Man page u) Human pages v) Help page w) Any of the above 10.hidden files in Unix can be listed using x) ls -t y) Ls h z) Ls a aa) None of the above 11. In unix ,the command to delete all files starting with sg and ending with hj is bb)Rm sg*hj cc) Rm sg?hj dd) Rm prifix sg suffix hj ee) None of the above 12. The Unix command rm r project will ff) Delete the file project from the current directory gg) Delete all the files from the directory project hh)Recursively delete the directory project and all its sub directories ii) None of the above 13.UNIX can have jj) One file system only kk) N file system,if it had n hard disk ll) Any number of file systems depending upon the number of partitions mm)None of the above 14.several unix command can be given on the same line by separating them with characters nn); oo) : pp) , qq) None of the above 15.the unix command ls | more display a list of rr) Files in the current directory one line at a time ss) Files in the current directory one screen at a time

tt) All the files in the current directory and the waits for the next command uu) None of the above unix, full path name originates from vv) Your home directory ww)The root directory xx) Your working directory yy) None of the above 17.suppose that the current directory is /home/user/xyz/prog a possible command to change to a directory /home/user/abc/letters is all files zz) Cd ../../abc/letters aaa)Cd ././abc/letters bbb)Cd ./home/user/abc/letter ccc)None of the above 18.the chown command in unix changes the ddd)Home directory of a user eee)Access permission of a file or directory fff) Priority of a process ggg)None of the above 19.the chmod command in unix hhh)Changes the current execution status from user mode to kernel mode iii) Makes the file hidden so that it cannot be seen using the ls command jjj) Changes the access permission of a file or directory kkk)None of the above 20.which of the following commands will give the user read,write,and execute access and other users no access to the file op.exe? lll) Chmod 660 op.exe mmm)Chmod 600 op.exe nnn)Chmod 700 op.exe ooo)None of the above 21. Which unix command would append a file called test to the end of a file called output? ppp)Cat output>> test qqq)Append output >>test rrr) Write output>>test sss)Cat test >> output 22.which out of the following commands would you use to change your password in unix system? ttt) Pass uuu)Chpass vvv)Passwd

www)Set pass 23.the default shell,which is to be used when a user logs in, is defined in the xxx)/etc/passwd file yyy)/etc/shell file zzz)Startup file in the user home directory aaaa)None of the above 24.a write permission to a directory allows a user to bbbb)Edit and create files located in the directory cccc)Edit but not create files located in the directory dddd)Search a directory for the presence of a file eeee)None of the above 25.the execute permission to a file allows a user to ffff)Execute the file gggg)Edit the file hhhh)List the contents of the file iiii)None of the above see first 3 lines of a file,we give the command jjjj)Tail +3 kkkk)Tail 3 llll)Head 3 mmmm)Head +3 27.on changing the permission of a file,the following field is modified nnnn)File access time oooo)Inode modification time pppp)File access time qqqq)None of the above 28.write a single line answer,giving the differences between the two command of vi editor,in each case rrrr)I and i ssss)O and o tttt)A and a uuuu)W and w 29.the vi program available under unix can be used to vvvv)Create plain ascii files wwww)Create formatted documents with different font sizes xxxx)Open a virtual terminal yyyy)None of the above 30.the zz command is used to

zzzz)Abort a vi session aaaaa)Move the contents of a file to another file bbbbb)Saves the fileand remains in editing mode ccccc)Quit vi editor after saving 31the default shell which is to be used is given in the ddddd)/etc/passwd file eeeee).exrc file in home directory fffff)/ect/shell file ggggg)None of these move to the end of a line you have to use. hhhhh)$ iiiii)E jjjjj)E kkkkk)^ 33.we can paste a deleted line using the command. lllll)Y mmmmm)Cp nnnnn)P ooooo)None of the above 34the key mapping can ppppp)Create macros qqqqq)Assign a key a particular function rrrrr)Create new keys sssss)None of the above abbreviations are defined in a file called.exerc located in the ttttt)Shell directory uuuuu)Home directory vvvvv)Bin directory wwwww)Directory in which vi program is stored 36.which unix commad displays the information contained in a particular file xxxxx)More filename yyyyy)Type filename zzzzz)File filename aaaaaa)None of the above 37.almost all computers store characters strings bbbbbb)As a sequence of anscii codes binary strings cccccc)In bcd code dddddd)As a sequence of intrgers indicating the position of the characters in the alphabetical seuence

eeeeee)None of the above 38.the instructions of a program which is currently being executed are stored in ffffff)Secondary memory gggggg)Main memory hhhhhh)Read only memory iiiiii)None of the above 39.the default program sh in unix os is jjjjjj)Jsh kkkkkk)Bourne shell llllll)Csh mmmmmm)Ksh unix ,the command to redirect the output of a program to a file called sort.out is nnnnnn)Sort sort.out oooooo)Sort>sort.out pppppp)Sort->sort.out qqqqqq)None of the above (2-MARKS questions) 41) Balancing can be achieved through either __________or ______ a. Push migration/ pull migration b. Soft affinity\hard affinity c. SMP/SMT d. None of the above 42) Mutual exclusion can prevent ________ and can lead to ______ a. Race condition/ deadlock b. Concurrency/ Starvation c. Mutual exclusion/ semaphores d. Critical section/ dead lock 43) Process is an ______ entity, while Program is a ______ entity. (Active, Passive) 44) Operating system acts as a ______ and ______________ for the system. (Resource allocator, government) 45) When you turn on the computer ______ management works, While executing an application ______ management works (H/w mgmt, Process mgmt)

46) One of the three vital components of a system are ___________(hardware), _______________(application) and _______(operating system). 47) Bootstrapping is also known as ______ (Cold boot), Bootstrap procedure is _______ dependent (Hardware) 48) To create the user use ________ command (Useradd) , To create a group use ______ command (Groupadd). 49) Ext 2 was a block size of _____ bytes (1024) , Ufs file systems block size is _______ bytes maximum (64). 50) To set the value of environment variable use ______ command.(Setenv) , To undefined and unset an environment variable use ______ command (Unsetenv) . Consider a set of 5 processes whose arrival time, CPU time needed and the priority are given below Process Priority Arrival time (in ms) CPU time needed (in Priority ms) P1 0 10 5 P2 0 5 2 P3 2 3 1 P4 5 20 4 P5 10 2 3 Answer the next 5 questions on the above information (smaller the number, higher the priority) 51) If the CPU scheduling policy FCFS, the average waiting time will be a) 12.8 ms b) 8 ms c) 6 ms d) None of these 52) If the CPU scheduling policy SJF, the average waiting time (without pre-emption) will be a) 16 ms b) 12.8 ms c) 6.8 ms d) None of these 53) If the CPU scheduling policy SJF, the average waiting time with pre-emption will be a) 8 ms b) 14 ms

c) 5.6 ms d) None of these 54) If the CPU scheduling policy priority scheduling , the average waiting time (without pre-emption) will be a) 12.8 ms b) 11.8 ms c) 10.8 ms d) None of these 55) If the CPU scheduling policy priority scheduling, the average waiting time with preemption) will be a) 19 ms b) 7.6 ms c) 6.8 ms d) None of these 56) ..(CAM) is a special type of computer memory used in certain very high speed searching applications. It is also known as.., ..or.. rrrrrr)Content-addressable memory, Associative memory, Associative storage, Associative array. ssssss)Compiled address memory, Associative memory, associative storage, Associative function. tttttt)Content addressable memory, Associative memory, associative array, Comparative storage. uuuuuu)None of the above. 57) What are the 4 criterias to select the best scheduling algorithm for a particular situation and environment. vvvvvv)Mutual exclusion, Throughput, Waiting time, Turn around time. wwwwww)CPU utilization, Throughput, Turnaround time , Waiting time xxxxxx)Both a) & b). yyyyyy)None of the above. 58) Revolves around balancing the load between multiple processors. Multiprocessor system may be.or . zzzzzz)Loosely coupled system, Heterogonous, Distributive aaaaaaa)Load modularizing, Homogenous, Real time bbbbbbb)Load sharing, Heterogonous, homogenous ccccccc)None of the above. 59) One approach to multi-processor scheduling is .., in which one processor is the master, controlling all activities and running all , while other runs only..another approach to it is. ddddddd)Symmetric processing, Kernel code, User code, Asymmetric multiprocessing.

eeeeeee)Asymmetric multiprocessing, kernel code user code symmetric multiprocessing. fffffff)Asymmetric multiprocessing, Micro kernel, User code, Symmetric multiprocessing. ggggggg)None of the above. 60) Soft affinity occurs when the system attempts to keep processes on the ..processor but makes no guarantee. Linux and some other OSes support .., in which a process specify that it is not to be moved between .. hhhhhhh)Same, Hard affinity, Processors iiiiiii)Different, hard affinity, Processors. jjjjjjj)Both, Soft affinity, processors. kkkkkkk)None of the above. (4-MARKS questions) 61) An operating system is a program that controls theof an application program and acts as an..between the user and. Operating system is an example a) Hardware, System, Variable, Application. b) Interface, Execution, Computer software, system c) Execution, interface, computer hardware, system d) None of the above 62) An operating system as resource manager, controls how.(the active agents) may access(passive entities) one can view operating system from two points of views:. And a) Resource, Process, Resource manager, Extended machines b) Process, Resource, Resource manager, Extended machines c) Registers, Processors, File manager, System machines d) Both a) & b). 63) In the mid-1980, Researches at Carnegie Mellon university developed an operating system called.that modularized the kernel using the micro kernel approach. This method structure the operating system by removing all . components from the . And implementing then as system and programs. a) Mach, Non-essential, Kernel, User-level. b) Macintosh, Essential, Kernel, Programmer level. c) Max, Non-essential, Microkernel, User level. d) Mach, Essential, microkernel, User level. 64) The kernel mode has 4 major components: a) System calls, file subsystem, hardware control, s/w components. b) System calls, File subsystem, process control subsystem, hardware control. c) All of the above.

d) None of the above. 65) PVM (.) and MPI (..) are two common software packages that permits a ..collection of networked unix or Windows computers to be used as a single, large, parallel computer. a) Parallel virtual machine, Message passing interface, Heterogeneous. b) Post virtual machine, machine passing interface, Homogenous. c) Post varied machine, mode passed interface, indigenous. d) None of the above. 66) What are the four reasons due to which a new process terminates the existing process? a) Syntax error, Interrupt, Flip flop, Flag. b) Normal exit, Error exit, fatal exit, Killed by another process. c) Caching, Buffering, traffic generation, congestion d) All of the above. 67) Name the 5 states of 5state process model. a) New state, Terminated, Blocked, Running, ready. b) Old star, Busy, Wait, Running, Blocked c) New state, Busy, Ready, Blocked, Cached. d) None of the above. 68) For paging memory management, each process associated with a . . Each entry in the table contains the ..of the corresponding page in the.. space of the process. a) Virtual address, Page table, Frame. b) Permanent address, Frame number, page table. c) Page table, Frame number, Virtual address d) None of the above. 69) Segmentation is a method for both.and . It also eases the control of and.. a) Memory management, Virtual memory, Sharing, Protection. b) File management, Resource, Sharing, Protection. c) Both a) & b). d) None of the above. 70) The FIFO () policy treats the allocated to a process as a ciucular buffer, and page are removed in It may be viewed as a modified version of the..policy. a) First in first out, Page frames, Round robin , LRU. b) First in fast out, Round robin, system, LRU. c) for in first out, page frame, round robin, LRU. d) None of these. 71) A cleaning policy is the apposite of a .Policy. It deals with when a

modified page should be written out to There are 2 common choice i.e: and .. a) Decode, primary memory, demand cleaning, Pre cleaning. b) Execute, Secondary, Demand cleaning, Pre cleaning c) Fetch, Secondary memory, demand cleaning, Pre-cleaning. d) None of the above. 72) The difference between cached and virtual memory is a matters of..; the two notions are conceptually same because they both rely on theproperties observed in sequences of a) Implementation, Correlation, Address references. b) Correlation, Address references, implementation. c) Implementation, Address references, Correlation, d) None of the above. 73) Considering only READ operations, the formula for the average cycle time is .when h is probability of a , also called .and the quantity(1-h), which the probability of a miss, is known as the.. a) tcache= teff + (1-h)tmain, hit rate,cache hit, miss rate. b) tcache= teff + (h-1)tmain, hit rate., Cache list, miss rate. c) teff = tcache + (1-h)tmain, cache hit, hit rate, miss rate d) teff = tcache + (h-1)tmain, cache list, hit rate, miss rate 74) A fully associative cache requires the be composed ofholding both the..and the data for each.line. a) Cache, Associative memory, Memory address, Cached b) Cache, Memory, Relative address, Cached c) Cache, Relative memory, memory address, Cached d) None of the above. 75) In the counter implementation, a .is associated with each block. A simple implementation would be to each counter at regular intervals and toa counter when the line had been referenced. lllllll)Preset, Increment, Reset, Relative mmmmmmm)Counter, Increment, Reset, Associated nnnnnnn)Counter, decrement, Reset, Associated ooooooo)Counter, Decrement, Preset, Relative