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Finding Angles Task Angles are not just something drawn on paper that can be measured by a protractor. They surround us every day! This task will allow you to demonstrate your ability to identify angle relationships while applying your technology skills as well. Task: Use Google Maps ( to find angle relationships in your neighborhood.
1. Type your address into Google Maps. Zoom out to analyze angles made by the

streets surrounding your house, in your neighborhood, and in New York City.
2. Noting streets that intersect, form parallel lines cut by a transversal, or create

90/180 pairs, choose at least 3 angle relationships (listed below) to identify.

Vertical angles Supplementary angles Complementary angles Alternate interior

Alternate exterior Corresponding angles Consecutive interior Consecutive exterior

3. Print three different screen shots (IN COLOR) to use in identifying angle

relationships. Tracing the streets or lines, measure the angles in the relationships you chose to identify. Prove, using protractor measurements, that these angle relationships exist as identified. Label these angles with their measurements.
4. Using 2-3 sentences for each, explain why the streets you labeled represent the

relationship that you have identified. 5. Your final project should be in color, with measurements labeled on three different screen shots, and all measurements should be labeled. Your explanations should describe what you noticed when you measured the angles created by the streets in your screen shot.


Did not address that part of the task or shows very little understanding

Levels of Proficiency 2 (10 points) 3 (15 points)

Some elements of task are correct or shows some understanding. Mostly correct. Shows understanding with minor flaws.

4 (20 points)
Complete, correct, and thorough understanding.

Points Earned

Google Maps was used to identify three different angle relationships listed. Three different screen shots are printed, in color. A different angle relationship is correctly identified in each of the screen shots. Angle measurements are correctly labeled in each screen shot within a margin of error of 1. A correct explanation is written for each screen shot using the measurement of the angle to prove why the angle relationship. Timeliness of finished product Due Date: ________

Turned in after class period due (Within 3 weeks)

Turned in after class period due (Within 2 weeks)

Turned in after class period due (Within 1 week)

Turned in on time (by class on the due date)

*Zero points will be given to any response to the criteria above that is incorrect, irrelevant, or has not been completed. Peer Evaluation:

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