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Exercise 1 Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb enclosed in parentheses. The form required is the past participle: 1. Where have they ______________the car? (take) 2. Have you ______________all the milk? (drink) 3. I have______________ this hat for several years. (wear) 4. John has never______________ that far before. (swim) 5. The officers have ______________to the convention. (go) 6. The child has ______________too many apples. (eat) 7. Have you______________ that motion picture before? (see) 8. We have ______________ that song every day for a week. (sing) 9. The dress has______________ from washing. (shrink) 10. The income tax statements have______________. (come) 11. A pipe in the basement has______________. (burst) 12. The swimmer has ______________into that pool six times. (dive) 13. The birds have ______________toward the South. (fly) 14. The decorators have ______________the pictures too low. (hang) 15. Why have you ______________so morbid? (become) 16. I have often______________ at an auction. (bid) 17. How many times has he ______________that speech? (broadcast) 18. The ship had ______________before help arrived. (sink) 19. He has ______________my faith in him. (shake) 20. The dhobi______________ out the clothes by hand. (wring) Exercise 2 Replace the incorrect verb forms in the following sentences with the correct verb forms:

1. The vandals have broke the windows. 2. The water in the pipe has froze. 3. I seen the picture again last night. 4. We begun the project this morning. 5. I bring my friend a gift from Paris. 6. He give me the book with the references in it.

7. The lifeguard swum out to the drowning child. 8. Fred is the plumber who done the work. 9. They hang the traitor yesterday. 10. The birds have nowed to the South. 11. The torn ligament hurted badly. 12. The lion springed at the hunter. 13. He had became involved in illegal practices. 14. I have spoke to the manager about the mistakes Jane makes. 15. For many years he has growed orchids in his garden. 16. The old man has sit in that chair all day. 17. I lie your coat on the table in the hall. Exercises 3 Pick out the verbs from the following sentences and indicate the tense of the verb: present, past or future tense. Some sentences have two verbs, take both: 1. Rekha is a good dancer. 2. It was a nice story. 3. Rajesh will be at the party tomorrow. 4. My cat has four kittens. 5. Daddy will buy a new bag for me. 6. I am a student of this school. 7. Ramu's parrot died yesterday. 8. Teacher will take a test tomorrow. 9. I like dogs very much. 10. It rained the the whole day yesterday. 11. Meeta stood first in the race. 12. On Sunday we will go to Pune. 13. The water in this river is very dirty. 14. I shall do my home work everyday. 15. Raju shut the door. 16. Sushil met the guests at the station. 17. Will you help me with this letter?

18. The meeting begins at eight 0' clock. 19. Rohan will install the new machinery. 20. Are you a member of the Nature club? Exercise 4 Pick out the verb phrases in the following sentences that are in the present perfect tense, past perfect tense or the future perfect tense and indicate within brackets the tense to the right: 1. I have called him twice today. 2. You have broken the entire set. 3. My uncle has lived in that house for fifty years. 4. By tomorrow, I shall have lived here six years. 5. She has taken part in the contest every year. 6. I had already examined the papers. 7. What policy had he followed during that period? 8. Have you spoken to the manager about a promotion. 9. Seema has written a novel. 10. We shall have ridden many miles before the sun sets. 11. He has swum across the river four times. 12. They have torn down the old wall paper. 13. They had begun to clear the hall before I got there. 14. I have striven to do my best work for you. 15. The artist has drawn an interesting cartoon. 16. The committee has published its final report. 17. By next year, I shall have met the requirements for college. 18. What have they done with the "new fixtures? 19. The teacher will have corrected our books by now. 20. The Vaitarna Lake has risen several feet today. Exercise 52 Cross out the incorrect verb form enclosed in brackets. On the blank space to the right, indicate whether the verb sit or set should be used in the sentence: 1. I (set, sat) and waited patiently for two hours. ______________ 2. (Sit, Set) the flowers in the vases. ______________ 3. My dad (sit, set) my bicycle right in no time. ______________

4. Please (set, sit) the stage for the next scene. ______________ 5. I (set, sat) in the front row during the meeting. ______________ 6. The gardener has been (setting, sitting) out the bulbs. ______________ 7. The plaster will (sit, set) in a few minutes. ______________ 8. Ganga (sat, set) the table for dinner. ______________ 9. The sun will (set, sit) at seven o'clock today. ______________ 10. I have often (set, sat) in that room. ______________ 11. The president has (set, sat) the time for the meeting. ______________ 12. (Set, Sit) in that chair as it is more comfortable than this one. ______________ 13. I (set, sat) my baggage down beside me. ______________ 14. This is a wonderful place to (sit, set). ______________ 15. Let us (sit, set) here and discuss the matter. ______________ 16. The coat (sets, sits) well on his shoulders. ______________ Exercise 53 Fill in the blanks with the suitable forms of rise or raise as required: 1) The moon______________ last night at eleven 0' clock. 2) She came to the window as soon as she ______________from the chair. 3) Do you ______________flowers in your garden? 4) The audience ______________to honour the speaker at the lecture yesterday. 5) You will need a jack to ______________the car. 6) The company intends to ______________ the salaries of the employees. 7) The tower ______________to a height of sixty metres. 8) The prices of foodstuff have ______________during the last two months. 9) I ______________early in the morning on school days. 10) Mr. Sharma has______________ in his profession 11) The river ______________steadily for several days during the monsoon months. 12) The committee ______________the necessary funds. 13) The sun ______________at six that morning. 14) We______________ several objections to his plan during the meeting last week. 15) Put the dough in a warm place so that it will ______________ 16) We______________ a question during the meeting.