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A Survey of Maruti Brand Loyalty and Image Section I 1) Are you male or female?

Male Female 2) Please circle your annual income (Rs): <10L 10-20L 20-30L >30L 3) Have you ever bought a Maruti car? Yes No 4) Why would you choose Maruti cars? (Please rate in order of importance) After sales service Reliability/Quality control Trustworthiness Brand Image Availability or Ease of purchase 4) How would you rate the efficiency and service of Maruti dealers? Please circle: Poor Insufficient Good Excellent 5) What image do you feel that Maruti portrays through their advertising campaigns? Please rate in order of importance: Safe and trustworthy Prestigious Family friendly Fuel efficient 6) Do you feel that Maruti adverts are more persuasive or informative? Persuasive Informative 7) Do you think that Maruti adverts are convincing enough for you to purchase a Maruti car if you havent already done so? Yes No 8) Do you feel that Maruti advertisementswould make you buy a second Maruti car? Yes No 9) How would yourate Maruti cars in terms of safety? (Rating of 1-5 with 5 being the safest). Please circle: 1 2 3 4 5 Is this is a significant factor in choosing a Maruti car? Yes No 10) Do you think that Maruti is a socially responsible company? Yes No 11) Do you feel that Maruti cars are environmentally friendly?



12) Would you increase consumption of Maruti cars if there were more environmentally friendly? Yes No 13) Do you feel that car brands other that Maruti produce environmentally friendly vehicles? Yes No

Section II Please consider cars in the same price range as Maruti. 1) How much easier are Maruti carsto purchase than other car brands? Please circle: Very Easy Easy Similar Harder A lot harder 2) How much more readily available are Maruti carsthan other car brands? Please circle: Significantly more available Slightly more available Similar Slightly more unavailable Significantly more unavailable 3) How much of a role does the price factor play in purchasing cars? Please Circle: Not important (0%) Little importance (10-30%) A significant degree of importance (30-70%) A great degree of importance (70-100%) 4) How much of your income would you spend on purchasing a car? Please Circle: 1-10% 11-25% 26-50% >50% 5) Do you consider a car a necessity or a luxury? Necessity Luxury 6) In only the car industry, do you consider Maruti cars a necessity or luxury car? Basic Luxury

Section III 1) Do you use public transport? Yes No 2) If yes, what type of public transport do you use? (Rate each on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being the most frequent.) Taxi Bus R ickshaw Metro 3) If the price of a Maruti car increased by 5-10% would you still purchase the car? Yes No 4) What factors would prompt you to switch to another car manufacturer? Please circle as many as apply: Price After Sales Service Fuel Efficiency Safety Greater choice of car models Advertising Brand Name 5) What is the main factor that prompts you to buy Maruti cars? (Rate each on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being the most important.) Brand loyalty/image e.g. advertising Availability and Price of Other Cars Substitutes e.g. public transport Environmental issues Thank you for your time and cooperation.