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Discuss at least three different types of oral presentation. Briefly elaborate each of them.

The three types of oral presentation are debate, host and lecture session.

Debate is one type of oral presentation that is widely used in formal communcation process. In Malaysia, most of debate sessions are based on the parlimentary system where it is involved the argument session. It is carried out by two groups that are supportive side (goverment) and argumentative side (non-goverment). The candidates will discuss and argue the issue or theme given from various perspectives. The session is handled by an experienced moderator. Each group is given 52 minutes to discuss and argue their ideas and pratical information.

Besides that, host is another types of oral presentation which can be found mostly through radio and television programmes. It can be classified into different categories such as documentation program, entertainment, business and others. This talkshow session is conducted by a professional host and crews. Some of them prefer to invite guests such as intelectuals, artists and VIPs from different fields to relate the theme for more deeply in discussion. There is no fixed measurement of time in this oral presentation.

In addition, lecture session is catergorised as a oral presentation in academic institutions. Lecturer will play a role as a moderator in objective to provide the students with knowledges and skills under the course selected. Mostly, it is used formal and informal communication skills among the the moderator and audience. The lecture session will be conducted based on the syllbus given. Slide presentation is used as a tool in teching method as a reference on what will be discussed.

What makes you most nervous when making an oral presentation. Discuss possible ways to overcome these fears.

Most of us have listed several fearness that make us feel nervous while making presentation.

Some of them are confidence, language and preparation problems. Based on these problems, we feel intimidiated to take the oral presentations challenges in order to change our perception about the negative effects due to our weakness in handling oral presentation.

Lack of confidence is one of the major problem that we face while presenting oral presentation due to the uncertainty in presenting oral presentation. This is due to the inexperience in conducting this activity especially for different level of audience, size, knowledge and their expectation that do not fit with our fexibility.

In order to solve this problem, the existence of Business Communciation IIs course is an alternative for us to learn more about oral presentation. Through this course, we are able to identify our weakness, srength and potential that act as catalyst to participate in oral presentation in the future. Moreover, Youtube is chosen as a tool that can help us to improve our communication skills virtually due to the limitation in period of time.

Besides that, the usage of English Language as a medium of interaction in oral presentation cause us feel nagging with our nervousness. This is because we are not mastering english language well which is required as an important element in excellent communication skills. Thus, we face difficulties in encoding our ideas especially in grammar, intonation and pronounciation and other aspects that will cause audience feel disconnect and afraid if the probability of the decoding process fail is too high.

To overcome this problem, we decide to take an alternative by studing English Language continuously from time to time. This can be done by applying what we have learn in English courses and standardize it with the oral presentation requirements. It is undeniable that it is a part of our life but in our opinion this will help us to improve our English level due to the correction step that happen in our learning process.

Furthermore, lack of preparation is another factor of our fearness. Some of us are gifted a charismatic personality that able to attract audience to keep listening on what they talk about without any preparations. In contrast, for those who is not given a charismatic value, we agreed that lack of preparation would affect the effictiveness and efficiency in performing the oral presentation. This is because oral presentation is not only to communicate among each other, it also involves with the communcation arts which is sometimes make us feel bounded with it.

As a solution to cope with this problem, we will refer to the tips gained as a guideline in organizing the oral presentation structure and strategy especially the ideas and information effectively. Besides that, we will emphasize on the analyis of oral presentation components such as audience background, indifference culture and gestures as a part of our preparation constantly. Through this step, it will able to reduce the barriers that affect the result of the good oral presentation.