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National Science Foundation

4201 Wilson Boulevard

Arlington, Virginia 22230


FROM: National Science Foundation

Division of Contracts and Complex Agreements
4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room 475
Arlington, VA 22230

SUBJECT: Information provided in response to questions submitted by industry

1. Is the requirement for all pilots to hold Instrument Ratings an absolute, or does the contracting process
recognize the principle of equivalent safety in this regard?
Yes the pilots must hold an instrument helicopter rating. They do not have to maintain instrument
currency requirements, but must hold the rating.

2. I'd like to get all financial information available on the past 2 Antarctic Helicopter Support Contracts
(10 years). This would include the contract amounts as well as the actual amount paid. I'd also like to get
all detailed information on the contracts as well.
Information on the first Antarctic Helicopter Support Contract is currently at the National Archives and
Records Administration. The contract dollar value for the current Helicopter Support Contract is apprx.
$16M, as published in the previous Q & A letter.

3. We want to be able to fly some of the crew to New Zealand for some R&R. Is that something that is
looked at favorably or not, since replacement crews would need to be brought in? How do I arrange for
flights to/from New Zealand, and any idea of the approximate cost?
Contractor may avail themselves of space available transportation to Christchurch NZ. However,
replacement crews must be on site before current crews depart to insure that the NSF programs are not
impacted. In addition, the contractor may be charged for the cost of lodging and subsistence for the
overlapping crews.

4. How do we schedule an AMC inspection?

AMC Certification of Civilian Air Operators for Transport of DoD Personnel
Mary K. Reid
Scott AFB, IL

5. Is the certification required before we submit a bid?

No, but certification is necessary before a contract can be awarded. Obtaining and maintaining AMC
certification is the responsibility of the contractor. The process is lengthy and should be started

6. Is the AMC audit the same as a DOD audit?

AMC Certification is similar in complexity as a DOD audit, and includes a financial review, as well as a
review of the prospective contractors aviation program.
7. Reference to the “Memorandum for all Potential Offerors” signed by Patricia S. Williams. Question
number 14: “Will award be made in time to procure aircraft”. If possible I need just a little bit more
clarification. Does the Aircraft offered have to be in our Operations Specifications, Section “D” page 85
prior to making the offer? You must propose aircraft that meet all requirements in the RFP. The aircraft
must be on your operations specifications, before inspection and deployments to Antarctica. You do not
need to have the specific aircraft in your inventory, but you must have the aircraft ready for deployment
to Antarctica for WINFLY operations. Typically WINFLY is performed in August.

8. Can you provide packing and shipping details for the helicopters? Please see the attachment, which
provide packing and shipping information for UH- 1 series helicopters. Bell 212 procedures will be the
same, but with increased weight.

9. Can offerors propose a delivery location other than California? Offerors located in the Southern
Hemisphere may offer Christchurch NZ as a delivery location.

10. How should items be packed for transportation from the delivery point in California? They should be
palletized and prepared for air transportation on a C-17.

The deadline for questions regarding this solicitation is 3 P.M. Eastern Time on 10 February 2006.
Direct all requests for solicitations and routine communications concerning this acquisition, or any other
questions concerning this RFP, to Jillian Pate, Contracting Officer, 703-292-8252 or The
fax number is 703-292-9140.

Jillian Pate
Contracting Officer


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