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The Official Publication of Maryhill College, Elementary Department

June-Nov. 2011

Baruelo succeeds Legacy

Theres nothing permanent in world but change. This proves to be true when Rev. Fr. Edwin Baruelo was hailed as the new Director and BED principal of Maryhill College. He previously served as the principal of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Seminary in Sariaya, Quezon and also served as the Superintendent of the Lucena Diocese Catholic School Association (LUDICSA). An Institutional Mass lead by the colleges president Most Rev. Emilio Z. Marquez,DD. marked the opening of the celebration of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Students, parents and faculties alike conducted a floral offering to commemorate the birth of our schools patroness. To highlight the event, a cheer dance competition was facilitated. The participants came from the group of selected students from grades 4 -6. cont. on p. 16 There were also batches coming from high school students who vied for other category. The crowd turned enthusiastic as the first performer enters the center stage. The peacock-tailed Over a thousand slippers grade four studes amazed the expectators as they given and more than a thousand wave their gigantic fans. The angelic entrance of smiles received. Armed with a grade six participants turned the court holy as total of two thousand five hun- they interpreted a Marian Song which immedidred pairs of slippers, selected ately followed by a dance prod. Finally, the grade six and fourth year stupowerhouse cast of the grade dents extended their helping five fellows together with hands to some public elemenOver the past six years, this was the first time that the managetheir advisers brought the tary schools last September 7. ment was able to organize a field trip outside Quezon province for all house down as they covered It was very rewarding to cont. on p. 2 the elementary levels. October 7, it was a memorable day for many know how we help those little of Maryhill Colleges students because of the fieldtrip that happened. kids in our own ways, a grade In every destination, each participants left an experience to share and six student uttered as he distribstories to tell. For each and every one of them, every little moment is utes a pair of slippers. a treasure. Social Studies committee, During this day, different places were visited. The first official headed with Mrs. Lorelie Jasul, destination is the Kulturang Pinoy, all visitors are welcomed with an continued to give pairs of slipenergetic number portraying a cultural dance in an alternative Filipino music and instruments. Kulturang Pinoy depicts many parts pers each year. This project was cont. on p. 3 in line with the commemoration SHARE. Lots of slippers were given by Marians. of BVMs Nativity Day. ~C.Villaester and AM Gabatin Anumang magaling, kahit maliit basta't malimit ay patungong langit.This was the proposal statement of Pondo ng Pinoy as they continued their advocacy of doing small acts together, for a common goal and the good of all, that people are able to live their Christian lives to the fullest. The Pondo ng Pinoy Community Foundation, Inc. came into existence came into reality through the effort of Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales some 28 years ago. It is not just fund-raising in nature but also a catechetical mission of uplifting the quality of lives of poor Filipinos.
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Whats Inside? MC ArcKidz, cop awards in DSPC tilt p. 2

Another step higher, preparations for a Level up

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The brain behind the Apple

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Julia hears a Who?

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ArcMC what! (What!) ArcMC Go (Lets Go!) ArcMC, weve gonna to show you what were made of. ArcMC what! (What!) ArcMC Go (Lets Go!) ArcMC, one of the best wherever we go! After weeks of sleepless nights of review and all those times of going home late, finally it all started to pay off. Division Schools Press Conference began with an occasional parade with St. Ferdinand Cathedral as its starting point. It was then followed by the welcoming ceremonies conducted by the Division of Lucena officials. Mayor Barbara "Ruby Talaga" gave a very heart-warming remark to formally open the said tilt. The following days, the battle of the pen was on. The GS Arcade staffers bagged

June-November 2011


home several awards. "You win someyou lose some." These were the words cited by all the young journalists as they go up in stage to receive their recognitions. The imagination of our feature writers Angelee Mari Gabatin (5-Joy) and Chastine Therese Villaester (5-Joy) made them land on the second and the seventh spot on Feature Writing Filipino and English category respectively. On the other hand, our taek champ Miguel Alexandre Baladad (6-Love) proved that he could also be good in writing when he topple the third spot in Sports Writing (English) Category. Paul Christian Tanguilan (5Faith) landed on the seventh spot on Copyreading and Headline Writing (English)

category. The pair of Maria Angelica Roda (6-Love) and Ma. Drixia Flancia (6-Joy) made them land the ninth and the tenth spot on Editorial Writing Filipino and English category respectively. The creative imagination of our duo Maria Nicole Saltarin (6-Love) and Mary Kyla Tesalona (6- Wisdom) made them enter into the world of photojournalism as they bagged the second and the fourth place in English and Filipino category. The winners who landed until the seventh spot will qualify to the Regional Schools Press Conference this coming December. The others may not win places, but they had fun like they would have always.
~Louie Constantino

RULE. MC Arckidz dominates the center-stage as they copped numerous awards in the DSPC tilt.

Marians pay tribute

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TASTE. Grade 6 students invite onlookers to savor their deliciously prepared vegetable salad.

Isulong ang Breastfeeding-Tama, Sapat at Eksklusibo! This serves as the theme for this years celebration of Nutrition Month. The aim is to increase awareness on the relevancy of eating the right kind of food. To recognize creative talent of pupils/students different contests and activities were conducted such as Slogan contest, Poster making, Nutri Quiz Bee, sandwich making, vegetable salad making and picnic on the ground. Selected pupils from Grades 4, 5 and 6 competed in different contests. For Slogan , Gene Mercado (6- Wisdom) won the

1 place, Miguel Alexandre Baladad (6- Love) bagged the 2nd place and Ma. Drixia Flancia (6-Joy) got the 3rd place. In the Poster Making, Ann Kendell Maloles (5- Faith) grabbed the 1st place while Maria Nicole Saltarin (6Love) landed as 2nd place and Penelope Daphne Villanueva (5- Joy) on 3rd place. For Nutri Quiz Bee, finally Ma. Drixia Flancia (6-Joy) grabbed the 1st place, Paul Christian Tanguilan (5- Faith) landed on 2nd place while Louie Antoine Ma. Constantino (5- Love) ended on the 3rd place. On the other hand, sandwich making had been assigned for the grade five pupils. They made delicious sandwiches wherein the teachers and judges enjoyed. The grade six pupils were task in vegetable salad making. They were able to prepare


healthy salad while making their preparation unique. Lastly grade four pupils had their picnic on the ground wherein they prepared the three basic food groups that will meet daily nutrient requirements. The success of these activities was through the initiative of Mrs. Celeste Tan, TLE Coordinator with the help of TLE teachers and Rev. Fr. Edwin V. Baruelo, Director/BED Principal. ~Angelica Roda

JUDGE. Kyla and Sophia take a pose as Ms. Allen Rivere critics their groups presentation.

the stage with their creative props and stunts. The crowd turned restless as they wait for the announcement of the winners. Finally, the grade five students landed as the victor as they seize the first place. The grades six and four got the second and the third place respectively. A shower of blessing continued to flow as Mr. Willie Pagsuyuin, an alumni and the cheer dance s chief adjudicator gave five laptops and various balikbayan packages to selected MC personnel. The winners were determined by means of a raffle draw. At the end of the day, students, parents and teachers alike leave a smile on their faces, giving thanks to Mary and looking forward for the next BVM day.
~PC Tanguilan


June-November 2011
MC meets cont. from p1

of the Filipino culture such as different Filipino dances, items, music, and symbols. The second destination is the Crocodile Show which features different animals such as crocodiles, birds, and many more. The show further showcased the exhibition of talent of the animals cited, many kids were in awe and shouting as they able to witness the exciting tight rope walker right in the crocodile pond. Kulturang Pinoy and the Crocodile show are both located in the Boom na Boom Complex, Pasay City. After these two destinations, the group convened for a while from where the buses are parked so as to partake for lunch. At exactly 12:30 noon, the group immediately moved on going to Araneta Coliseum from where the Disney Live presentation will be held. The show did able to paste different sets of smiles among us kids and even those kids at heart. After the two sets of presentations the show finally marked its ending and it signaled that its time for us to get back for home. Even though tired, this trip certainly left a memory in the minds of all the people that participated in it. In the end, many people still enjoyed. All of them still had a sweet glimpse of the trip. This experience will taint in their hearts and a mind, for this is a single day where everyone did able to leave their worries and woes and do nothing but enjoy. All these are significant to note because it is an experience shared with family and friends. Indeed, in this educational field trip, we can say that Maryhill College meets Mickey and Crocs.

The expansion of the three-storey canteen was listed as the priority project in this years continued drive to improved school facilities. Funded from the budget proposal, the canteen amounted more or less 10, 400, 000 (accessories/ furniture not included). This infrastructure lies beside Pope Benedict XVI Building (Grades 5&6 classrooms). It started on the early days of April and finally inaugurated last October 13. The ground floor accommodates the elementary and high school students as well as parents. The second floor is allotted for the college students food hub and the teachers lounge on the half of it. The third floor has three rooms that will serve as Dance Room, PE Room and Alumni- PTA Room. Today, the expanded canteen is one of the most useful and enjoyed edifice in the entire Maryhill community which everyone will surely be proud of. ~Louie Constantino
In this years MGCO election, Christian Leaders that are Active and Inspired Marians (CLAIM) Partylist scored a landslide victory garnering ten out of ten seats in the student council. Ma. Drixia Flancia (6- Joy), the small but terrible, won the presidency hands down over the taek champ Miguel Alexandre Baladad (6-Love) of MCDO Team. Louie Antoine Ma. Constantino (5-Love), though a younger candidate, bested his competitor and win as MCGO Vice President. The other elected officers were Mary Kyla Tesalona, Secretary (6- Wisdom), Chastine Therese Villaester, Treasurer (5-Joy), Maureen Dorothy Merca, Auditor (6Joy) and Alessandra Chyna Marquez, PIO (3- Joy). Loraine Violanda (3-Joy), Angela Nicole Rosales (4-Joy), Angelee Mari Gabatin (5-Joy) and Ralph Emmanuel Hernandez (6-Wisdom) won as Represantives for grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively. During the first institutional flag ceremony, the new set of MCGO officers were proclaimed and presented to the student body.

~Louie Constantino

SHINE. MCs young scientists take pride as they pose holding their medals and certificates.

Marians Rule, Maryhill Colleges students proved this when the school won second place in the overall winners of the Division Science Fair (DSF). This occasion showed the perseverance of every student who participated in it. For them this event is not only for grades or awards but also to develop more the spirit of competitiveness and camaraderie as well as to gain friends from other schools. This experience certainly firmed the resolve of the participants to be more productive and cooperative. The event was held last September13-14 in the Zaballero Elementary School, wherein various events were participated by students from

both public and private schools. One of which is the Division Quiz Bee where the participants are from the first up to the sixth graders. Five of these participants won places for the school. Katrina Anne Figuera (2-Joy) won third place for grade 2 level, Loraine Violanda (3- Joy) won second place for grade 3 level, Angela Nicole Rosales (4-Joy) won second place for grade 4 level, Wensel de Mesa (5-Faith) won first place for grade 5 level, and Weaver Joram Marasigan (6-Joy) won the third place for grade 6 level. Beside the Quiz Bee, there are also other categories held in the DSF. These categories are the collage making, essay writing, and extemporaneous speaking. As for the collage making, there are two levels; the student level wherein Maria Nicole Saltarin (6Love) won second place and the teacher level wherein Mr.

Jayson de Chavez (Math 5 - 6) won first place. Even if they didnt win any awards, Czar Arman Gabriel Cedeo (1-Joy, quiz bee), Maria Drixia Flancia (6-Joy, extemporaneous speech) and Mariel Anne Magbuo (6Faith, essay writing) still went and fought with pride. Ms. Marilou Agad (Science 1- 2), Ms. Jeanza Telar (Science 34) and Ms. Romalyn Pineda (Science 5-6) trained the participants. Even some of them did not able to make it in the winning list, the important thing is that all of them had faith and confidence in themselves, in their trainers, and most importantly in God. From then on, they will continue to bring on the Maryhill Colleges banner with utmost pride, because aside from home this is the place where their inner most talent, competence, skills and more are molded and honed. ~Weaver Marasigan

~W. Marasigan & W. de Mesa

TRUST. Sam & Francis enjoy taking photos of animals from the Crocodile Park.

June-November 2011


Extracurricular activities have over-whelmed some top students. They are regularly excused for competitions, teachers errands, announcements and more. Some students dont balance what they do. They do more of this than that. Some of them do more academic and less extracurricular activities which is good. Some on the other hand, do more extracurricular activities and less academic which is not so good. Extracurricular activities are good to earn you a little reward for your good deeds. But they sometimes fall behind with the academic stuff and their high grades go low. They are supposed to keep up with their lessons for it is the one that teaches new things under the teachers supervision. They are here to show that we can excel, not be excused all the time. Being excused sometimes makes other people be higher than your position in the Top 10. It is our job to catch up with our lessons because we benefit new things such as new vocabulary, new words and more. Extracurricular activities are too much to do for some students. They must learn to keep up with what they do in academics and extracurricular activities benefit only a few things, they benefit exercise, but not much. We have to make sure they must learn to go back to their regular activities. Sometimes, extracurricular activities are not so beneficial.

Today a war of three giant and important masses is making an imbalance in a students well being. Its a big triple threat. Too much technology can make us lessen our homework STRICTLY ADLIB time. Too much technology Gene Mercado can also lessen our time with our family. Today, different games and applications can be way. But, our bonding time found in PCs, Ipods, Iphones, with our family is deterioratLaptops, etc. that affect us in a ing. This is because too much great way. It has been said homework and online gaming that too much games and com- are consuming the time that we puter stuffs which lead us to can use with our family. All of these factors are impleasure can drive us to addicportant. But we need to balance tion. We would be affected all of these so all of these may greatly in our time manage- ...too much games and computer affect us in ment and may stuffs which lead us to pleasure an orderly and posilessen our time can drive us to addiction. tive fashwith our family ion. and schooling. As a student, after a day at But a little of game time is not that bad. This may relax us school, we can have at least an and may lessen our stress lev- hour of game time a day. After a student plays, he or she must els. Homework...Homework do homework next. But teachcan also affect us in a great ers, must not conflict students way. It may lessen our time homework with other subjects. for our family due to some Because, personally, I experitime constraint. Yes, home- enced a lot of days having to work is an important factor in do five homeworks, and I was the grading system, but, too very tired after doing my task much of it will affect us in a and I had no time to spend with negative manner and may my family. If you do these, you would consume our bonding time have enough time with your with our love ones. All of these factors that I family to bond. A bonding time mentioned earlier may affect with ones family may resomething that we had since charge you from your tiredwe were born. And that is ness. If you manage your time family. Bonding with our famproperly, you would have a ily is fun. It is natural to us and doesnt affect us in a bad good time.
The Official Publication of Maryhill College Grade School Department
Editor-in-chief Louie Antoine Ma. Constantino || Associate Editor Gene Mercado || Managing Editor Ma. Angelica Roda || News Editor Weaver Joram Marasigan || Feature Editor Ma. Drixia Flancia || Sports Editor Miguel Alexandre Baladad || Photojournalists Maria Nicole Saltarin, Mary Kyla Tesalona || Cartoonists Ann Kendell Maloles, Marianne Gene Mesa || Senior Staffers Mariel Anne Magbuo, Paul Christian Tanguilan, Angelee Mari Gabatin, Wensel de Mesa, Anna Andrea Buenafe, Patricia Julia Bunyi, Louise Margarette Atienza || Junior Staffers Shania Raagas, Chastine Therese Villaester, Jude Vernard Ragudo, Paul Matthew Dio, Julienne Patrice Roda || Contributors Mikayla Louise Stokes, Darren Ray Torres, Roi Vincent Merca || Moderator Ms. Jennifer Magboo || Consultant Mrs. Hazel Hernandez || Director/Principal Rev. Fr. Edwin Baruelo


June-November 2011

Dear Ed Chief, I thought that our campus is entirely an English Speaking Zone as what theyve said. But in my entire stay in this institution, I honestly seldom hear students converse in English. Wheres that speaking Zone that they are referring to? It is not bad to preserve and used our native tongue whenever we communicate. It is the easiest way to express our sibcerest feelings, emotions and actions. The problem is, the students find it hard to communicate even in just simple sentences. English classes, are turning into translation session whenever students are saying Ms. pwede pong TagalogTagalog nalang poor worst Ms. paki-Tagalog nga po. Some are hesitant to recite in fear of embarrassment and ridiculed from others. Teachers often find the difficulty to let students express themselves in their subjects. Students sometimes speak in English but they just make it for fun. The English carabao (crooked one) was always the center of every laughs and giggles. Whats funny on that? They are always laughing on their own mistake without further realizing that it is not good at all. The level of learning. Being in one of the biggest and the most established school in Lucena, everyone should take part and exert in effoert for us to learn how to communicate and express ourselves using the second language which is Engish. So, everywhere and anywhere we could be competent in confident in carrying the name of our school From someonewho must not be named.

For twenty years Maryhill College has not been accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association for Schools ,Colleges ,and Unive r si t i es( P AA S CU ) .T hi s year ,the school is going to do its best to win the price that it havent tasted for a long time. Every detail is now being looked upon by the school so as to win the hearts of every member of the PAASCU team. Every preparation has to be flawless just to meet the very criteria of the PAASCU. Maryhill College is a school of high standard. This may be true but why does it want the ever evasive accreditation of the PAASCU? The reason behind this is that when a school is accredited by the PAASCU it is not only a school of high standard but a school of high calibre, a

school of class, and a school of sheer magnificence. There are many preparations being made by the school to be accredited by the PAASCU once more. But what are these preparations? According to the Prefect of Discipline (POD) Office and the Guidance Office there are many things done to meet the criteria of the PAASCU .The Guidance Office also stated that there are seven areas on which the PAASCU will be looking at to see if Maryhill College is fit to be given a level up .One of these areas is the Student Service Area (involves the Guidance, clinic, and canteen).These are the preparations being made by this area: Preparing exhibits and

other pertinent materials related to PAASCU requirements. Maintain the best features commended by the PAASCU team. Develop and improve the recommendations made by the PAASCU team. Orientations, plenums, and exhibits are also made to prove that everything is being done to meet the expectations of the PAASCU. The PAASCU does not only consider the quantitative aspect or the physical structure the school has. But they are also taking a wider look in the qualitative aspect from where the school consists of high skilled faculty under a well-organized management structure, promot-

INNOVATIONS Weaver Marasigan

ing its core values that imbedded in their mission to provide quality education among students. Thus, ensuring students intelligence, competitiveness and active participation in and out of school further honing individual's basic social responsibilities. The officers, faculty and the student body are optimistic once again that the school will be accredited by this high esteemed accrediting body. Maryhill College is looking forward of joining in the roster of other academic institutions accredited by PAASCU.

June-November 2011


Bullying is a problem of families. all schools today. However, On the seminar conducted bullying has always been a last October 12, Prof. Rene problem. Zubieto of Southern Luzon Bullying as defined is a State University facilitated a form of aggressive behavior, talk about Coaching kids which may manifest as abu- how to handle bullying to sive treatment, the use of elementary teachers and parforce or coercion to affect ents. others, particularly when haNot only was I bullied as bitual and involving an imbal- a child, but I continue to get ance of power. bullied today as an adult Let us first talk about the cited Prof. Zubieto as he characteristics of bullying. shared his personal experiTypically, bullies and their ences on bullying. victims share the same charBullying can cause stuacteristiclow steam. These dents academic performwere the results gained from ance to bog down. They find painful experit h e m ences or events Not only was I bullied as a selves unon the part of the child, but I continue to get focused in bully and the studying being bullied. bullied today as an adult l e s s o n s . Externalizing or The social expressing those feeling can being of the students are because some children to be- ing deteriorated. They lack come bullies as they attempt confidence to interact with to control their environment others due to fear of being and to compensate for their hurt again. They may also deficient control on their developed vengeance or hate

ISSUE: Tutorial Abolition at Maryhil College MCArcKid Correspondent : Are you in favor on the policy of tutorial abolition at school? Why?
It's ok because I study at home with my mom. (Lanz Constantino, Gr.1-Joy) Yes, because I can still study without someone tutoring me(Kim Saltarin, Gr. 2-Joy) No because sometimes I am struggling in studying my lessons(Kristen Loraine Violanda, Gr. 3-Joy) No because my mom has other things to do and my sister has to study too... (Wilmer Quierrez, Gr. 4Faith) Yes because I don't need tutoring because I can study on my own and save money( Chastine Therese Villaester, Gr. 5-Joy) I think it is a yes and a no because it has advantages and disadvantages in tutoring(Patricia Bunyi, Gr. 6 Love)


on the bully that they turn to be aggressive just to protect themselves. To remedy such cases, Marian teachers together with the Guidance and Counseling Center joined hands to boost students self confidence through recreational activities, clubs and educational trips. Those are made possible through learning logs, reflection and selfintrospection related tasks. I believe the answer to the issue of bullying rest with all of us, especially the victims of bullying. We all have the power to think, behave and react in ways that limits or eradicates bullying.

QUEST AND QUERY Drixia Flancia

Honesty is the best policy. This is one of the quotations that are hard to follow for some students. What is much easier to do- to tell the truth or to lie about something? Perhaps lying is much easier for some people. Some grade six students were caught cheating and sharing their answers to one another. Some cheated by using their cell phones and some by just telling their answers to their seatmates.

What could be the effect of help their classmates. this to the lives of the stuSome students who are dents? What would other going to fail are sometimes people thought about them? cheating just to pass. But Cheating is like stealing why are they doing this in something from someone. If those ways? Instead they can you cheat you might get an approach their teacher in offense. If youre a cheater their free time and ask if you can also be called a rob- they can help him/her in the ber, but if you helped the lesson but still they are cheater you might be called choosing to cheat. Why cant sidekick or an accomplice. this cheating be stopped? Who are more prone to This cheating must end now. cheat, is it the ones who are We must help every student in top or the to understand ones who are Cheating is like stealing this. We must going to f a i l ? encourage them to study Why would some honor stu- harder to pass. The honor dents cheat? Maybe its be- students must keep on giving cause they cant stand their their best and to do the right seatmate or friend. Or, they thing. If they want to help want their classmate to pass. students who are going to Or, he/she just like to do it. fail, they must help them in Well, there are still ways to the right way.

GS Arcade is currently in need of cartoonists, lay-out artists, and photo editors. If you are interested and youre the one were looking for, you may take the Qualifying Examination in our office. For comments and suggestions, please drop by to our office, 5-Faith room, Pope Benedict XVI Building. GS Arcade is extending its sincerest and deepest gratitude to all Marians for making this publication into reality.


June-November 2011

Technology is of the must needs in our generations today. MC ArcKidz researched some of the newest and the latest gadgets in the world of innovation today. Speed Cell- equipment launched by Adidas which is attach to the shoe to keep track of workouts and fitness levels such as foot speed, acceleration and distanced traveled. It is fitted for running and multiple sports. SteriPEN Freedom - is a portable UV water purifier that can produce drinking water by removing 99% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. As for the usage, you have to do is to remove the lamp cover, immerse the UV lamp in a glass of water and steer it for 48 seconds. SteriPEN Freedom comes with built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB port, AC adapter, or even a compatible solar charger. This device measures 5.1-inch x 1.4-inch x 0.8-inch and it weighs only 74 grams. Kudos credit card acceptance kit is developed by NetSecure Payments, and it is currently available in the United States, and the thing that makes Kudos so special is its ability to turn desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones into credit card terminals. ~AM Gabatin

f you live each day as if it was your last, someday youll most certainly be right. These were the lines cited by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios as he delivered his commencement address at Standard University. Steve Jobs is known as the brain child of the Apple creations and coolest gadgets. Here's a brief rundown of some of his greatest contributions to our increasingly tech-savvy and interconnected global society. He released Apple II, the worlds first mass-market personal computer. Under his leadership, Apple introduced the all-in-one iMac computer, becoming the first machine to eschew a floppy-disk drive. It was also marketed as being Internet-ready out of the box. The iBook was introduced in 1999, equipped with Wi-Fi technology and included some style updates as well. The iPod was first introduced in 2001, that its name has become synonymous with mp3 players. The iPod wouldn't have been such a smash without the help of other products backing it up. Chief among these was the media-player program iTunes, which Apple also introduced in 2001. The introduction of the iPhone in 2007 had a seismic effect on the smart phone industry that reverberates to this day; now they are web-surfing, do-everything machines packed full of useful apps. By 2010, Steve Jobs was confident the world was ready to embrace a new type of device a tablet computer that would be great for watching movies and playing games. The glass staircase incorporates some novel engineering and architectural feats. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died October 5 at age 56 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Though his life ended, his memory will continue to leave forever. Cool is what makes Appleand Steve Jobsso hot. One day the company will go on without Steve, and if it's to remain a force in the market, it will have to keep its cool. ~PC Tanguilan

Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile. The game has been called one of the most mainstream games out right now, one and the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far. Heres how to play the game. 1. The task is to recover the eggs that have been taken by a group of evil green pigs. 2. The objective of the game is to eliminate all the pigs in all levels such as wood, ice and stone. 3. Using a slingshot, players launch the birds with the intent of hitting or killing the pigs directly or damaging its structures. 4. In various stages, additional objects such as explosive crates and rocks are found in the structures and the birds strength activates as the level increases. 5. Points are scored for each pig defeated as well as for damage to, or destruction of, structures, and bonus points are awarded for any unused birds. 6. Upon completing each level, players receive one, two, or three stars, depending on the score received. ~PM Dio

June-November 2011


Maryhill College, being a bit secluded from the huzzle and buzzle heart of the city, provides ample grounds for peaceful and quiet study. Through the years, MC remains to cultivate students unique potential and in-depth academic capacity. As one walks through its long roofed pedestrian lane, you can notice the campus well-established buildings carefully founded by busy hands and creative minds throughout the years. One beholds the refreshing coolness of green trees rarely found in institutions located in the city proper. Inside, live the peace-loving young dreamers that will soon be pride of the entire province or even the world. This is truly a paradise that encloses happiness, love and prosperity. Beyond the wall, on the other side of that same long roofed pedestrian await poverty-stricken fellow, almost dying at heart, losing hope for the misfortunes that befall on them. You can see them with eyes wide open but seemed invisible at all. You passed that lane almost every day but do you ever have time to eye on their sufferings? Its indeed ironical that within the seat


June-November 2011

of the Catholic faith spread those hopeless people sullied of the days work, selling sampaguita, candles and other stuffs to passers-by. Some lend an ear to their fruitless calling but most ignored . MC being run by mostly priests as its board of trustees patronizes charity works and humanitarian acts. Some of those fund-raising projects were the Pondo ng Pinoy, Tsinelas ni Maria, Mission Sunday, Red Cross, AlayKapwa and others. Indeed Marians, in the wall and off the wall have a very open heart for everyone because MC is an educational institution that aims to further enhance students academic excellence, concern to the natural environment, response to the urgent issues of time, been evangelize evangelizer, and outstanding in humility, charity , fidelity, wisdom, justice and peace while maintaining its filial devotion to Mary. Just be open to the call, and then you will hear the voice beyond the wall. Marians do. Marians did. Marians will. Wensel de Mesa


June-November 2011


Have you ever felt that you are in a different p l a c e which is totally not familiar to you? Have you ever felt that you are all alone and is starting all over again. If not, let me tell you my story. I studied there since I was pre-elementary. There, I build up my true friends whom I would be cherishing forever. The teachers are very kind and helpful. I am very active and participative every time theres a program. Luckily, I gain awards, every time I joined in and out of school activities. I told myself, this school would be my Alma Mater until my high school. The teachers and students here are like a family. I cant say anything because I know this is one of the best schools here in Lucena.

It was the month of May, when my parents told me that I will be transferring, I immediately replied, I dont like, I want to stay here. Because the first thing I thought of was Ill be far away from my friends, classmates, and my teachers. I was sad, really sad. I was praying that my parents would change their minds. But unfortunately, my parents and I together with my brother have a talk; we had a meeting in the family. My parents explained to us the reality of our lives. They told me Theres no such thing permanent in this world, Shan. You have to face and accept the reality of life. These are the words came out from them. If you are truly good in your class, you have to find yourself in a huge and wide school. You have to explore yourselves in different situations, involve yourselves in

a more challenging roles. Meet people in one of the biggest and wellestablished schools here in Lucena City. After their explanations why we have to transfer the school? I realized that they are correct. I understood them. My first day of class in my new school was very exciting and nervous because I dont know what will happen next. I was very happy because I saw my two classmates (Marianne and Loch) from my old school and fortunately we are of the same section. Well, just a little adjustment to my new classmates and friends in my new school. However, because of my previous school, I have good foundations too; I am now doing better in our class. I have new friends too; they are also kind to me. The teachers here are also kind and helpful. I can

say that my parents are right. I am happier and more relieved. I easily adjusted myself to the people around me. I feel that I am an old student here. I can say now, that if you want to learn and explore yourself, just listen to your parents because they know what the best thing is for you. Just believe in your parents and most of all believe in yourself keep on praying because only GOD can give and guide you for the rest of your life. Thank you to my friends, classmates and teachers in my old school. I will never forget you. Now, I belong to Marians, Im very happy and thankful to my parents because they put us in one of the biggest, established and best school in Lucena City I have a true Alma Mater, Maryhill College God Bless!!! ~Shania Raagas

The family that prays together stays together. This dogma was proven to be true as Maryhill College, being a Catholic institution continuous its advocacy to bring young minds and souls to God. Being a family, the whole MC community celebrates different kinds of masses suited for every occasion. The Mass of the Holy Spirit is celebrated






for Mary. The Group Mass is also celebrated with grades 2, 4 and 5 or 1, 3 and 6. Thats why it is called group mass. First Friday mass was also celebrated every first Friday of the month. Lastly, the Family Mass which was done by Maryhill students. It is for celebrated by the entire BED and HED students and personnels. These masses were not be

Marquez,DD as the officiating priest. This is the mass which marks the beginning of the school year and was celebrated by all Marians. Next is Institutional Mass which is the mass, honoring the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary. This was celebrated every September 8 wherein students offer flowers and gifts

possible without the schools chaplain Rev.Fr. Guian Alvarez and Rev.Fr. Ramil Ansay together with Bro. Rev. Eamon Panganiban and Rev. Ruzzel Habito, and Bro. Ronals Endencia for the Marian Choir. All of these masses were different. But all of them were celebrated with reverence. ~Chastine Villaester


June-November 2011

to continue her tasks. Her unique way of speaking makes the whole class adore and imitate her. Are you getting it..can you follow..who told you to do so..? Q7: The Master of Rhythm and Rhythmitic. Gifted with a towering height and irresistible charm, this promising young buddy stands to be the thorn among those roses that surrounds him. His jovial and childish ways in teaching make the class goes round. Its not yet too late. Come up with creative ways to show them that we have become the best of what we can be responsible, caring, and contributing citizens of our country and the global community. Flowers and cards may say it all, but heartfelt thanks will be the icing that will bring hundredth-folds of strength for them. OUR TEACHER, OUR HERO. ~Julia Bunyi

PssssstCan we talk for a while? Hope you dont mind if I bother. This would not take long. Just listen, keep your heart wide open. In our ever-changing world where things happen in a just a blink of an eye, with just a click of a button everything is in instant. Everything can change but theres someone who stays the same. They are everywhere, walking around, moving around without being noticed. They did great things for you without being asked to do so. They are your teachers. Do you know your them well? Have you ever thanked them at least once in your lives? Lets take this quiz for us to determine whether we know our teachers well. Q1: Whos this wardrobe goddess for she never repeats her clothing. Behind her hardcore kakikayan lies her jologs attrib-

utes for she was surely fun to be with. This pretty June bride often carries herself well thats why her students love her so much. Q2: Whos this Farmville Chic who patronizes the conservation and protection of plants and animals. Her true age was hidden in her baby-face appearance and fashionable attires. The next Anne Curtis as what students dubbed her. Truly a Green Lantern for shes a starlight guide in the young minds of her students. Q3: Not a soul in the MC crowd doesnt know her name. As she was always fresh vibrant enthusiastic, young- at heart and ever generous. Call for it and she all have it. This madam with a red-hot passion for highheeled shoes always mesmerize the runway with her timeless beauty. Q4: The STRESS LADY

of MC. This was the title appropriate for her. She was always on a parachute-panic whenever deadlines, submissions and requirements were on her way. But mind you, behind her worries lie a very tough young lady whom anybody can count on for she is a good adviser and confidant. Her name is stressed on the third syllable. Q5: Whos this Color Coding Queen for she often matches her earrings, shoes, bags etc. with the color of the clothing she wears. Truly a Dyosa for those drama enthusiasts for she loves acting and conquering the stage. Q6: The tsunami walk goddess.This young mademoiselle proved this adage to be true. She always struggles with time for shes always running out of it. Thank God, her super Faith to the 5th power gives her strength and courage

1. It has been scientifically proven that stroking a cat can lower one's blood pressure. 2. A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death. 3. Women have a better sense of smell than men. 4. You are about 1 centimeter taller in the morning than in the evening. 5. Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people. 6. The average person has 100,000 hairs on his/her head. Each hair grows about 5 inches (12.7 cm) every year. 7. The sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog." uses every letter of the alphabet! 8. The word Tips is actually an acronym standing for 'To Insure Prompt Service'. 8. A mosquito has 47 teeth. 9. Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times. 10. The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue. facts


June-November 2011


arians,Marians int gonna go, aint gonna run eaching out our goals esterday, today, and the future is ours oping the values, visions and missions n our Heart, in our soul ove and respect be always in our mind ord with Your help, help us to be bind ome yeah! Oh Come yeah! n the busy street of Maryhill, ooking for the better you, better eader of the country, never nding story about Maryhill College ives you opportunity to be one of the best xtreme yourself to the highest degree Would I be a lawyer, who defends cases, Or be a dentist who puts some braces? Would I be a photographer who takes pictures, Or a writer who makes scriptures? Would I be an architect who designs houses, Or a dressmaker who makes blouses? An actor that can be seen in TV Who am I kidding that could be me! Would I be a nurse and take care of the sick, Or maybe a plumber who fixes the pipe leak? Would I be a teacher who teaches, Or maybe a priest who preaches? To study hard and to have good education, To receive awards and recognition. These were the dreams that lives on, And still continues on and on. Then, I realized is it really my intentions? I notice I have lots of friends to count on. They were my buddies, my great companions, That supports me to reach my vision.

Would I be a farmer who plant trees, Or a sailor who sails the seven seas? As life goes on, I learn how to carry on Would I be an astronaut who goes in space, Continue my passion with my companions Or a scientist who experiments in different ways? Because I believed its the journey not the destination. When I grow up I want to be successful, To have a life that is happy and beautiful. I want to share what God gave me, Thats why Im asking myself who would I be?


June-November 2011


What a wonderful music I hear This sound makes me tear, This world is full of music That creates a touch of magic. When I hear the guitar I want to rock And go around poking peoples back, When I hear drums I want to shake Peoples arms I will take. I love hearing the sound of saxophones While eating three pieces of ice cream cones, If the piano starts to play I will stop to listen and stay. When I hear the trumpet I want to sway And I might dance all the way, If I hear the violin I always cry I always ask myself why? The most important instrument is the human voice It is more than millions of toys, These instruments make music That creates a wonderful magic.

Have you ever swim in the deep blue sea, Or climb in the worlds highest tree. Did you ever imagine flying in the sky? happy? e sky make you Or draw the mountain up so high. the clouds in th dancing baby. Do funny Like a cute and the biggest eagle, ride Have you ever m wiggle. the smallest wor Or make

ers? e with the tig communicat e buzzers. Can you s that are lik Even the bee live with the monkeys? t to Do you wan forests strongest trees. the To swing in

There are many things in this world to wonder, That is given by our one and only Father. We must make these things last longer, And make this world wonderful and better.

ings, ing th he liv ll of t e for a e mad an beings. ar , things um These lly for the h in this place our days. s a Especi lucky to live at complete h t e We ar erful world ond Aw

I know that I will always treasure, A true and loyal friend for sure. A friend who will cry and laugh with me, On time of sorrow and glee.

ol, p in scho r first ste people around. On you nd new fi You will to your eyes, gers . Stran be called ssmate to A cla

ity, ts. ool activ pponen our sch re your best o In y ates a Classm ve your goals, h them.. it ie To ach to compete w ou have y

A friend who is ready to stand by me, Through hardship and adversity. A friend who will be faithful to the end, And our friendship she will tend.

As time goes by, Youll never notice that Youll find a friend With your classmates.

And in return will strive to be, The same good friend she is to me. There are many kinds of friends indeed, But true friend is what I need.

nd. h, a frie it ate is an play w s you m class you c nie a A s. comp one n wit Some lk and ac an lean o c ta Can metimes d so an

Acquainted in scho ol time, Parting ways when school ends. Memories are to be treasured, Remembering as a pleasure.


June-November 2011


Winning is not the case of us to succeed in sports or in any aspects of life; it is about learning how to be humble with every accomplishments. Behind every game is a good player who humbly respects the person or team which he is competing with. Not every player always wins. Losing is another part of the story that could not be avoided. A person who achieves something may also start in losing; a person who loses becomes strong and more determined not just in sports but also in life. Winning gives every player pride and honor that he

achieves something not just for himself but also for the team or school that he is representing. It opens a better room for opportunities. But too much pride can swallow one's good intentions. Humility must be the guiding force to move us up when we are winning. Loosing is sometimes painful especially when you really prepared for the competition. Players could be so wrapped up in the game; they desperately want to win that they forgot the true essence of the game, SPORTMANSHIP. With a positive mind; losing or winning is never a hindrance for a game, it is the sportsmanship within. T h e Philippine National Football Team (Azkals) is the national football (soccer) team of the Philippines and represents the country in international football. The Philippine Azkals team is controlled by the Philippine Football Federation (PFF), the governing body of football in the Philippines. The national team is most popularly referred to as the "Azkals". The name was coined when an online Philippine football community proposed the nickname Calle Azul (Spanish meaning Streets of Blue, referring to the color of their kit) which was modified to Azul Calle, shortened into AzCal, and finally became Azkal a word that is similar to Filipino term Askal meaning street dog. The Philippine Azkals national team is becoming a much stronger force to reckon with in Southeast Asian football, especially with the addition of some experienced foreign-based Filipino players. The Filipino people hope that they will continue to blaze anew the Philippine footballing trail and inspire a new generation of young players that will carry on the torch of hope in the field of football development in the country.

Maryhill College has a Basketball team named MC Team. They represent our school in the game of basketball. They are truly someone to be proud of. MC Team is composed of two divisions/halves. They are Team A and Team B. Team A has a record of 3 wins and 1 loss. They recently lost to another school in their last game. Team B has 1 win and 2 losses. Even though they are in a losing streak, they are currently improving their skills in the game of basketball.

MC Team has two coaches. They are Coach Ato and Coach Aris. They both follow a saying which says, God first, Family Second, Education third, Basketball fourth Both of them are wise and skillful. They both drive and guide MC Team to success in the world of basketball. MC Team represents us always when in a game. They are really someone to be proud of. And remember, they win for our school, and not for themselves. ~Gene Mercado

Our taek champs Lynard Adrian Rivera (6-Love) stamped the first spot in forms and first spot in sparring while Miguel Alexandre Baladad (6-Love) seized the first place in forms and second place in sparring competition last October 9,2011 at Sariaya Sports Center . Luckily I manage to win against my opponents, though a bit nervous, cited Rivera after being declared as champ. The events were divided into individual, pair and team categories. Forms (poomsae) is performed by following a systematic time of movement in a consecutive sequence against an imaginary opponent or multiple opponents. It consists of movements using the hands and feet and interconnected techniques like blocking, punching, striking, thrusting and kicking. Sparring (Kyeorugi) on the other hand, is an attempt to best each other in a controlled form of mock combat. This was not the first time they won for the school. Truly, Rivera and Baladad were the type of Marian students that we will be proud of. ~Gene Mercado


June-November 2011

Results of the MiniOlympics Event
Chess Boys 1. Gabriel Martin Morfe-6 Joy 2. John Patrick Atienza- 6 Faith 3. Paul Christian Tanguilan-5 Faith Chess Girls 1. Ma. Drixia Flancia- 6 Joy 2. Ira Garcia-6 Joy 3. Klarisse Garcia- 6 Faith

SOAR . Grade 6 -Love demonstrates the spirit of camaraderie as they cherished their winning moment and unforgettable experience during the game.

Students from Grades 4 6 passed their way thru all the events in the Mini Olympics held last September 3, 2011 in the MC school ground. The day started with the kids getting pumped up for their respective events. As the opening ceremony started, all sections from grades 4 6 shouted out their yells. We are the champions, we are the best. These were the words cited by the grade 6 - Love as they won the coveted Mini-Olympics Championship title. Charlene de Guzman (6Love) was acclaimed as the

Sudoku Master as she grabbed the first spot. Mariel Anne Magbuo (6- Faith) and Maxine Papica (5- Wisdom) followed as they captured the 2nd and 3rd place respectively. The girls from Grade 6Love and the boys from Grade 6-Wisdom won in the Patintero event. In the Volleyball competition, 6-Love girls and 6-Faith boys topped their opponents. In the main event, Grade 6-Love snatched the championship title in the most awaited basketball game as they defeated Grade 5-Joy with the score of 24-15.

Guian Dave Adion of 6Love was hailed as the Most Valuable Player as he earned the record of 15 points, 2 assists and 7 rebounds. Its been hard playing for such competitive players. We just gave our best and enjoyed the game. said Adion after grabbing the title. All throughout the events, it wouldnt be made possible if no sportsmanship involved. The celebration does not end this year but rather it is only a preparation for the coming years. ~Miguel Baladad

Sudoku 1. Charlene de Guzman- 6 Love 2. Mariel Anne Magbuo- 6 Faith 3. Maxine Papica- 5 Wisdom Volleyball Girls 1. 6-Love 2. 4- Faith Volleyball Boys 1. 6- Faith 2. 5-Joy Basketball Boys 1.6-Love 2. 5-Joy Patintero Girls 1. 6-Love 2. 5-Wisdom Patintero Boys 1. 6-Wisdom 2. 5-Faith


There is a new sport in town, Fingerboard. This is a working replica of a skateboard that a person "rides" by replicating skateboarding maneuvers with their hand. The device itself is a scaled-down skateboard complete with moving wheels, graphics and trucks. This device was invented by Cam Fox Bryant. Others that have been given credit to the improvements of the common fingerboard are Andrew Lenert Maffson, Cody Fegger as well as Timothy Puffet. A fingerboard is 96 millimeters long or longer, and can have a variety of widths like

26mm (regular), 28mm (wide), and 29mm and up (extra wide). There are the 57mm minis and the 96mm regular and the cruiser boards. Skateboarding tricks may be performed using fingers instead of feet. Most tricks done on a fingerboard are the same as people do on skateboards. Although barely "rideable," they were improved upon by the Tech Deck brand which mass produced a "rideable" miniature skateboard. The first entertainment licensed fingerboards were introduced by Bratz Toys. Marian students enjoy playing Tech Deck during their free time. This is a sport which is safe because no physical contacts and no violent movements are involved. Now Fingerboard is not just considered as widely toy for the ages but now a popular sport in the new generation. ~

In the observance of Linggo ng Wika, the Filipino Committee headed by Ms. Irene Umbrete conducted various contests for the Marian students. Ang Filipino ay Wikang Panlahat, Ilaw at Lakas sa Tuwid na Landas, this served as the yearss theme of the said event. August 8-12 were the big days for Maryhill College as they celebrated Buwan ng Wika to commemorate the importance of Filipino language and culture. Part of the opening salvo was the opening prayer. It was then followed by singing of the National Anthem and

June-November 2011


Interpretive Dance lead by Teatro Arko. The intensified Sabayang Pagbigkas highlighted the event. It was participated by students from grades 5 and 6. The contest was divided into two groups, A and B where Grade 6-A won the first prize, Grade 5-A as 2nd place, Grade 6-B as 3rd , and Grad 5-B as 4th place. In the essay writing contest, Wensel de Mesa (5Faith), Maria Angelica Roda (6-Love) and Mary Kyla Tesalona (6-Wisdom) won the first, second and third places respectively. The Katutubong Sayaw were performed by the grade

four pupils. The Cariosa got the fourth place, Salakot got the third place, Bakya got second place, and Singkil got the first place . The pre-school pupils and also the primary (grades 1-3) levels also participated in the celebration. Students from grades 1-3 amazed the entire Multimedia Center as they recited patriotic poems. Indeed, the celebration of the Linggo ng Wika was one of the Maryhill Colleges most awaited event each year.
~Shania Raagas

DIGNIFIED. Rev. Fr. Baruelo delivers his speech as he formally opens the school year.

Baruelo succeeds
cont. from p1

Though the task that is now laid on shoulders seems heavy, I consider it a great privilege and opportunity to be a member of the Maryhill College Family, cited Baruelo as he gives his welcoming remarks on the official opening of the school year 2011-2012. Now, Rev.Fr.Baruelo was a very hands-on person when he does his task. You can always see him roaming all over the campus, doing class observations and inspections. He never fails to check school-related documents, teachers lesson and learning plans, TOS, test drafts and the likes. With unending support and cooperation from everyone, Maryhill College will soon reach its goal for a PAASCU level up. ~MA Magbuo

INTENSIFY. Selected grade 5 pupils turned the crowd astounded as they deliver their heart-felt choral recitation.

Maryhill College backs up cont. from p1

The main sources of funds are the 5 and 10 or the 25centavo coins that churchgoers and devotees save up in empty plastic bottles or cans from extra loose changes they accumulate daily, and give, when the container is full, to their parish church. Maryhill College supports the Pondo ng Pinoy thus putting some empty 1.5 Cocacola bottles as containers in almost all the classrooms of MC. Every little crumb of coins they put inside counts a lot. Marians help, even unnoticed, in their own little ways.

It is fitting and proper that the people of the City of Lucena, be given full opportunity to celebrate the occasion with appropriate ceremonies." This was the phrase cited under Proclamation 14 signed by President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III as he declared August 20 as special non-working holiday in Lucena City. Every 20th of August, the city celebrates "Araw ng Lucena". The celebration feature activities that showcased the spirit of the city. The Grand Parade partici-

pated by city and government officials, different schools and organizations showcase the best of the city. It is a day for everyone in the city. "Araw ng Lucena" is one day that we need to look forward to. As we celebrate Araw ng Lucena, students from schools around Lucena participated in contests such as poster making. The event was held at the Maryhill College Covered Court on August 16, 2011, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.. The winner of the first place in elementary was a student from Holy Rosary. The second place was grabbed by our

very own student, Ann Kendell Maloles (Gr.5-Faith). The third spot was taken by a student from Saint Philomena School. The prizes were given on the night of August 16, 2011. Also, an off the wall/ on the wall painting contest was also held. The nights of songs This week-long celebration ends up into a GABI NG PARANGAL AT PASASALAMAT and a grand parade. ANG GALING NG LUCENAHIN was once again witnessed on this 50th Charter Anniversary.
~J. Ragudo and L. Atienza