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Virtual Nuggets offers outstanding Online training , Corporate Training and consulting services worldwide for TIBCO BW , TIBCO

BE, TIBCO IPROCESS , IBM Lombardi 7.5 , IBM FileNet Technologies,SAS Clinical , Oracle SOA BPEL 11 g , ODI , OSB , IBIEE . We Are Specialized in TIBCO, IBM tools , Oracle Tools Trainings from Real time experienced Instructors Having Good Industrtial Experience. About VirtualNuggets : Virtual Nuggets, genesis from the passion to share knowledge and facilitate learners of diverse levels from beginners to professionals, on upgrading their skills in unique and exceptional technologies through the most effective ways without bestowing your valuable time and redundant money. Our experiences and hurdles to attain knowledge on few technologies, taught us many valuable lessons, as they are hard to find in books, institutions, online, not even any mentor for those unique technologies. Even if we found one, still numerous queries arise in our minds like, are they theoretical sound? Do they provide assistance in the future? Does the material worth our payment? and so on. These challenges inspired us and provoked our idea of providing quality education and support to learners came to LIFE. Virtual Nuggets is an honest attempt to aid the aspirant learning various technologies in the right way, by right expert faculty with the precise real time practical exposure, devoid of commercial facet to education. We believe, if your intentions are bold and your efforts are honest, you will succeed in whatever you do.First step to be a good learner is to be an avid reader, so go ahead and explore the various sections of this website, where we have blended our efforts and our trainers thoughts to bring them all under one roof, which we are sure, would help you in taking a valuable training.

Courses We Offer: TIBCO BusinessWorks TIBCO BusinessEvents TIBCO IProcess TIBCO AMX BPM TIBCO Spotfire TIBCO CIM IBM Lombardi 7.5 IBM FileNet IBM Trivoli Oracle SOA BPEL Oracle Data Interation(ODI) Oracle Service Bus(OSB) OBIEE SAS Clinical Hadoop Kentico CMS For Asp.Net

Course Details: History of SAS SAS comes in ERP sector or not? Why? What is Clinical Research Study? What is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)? What is DBMS? What is SAP (Statistical Analysis Plan) SAS BASICS

Managing windows in SAS window environment Why using the SAS in different sectors. How to use the data step to read and manipulate complex forms of data Write Data and Proc steps. Data step compile and execution Read any type of external raw data into SAS Reading raw data SAS environment into DATA SET using Input statement & advance INLIFE statement options Working with Data Storage in SAS libraries creation for user defined libraries and multi-engine architecture Reading data from data set to another data set. To manage the SAS window environment used with global options. To manage existing data with controlling statements and expressions Creating Summary Information, SAS Functions, Transforming Data Changing variable types using the PUT and INPUT functions summarizing data files To expert data from data sets to delimiter files using with data set block Understand error messages in the SAS Log and debug your program LOOPS AND ARRAYS: Using Do loops for repetitive calculations and processing Using Arrays to process across an observations and processing Using DO WHILE and DO UNTIL statements for conditional looping UTILITIES TO MANAGE AND WORK WITH DATASETS: Using the update statement to update data in existing dataset. Using the MODIFY statements to update and modify data in place Merging concepts

Concatenation concept in merging Interleaving concept and merging Different kind of match merging using MERGE statement using the contribution (IN=) option in merge concept Using ODS concept to generate reports Role of ODS concepts to reporting SAS output To generate SAS output in different panels like RTF, HTML,PDF and XML Using ODS BASE SAS PROCEDURES: UTILITY PROCEDURES: 1. IMPORT PROCEDURE 2. EXPORT PROCEDURE 3. DBLOAD PROCEDURE 4. COPY PROCEDURE 5. CPORT PROCEDURE 6. CIMPORT PROCEDURE 7. DELTE PROCEDURE 8. SETININT PROCEDURE 9. OPTIONS PROCEDURE 10. TEMPLATE PROCEDURE 11.APPEND PROCEDURE 12.COMPARE PROCEDURE 13.SORT PROCEDURE 14.DATASETS PROCEDURE 15.PRINTTO PROCEDURE 16.FORMAT PROCEDURE 17.TRANSPOSE PROCEDURE 18.ACCESS PROCEDURE




PROC SQL basics Introduction to SQL Concepts Create new tables, indexes , views and reports Joining Data By using PROC SQL What are Cartesian Products , what is join Innner , FULL,OUTER,LEFT and RIGHT Joins Union join,Cross joins Set Operator us such as union and intersection joining multiple tables PROC SQL ADVANCED Topics HOW TO USE SAS MACROS IN SQL How to retrieve Raw data different from DATABASES to SAS environment using SQL Statements

To create table in different databases using SAS sql statement To manage in different databases using SAS Sql Statements PROC SQL PASS THROUGH FACILITY Uses of pass through facility How to communicate with other database like Access, Oracle, DB2 To control and manage other databases from the SAS. SAS MACROS CONCEPTS Macro concepts&Advantages SAS Macro Language Macros And Macro Variables Creating Macro Variables & Using Macro Variables Creating Modular Code With Macros Invoking A Macro Adding Parameters to Macros Writing Macros with Conditional Logic Using Various Procedures in Macro Variables Nesting of Macros Multiple and Multi-Level Macros Macro Functions
Demo & New Batches: Demos: Demos will be conducted instantly for individuals in their convenient timings. Batches: New Batches will start on every 15 days. We offer instant batches for one-one training also according to students Requirements. Benefits of Online Training: 1. Quality training.

2. Customized Class timings. 3. Lowest price in the market. 4. Classes driven by real time expert. 5. Interview assistance (FAQs, Sample resumes). 6. Material (Manuals, Documents, presentations, suggested resources). 7. You can attend from your happy and comfort environment. 8. Flexible and customized timings. 9. Easy to follow, because its more over practical sessions. 10. Finally online training sessions are Easy, time saving and efficient. 11. Interview Facing Skills and FAQ More Details: URL : Email : Contact: ; +91-40-64540202, +91-8885560202