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TATA DOCOMO: TTML launched its GSM services in Mumbai and across Maharashtra in August 2009 under the

brand Tata Docomo. Tata DOCOMO has also become the first Indian private operator to launch 3G services in India. With 3G, Tata DOCOMO stands to redefine the very face of telecoms in India under TTML & TTSL (Tata Teleservices Ltd). Major Competitor: 1. Airtel 2. Idea 3. Bsnl , 4. Aircel, 5. Vodafone

Table 6.2 (STP Tata DOCOMO) Market Segmentation 1. Geographic Segmentation: TTML rolled out its GSM services under the brand name TATA DOCOMO in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Goa. Geographic segmentation Variables includes : Region: Mumbai, Maharashtra & Goa. Density: Urban, Suburban & rural areas. 2. Demographic Segmentation: TATA DOCOMO Brand is focused on all commercial, Residential & Family size : All s of Mumbai, Maharashtra and Goa. 3. Psychographic segmentation: TATA DOCOMO is focused on all type of lifestyle & personality of buyers which was even reflected in the first TV advertisement commercial of TATA DOCOMO. 4. Behavioral Segmentation: Since TATA DOCOMO was late comer in the telecom sector he has focused mainly on the following behavioral segmentation variables: offering Quality network having clear voice. -user, potential user, First time user. Targeted Market TTML has Targeted market adopting a multi segment approach TATA DOCOMO by : series of differentiated products to their respective markets like pre-paid, post-paid, VAS, GPRS etc. f those professionals who work abroad.

Market Positioning Pay per second, Pay per Text & first in e & application positioning: Schemes like listen to your song

the market for pay per site plans. when dial others

MARKETING MIX (4PS) Marketing Mix is the set of marketing tools the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market. McCarthy classified these tools into four broad groups that he called the four Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Promotion & place. Table 7.0 (Marketing Mix 4Ps) PRODUCT The different products and services a firm offers. Decision on product involves:

PRICE The cost at which the firm sells its product & services. Decision on price involves:

PROMOTION i.e. Publicizing the products & services that the firm offers. Decision involves are: marketing PLACE i.e. Channels of Distribution: the routes that products and services take from the time they are produced to the time they are consumed. Decision on Place involves: tory

TATA DOCOMO: Table 7.2 (4Ps TATA DOCOMO) PRODUCT Following Product variables are considered by TTML for TATA DOCOMO:paid & Post-Paid & 3G telecom connections & Daily Plans proposition which provides flexibility and caters to the diverse needs of subscribers and gives them the power to select a different plan everyday that best suits their need for the day. ive tariff options and introduced the 'Pay-per-use' advantage. The 'Pay-per-use' model represents a paradigm shift in the overall telecom experience. It allows the consumer to pay only for the seconds utilized, No. of Text in the SMS, Website used. ality: offering Quality network having clear voice. PRICE Following Price variables are considered by TTML for TATA DOCOMO: Consumers can also avail of 'Pay-for-Three and get 100 SMS Free' offer every day. For the first time, International Calling was also available on a per-second billing model. A variety of postpaid plans designed for a range of consumer requirements are also available on this revolutionary per-second billing model. Me Tunes (50% discount) and My Song service (free subscription for first three days) for prepaid and postpai -Cash / debit card / credit card/ internet banking monthly in case of Post-Paid & on Ones need .

ROMOTION Following Promotion variables are considered by TTML for TATA DOCOMO: of iss India World 2009) nline Ads & PopSales Promotion: Offer various sales Promotion e.g. win assured gift by calling toll free no. For Print media Advertisements of Tata DOCOMO refer Para. 7.3. PLACE Following Place variables are considered by TTML for TATA DOCOMO: The Company expanded its network throughout the States of Maharashtra and Goa and covered 1,181 towns by the end of the financial year 2009-10. & rendered through companys phone calls, customer care centers, retail outlets & internet.