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Asthana Arts new age way of looking arts and divinity

25 2012, 03:51 Ravi Shakti Shanker

22nd January 2012. I clearly remember the date. I believed in Lord Shiva, but as the Lord of the dance. But, he gave a rare different glimpse of himself to me. My meeting with Dr. Burn is at 6.30pm. There was something special brought him to see me that day. Naduvan a single, sang by Micheal Rao and himself. He wanted me to give an image for this song for the Pranavam CD launch. I listened and spoke to Dr Burn how Shiva is manifested as the one who meditates at the cremation ground. The Aghora form. We spoke about sins, death and the journey of souls. He loved the idea. It was an intense discussion. At that moment, I received a phone call, shocking news. Tinakaran Nedunjelians , my choreographers demise. I rushed to his home at Kajang. The Naduvan track was keep repeating in my car player. The process of someone dying is very poignant yet we as human being on earth, we should ease for the next journey of the demise. The process of Tinas death made me observe the sambrathayams and shankyams practised by Hindu Ancestors. The launch of Naduvan in Pranavam went on successfully. With bloodshed, goosebumps and ashes, personally it was totally out of this world for me. Dancers Hema, Kannan, Sathish,Thinesh and Nantha with me presented the first ever choreography for Naduvan

4th, 5th 6th March 2012 - The next level came is the video shoot of Naduvan. Done at Jalan Tun Razak, for the hospital scene, I would personally feel that the coin placing scene is most terrifying for all of us. The next day shoot was at Pantai Kelenang PD. Again the transformation of Shiva took place with Kannans make up touch. The time was running and everyone was tired and eclectic and getting the right shoot with sun setting. The shoot was successful. The post production and final product was awesome. As the Mahabhutas ( 5 Elements) takes shape to create a progeny , it was without all of us realising, the elements came in us. Dr Burn was the Space / universe inter galaticcaly moving the planets to synergise in this video, Samuel J. Dasss Sitar was flowing as the water giving the rhythm of struggling soul, Ganesan was the earth where he takes all the sins on this world, Micheal lamenting as the breeze and typhoon to Lord , he is the Wind and finally the fury of flames comes from the fire of Shiva. The wonders to the video were done by Vickneswaran and his team while the main image of Naduvan is from Harans lenses.

21st July 2012 -with so many friends and families, Naduvan took shape as a theatre and dance. The actors, the dancers, the children and voice over talents, all came together in this production, to look into back what is our role on this planet. To share the beauty of Thirumurai and its meaning, I decided lets have the voice overs from my friends in various fields. Jay agreed to record the voices. Geetha akka shared here part for the opening dance choreography. From a politician, house maker, executives, doctor, singers, producer, students, choreographer, dancers, company owner, childrens taking their time off from studies and work all came in full force to embrace the omnipresent of Naduvan.

The beauty of Naduvan everyone came with humility and to offer an homage to Lord Shiva . I start with the actors.

Ganeson was finalised as one of the main character for the theatre since the video shoot itself. For him this is first theatre debut . Ganesan alway known as the singer, but not as a stage actor. ganesan's humbleness made me to give the freedom for him to explore what he feels personally about life.His end script for the scene the search of Naduvan, most of the monologues are dedicated to his mum.

Devi letchumanan is simple, knowledgeable soul. She can sing, and dance and debuted in Theeratha Taagam of asthana arts last year. When i decided her character to be a PIMP, she was shocked...from homely motherly character, to the prostitutes den???? She explored herself how to bring out the sin LUST in Naduvan,...and hey we have Sorna Akka on stage..

Kirhu came as a dancer in Asthana Arts and told me the intention for him to try acting. He has a very polished Tamil, with squeaking Chipmunk voice. I made him to do the script reading . Finally i decided him for SLOTH.

And this DIVA girl Suria Subha rao came in....She wants to join as performing artist. From her American English slang, i thought why not try her for ENVY. She did her script reading and excelled in that role. Suria looks DIVA but actually deep down her she is a doll.

Selva always bugged me for some sort scripts and orphanage project. He wanted to work backstage but i insisted he act. Tadaaa...i ve got ANGER!!

Then Rey who i know quite some time as Odissi dance and even performed together. I chose him for PRIDE.

Finally Sharmila who was from the Bharathanatyam class of asthana arts. She is new in acting and been for an acting workshop. She excelled in GREED.

Then i needed someone to bring this whole wont be thrilling if Naduvan does the scene...someone who well converses in classical Tamil, a female, some one that need to look celestial....came into my mind Veeramathevi of my UPM days senior and the current Astro Executive Producer. She has been in Theeratha Taagam as the struggling mother. I called up Veera and told her that i want her in my next project Naduvan. She agreed ..We met up and passed her books on Funeral, garuda Puranam and the basic scripts. Veera did her own homework did her research.

Mahalingam is a graduate from UM and Rathi lectures in Malvan College.Both was given the supporting characters. While Uganthana was sitting so innocent, she dragged into Naduvan at very last minute as i needed an naive looking girl....

Kumar who acted as father in Theerta Taagam couldn't make it due to his work commitment and some of the friends that i knew i called couldn't come for the script reading.but when they saw what they missed, i only can say iTS NOT YOUR TIME TO BE PART OF THIS. GOD WILL TELL YOU.

Equally important are the dance. Asthana Arts dancers are occupied for so many shows and rehearsal. Till 17th July they occupied for Istana Budaya event at Little India. Left are only 4 days. Within these days, Geetha Akka managed to choreograph the opening of Kailasam , Rithaudin created the Pinda and hell and took over the Sloth dance which i suppose to choreograph. Hema was busy with music selection for Lust and Envy while Thinesh was still searching his ideas for greed . Pavethira worked on the music i gave for PRIDE. The Finale was done Thursday with 2nd half modification of the original choreography with extra dancers.While aahmu and sathish was given the task for anger choreography as others busy with Istana Budaya. And the funeral dance was choreographed way before Istana Budaya and it was featured in RTM Naduvan preview.

dancers really took extra effort in indulging into 5 different choreographers work.Dhanya fineshed her class at MSU and rushes to studio, Kannan till last moment he had shows with his PENTARAMA team, Nantha came on Friday as he is on SPM break, Rahman trying to find his identity in arts and through Asthana, Shameetha is lucky to be around this as she missed our previous Citrawarna ( She really excelled as the corpse and PRIDE) , Thiran was excited to be part of a production, Tina Ruby , amidst her mother's health still comes for rehearsals, and Nesh a non classical trained dancer was his first trial. Sajjini was imported from the FOH department to become Ganga...and Shuba missed out the beautiful experience in dance...again its not her time...Kohini, juggling her time at her work place , managed to be part of this.

The dance choreographies used various methods and props...very much the contemporary way...the half of the watermelon is gone at the backstage before the dance!!! Wonder who are the Culprits!!!

The asthakids are the adorable one ( Minus the noise) . I make sure all of them are part of Naduvan scene. Devesh was given the character of begging boy who turn into a SLOTH, Farhan and thanesh bullies Jaisnavi, who turns into ENVY, Kautham is the scene opener as the boy who dont believe in god and turn into ANGER , Lokshana the so much pampered daughter of PRIDE, Pavithra an orphan who was brought in to LUST, Nissad, harresh and Thiran ( The 5 years old) are small kutties who represent the the Three Athmas that reaches moksha, while pallove was given the role in the pinda dance. Thuyavan had a special appearance as boy SHIVA, again Geetha akka's idea.

Jay Composer 's effort for the mantra recording is astonishing. Shruthi, Thila, Shamini and siddarthan sang their thirumurai and it was newly composed while Geetha akka, Jay, Devi, Kumaraesan, Logeswary, Manivasagum, Deventhiran, saravanan, Micheal rao and Dr Burn recited their with a background score.

The event started at 830pm, with Dr Burn speech and 9pm we started Naduvan. After 2 and half an hour production , the audience , some cried, some felt angry and some felt happy...for various reason....realized the OMNIPRESENT NADUVAN is always watching them. Apart from stage Naduvan was walking around in black hood giving out rudrachams. This created the goosebumps. The smoke, the lights and of course with Swami Shanthananda's blessing for this production, it created the Naduvanisme effect in all..

The Front management of Harris Christiano, Mohanes, Vimala, darshini, Thresha, sajjini, Rachel, sajjini, Arasi, Sharmili, Ravi Shankar, Priscilla The MC for the Sugitha The Props team Ram , Melvin and Vicky The Stage Manager Thiagu and Solomon and the director DEV with thiagu assisting Character make up by kannan rajamanickam for me and Veeramathevi as Mathevi . The TFA technical team assisted Asthana Arts - Mr Balan, Shanthi, Ravi, sani as well their partime stuffs. The phothography by UG, Paramasivam and Kogge while Segar VOICEPILOT took over the video. Meera on the actor's make up, Suresh's focused on the mikes while Pavethira of UM did the designs and layout of naduvan , with Ramesh of Printmeshil to print.

without these people NADUVAN wont be possible. Thank You.

Thank You A lot.....Its all Naduvan's thiruvilayadal all of us came together in this production....If there is any mistake or my demanding behavior from, i do seek for your apology....oh yeahhh Tinakaran was there!!!!And everyday , more we talk about naduvan, more Ideas are pouring in ...HE just wants his GREATNESS to be shared with all.....whats next ??? SURPANAKA???? Looking forward for the first ever Malaysian Indian Musical....

Let's do more for the Malaysian Performing Arts!!!! In ASTHANA ARTS way.....

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Ravi Shiva Shanker :) make sure you read fully

Rithaudin Abdul Kadir Congratulations Ravi anne and to all the actors,actress,dancers,crews and supporters......i was a bit worried on the outcome of Naduvan, due to the time limit given......but deep inside i knew ravi believe this could be done....and we did it beautifully......congrats again..... 3 1

Shamini Ramasamy Thnx for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to be part of thiz extravaganza project/event/stage play.. Kunittha Puruvamum Kovai Chevvaayil Kummin Sirippum..stl in my heart..thnx a ton to Ravi Shakti Shanker..n eargerly waiting to work on ur long waited/scheduled/planned project.. :) 3 2

Ravi Shakti Shanker Shamini Ramasamy ur body was not in the auditorium but your voice and soul was were there !! thank you a lot for Kunittha Puruvamum.......Get Ready for got more ideas and to share wif you soon... 3 1

Shamini Ramasamy Surpanaka..wil b my new Avathaar.. :) 3 1

Prince Kirhu superb!! but y chipmunk voice? huhuhuh