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Why IP QOS ?

No of pplication in QOS is also increase s internt is grows so more pressure on service provider to provide excellentt service 1. Best effort approach was sufficent bit with triple play services its become difficult There were nohigh speed internet service were required so as demand increase so as customer pay more for triple servces so there expecttion increces. Way of priotarizing customers or applicationa nd to meets SLA guarntee to the customer to whom they have sell the service Congeston is the main cause of breakdown 1. Refered to flow of packet is traffic... each application require put on the networks Four requirement provide or aavoid a, throughout put: rtae data in buts/sec refreed as BW liek voice b.delay c,Jitter d,LOSS ThrougPUT: VOIP not dtat hungary application like video over IP they are smoth but have have requiremmnt of 8 to64 kbps this is the min requirement for most SLA its main requirement. Custome pay for GOLD service so expect more of the service Delay: in a networ how long it takes from sending to a receiving device,.deped on where node is located. node processing, queing,transmission medium,VOIP are not delay tolerated Jitter: I about digutal signal i.e dat in form of 0 and1 it could affect, applitude,frequency,phase. LOSS: Loss of pcaket is very bad..due to in transit or congestion occur..large packet loss is not good FTP run on cause retransmiisoon and eat BW. addressing QOS requirememnts... 1 increase of BW..but it will not effect JItter...different models use END to END signalling.....Path established before packet send usd as integerated service RSVP: Path is reserved....and reservation was done on the basis of application not scalable.amount of memory in MPLS in resource reservation protocol. Per ho QOS processin no signalling between the nodes..take decision on Packet header...required lot of processing speed protocol, and lot of details to process. IP Precedence....made use of type os service field in IP header filels..

FLOW is addreese in one group based on criterai base on what transport protocol used than the Precedence valuse is applied to implement QOS 3 bits in QOS field which type is more important 8 precednce vale is 1 Network control Internertwork control Critical traffic Flash override Flash Immediate traffic Priority Routine traffic Faces challenges 7,6 is reserved for control nly so many new preceddence.. to differentite packet drop in a another method was introducedd. Differentiated service: use 6 bits.. NEwly diffined 6 bit field it take from TOS Per hop behaviour Packet with same DACP value is preferred as same.. router performed on BA on certain rules...three work router can do 1 Forward Drop Reclassify: change dscp value Component..Ds domain all nodes are DSCP enabled they nknow hat to do and they have DSCP value from theat they now what action to an continious part of internet ds bOUNDARY nODE: wE NEED TO CLASSIFY THE PACKET, AND PUT THEM IN A CLASS AND THAT CLASS IS MADE ON THE BASISIS OF THE INFORMATIO IN THE iP HEADER LIKE PROTOCOL TYPE,PORT,SOURCE ADDRESS , ETC ds nodE dS rEGION Traffic Classifiers: differnt flow of service caused it to be differentioted..two types of CLaissifiers 2 Integerated Service 3. differentiated service VOIP,online gaming data and video streaming.

4. MPLS/VPN QOS 5. Auto QOS 6. QOS is bunch of tolls used by service provider to guarante they sold to the provider provide the Congestion avoidance: triple play break down due to congestion Congestion avoidance: due to many packets and its not able to fast enough to send and there is no QOS 1.increase capacaity or increasing the extra Lane 2 Financilay its difficult a lot of money..other option is traffic managmenet.. Traffic managmemnet : to contol abundant flow of packets.. traffic prioprity is identified and its control accordingly. VoIP to implment..few things are requied its areal time prone to a)delay: how much time it take link to open is delay its due to of factors b)Jitter:is aproblem that effect digital signal..the 1 and 0..its dispalcememt of signal..due to EMF or another signal it cause monitor o flicker...on VOIP..makes difficult to hear with the QOS In best effort approach there is no QOS it is possible on the bassi of priority. Better Bandwidth utilization.. Set traffic that can be pass but not allow all the traffic. Benefis to end user: rollo out to high speed of internet VOIP quality, video over IP, online movie, response of data service is good..if qos deployed every ISP hsas different infrastructure but few are sets.. theser are RSVP>...its not scalable for IP..its scalable for MPLS as its require lot of signnalling Diff serve is applied Benefits of QOS Qos deployement Four evil of quality of Service: Lack of BW Delay Packet Loss Jitter QOS Tool belt

Classification and Marking Classification: involves and identying the different traffic type. Marking..we colour an tag so we can identify them easily..he is a fourth grader. Differnt classes of class traffic is marked and coloured to seperate them we need not to lookinto the packet so its easy to differentiate. Policing and shapping Policing: Droping a Packets ,limits tarffic.... Shaping..traffic gentle kinder making the queuses it just queued in a buffer tpes of links like Frame relay SPEED matching congestion avoidance Toll: 1 FIFO: @: tail Drop: buffer begin to fill than tail it get drops...we cannot fair. RED: random early essentiila buffer begin to fill it start droping the packt keep the buffer filling the more it fill fill more aggresive it will more packets will drop..when we have not marked the packet WRED: wighted random early detection...Packets to be marked first...if i having congestion than i will pick the packlet of this marking and than i will drop not anything randomly. Congestion Management toll: Queing..we can change the order of packets...which should come out first.. Link efficency Tool Compression and Link fragementation and Interleaving: Router efficency and utilization..compression Fragementation..divide the packet Delay can be significent as ethernet frame is very bag and voice will be small soit will never get chance to send them.