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Gathering Fragments

Thought for the Day: When they were filled, He said to his disciples, Gather up the fragments that nothing may be lost. John 6:12 (NASB)

When Jesus fed the five thousand, a number that didnt include women and children, it amazed everyone that he did so with only two fish and five small barley loaves of bread. A young boys lunch was multiplied and fed thousands of hungry souls. Those souls were also hungry to hear what Jesus had to say. As Jesus asked the disciples to pick up all the leftovers from this miraculous feast, twelve baskets were gathered. Jesus intended that nothing go to waste and he still intends that same goal with our spiritual lives. Not only did those twelve baskets show that food flowed in abundance until all were satisfied, but it demonstrated that God can multiply our meager offerings to overflowing until we are fully satisfied and blessed beyond our expectations. Blessings flow in excess from the throne of grace when we give sacrificially. Jesus came to offer himself as the perfect, sinless Lamb of God in order to take away the sins of the world. In response to his sacrificial act of love, Christ asks that Christians

gather up all the fragments that nothing (or no one) may be lost. That includes
witnessing to those persons we pass by daily; the homeless, the broken, the downtrodden, the unloved, the dirty, the despised, the abused. It also includes those we work alongside each day, those we speak to each week at the grocery store, gas station, the individual that delivers the mail and the woman at the dry cleaners. Friends, there are fragments all around us. God rejoices over mending the broken lives of His children; those who are lost and seeking the true answer for peace, contentment and eternal security. Let us be busy about the business of gathering them for the Kingdom of God. We only need to believe that God reaches into the heart of a soul who is seeking to know the truth. Our responsibility is to willingly be the hands and mouthpiece through whom God speaks. The disciples thought it was impossible to even attempt to feed the large crowd gathered that day to hear the message of Christ. Jesus turned the impossible into reality as the food continued to flow for the hungry. Jesus is the same today as he was in the pages of scripture. He does his best work turning seemingly impossible hardened hearts and souls into sold out energized fishers of men. All we need to do is obey, go and gather the fragments!

Father, thank you for this amazing verse of scripture that so plainly and simply gives a directive. In the voice of a caring and loving shepherd, Jesus requests that we go

and gather up the fragments that nothing may be lost. Im thankful because I was a fragment that also needed to be gathered and through Sunday School teachers, my parents and those that have role modeled the Christian life before me so that I would not be lost forever. I praise you because one day I, too, will be gathered together with those that have gone before me to sing, dance and worship Jesus for all eternity! In Jesus name, Amen.